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Periscope (January 29, 2019)

  • On Disposable Friends

    So another Sanctimony of Life Week has come and passed. We’ve heard about the Fifty-Mil-Borts and how its just gonna kill us real dead too. But nary a word was preached or prayed about what to do with the ones that made it out of a birth canal alive. Particularly once the Happily Ever After Club becomes an ennui-laden exercise of sending your @$$-hole off to work every morning to earn another two weeks of subsistence.

    It is a commonplace in our disposable culture to contend that a divorce between two people is a solution to the recurring problem of incompatibility. And this is true. The problem is that when millions upon millions avail themselves of this personal solution, it becomes a disaster to the society. It becomes normality. Divorce, especially the risibly named “no-fault divorce” underscores the disposability of people and demonstrates it to all, old and young. Thus the whole cycle begins anew, growing ever larger than before until it displaces a society built on faith and trust with one founded on little more than a tweet or a share, the thin gruel of iThings, and the desire to be admired through possessions rather than works and deeds. Our souls become smaller than our smartphones data plans and hard drives. We have only so much room in them and to bring others in, some must be disposed of. Once this disposability is realized inside the self, it is only a small step to the kind of culture that compulsively and without reflection puts material things above people as the real goals in life. After all, you will have lots of people in your life, but only one life — so you’d best grab what you can on the material plane while you can. “You take what you need and you leave the rest.”

    It can all get old. It can get old really, really fast. The Black Pill will one day ream out your innards like a battery acid enema. When you get down to this level, you’re based because your shovel would break if tried to dig the hole any deeper.

    1So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter. 2 Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive. 3 Yea, better is he than both they, which hath not yet been, who hath not seen the evil work that is done under the sun…

    This is what it comes down to in a world of nothing but Hard Materialism. If you’re just a bag of randomly mixed chemicals are you really going to go that extra mile for your neighbor whose dog sometimes poops on your lawn? Maybe hating yourself isn’t the worst place to start. At least then you still give a damn. It becomes like a goad towards personal improvement. All those people who wish you weren’t around may have a point or two. What would happen if you addressed a few of their concerns in an ingenuous and legitimate manner?

    Here Sanctity of Life becomes existential. You make something out of it so you aren’t sitting around with your piles of gold, harem of hookers, and three-foot mounds of blow, still congratulating the dead like Old King Solomon. At some point you have to make your own self better than Jean-Baptitste Clamence. Grace alone will not save you. You make your own life have sanctity. Then from that position of legitimate individual power, you can share that fundamental and basic decency with others.

    Otherwise, you get existential failure. This sense of existential failure is what makes “Baker Street” such a sad, sad song. “He’s got this dream about buying some land…” No, he doesn’t. You all know that guy, and he’s never going to successfully purchase that land.

  • PICTURES: Tear Gas, Fires, and Riot Police at Paris Yellow Vest Protest

    In the languishing Land of Camus, to do is to be. The Yellow Vest protestors take to the streets. Out there they may well die. But that’s OK, because the complacent ones who bemoan ennui and do nothing never truly live.

    Armored vehicles circled the Arc de Triomphe monument as a group of protesters weaved down the elegant Champs-Elysees, the site of recent rioting. Some yellow vest leaders want to maintain momentum by holding protests after dark as well as during the day. Two groups planned Saturday events at Place de la Republique in eastern Paris, and some protesters threatened to try to defy police and stay overnight.

    Does this remind you of Tiananmen Square? The people march the streets and the tanks encircle the symbols of empire. It has to go badly for somebody. MaCron is making his prefernces for who gets to do what to whom quite obvious and apparant.

  • Shocking Police Brutality at Yellow Vests Protests.

    “Vae Victus!” said Brennus to the Romans. “Villains ye were, villains ye remain!” Said a dead and unlamented King of England. “‘Tough titty.’ Said The Kitty.” According to some character in a novel by Stephen King. It’s all just too darn bad if you have to try and make it in modern Senegal, Venezuela, or France?!

    All democracies get here one day. We, in Amerika, have our Sanctity of Life Week out of hatred towards what we are being turned into. It’s a humiliation. A man-shaming. The Left pushes you back, pushes you back, and never seems to need to relent. It’s like being on the wrong end of a really disciplined and nasty maul in a rugby match. You’re always one guy short at the point of decision, your Spinae Erector muscles have quit for the week, and your lower back doesn’t want to play sportsball anymore.

    MaCron keeps pushing. The media gives him a cone of silence. The French Police are like the forwards in that opposing team’s maul. The French protestors will run out of meters to conceed; and once in the shadow of their goal posts, they have a decision to make. Does the Sanctity of Life demand the death of a hero? All Democracies perhaps one day make us decide that sort of thing.

  • Stone Cold Counter-Story

    The typical resident of Los Angeles, California eventually gets really tired of show business and leaves. Perhaps Jim Kunstler once lived and worked in Los Angeles. He’s not particularly enamoured with our highest echelons of law enforcement being turned into another crappy, SJW Star Wars remake.

    Maybe twenty-nine FBI agents in tactical combat gear and a fleet of SUVs with K-Force LED lights flashing wasn’t enough to flush out the arch-villain Roger Stone from his South Florida hide-out. Ever consider that? He might have charged out of the place like John Wayne in Rio Bravo, brandishing a spatula or a shoe-horn, since he didn’t happen to have a Colt-45 on hand. Maybe they should have sent in a SEAL team and the Boston Patriots offensive line for back-up. Anyway, they got their man! And CNN was there to record it, thanks to their 2018 hire of FBI former special agent Josh Campbell, who had been FBI Director James Comey’s majordomo in a previous career incarnation. Isn’t it a small world? Somehow Josh got wind of the pre-dawn raid.

    And all of this choreography for a process crime. Process crimes are one of the worst and most corrupt areas of law enforcement. They don’t involve anything related to what Inspector Cluso and Deputy Bumlick were originally looking for. Just put the crews to someone and eventually they crack. And you can have your ghoulish media fan club on hand to hype it as if it were The Super Bowl. Let this keep working and rolling along, and more and more of our government can be like this. Narrative-driven showbiz. A Marvel Super-Hero movie starring absolutely nobody we would typically describe as being super. We will all eventually grow up and grow tired of Hollywood. Will it then follow us each home like a Hound of Ill Omen?

  • Trump Jr. Slams CNN’s Jake Tapper For Homophobic Outburst

    Dan Jr. came close. He just didn’t quite grasp the point. Jake Tapper’s prison sex jokes are boring, cliche, and completely off-limits when we discuss locking up a leftist icon like #FemaleCaligula. Yes, holding SJWs up to their own code of conduct can occasionally make one dissipate like a vampire in the harsh glare of dawn. But Tapper’s puerile prison rape jokes are the stuff of locker room bullies and not the biggest problem with Tapper’s performance mediocrity.

    Don Jr. is not happy about the homophobic outburst by CNN’s Jake Tapper, who said that longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone “might like it” in prison. Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on Friday, which was televised by propagandist news outlet CNN, who was given exclusive access by the FBI to film the gestapo-style raid. Tapper gleefully giggled about Roger Stone “liking” prison, obviously hinting at prison rape or male-on-male sexual activity in the clink. Stone has made no secret about his support for gay rights and even marched in several LGBT parades over the years. Tapper’s homophobic prison rape comment came after another panelist happily exclaimed that “no one will care” if Roger Stone goes to prison. Don Jr. makes the point that if a conservative had joked about a Democrat political operative “liking” it in prison, the media would have made it a non-stop frenzy of manufactured outrage and hand-wringing. Instead, since the propagandists at CNN made the joke, “super-woke” celebrities and hate-watch groups have remained silent, giving Tapper a pass.

    The real problem here is that Tapper is cheering on a state-sponsored propaganda fest. Our FBI just conducted the propaganda equivalent of a Communist Dictator’s Missile Parade. Hard-hitting journalist, Jake Tapper wasn’t hitting anything harder than he hit The Victory Gin. He loves Big Brother. (((Goldstein))) doesn’t. We’ve got summpon-summpon for (((Goldstein))) over in the jailhouse. And he’ll like it! HAHAHA! Has Tapper ever stopped to think how funny the jailhouse is when he’s no longer much use to the ongoing progress of the interminable revolution?

  • Fight for Europe – or the wreckers will destroy it

    Bernard-Henri Levy, Milan Kundera, Salmon Rushdie, Elfriede Jelinek, Orhan Pamuk and twenty-five other intellectuals are here to tell Europe what is wrong with Europe. Put quite simply, it’s the Italians, Germans, Englishmen, Scots, Irish, French and who knows who else who don’t properly consider themselves European. The gall of these Yellow Vests and the nerve of these Brexiters!

    The idea of Europe is in peril. From all sides there are criticisms, insults and desertions from the cause. “Enough of ‘building Europe’!” is the cry. Let’s reconnect instead with our “national soul”! Let’s rediscover our “lost identity”! This is the agenda shared by the populist forces washing over the continent. Never mind that abstractions such as “soul” and “identity” often exist only in the imagination of demagogues.

    Soul and identity don’t exist, and these are the guys who would know it. When American places of worship conduct Sanctity of Life Week, they are just lying to Citizen Unity #25619Alpha-Romeo-Foxtrot(v_3.2). You are just a bag of filthy chemicals, and the EU will enforce good and worthy standards to make sure that these substances get mixed just right – or else!

    The people who would control you and dominate you will always try to talk you into diminishing what you are. You are easier to control that way. The properly broken puppy stops getting frisky with the furniture. It may well be that having a soul and an identity makes you a threat. Dictators famously hate the competition. Is there really a bottom line difference between Bernard-Henry Levi et al. and Robert Mugabe. Maybe the prison that is the EU has enough swag to provide a more comfortable confinement. Get rid of that whole Sanctity of Life stupidity and the inmates can all sit around fat, drunk, and stupid in their gilded cage until the play is over, the curtain drawn, and they all burn in perdition without a kind or caring work from the likes Bernard-Henri Levy.

  • The Democrats Can’t Escape Their Farrakhan Problem

    The Sultan (((Knish))) has noticed something about evil people that J.R.R. Tolkien had long ago noticed and wove into his fictional universe.

    No one wants to be associated with the Women’s March and no one wants to be disassociated from it. The lefty establishment knows perfectly well that their activist base hates Trump far more than it opposes anti-Semitism. Much of that activist base, including the ones with Jewish last names, would turn out to protest Trump even if they had to do it side by side with Farrakhan, Hamas and Hitler.

    The orcs of Middle Earth hated one another and would take a life in a heartbeat. In one scene from The Two Towers, an orcish scout gets the drop on two larger 11B sort of orcs who tried to bully them. He kills them and then runs off before their back-up arrives.

    Sam Gamgee turns to Frodo and tells him that this could win them the war. Just let the stupid orcs eat their own. Frodo sadly replies that this will happen anyway, but only after they have killed all the good people. They hate decency worse than they hate one another. Sultan merely notices that Dems are the same sort of people as Tolkien’s orcs. Sure Farrakhan, Hamas, and Hitler can ride shotgun. Burning down Minas Tirith and The Woods of Lorien are what’s important here. That, my friends, is progress!

  • Tom Brokaw On Meet the Press: ‘The Hispanics Should Work Harder at Assimilation’

    Tom Brokaw is guilt of thoughtcrime. He said what he really meant when he really shouldn’t have said it. So let’s take Tommy-Tom up his idea. Let’s say Hispanics really worked harder at assimilation. Let’s say they abandoned the barrio and tried to live the way the rest of the country does. At that point, what good to they do the revolution? People who are respected, hard working and employed don;t bolster the ranks of The Reserve Army of The Underemployed. They don’t wipe their butts on the flag or kneel during the National Anthem. They aren’t even suing to change the racist Pledge of Allegiance while they are int he country illegally. Why even continue bringing them here?

  • Kiddie Sex Joke: “F*cking Kid. What a Little Prick… Do Not Get What Priests See in These Kids”

    You can’t object to Bill Maher. He’s just kidding. It’s comedy, Man. It’s comedy! Here’s how funny a guy Bill Mahar really is.

    Maher took shots at the children including the 15-year-old Nick Sandmann. Bill Maher: “I blame that fucking kid. What a little prick. Smirk face. Like that’s not a dick move at any age to stick your face in this elderly man… I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids.”

    Bill Maher will never be funny. He cannot. Humor is rooted in truth, not narrative. Like Jake Tapper’s prison-rape schtick, Leftist humor goes right into the toilet. Bill Maher can’t even put together an original act. He’s there to support a narrative. It’s a narrative that someone else writes. He and Jake Tapper will share something in common with Tom Brokaw soon. Eventually the rEvolution no longer finds them necessary….

  • Modern Monetary Theory: A Cargo Cult,

    MMT – Modern Monetary Theory, is the new potemkin for Marxism. Like most Keynesian Theory, MMT is simply a trojan horse to implement socialism.

    Newly elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) absolutely needed to be “a larger part of our conversation.” Her comment shines a spotlight on MMT. So what is it? According to Wikipedia, it is: “a macroeconomic theory that describes the currency as a public monopoly and unemployment as the evidence that a currency monopolist is restricting the supply of the financial assets needed to pay taxes and satisfy savings desires.” It is uncontroversial to say that the Federal Reserve has a monopoly on the dollar. So let’s look at the second proposition. Unemployment, MMT holds, is evidence that the supply of dollars is restricted.

    When does Quantitative Easing ever end? When U6 = 0.00. When does that happen? About when the Earth’s human population equals zero. What is really at stake? A theory of economics called Chartalism. Chartalism holds that a state controls the economy by controlling the money and thereby can decide what has value and who has what. The act of supporting a state currency gives the state total power over the economy.

    Marxism (and all that Keynes, Janet Yellin, or any other “non-Marxist” in favor of activist government push is just Marxism that you don’t call Marxism) always comes down to that. It always has to reach for the loot. Al Capone had a more honest philosophy of life. You get more with a kind word and the ability to adjust a major interest rate. Maybe the libertarians have a point in trying to cobble a workable Bitcoin together.

  • Protests turn deadlier in Venezuela as soldiers crack down on activists

    Paris on The Caribbean.

    Death comes at night in many of Caracas’ neighborhoods, when people protest against the Nicolas Maduro regime by banging on pots and pans. Soldiers and paramilitary gunmen appear suddenly, hunting opposition activists they call “the squalid ones.” The beleaguered Maduro regime has answered the challenge posed by Juan Guaidó’s becoming interim president of Venezuela by stepping up attacks on opponents, green-lighting operations that increase the number of dead day by day, according to human rights organizations.

    This is what happens to The People once they’ve chosen the supremacy of Leftism over The Sanctity of Life. No Leftist cares about your existence. You are either useful to the rEvolution or you are an impediment. Speed bumps get run over. The same thing happens to morons who step in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square. When you fight for the Sanctity of Life, start by fighting centralized government. The state always seems to gain the most from taking that sanctity away.

    Will shooting all the orcs who back Maduro make Venezuela even passable again? No. Millions voted for Hugo Chavez in return for a long, long list of gimmedatz. It also gets back to Tolkien. Venezuelans voted for the guys who would take things away from anyone they didn’t like. The votes were Hugo Chavez were symbolic hate screws.

    The sanctity of life is threatened most not by Stalin, Mao, or Hitler. It’s the children in adult bodies who think that Daddy Gubberment will beat up all the kids we don’t like and give us their lunch money. Neither Stalin, nor Mao, nor Hitler gets to commit genocide without lots of popular support.

  • A lot of what goes on in the news is dark. The news is generally leftist and The Doomsday Clock is how they view the world. That being said, hope is all around us. Good men fight back. They will not go gently into that good night. Leftism is inherently weak and one brave man comprises what both God and reality consider a majority. We are going to win. Amerika will be overthrown. Crowdism will finally die. So with that, I close with the music of hope.

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