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Arktos Deplatformed By Ingram Books

Political correctness should have no mystery behind it because it is one of the oldest human pathologies. When people see something they fear, they ban mention of it or any action which will solve it, since that involves confronting the problem.

Humanity faces a number of real issues: overpopulation, urbanization, pollution, genetic decay, inability to form non-self-destructing civilizations. The West faces real issues: diversity, socialism, technology plateau, and lack of faith in itself, in addition to the general human issues.

When we look at deplatforming, cancel culture, and political correctness, then, what we are seeing is simply “kill the messenger.” People fear that diversity, equality, and socialism might not work, and that we are following Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow into full collapse.

We all know those moments of social upheaval: Athens collapsed in its own liberalism, Rome its own excess and individualism, Paris with the French Revolution a burst of egalitarianism, Berlin fell under national Socialism, and then Moscow committed suicide with Marxist-Leninism after Stalin.

Keeping that in mind, it seems silly to tolerate political correctness at all, which was my response when the college years dawned. Yes, people probably should not call each other ethnic slurs, but the response required to suppress slurs is far worse than the slurs themselves.

However, there is no writing on the wall in life; instead, we interpret signs. The signs for the Current Regime are bad. People are not breeding enough, especially the smart. Almost everyone is existentially miserable, especially teens. Nothing really works and quality is falling fast.

As this happens, groups defer to what they think the plurality wants, which usually means a lowest common denominator defined by fears and inflammatory emotions. That means that our group will double down on censorship and repression before it admits that we might have real problems.

Ingram Books (mail them) just deplatformed Arktos, a Right-wing publisher. This makes the book I wrote an intro for, Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola, inaccessible but also shuts down many other great works, only some of which are political.

As Arktos points out, Ingram just excluded a wide range of content without giving a real reason other than the vague “business risk” which seems to mean fear of offending a potential audience, most of whom have no idea that Ingram is the printer for books by Arktos and others:

In one of the greatest attacks on free speech to date, Arktos, the world’s foremost publisher of New Right and traditionalist literature in the English language, was suddenly de-platformed by the world’s largest book distribution monopoly, resulting in over 430 publications becoming unavailable to the public.

We can expect more of this as companies try to shed themselves of anyone critical of diversity, socialism, equality, and really, anything the Current Regime of Leftists opposes. Government writes a lot of grants, Leftist protesters bring bad headlines, and yes-people find this upsetting.

Here was my letter to Ingram:

I want to write in protest of your choice to drop Arktos Media. Our publishers either defend freedom of thought or not, and by choosing not to do so, you have endorsed a civilization death spiral that occurs when we cannot speak openly about vital issues.

At this point, it looks like the final battle of the West is shaping up to be equality versus freedom. You can either have free speech, or equality. People must either be pro-diversity or be assumed not to be supporters of the permanent change that our leaders are trying to make unrevocable in our society.

As far as this writer goes, it seems clear that when societies depend on censorship in order to avoid defending programs which are having long-term and consistent troubles, they are pursuing an unrealistic direction, have made a wrong turn, and need to go back to before that and try again.

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