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Resurrecting A Western European America

Friday, March 17th, 2017

The media will never tackle this, but Donald Trump recently addressed the oldest problematic immigrant group to America: the Irish.

In doing so, he revealed the vast amount of of illegal Irish immigration to the United States:

Kenny congratulated Trump on his election in remarks, telling the American president who likes to talk about the victory, ‘You beat them all.’

But then in a coded message about the estimated 50,000 Irish living in the U.S. illegally, he raised the topic of illegals with Irish passports – carefully never using the phrase illegal or undocumented but talking about being able to ‘stand out in the light’.

…An estimated 50,000 of the United States’ illegal immigrant population is from Ireland. Another 34.5 million Americans say they have Irish blood.

Other than the obvious, which is putting the lie to the Leftist assertion that recent immigration enforcement is “racist,” this revelation evokes knowledge of how disastrous immigration by other than Western European groups has been for America. Irish immigration provoked corrupt politics, a mixed culture, increased instability and finally, a political revolution toward blockhead fundamentalism.

This reveals how much each type of European needs a different type of civilization. Western Europeans prefer the orderly and abstract, starchily dry WASP society that the United States was before it failed; Southern Europeans and the Irish like Catholic theocracies; Eastern Europeans prefer strongmen in charge, hopefully standing next to a church. None are wrong but none are compatible.

A sensible policy might be for America to re-assert a WASP identity as we set about rebuilding this failed state and replacing it with a working nation. We cannot do that with the “proposition nation” and “magic dirt,” including as applies to Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans.

With the rise of a WASP America, 35 million ex-Irish would return home bearing new skills and attitudes, helping Ireland recover from the slump it has been in since prehistoric times. Southern and Eastern Europe, both struggling to replenish their populations, would similarly welcome those who have been living in America.

Right now most Western efforts involve hard denial of the fact that Western Civilization has failed. Once we accept that, we can clean up the mess, put everyone back in the right place, and reconstruct a functional civilization without the errors of the past thousand years. The next thousand years are ours!

Rise Of The WASP As Multicultural America Collapses

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

We know that liberal democracy has failed and with it the notion of “one world,” or a single mass of humanity moving from primitivism to Utopia through egalitarianism. The endgame of Leftism was revealed, and the West has recoiled from the idea of going out like the former Soviet Union.

The thing about Leftism is that it is both seductive and addictive. People want a purpose in life, are drawn to it, and then use it to justify their life path. At that point, they cannot retreat without hitting rock bottom, confessing their addiction and taking affirmative steps to remove it from their lives. Alcoholism and heroin use are easier to cure.

As the notion of the human world order fades, and with it the positive reputation of Leftism and democracy dies a prolonged death, the West will face a time of balkanization, or breakdown into small tribes comprised of overlapping heritage, religion, values and region. Governments have been trying to hold back this process, but it is happening naturally as “birds of a feather flock together” and people move near people who are genetically and philosophically like them:

The concept of various Anglo-Saxon nations existing within the United States has been thoroughly studied by David Hackett Fischer in Albion’s Seed, and illuminated further by Colin Woodard’s American Nations, both of which have been the focus of prominent and further enlightening bloggers in the field of human biodiversity such as HBD Chick and Jayman.

…This concept is demonstrated in The Big Sort by Bill Bishop. Bishop argues that Americans are segregating themselves into like-minded geographic regions at increasing rates with the onset and ease of long-distance travel. Basically, the various Anglo-Saxon regions are more strongly becoming themselves.

…A recent (2017) study conducted by Han et al. divides the modern United States into genetic clusters of shared ancestry, revealing a map which is incredibly similar to the American nation as delineated by culture. Culture truly is a genetic construct.

The Old Inheritance clarifies the American meaning of Anglo-Saxon further as meaning those of Western European heritage who who folded themselves into the very similar — Western European cultures are more similar than different — English-style society:

The writer, Hengest, seems to be using the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ in a rather inclusive way, to describe British Isles people generally, a practice which I see is now becoming more widespread. However as I like to point out, most British people of Celtic origin (Welsh, Scots, and Irish), emphatically state they are not of English/Anglo-Saxon origin, so it seems dubious to use ‘Anglo-Saxon’ in such an inclusive way. There is such a thing as an English nationalist, and if you encountered one, he would also tell you that he is not ‘British’ by ethnicity, but English, or Anglo-Saxon.

…The sloppy usage of the term ‘Anglo’ in America is akin to the usage of the semi-slur term ‘WASP’, meaning ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.’ Many people of mixed Northwest European ancestry think of themselves as more or less WASP as they grew up English-speaking and Protestant, and maybe even grew up in the older American culture which was heavily English-derived.

This indicates compatibility with what Amerika has argued for some time: the founding group of the United States was the Western European, also known as the genetic basis for Western Civilization, and it worked best under this group and should be returned to them. The point is to preserve the unique genetic strain that is Western so that our civilization can rebirth itself.

Restore Western Civilization

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Out there in mainstreamland, confusion arises as to what the Alt Right “is.” That verb becomes deceptive because a cultural movement is composed of one thing, and headed toward another. The Alt Right is an aspirational movement but not on an individualistic basis; it is people of this time who desire an entirely different time, one opposed to the illusions we hold sacred now.

In conventional politics, this makes no sense, mostly because the Alt Right opposes politics. A civilization is free of politics until its chain of command becomes broken and internal fighting over power and wealth takes over. At that point, whoever wins the crowd, wins the prize… and so politics becomes a fact of life, infesting even interpersonal relationships far removed from power.

Complicating things, the Alt Right does not state conventional goals because it is ruled by principles, not tangible goals. We want health and sanity, which is what everyone should want as part of that whole adaptation to your environment thing. Those who would deceive you will convince you to target an intermediate instead, like “freedom” or “socialized healthcare,” but that is not the goal itself. It is more of a symbol than an end result.

Even more confusingly, the Alt Right is fundamentally esoteric, which means that it realizes the innate inequality of people in ability and in level of learning. We are not like organized religion or political groups, where a few symbols are written down in such a simplified form that anyone can get enough meaning to participate, essentially erasing any deeper meaning and creating a surface-level understanding that displaces all others because it is simpler and thus more popular.

Let us go back to the simplest of ideas: the Alt Right is a conservative (Right) movement that says what others cannot (Alternative). It recognizes that conventional politics have failed to address the actual issues of consequence and so are a threat to the survival of our society.

That in turn provokes more digging, like a police investigator, to get to the root of this situation. Most track it back to the 1960s, some to the 1940s, even better to the 1920s… but then we see the French Revolution, the Magna Carta, the politics that divided the European monarchy even a thousand years ago. Then we read Plato writing about a golden age thousands of years before him, where society was motivated by an aspirational impetus that was not on an individualistic basis, either.

And so we realize: the collapse of Western Civilization, the strongest human civilization that we know of, has been ongoing for thousands of years. Every year is a little bit worse, but it adds up to a big kaboom at some point, and that kaboom is going to happen in our lifetimes. Either a new civilization is ready to spring up from the ashes, or the kaboom leaves behind only a third-world ruin where beige people speak a simplified version of a once-great language, languish in poverty among crumbling monuments, and otherwise serve as an epitaph and not a continuation for that society.

The Right recognizes a general truth: the problem we face is ourselves, in that without discipline and guidance, we revert to our unruly Simian origins. “Talking monkeys with car keys,” as Kam Lee says. The Right has always stood for Realism; the Left has always championed individualism, or life measured by the human individual. With The Enlightenment,™ the Left won in the West, but it took another few centuries for that to manifest in the Left’s final form, which is a soft totalitarian state — enforced by economics and social norms instead of guns — where non-Leftist opinion is viewed as witchcraft.

On the Right, we realize that “progress” is always an illusion. History is cyclic, meaning that there is a state of harmony and a series of states of increasing disharmony until order is restored. For humans in the West, there is one type of civilization that works and everything else is an ersatz and inferior substitute. The problem is that these failing civilizations go to war against the core of what we are: our People.

We might refer to bad civilization structural designs as “inverse Darwinism,” meaning that instead of encouraging adaptation to our environment, they discourage it entirely by replacing it with illusions which are necessary to climb the socioeconomic ladder. Human society rewards what is against nature and logic through the mechanism of social popularity, which is achieved through ironic and untrue statements that actively defy common sense, such as pacifism, equality, diversity and so on. But these encourage people to believe that what they feel and visualize in their heads alone is more true than reality, and so comfort them, and whoever tells these handy pleasant illusions — a.k.a. “lies” — gets ahead, while those who focus on understanding reality fail.

Through this, society acts like a cheese grater against its own people, shaving off the good and throwing them away while keeping those that are compliant, simplistic, solipsistic and ethically neutral.

Alt Right participants tend to have some views that disturb the person raised in this Leftist, consumerist society. They acknowledge the differences between peoples, groups, sexes, castes and individuals through the study of human differences known as “human biodiversity” (HBD). They realize that inequality of ability obliterates the question of equality of opportunity or outcome. They realize socialist economics fail, but that capitalism needs to be controlled by some kind of hierarchy or it, too, becomes a mechanism of mob rule, just as democracy does.

And yes, they acknowledge race. To concern oneself with civilization and its future means to consider issues like race. We can see that throughout history, healthy societies have been racially homogeneous, where dying societies tend to be racially heterogeneous, and as the degree of the latter increases the society draws closer to senescence. This means that we disdain diversity, or the multi-racial state, and encourage homogeneity for all societies, regardless of who their founding group is. Diversity is death, nationalism is at least a chance for life.

The core of the Alt Right can then be summarized this way: Restore Western Civilization. This once-great promise for all of humanity has been aging and crumbling for centuries or longer as it has deviated from the moral (aspirational non-individualistic) and structural (the four pillars) habits of successful Western civilizations. We cannot avoid this issue and there is only one path to victory. Either that, or we fade away, which is both boring and ugly, and we reject that.

Civilization Space

Friday, February 24th, 2017

In the movie Office Space (itself perhaps a riff on the Michel Houellebecq book Whatever which came out a few years before it) the protagonist summarizes his working career to a psychologist with the following words:

So I’m sitting in my cubicle today and I realized that ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So it means that every single day you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.

Jobs are jails for a number of reasons. They are based on appearance, so everyone shows up regardless of whether there is a need or not. There is no purpose, because the task is defined by law and perceived demand, not necessity. At jobs, the dysfunction of other people comes out in the form of competition, with those who are most obedient and care least about efficient and meaningful use of time winning. And jobs are a form of control, or herding equal/interchangeable humans toward quasi-achievement by doing the same things in a mob assault. Jobs are spiritual death.

Then again, so is living in the post-collapse West.

Collapse is not an event. It is a process. It starts with slow corruption of what seems like an irrelevant detail, which is the first sign that vital knowledge has been lost, which in turn means that incompetents and neurotics have seized power. It slowly infiltrates everything, like a bacterial infection seeping into different tissues, because it corrupts language to pre-load all of the terms we use with the assumptions that rationalize collapse, like egalitarianism and tolerance (which equalizes good and bad). Then it becomes malignant as it turns those rationalizations into affirmative values, and actively reaches out for ever-increasing degrees of insanity as a means of distracting from the gaping void ahead.

In the West, each year is worse than the year before it. The changes are subtle, but they never reverse. So it means that every single year that we are here is the worst year of our lives.

The root of the problem is the thronging herd. Any time one person makes a change for the better, like Donald J. Trump or Nigel Farage, the herd creates an equal and opposite reaction in favor of degeneracy and pretentious false good things. The herd is composed of individuals, and individuals value breakdown of society because it makes individuals proportionately more powerful and camouflages their personal failings amidst a background of social chaos. But because such thinking requires denial of the role that nature, natural mathematical order, and civilization play in enabling the individual to not just act but act realistically and toward qualitative improvement, we refer to that thinking as hubris or solipsism. It is a pretentious overinflated sense of self-worth.

Each year, the people know more words and less critical thinking; the art and culture shows more flesh and flash but less aptitude for evoking a feeling of the significance of life and its meaning. Each year, the leaders are more polished and less able to respond with anything but clichés to the inevitable stream of repetitive events. The quality of everything declines where, as if to compensate, the quantity surges, meaning that we get a whole lot of nothing important at all. Most of our hours are wasted on nonsense, from jobs that do not need doing to bureaucracy, lines, glitches, and constant incompetence.

Western Civilization lies adrift in the throes of entropy, or the inevitable decay which — unless countered by an organizing force — reduces all things to an equal lowest common denominator. This state, known as “heat death,” consists of an equal distribution of energy among those granular units, meaning that every action yields roughly the same benefit, which means that choice has become irrelevant. This is the state the human mind secretly desires because in this state, there is no social status hierarchy or right/wrong. Everything is equally right and wrong, meaning neither. There is no way to screw up, or to be seen as worth ostracizing, because everything is accepted and so nothing is worth anything. Time slows to a crawl, and the world becomes grey and listless like a miscegenated race.

If the Alt Right has a mission statement, it is this: restore Western Civilization. We, unlike the herds of denial-bound daytime TV watchers, recognize that The Fall has occurred. We know we have to bounce back or we will simply fade away like Elvis. And because we are people who value ourselves, we desire the meaning that comes from a good and noble fight, and have staked our claim on being those who raise this civilization from the ashes — but not all of its people, because some or most must go elsewhere — and make it greater than ever before. If you ever wished for meaning and purpose to life, there they are, right within your grasp.

Western Civilization

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Human minds can quickly come to accept things as normal and push them to the background of consciousness. For example, we do not usually wake up and think about the fact that we are riding a ball of rock through space by the grace of a large ball of fire which warms us. Nor do we think about our hearts beating, or an asteroid plummeting to smite us.

Civilization fits into the same frame of mind. To paraphrase the neurotics at Apple computer, as long as “it just works” we sort of forget about it, and because it is bigger and more complex than us, we assume it is just working until we see clear signs of its failure. Those usually come long after the problem can be fixed.

And yet, like all things crafted from a design whether intentional or accidental, civilizations start from an idea and work outward. This idea is what ideology intends to replace; the idea is functional, where ideology is compensatory, or designed to work around the idea so that the individual can be powerful despite potentially not living up to the standards set by the idea.

The idea of the West is that of the reflective being: alone, he needs no stimulus, but can reach deep into his intuition to see where it pairs up with the natural world around him, and by deriving similar patterns, understand the cosmos beyond the physical. This is a hybrid of intravert and extravert that creates the feral beast which can also conduct logical analysis.

Most civilizations are reactive, or stimulus-driven, in other words purely extraverted. The third world is this way. People go about routines and react to events. When there are no events, they go somewhat crazy, so pointless drama is more valuable than silence. Even their analytical thoughts are like reactions, and their music, syncopated and color note heavy, reacting to the imposition of structure.

This explains the frenetic nature of the third world. There must always be entertainment. If there is not, the dark acid of existential questioning eats away the framework of the illusion and a void is revealed into which gravity pushes people without mercy. When that happens, those who have power are in danger, so it never happens.

Reactive civilizations are simpler and easier to set up than reflective ones. One needs only a group and a schedule of events, such as that there is always something happening — “what’s going on?” — to suspend the existential terror that is the actual default state of humanity. When the people are occupied, they are oblivious to direction.

This shows us the power and pitfall of reactivity as a psychology. It is easy to maintain and avoids the difficult questions in life like meaning and death, but it also makes the people who are caught in it oblivious to anything outside of themselves, to the point where when things do not turn out as they expected, they tend to be angry at life itself.

Most people even within reflective civilizations choose a reactive outlook. It is existentially more convenient because it does not confront disturbing questions, or require the individual to make hard choices. However, it leads to the type of solipsistic outlook that if predominant enough converts the society as a whole into a reactive one, at which point it slides into third world disorder.

If one thing could be identified as being responsible for the rise of the West, it is our salient attribute as reflective people: we look both within and without, searching our intuition and developing our knowledge of reality in parallel, to know what is true. This is a rare trait and it alone explains the results our civilization has achieved.

Back To The 1840s

Monday, February 6th, 2017

“History repeats itself” and “history is cyclic” are nice ways of saying that the basics of adaptation are well-known, and humanity alternates between accepting reality and embarking on multi-century tantrums which end up making it weaker. In this sense, human survival is a struggle between the realist and the delusional, with the latter having much higher numbers.

If we look to an era that ours is repeating, we are tempted by many historical moments. The Left wants us to believe that we are in Weimar Germany, prepared for the rise of Adolf Hitler 2.0b. Many people think we might be somewhere in the last two centuries of Rome and Athens, but moving much faster. These may be true, but they will be filtered through a more proximate target.

The 1820s-1840s were a turbulent time for America. Having established itself, the new nation promptly re-created itself through the Constitution, and in rapid sequence lost its second revolution, then embarked on a disastrous plan of importing Southern/Irish Europeans to use as labor to shore up its wealthiest entities. The experts agreed this was good; the “common man” — who was really uncommon — revolted.

Brexit/Trumprise shows us the same phenomenon at work: in trouble, we are relying on immigration to keep our Ponzi economy and debt burden going. The experts all agree this is good because, well, their income and position depend on it. The uncommon men, or the small segment of those who have leadership capacity which comprises one-quarter of the one-fifth in our society who do 80% of everything, have united briefly on a cultural change: we no longer trust the ideology of the past.

These transitions have happened before:

Wilsonians, meanwhile, also believed that the creation of a global liberal order was a vital U.S. interest, but they conceived of it in terms of values rather than economics. Seeing corrupt and authoritarian regimes abroad as a leading cause of conflict and violence, Wilsonians sought peace through the promotion of human rights, democratic governance, and the rule of law. In the later stages of the Cold War, one branch of this camp, liberal institutionalists, focused on the promotion of international institutions and ever-closer global integration, while another branch, neoconservatives, believed that a liberal agenda could best be advanced through Washington’s unilateral efforts (or in voluntary conjunction with like-minded partners).

The disputes between and among these factions were intense and consequential, but they took place within a common commitment to a common project of global order. As that project came under increasing strain in recent decades, however, the unquestioned grip of the globalists on U.S. foreign policy thinking began to loosen. More nationalist, less globally minded voices began to be heard, and a public increasingly disenchanted with what it saw as the costly failures the global order-building project began to challenge what the foreign policy establishment was preaching.

…But Donald Trump sensed something that his political rivals failed to grasp: that the truly surging force in American politics wasn’t Jeffersonian minimalism. It was Jacksonian populist nationalism.

Even this article is wrong. Donald Trump has a Jacksonian approach, and is currently advocating “populist nationalism” in the way this article hopes to con you into using it, namely “civic nationalism,” but he and Steve Bannon are European-style nationalists: a nation is defined by its ethnic group, and that group unites itself through identity, culture, values, religion, customs and other organic institutions.

As usual, the voters go to sleep as soon as given an excuse to do so. Someone tells them pleasant lies, so they vote for them, and when everything turns out badly the monkeys split into bickering camps so that each person has someone to blame for his own poor decision-making. Instead of acknowledging this cycle, they pretend to “fix” it with increasing doses of dogma.

Once the voters have slept for some time, government unleashes the fact that it is a self-interested corporation, and that it makes profit by having the broadest possible mandate it can muster. Saving the poor? Good. Fostering equality between the classes? Better. Uniting all of the races into a single world based in consumerism and socialism? Best!

The powers-that-be-for-now do not understand that Trump is a rejection of politics itself and its replacement with strong leadership and social hierarchy:

Trump’s remarks suggest he is using the same tough and blunt talk with world leaders that he used to rally crowds on the campaign trail.

The people of the West have seen the face of ideology, finally, and they do not like it. As a result, a cultural wave has risen up against the experts in the city and their conjectural ideology. Instead of targeting the ideology directly, this wave targets the idea of ideology — altruism, equality, big government, the basic goodness of humankind — and subverts it with mockery and replaces it with minimalistic function.

In this way, it differs from the Jeffersonian desire for simplicity and replaces it with a Jacksonian functionalism. This is a realist revolution, much as Brexit is. The experts are simply wrong because they exist in an echo chamber and an ivory tower. It is time for those who work with their hands, whether metaphorically or not, to re-inherit the West and reform it away from an inertial path to certain suicide.


Monday, December 26th, 2016

People in the West are starting to realize that we live in a bubble caused by our success and our poor choices in leadership in response to it. We replaced the kings, who led us in war and cultural events, with a managerial/administrative State based on the idea of equality so that it can herd us together toward ideological goals, presumably in our best interests.

This has created a wasteland of confusion. Government does the illogical, making a mess, and everyone works around it, which means that government is the main driver of events, supported by industry which fixes the mistakes of government. When government demands equality, industry offers a market for non-equality, because inequality is the state of nature and the only way human society can survive.

Because of this situation, Western people are fundamentally neurotic at this point in time. This is what causes us to be Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic (W.E.I.R.D.):

They found that people from Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic (WEIRD) societies — who represent as much as 80 percent of study participants, but only 12 percent of the world’s population — are not only unrepresentative of humans as a species, but on many measures they’re outliers.

In one illustrative study from the 1966 book “The Influence of Culture on Visual Perception,” researchers found that U.S. college students perceive some visual illusions to a much greater degree than people from many other cultures, including the San foragers of the Kalahari. In fact, people from some cultures were completely unaffected by certain illusions. If such seemingly basic processes as visual perception can differ across cultures, says Henrich, it makes sense that others do, too.

In other words, we exist in a world that is at odds with the rest of the world, and it skews our perspective of basically everything. This is why Leftism has taken root here not as a simplistic form of government for simple people, but as a mania for self-destruction, because in our W.E.I.R.D. world social influences are more important than practical reality.

Getting over our W.E.I.R.D.-ness may require losing the “Democratic” aspect of the current West because that way, the basic assumptions of Leftism are not part of our de facto over-culture, and we can think clearly again not in the quasi-moral sense that Democracy uses to turn social opinion into policy, but in the realistic, results-based, time-proven way that works best for humanity wherever it is applied.

Snapshot: Dysgenics

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


How will Western civilization end? — through the end of its people. How will that happen? If history is a guide, through internal collapse and outbreeding, probably simultaneously.

Internal collapse will come from dysgenics, or the rewarding of sustenance to those who could not achieve it on their own, leading to a gradual prevalence of less adapted traits over the more adapted. This occurs because civilization changes the index of adaptation from reality/nature at large to human social rules.

The crisis of dysgenics is not solely that the less adapted breed. It is that as these accelerate in ratio, the more-adapted find life increasingly tedious, frustrating and moronic, and so they tend to self-destruct or at least, not reproduce. It is a fitting revenge in that they are able to destroy civilization this way, a parting shot of hatred for the misery it forced upon them.

Outbreeding is the other threat. This generally occurs through trace admixture. Someone from another population who is 0.05% Other, for example, will breed into the population, followed by many more. Soon that percentage of Other creeps upward as the more recessive traits of the population are suppressed. Eventually the population is a shadow of itself.

In the West, the most likely doom is assimilation by Asiatics. First, trace admixture through groups with Asiatic admixture — Southern and Eastern Europeans — will remove the Western nature of the population. At that point, it will assemble itself by convenience for business and social functions, and more will take on foreign wives.

Simultaneously, the dysgenic influence will lower the capabilities of the native group, making it on par with other foreign groups. At this point, there will be no barriers to miscegenation and the group will hybridize. The end result will be mostly Caucasian, but will visually and intellectually more resemble the Asian and middle eastern elements bred into it.

This is genocide by another form, but it is brought on by decay from within, starting with the breeding of less-adapted because they are able to survive in social situations that, by their unrealistic and trivial nature, drive the more-adapted to cease breeding.

This process has happened many times through history and no ethnic group has recovered from it.

Liberal Democracy Dies, Realism Rises

Monday, November 7th, 2016


The next thousand years are ours.

For the past thousand years, an idea has steadily been gaining momentum: that popular vote should decide questions of leadership, and that each person possesses “rights” — privileges without duties — on the basis of being human alone.

Some say it began with the Magna Carta, which asserted the rule of law as more powerful than the decisions of monarchs. By humbling the monarchy, it was reasoned, the alliance of lesser aristocrats and commercial interests had made leadership more balanced, humble and therefore safer because it might avoid wars.

The opposite proved true.

After the Mongol Invasions and the black plague, the weakened aristocracy found itself under assault by peasant rebellions. The aristocracy could not solve those problems, the peasants reasoned, so maybe it was not necessary. Anyone could fail at repelling the plague or the orcs of Mordor.

Neurotic intellectuals, desperate for something to emote about because they lived in relatively golden times, seized on this and expanded it with The Enlightenment,™ a declaration of the precious snowflakeness of every human being. The intellectuals assumed that everyone else was like them, and forgot that most of us are just “talking monkeys with car keys.”

Eventually the situation exploded in the French Revolution, which is one of those episodes of historical comedy in which we all agree on the facts but cannot bring ourselves to face the slapstick realization of what they mean.

France’s costly involvement in the American Revolution and extravagant spending by King Louis XVI (1754-1793) and his predecessor had left the country on the brink of bankruptcy. Not only were the royal coffers depleted, but two decades of poor cereal harvests, drought, cattle disease and skyrocketing bread prices had kindled unrest among peasants and the urban poor.

The country had a spending problem, but its actual problem was the poor harvests. With these, people could not eat, and the remaining grain was sold at higher prices. The only reason that this was a problem in the first place was the rise in population, which had exploded in France:

The feudal regime had been weakened step-by-step and had already disappeared in parts of Europe. The increasingly numerous and prosperous elite of wealthy commoners—merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie—aspired to political power in those countries where it did not already possess it. The peasants, many of whom owned land, had attained an improved standard of living and education and wanted to get rid of the last vestiges of feudalism so as to acquire the full rights of landowners and to be free to increase their holdings. Furthermore, from about 1730, higher standards of living had reduced the mortality rate among adults considerably. This, together with other factors, had led to an increase in the population of Europe unprecedented for several centuries: it doubled between 1715 and 1800. For France, which with 26 million inhabitants in 1789 was the most populated country of Europe, the problem was most acute.

As we can see above, the problem was not the aristocracy, but the weakening of the power structure from beneath them, leaving them powerless to do things like limit population or increase production. The pre-Revolution caused the social problems that would provoke the Revolution itself, also setting a precedent for patterns of liberal takeover in the future.

This means that the foundations of liberal democracy were fraudulent from the start. People playing victims created a disaster and then used that as a pretext — still playing victims — to overthrow the existing order. And what sort of wonderful Utopia did they create?

Following the king’s execution, war with various European powers and intense divisions within the National Convention ushered the French Revolution into its most violent and turbulent phase. In June 1793, the Jacobins seized control of the National Convention from the more moderate Girondins and instituted a series of radical measures, including the establishment of a new calendar and the eradication of Christianity. They also unleashed the bloody Reign of Terror (“la Terreur”), a 10-month period in which suspected enemies of the revolution were guillotined by the thousands. Many of the killings were carried out under orders from Robespierre, who dominated the draconian Committee of Public Safety until his own execution on July 28, 1794.

Here we see another Leftist pattern. Having achieved power, they begin by executing their enemies, destroying culture and the church, and finally create a power struggle in which they kill each other. It is like thieves fighting over what they have stolen, with only the biggest and cruelest thief surviving.

Eventually, the French got that thief, in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte, who waged war across Europe that created the destabilizing conditions that, a century later, erupted in the World Wars:

Royalists and Jacobins protested the new regime but were swiftly silenced by the army, now led by a young and successful general named Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).

The Directory’s four years in power were riddled with financial crises, popular discontent, inefficiency and, above all, political corruption. By the late 1790s, the directors relied almost entirely on the military to maintain their authority and had ceded much of their power to the generals in the field.

In this way, we can see that democratic revolt and Communist revolt follow the same pattern because both are Leftist. They seize power under dubious pretexts, execute the dissidents and then create a military regime which launches ideologically-motivated wars, eventually bankrupting itself and devastating the population.

This is the history from which our present time emerges.

As it turns out, our own arc in the US and EU is following a muted version of the above. After WWII, and only interrupted when the Cold War scared people into electing strong leaders, the Left has dominated Western politics. During that time, it has savaged religion, waged war on dissidents — but now we merely destroy their lives by calling them “racists,” and do not directly kill them — and has bankrupted national economies.

The result is a giant middle finger through the dual acts of Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. People do not want to continue through the Leftist script which involves massive wars and finally the destruction of their nations. They tolerated Leftism through grudging resignation, but now, want off of this crazy train that threatens to destroy us.

Robert Merry, a biographer of President James Polk, thinks such a shift is under way. The status quo is never permanent, and the post-Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cold War consensus about globalization and internationalism, he says, “has been killed by Donald Trump, for all his flaws and limitations. What we know from history is that when the identity and definition of the nation is at stake, the politics gets very intense.”

Globalism and internationalism are dead. Big government is dead. Trust in Leftism is dead. And, for the first time in a long time, the assumption that liberal democracy is good has died. People are looking for a new way. Brexit and Trump are not the end goal, but the first steps.

If we can make these first steps work without stepping into the traps that undid George W. Bush, we can push further. Our goal is the revitalization and continued rise of Western Civilization, and this requires getting rid of liberal democracy and its understructure of equality, class warfare and diversity.

At this point, the thousand-year arc of Leftist thought is ending. It promised Utopia and delivered dystopia, but it was too subtle for most to see for the longest time. Now its mask is removed and we see the beast within, not just as Communism but as the worst aspects of human behavior and a lust for power.

Our coming decade will be defined by attempts to understand how deep the rot goes and to root it out, then figure out what we want to replace it with. A great deal of thinking and work awaits us, but it comes on a breeze of fresh air and hope that we can not just survive, but thrive and be great again.

Why Equality Must Die

Thursday, October 13th, 2016


One has to ask why, in the midst of plenty, so many of our industries cannot produce a single competent product. It gets worse the more important the product is. For example, laptop computers.

You can go with Apple, if you want six-year-old technology at a super-premium price and an operating system that is designed to dumb you down to preschool levels (notice how much Apple and Google try to emulate the Playskool aesthetic?). Or you can wade into the rest of the market, where your choice of color is black and the machine is universally set up poorly.

Generally, the core functions of the hardware work adequately. The motherboard does OK. All the other stuff tends to be poorly put together. The graphics are slow, nearly freezing the machine when video comes on. The touchpads are nervous and cannot be fully turned off. The sound cards are glitchy. The network cards are not quite compatible with the motherboard, leading to random lapses of connectivity.

Then there is the software. They insisted on installing Windows for you, and since the laptop does not come with a freestanding disk, that is your only option unless you want to buy a second copy — you have paid for the first in the purchase price — to install yourself. These custom installations specialize in preventing you from fixing the stupid configuration errors they make based on mistaken assumptions about your use of the machine.

At the end of the day, you find yourself wondering: is there anyone competent out there? The market is like a herd of sheep, always following the leader or someone who looks like the leader, and afraid to try anything else. And so they stay competitive with each other, which means lots of black laptops with roughly the same level of dysfunction between them.

The problem is that reward comes from doing the same thing as everyone else, but making it more profitable. Cutting corners is OK, but if you were to try for a higher standard and fail, then you would be considered a moron, even if you had succeeded in the past. The job is about doing the job, not about achieving results, and especially not about improving anything, because that might reveal the incompetence of others and make you socially unpopular. Then the mob will attack.

Long-time readers of this blog know its fundamental theory: the only theory is reality, and it rewards connections between details, not their abolition through mental containers designed for human intellectual convenience. We must understand life on its own terms, but are unlikely to except as general principles, and everything else is understood at the level of highly localized decisions.

As part of this understanding of theory, one of the fundamental principles is that humans always scapegoat. Rather than blame themselves as a group for bad decision-making and as individuals for being weak, they will blame some external force — the Rich,™ the System, the Jews,™ the kings, the strong, the gods — instead of accepting their own culpability.

We see this on the Alt Right: rather than blame the source of our downfall (individualism/peasant revolt/equality/democracy) people want to blame the Jews despite their small numbers. Rather than accept that the desire of most people to feel important and equally included is what is tearing our society apart, they want to focus on smashing a few groups and a few Leftist policies, leaving the big problem — the actual fatal flaw — in place, as if they were servants of it and its will to destroy us.

Or look at mainstream society. In their view, our society is perfect and the only problems are the people who just want to be “mean” by not accepting everyone. This kind of retarded kindergartner logic would have made people laugh and call for an orderly a century ago, but now, it is the norm, thanks to the spoiled brats in lazy jobs in the cities and the the politicians who sell them convenient lies.

In fact, the reason that so many things are mediocre in parallel is that they fall under a similar command structure. That command structure is that we let mass opinion rule us, despite its necessary bias toward (1) committee-style compromise that favors unadventurous, dumbed-down symbolic acts and (2) the lowest echelons of society, who breed faster than their smarter cousins and tend to understand very little except deliberately simplistic lies offered by demagogues. Democracy is demagoguery in this way.

This also extends to consumerism. Voting, buying and social approval exist in parallel: they are methods of mass opinion. When the lowest levels of our population do the buying, products are made with idiots in mind, which means that quality is forgotten in favor of whatever gee-whiz features have fascinated the prole herd that day. In addition, they are manufactured by those in the grip of committee compromise thinking where the only sin is taking a risk to improve quality instead of decreasing quality and cost while promoting those gee-whiz idiot features and therefore, increasing margins and thus profits.

Everything in our society is now chosen by the dictatorship of the proletariat. What they are willing to vote for is offered, and every other politician is destroyed. What they are willing to buy is made public, driving quality products to extinction. What they are willing to believe is approved by media, social group and entertainment, and anyone who does not get on board with this fiction is drummed out of the industry. This is a group at war with realistic thought who want to replace it with pretense created in their own image.

This, by the way, is consistent with how our ancestors saw the lower orders: vain, idiotic, and blithe, they rejected any thoughts of complexity as “stupid” and embraced any stupid thought that made them feel intelligent for having mastered it. You can see this at work in American high schools, on Wikipedia, or through SJWs who lecture you with obvious logical fallacies and paradoxical ideas that their group asserts is true, and they will call you retarded for disagreeing.

Our ancestors encountered this problem in an unusual way: by succeeding. When a society reaches dominion over nature, as practically happened a thousand years ago, it begins to create a surplus of people who could not succeed without society. Some are manual laborers, others are con men like lawyers, pornographers, politicians, journalists, actors and (certain) priests. This higher group infests society with neurosis in order to justify its presence while the lower echelons summon an attack of guilt against those who have more than they do, in order to extract a living.

Over time this beats people down. They realize that something has gone wrong with civilization, and do their best to escape. Clever monkeys produce clever plan than like all cleverness, falls short of intelligent and therefore fails, because civilization expands to come get them and assimilate them. Soon there is no escape. The lower win over the higher, and so the higher try to earn enough money to buy their way out of it, in turn subsidizing the mess and making it stronger. This creates a death spiral that kills the society.


When a society is first getting started, it has a clear enemy in its own disorganization that allows nature to prey on it. Disease thrives in incorrectly disposed-of sewage; vermin eat the seed grain; failure to protect against natural disaster leads to mass death. This clear enemy produces a clear unifying principle in the society, which is the purpose of working together to escape the bad conditions of being subject to nature and disorganization.

Once this goal is surpassed, however, nothing holds society together except the maintenance of what is already there. This bores the excellent, and allows the mediocre to assume power; it also produces masses of peasants who then revolt, usually at the moment when a foreign enemy appears, and attempt to seize power. The alliance between neurotics and idiots then overwhelms the rest because, according to the ancient usage of “common,” idiocy and neurosis are abundant while quality is rare.

The only way to handle this situation is to treat humans like humans instead of robots. That is: the society must discover a transcendental goal below the level of religion or politics, something like a desire to live for excellence in accord with the unique and anti-universal principle of that culture. Then, in order to support this, the society must aggressively purge — exile — those among its people who are oblivious, neurotic, insane, retarded, criminal, perverse or otherwise defective. About 20% of each new generation will fail and need to be moved on.

The instant you say this sort of thing today, some clever young idiot will jump up and start talking about human rights. You know that your society is dead when its highest goal is not harming anyone, or getting along with everyone, because those goals are the opposite of the real goal, which is finding the right answer and achieving an end to the problem. These people are offering scapegoats instead of reality. And until we start removing them and sending them far away, they will rule us and everything we do will be for nought.

Equality must die for us to escape this face. Equality turns us into robots, and rewards the lower who have higher numbers over the higher, which in turn hands power to the mediocre neurotics because those are the only people willing to lie profoundly enough to attract the robots.

Equality is always what the lower want, because this is the only condition under which they have authority, because of those greater numbers and higher reproduction rates.

Imagine a society like this: a network of small cities, perhaps 70,000 people. No one is anonymous. There are bands of wise elders who rule each city, but behind the scenes. When people do idiotic things, legal or illegal, this is brought to the attention of the elders. The elders then look over the sum total of everything this person has done to see if the balance favors destruction or creation. These elders have one ability: they can force people into exile. When they sense someone is inane or corrupt, they send them away.

In this way, people who make laptops but are afraid to take a risk to improve those laptops are sent away. Their approach is inane and insane, as any group of actually wise elders would recognize. Someone who took a risk and failed, on the other hand, will probably face no penalty if they have a record of previously attempting good things and succeeding, or just doing good work. This way the risk-takers are not penalized, but the yes-men and parasites are ejected.

Most people are not terrible. They are simply what they are, like rabbits or mushrooms. They conduct life function and then die. During this time, they may think they have had some thoughts, but mostly they have had reactions or remembered the words of others. Some are good, and can have thoughts and create forward qualitative motion based on them. Others are bad, and their thoughts are directed toward destruction. Their loss is a gain for everyone else.

At the time of this writing, Western Civilization has a thousand years of slow decay under its belt. It will need to deport a sizeable number of its native population who are useless or destructive in order to achieve its greatness. Before it can do that, it must destroy the idea of scapegoats, including the notion of equality, which de facto scapegoats the more competent for the lower status of the incompetent. Only by eliminating this illusion can we move forward.