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Why Do White People Hate Themselves?

Looking at the protests wrecking America, it becomes painfully obvious that most of the people promoting these events are White and hate Whites. Why have Whites become as self-hating as Jews are rumored to be?

In my view, people become self-destructive when they are frustrated and see no way out. White people have strapped themselves to a system based in equality from which there is no escape because it enforces itself through peer pressure.

History will record that while totalitarianism can be persuasive for some time, the indirect systems of the twenty-first century operated by being gatekeepers on opportunity. To get ahead, you must make people like you, and they will not like you if you have “antisocial” opinions.

This means that White people are riding a runaway train called Western Civilization that cannot stop itself despite being on an inexorable path to self-destruction. We have trapped ourselves with our cleverness in making a system that could not be undone, and we hate ourselves for it.

Civilizations decay when they become complex enough to lose sight of their goals, and when they cannot find new goals, they eat themselves from within. Generally having good leaders will stop that, but the West faced several crises which interrupted that:

  1. Mongol invasions: few remember them now, but the roving hordes of Genghis Khan, who fought to destroy not to achieve supremacy, terrorized all of Eurasia with their human wave warfare.
  2. Peasant revolts: upon seeing the administrative-bureaucratic government of Genghis Khan, the peasants wanted one without kings, just like ancient Greeks of lower status aspired to the Persian-style systems.
  3. Middle class rising: middle classes everywhere are known for their bourgeois mentality of reducing standards in order to have more customers while simultaneously being terrified of offending anyone. Their power meant compromise-based rule.
  4. Religious wars: when Christianity was introduced to the West, it kicked off a millennium and a half of religious conflicts and combat between religions and the kings. This weakened the leadership structure and fragmented social values.
  5. Muslim invasions: just about when the West had recovered from previous attacks, hordes of Islamic attackers came in from the south with nothing on their minds but lots of little pirate raids to wear down their new hosts.
  6. Plagues raging: between invasions and internal chaos, Europe got hit by every plague to come out of Asia, Africa, and the middle east. Consequently, death was ever-present and oftentimes, unreliable people had to be used in place of those who had died.
  7. Race warfare: the Nordic-Germanics who built Europe encountered other groups of similar humans and absorbed some of them, producing three regional ethnic groups — North, South, and East — which were different enough to be constantly at war.

Things basically cracked up after the medieval period, which itself came as the recovery to the crack-up of the hybrid monarchy-bureaucracy that was the Roman Empire, building on ideas from Athens, Carthage, Persia, and Turkey.

At that point, people began to see society as a kind of father figure, something which replaced reality but had to be placated with acts of obedience. They often rebelled against this but, having been raised under it, simply re-created it in a new form.

Culture declined each time a bureaucratic, economic, or political solution took the place of social hierarchy and direct power, by which those who were obviously the best leaders commanded the rest, with the lowest 90% having no say in how anything was done.

It took until the twentieth century for things to fully fall apart, at which point they patched up what was left and adopted the middle class bourgeois attitude of social liberalism, paired with the libertarianism of functional markets and socialism for the poor.

Since this system addressed all of the failures of the past, it remained in power, but this was a mixed blessing because it also aimed for the lowest common denominator, so replaced supremacy and excellence with mediocrity, causing it to get slightly worse every year.

At this point, that system has run out of room. It has no more events to democratize, no more free money to spend, its people are refusing to breed, its industrial farming its failing, its industries have all matured and experienced reduced margin, its costs are high thanks to socialism, pollution has made most areas toxic, its infrastructure is rotting, and it cannot make decisions because crucial issues are controversial so it avoids them.

Class war grips the West now as surely as it has for the past centuries, which means that we cannot trust anyone from another group, and our own groups fight each other through the vote and daily sabotages.

In addition, we feel a sense of massive guilt for having risen above the rest despite being wracked by so many problems. This makes us believe we do not deserve our success or that it was accidental, which makes us feel bad when we see others starving, living in cardboard boxes in the dirt beneath giant mounds of rubble and garbage.

Further, egalitarianism has made us a nasty society since, born of the tendency to manipulate each other, equal societies continue this manipulation and encourage people to use each other to get ahead. Competition for status, power, wealth, and fame makes us hate each other.

For these reasons, White people loathe each other and themselves, which makes it easy to take over and parasitize White civilizations. In the grips of individualism, we forgot civilization, and now have nothing to unite us toward a goal, only systems of control to force us to unite, and those are failing.

Conservatives have always seen a straightforward (but not simple) answer: aim ourselves toward a transcendental goal. This will probably not occur through a foreign-origin faith like Christianity, nor be as simple as getting everyone into religion.

It may occur through the need for conquest again. The time has come to conquer the vast distances of space and the challenges of the stars, but even more than that, we need to conquer ourselves and purge the individualism that makes us use others through systems like egalitarianism.

We are on the cusp of either total downfall or a great rebirth in which we finally decide to become who we are, cast aside the idea of making everyone like each other, and focus again on achieving both greatness and normal, simple lives in which we exist in balance with nature and the ancient gods.

However, our refusal to make this decision simply because it is risky and therefore unpopular has cost us greatly. For centuries we have beaten ourselves up over the question of whether we can rise above ourselves and find a goal, and now we are tired of it.

If nothing else, White people are simply sick of a history of struggle for clarity against the weight of other White people and their fear and manipulation. We tire of the individualism that makes each person into a threat, since we are trying to unite for unity’s sake, not from a shared goal.

We sicken when we look out there and see the vast accumulation of people whose genetics are better suited to the third world, including the White mixes from outlying lands, and are repulsed by the present of the foreign, neurotic, stupid, or schizoid among us.

Western Civilization has run out of time. Our technology, previously massively destructive, has reached the point where it will soon be able to end all of us with a single event much smaller than a global thermonuclear war. Genetic engineering and robotics could clear us out easily.

This means that White people recognize that some are ready for the necessary change, but the majority are not, and we live in service to this majority through taxes and the endless oblivious decisions by democracy, which frustrates us.

It is not a pretty picture of a frustrated race which got too clever and decided to play God without remembering that the source of the power of the gods is that they tend toward the natural, wise, honest, and good.

Until we stop trying to steal the powers of the gods, and instead focus on adapting to reality and emulating the goals of the gods, we will forever serve as monkeys, sabotaging each other with cleverness and taking revengeful delight in the failure of it all.

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