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This Way, Western Man

If the universe is a battle between order and chaos, so too must the human mind be, and its backdoor is our tendency to make social echo chambers that validate the insane for the convenience of all.

We might call that force human entropy and realize that combatting it is part of our fight for survival. Much as we push back against doubt, negativity, despair, and self-destructive behaviors, we have to resist human entropy.

In one of the many delicious paradoxes of history, human entropy becomes strongest in successful societies because in these, individuals can afford to have jobs and lives where they are entirely disconnected from the consequences of their actions.

As long as they keep showing up for their jobs and going to stores for food, they will be able to survive. This empowers them to come up with all sorts of fanciful theories and not suffer the effects of those theories being implemented.

When we look into each one of these, and you had better have infinite graduate students with infinite time because each human seems to have at least one such theory, we find layers of camouflage concealing a core of social convenience.

In other words, tool-making man has figured out how to use words, symbols, appearances, and emotions in others as a tool for his own power. If you say what others like, they like you, and you succeed.

This is the trap of civilization. It saves man from nature, only to force him into conflict with himself. At some point, our lower impulses — which are more common, therefore more popular — win out, and civilization consumes itself.


As children of a civilization that has killed itself, you are abused. You have a condition resembling PTSD, or possibly Stockholm Syndrome, that has you attempting to find a way to rationalize this condition as “good” despite all indications.

In your life, the good guys have never won. The bad guys always did, with a few exceptions for talented compromisers like Ronald Reagan, who managed a few big good things that ultimately came to nothing because of the arc of history.

When a civilization is in decay, it follows an arc of decay. This means that even when good wins, it simply provides a platform for the bad, and then ends up defending the bad along with the good.

The only way out is to take a look at the big picture, figure out your direction, and eliminate everything (and, sadly, everyone) who works against that. You cannot fix one law; you need to fix them all.

The same resistance to radical change that makes democracy seem good at first works against you in times of decay. It becomes nearly impossible to get a quorum on changing one bad law, let alone reorganizing a failed system.

Even more, you have to work against the mental blockage of your fellow citizens. They will be denialists, or those willing to sacrifice everything so that they can continue to believe that everything will be okay and that no better option exists.

Think of it this way: you have two doors in front of you. One says “everything is fine” and leads to a contented state of mind, like two drinks on a beach in the afternoon; the other leads to seeing the grim truth and becoming alienated.

During your lifetime, most people have demanded that you open the first door. That is how you succeed: you go through school, get a job, and have a house and retirement account. You use the system for your own benefit.

The most sensitive people among us have recognized for centuries that something went wrong. Shortly after Shakespeare, our literature changed from observing the world to trying to reveal the hidden dark structure underneath the appearance of success.

Then again, if you step out of the mainstream, you also cut yourself off from the wealth of society, social popularity, and a chance to be recognized by others. For this reason, most hide their awakened status and pretend to be asleep like the rest.


We all know how bullying works. Few know that two types exist: first, where a few lone people torment those weaker than them, but also second, where a mass of weaker people conspire to pull down those stronger than them.

These can be seen in our simian ancestors and related species. An alpha male will patrol his troupe, bullying those who he sees as weak, mostly to solidify his own status and drive out any who are so unhealthy that they slow down the group.

Frequently, however, the others gang up on the alpha male. Faced with too many adversaries to defeat, he is overcome and killed. Then the group has a few weeks of a golden age before it confronts a problem that requires an alpha.

This may come from another troupe, which quickly conquers the leaderless and weak. That does not bother them too much, since their position as individuals has hardly changed; they are still low men on the totem pole.

It may happen through a natural disaster, disease, or predator. Without the alpha to bully everyone into getting their act together, it takes them one by one. Regret comes too late to save the herd.

Right now, Western Civilization is the alpha because it produced the most useful model of civilization, one now mirrored around the world. This does not mean the Enlightenment™ ideals, but those of reason (from the Greeks) and the search for eternal truths.

For a brief time, in Western Civilization, humanity rejected superstition, or the idea that symbolic things were more real than cause-effect reasoning. A symbol is simpler and makes us feel powerful, but is inexact or wrong when predicting reality.

The masses are by nature superstitious. If something “looks bad,” they turn on the person behind it; if a golden idol appears, or a talisman against evil, they follow it.

Humanity rose above hominid status by defeating superstition and instead, studying things. If fire did not come from the gods, how could it be made? The Greeks formalized this into “reason,” which for them meant a study of reality as patterns of causes and effects.

In The Enlightnment,™ Western Civilization revealed the beginnings of its decay: instead of being reality-based, its reason was based on human thought alone, and the need for that to conquer reality.

They inverted the Greek formula to accommodate the rising middle classes and poor, who grew most under the kings, and now wanted more power and wealth. For them, the alpha to be dethroned was human attention to reality iself; if what is real matters, some will be better than others, and the masses hate that hierarchy.

Consequently we came up with the solipsistic society, or one in which what people think, want, emote, and socialize about became more important than observation of reality. We filed reality studies into science and ignored them, mostly.

It took centuries, but now the herd has won over the alpha. We think only about what is popular, and since superstition casts the widest shadow over human individuals, illusion wins out: socialism, diversity, equality, and bureaucracy.

This is why in human society, the weak eat the strong, at least in recent history. Technology, wealth, and sheer size allow us to escape consequences of this, at least for now. That will change. Nature is patient and massively fascist.


For the coming times, the most urgent need involves self-care. It is time to disconnect from the mainstream hype, avoid mass media, ignore social trends, and focus on what is real and meaningful in your life.

Even more, you will need to pay extra attention to things like nutrition, sleep, hydration, and avoiding toxic individuals. There are people out there who are passive-aggressive, basically bullies in sheep’s clothing, and they will absorb your time and energy for the emotional kick of having destroyed something better than them.

On top of that, now is a good time to go quiet. Share your opinions with those of like mind, and ignore the rest. We want separation from them entirely. It is time remove Leftists and other neurotics from your life, for they too are toxic.

Then you must face the really big task and really hard work of being a modern human: figuring out what you want.

Almost everyone out there has some plan that involves re-arranging the current system. However, if its basis is superstition, then the whole thing is rot. We need something new, perhaps not even a “system” at all.

The first step in any sensible goal involves re-orienting toward realism. No matter what you have to say in public, remember that human opinion is worthless, and you must focus on what you know to be real and true.

This requires equal parts of listening to your inner self, the part that overlaps gut instinct and the soul as well as imagination and hope, and reality, or that which is external to you and consistent.

When you know what is real, you know what you can choose within it. Look to what you actually value because you spend your time on it without others demanding that you do so. You will find things like family, culture, spirit, and civilization.

This orients the mind toward what is both real and necessary. Everything else is a human dream, or perhaps the manipulations of marketing, peer pressure, propaganda, and the convenience of others.

I have written here extensively what such a reality would involve. Briefly:

  • Homesteads: we all have houses with small farms attached, and spend most of our time producing things there.
  • Aristocracy: instead of promoting our most popular as leaders, we promote the most competent and moral.
  • Caste: each person has a place on the IQ band, and a niche within that, where they can be important and respected.
  • Eugenics: perhaps “adult eugenics,” this means the promotion of the good and the removal of the bad.
  • Morality: instead of egalitarianism, we need a moral system that rewards good to the good, and bad to the bad.
  • Competition: instead of subsidizing the weak, we need a system where the strong rise.
  • Culture: we cannot trust bureaucracy or ideology, but instead need an organic culture for each ethnic group, which requires separation from all other ethnic, racial, and organized religious groups.

These are heresies. Something in there will have upset you, and made you doubt that the life you have been living was a good one after all. Take your time with them.

In the end, historians will record that humanity struggled with relativity. That is, we may have something now, but there might be something better. That scares us, since if we try something new and fail, we will lose status, power, and wealth. Similarly, if we refuse to do what others do, the group may attack us and do their best to make us fail, since if we succeed, they look like idiots for doing the same old thing, and having wasted their lives on it.

We can tell where we are going, ultimately: the type of society that we once had, and can have again, except this time with intergalactic technology. However, we have to get out of the egalitarian rut first, where we constantly sacrifice our best hopes in order to subsidize those who are weak and unwilling to help themselves.

This requires that we confront two needs, first for a workable “system,” and second, to get our souls right so that we can do what is right and necessary:

When discord arose, then the two races were drawn different ways: the iron and brass fell to acquiring money and land and houses and gold and silver; but the gold and silver races, not wanting money but having the true riches in their own nature, inclined towards virtue and the ancient order of things.

In this quotation, Plato uses the term “races” to mean any sub-division of humans, in this case separating good/realist people from crass shopkeepers and peasants. Like iron, peasants are strong but rust easily; like brass, the shopkeepers are highly malleable but do not stand up well to stress.

Gold and silver, on the other hand, retain their essential qualities no matter what form they are molded into. They shine from an inner quality, and the best people do this as well.

We have many good people among us, in all walks of life. They may be poor or rich, but they have inner qualities that make them essential to our future. Our first step should be to lift these up and bash down the angry monkeys who seek to subdue them.

In doing so, we purge ourselves of the weakness of fear and doubt. Instead of fearing that we are not gold and silver, and therefore tearing down those above us, we can acknowledge that we all play a role, and we need the good in power.

This reverse the Enlightenment™ notion of a world built around human thinking, which means that every individual is important regardless of how realistic or good his thoughts are.

In the end, goodness is not defined by what we think, but what we do. That which improves quality, creativity, productivity, and health is good; that which saps them is bad, even if it seems to us to let us off the hook for having to perform in reality.


We are currently seeing much that has long been in decay fall into the final stages of rot. All of our institutions are compromised, our governments are turned against us, and they have imported large groups of foreigners who want us dead.

We, the people of Western Civilization — ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelid (EWENCDs, pronounced “evinced”) people — find ourselves a target because we succeeded where everyone else failed.

We will do this again, but first, we need to get ahold of our civilization and this time, stop trying to rule by laws. We need to rule by people, and that means sending away the ones who do not fit.

Obviously, this means ending diversity by repatriating everyone who is not evinced. It also means ridding ourselves of parasites, including the weak who will not help themselves but ask for a handout every time, the white-collar sociopaths, the passive-aggressive bullies, neurotics, schizoids, the perverse, and career criminals.

A vast purge will be needed. In my view, that means sending them away. Others want to kill them, and I have no good argument against that, other than that I would not want to do it, so I would not ask it of others.

The point here is to clarify our goal. We are not trying to, like those before us, set up a system and use it to rule others; we are trying to keep the good and send away the bad or those in the wrong place, including the diversity.

Our task concerns the struggle for civilization survival. We are not trying to save a system that has self-destructed, nor keep up the lies of the Enlightenment™ or subsequent individualist philosophies.

We recognize, on some level, that for us as individuals, “the good life” begins with having a stable society that will exist in perpetuity. That is what we seek, and nothing that falls short of that will do.

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