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Bernie Sanders Demonstrates That Leftists Hate Christianity

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Senator (((Bernie Sanders))) now claims I am un-Amerikan. He thinks I believe some crazy, intolerant stuff. Here’s one example of the crazy.

Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

It’s foundational to being Christian. Unless you got baptized only because you really needed a shower, or were born again because your momma did a pretty sorry job of it the first time. Here’s a pretty fair-minded non-believer’s description of the theology at stake (perhaps waiting to be burned by nut-job SWPLs and SJWs).

Sanders is trying to frame that as bigotry towards religious minorities like Muslims and Jews, but no doubt Russell Vought would say the same of me and the rest of the country’s many, many millions of irreligious people. Embrace Christ or damnation awaits. That’s Christianity 101.

I’ll extend things a little further without loss of generality. Everyone who isn’t saved is damned. To quote the great moral philosopher, Annie Lennox. “I was born an original sinner. I was born in original sin.” If she really didn’t mess with the missionary man, she was liable to feel the burn. Bernie decides to light up Russell Voight, a Trump nominee for a government position, (and make him feel the BERNNN) for his Christian beliefs below.

Sanders (shouting): I understand you are a Christian, but this country are made of people who are not just — I understand that Christianity is the majority religion, but there are other people of different religions in this country and around the world. In your judgment, do you think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned?

Vought: Thank you for probing on that question. As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs. I believe that as a Christian that’s how I should treat all individuals . . .

Sanders: You think your statement that you put into that publication, they do not know God because they rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned, do you think that’s respectful of other religions?

Vought: Senator, I wrote a post based on being a Christian and attending a Christian school that has a statement of faith that speaks clearly in regard to the centrality of Jesus Christ in salvation.

Sanders: I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.

And then the whole Christianist thing threatens his self-assumed, egocentric monopoly on brotherlove.

“Teacher, what is the most important commandment in the Law?”

Jesus answered: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and most important commandment. The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.”

All the Law of Moses and the Books of the Prophets[a] are based on these two commandments.

That gets run run through the logic ringer between the time when Christ talks to Thomas and when Jesus gives up the ghost. If you follow The Lord’s premises you reach an unmistakeable conclusion known as The Great Commission. Here’s how it all works.

  1. You are commanded to love your neighbor.
  2. All people not following Jesus are going to burn in Hell.
  3. .: If you are basically decent at all you “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

According Pew Research, 70% of the US Population is at least nominally Christian. This means they at least give lip-service to the concept of original sin and like Nicodemus, need to receive intervention to avoid eternal perdition. So out of a population of 320 million, Senator Sanders has now publically declared approximately 224 Million of them Un-Amerikan.

So WWJD with someone who is this big of a gaping cloaca maxima and who refused to repent? Perhaps The Meat Puppets offer us profound theological insight as to what happens to that sort of a Cis-Gender, White, Heteronormative Bigot in the jolly old dope-ride known as the hereafter.

A Sad, Sick Comedy Of “People Power”

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

As time goes on, the more it becomes clear that we are not fighting against an ideology, but typical human behavior shielded by an ideological justification.

Normally humans do nothing but screw up. This is why the world is most impoverished, violent, dramatic and corrupt. If not guided by quality leaders, people not only passively screw up by failing to do things, but actively screw up by inventing bizarre theories and activities.

The comedic downfall of Venezuela provides us with a shining example of this as a play in three parts. Keep in mind that Venezuela was starting from behind because although it has many Spanish-descended citizens, many of those were already racially hybridized and further mixing occurred with the new world Asians and imported African slaves.

Act I: People Power

Compared to its neighbors, Venezuela was a place of relative harmony. It was less important to the Spanish who colonized it than other places of greater mineral wealth. However, it was decided by the Revolutionary Simon Bolivar that it needed liberation, and he set most of South America “free” with the help of British mercenaries. This launched a century of unmitigated corruption and instability.

After the dust settled, the country “liberalized” itself in 1947 and then went back to the same banana republic politics. Oil money eventually drove that out in 1963, and the country found prosperity, but that collapsed in the 1980s with oil prices and it fell back into its old ways.

Act II: Taking It For Granted

In the late 1990s, a Communist revolutionary named Hugo Chavez rose to power with a program of socialist policies fueled by high oil prices. At this point, to the short-attention-span voters, it seemed like the good days had come again.

However, Chavez pushed for further economic reforms that suspiciously resembled wealth transfer and land redistribution. The voters, reeling from several natural disasters, apparently shrugged and approved of this.

With each new reform, Chavez — who died a billionaire — confiscates more land and centralizes more power to his government, building ties with Cuba and Russia. Violence breaks out frequently.

Money pours into social programs. The population becomes even more dependent. Then, as had happened several times before, oil prices crashed. The unstable economy, surviving on the fat oil wealth, collapses, and soon so does the country.

Act III: People Power

It is hoped, dear readers, that you like repetition, because here is what is happening in Venezuela today:

Nine other people have been killed in violence associated with a wave of anti-Government demonstrations in the past three weeks, in which protesters have clashed with security forces in melees lasting well into the night that culminated in the “mother of all marches” on Wednesday.

Protesters accuse Mr Maduro of trying to create a dictatorship.

“Yesterday around 9 or 10 (Thursday evening) things got pretty scary, a group of people carrying weapons came down … and started looting,” said Hane Mustafa, owner of a small supermarket in El Valle, where broken bottles of soy and tomato sauce littered the floor between bare shelves.

Over and over and over again.

This is the same pattern we see in the past: revolution, tyrant, revolution, tyrant. Those who attempt to play nice are usually eliminated early. Whenever things get tough for the tyrant, he just stokes up the population and they destroy everything, forming a pretext for more exciting tyranny.

If you wonder why the Alt Right says that genetics is upstream of politics, here is the point: Venezuela will never do any differently than this, because the “people power” of a mixed-race population always favors tyrants. They cannot control themselves.

For example, when the going gets tough, they steal from each other and loot instead of achieving an actual regime change. They have revolutions which get them even worse tyrants. They will blame anyone but themselves, and they will all have sob stories.

At this point, it is tempting to declare it a failed state and drop the nerve gas just to let something better take its place. The world would sail on unimpeded.

All of Latin America is this way: mixed-race, revolutionary, Leftist, and failing time and time again. People power betrays the people every time. Yet they keep at it, pathologically hoping for a different outcome to the same dysfunctional behavior, like gamblers addicted to the roulette wheel.

The same is true of people power in the US and EU, but on a slightly more functional level. At each election, we decide we will overthrow the system… by using the system. It betrays us time and time again.

The only way out is out of the system, and all systems like it. We have spent two centuries trying to “fix” the same democracy that failed Athens, choosing varieties of the modern system including National Socialism and Communism. But they reflect the individualistic character of democracy.

Soon we will resemble Venezuela, and enter into the phase of most nations, where government is the weak abusing the strong, enforced by “people power” that fears the awakening of something other than individualism, as smart people tend to do. There is no escape from that.

American Crackup

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


The fragmentation of the former United States of America happened this way: the coasts, appalled at the earthy dirt people rhetoric of the middle states, seceded in a mirror image of the Confederacy 150 years before.

As the wealthiest parts of the nation, at least on paper, they took all of the entertainment, finance, publishing and internet industries. This made them the odds-on winners from the beginning.

However, the dirt people had something else on their side: they were the remaining producers. As imports slowed because of the instability in China and rising oil costs caused by Paris convention rules that slowed international shipping, the city people found the dirt people were gaining a slow advantage.

This prompted quick conferences among the city people. “We need a pretext for war,” said President Joe Biden. “How do we make these people so mad they will attack us?” The group huddled and came up with an answer.

The next morning, press releases went out: a new restriction was placed on trade, such that any state which did not support the Rainbow Contract — no one could refuse gay people any service, pre-schools had to teach transgender education, and every corporation had to have the right mix of women and minorities on its board — would face an additional tariff.

In the cities, this was greeted with mass public celebrations. The dirt people were beaten! They would have to comply, if they wanted the lucrative city people trade. But then something entirely unexpected happened.

The dirt people shrugged. “We will make do with an economy of our own,” they said. Exports ceased.

In order to afford this, the dirt people shrugged off every government policy except defense. Roads were privatized to local communities, and highways became tollways. Public schools dissolved. Welfare and health care went away.

During those early days following the split, both dirt people and city people had essentially adopted copies of the previous government. Then, each added and subtracted rules. Now, the dirt people had stripped the government back to its 1780s version.

The city people were jubilant — at first. Prices in the stores kept creeping up. Their own agriculture could not handle the demands of their new population, many of whom were minorities, gays and Leftists relocated from dirt people lands.

Ripple effects were quickly felt. The internet industry depended on people able to buy products, but food was too expensive, so advertising collapsed. Then the government defaulted on its already-heavy debt.

Nothing was left except to invade.

Things went well for the dirt people at first. They were able to hold off the early invasions with their superior knowledge of marksmanship and military strategy. But over time, the invaders kept pouring in. The cities emptied their excess population, gave them cheap guns, and sent them to the front in vast waves.

Even worse, the independent states did not unify to form a fighting force. Texas, for instance, was not so concerned about what went on in Ohio, and vice-versa. This meant that the states began to fall like dominoes.

With the sacking and burning of Dallas in 2034, the war was considered to be over by most. The city people had won, just like they did in 1865. But another curious thing happened. The dirt people were nowhere to be found. Their armies just evaporated.

This meant that when city people drove to the countryside, they often vanished. The city people Reconstruction force which enforce rainbow rights in all the small towns found itself unable to contact its outposts. People just disappeared. Equipment blew up. Sniper rounds took the heads off visiting business dignitaries.

Now the city people faced their worst nightmare. They had won the war, but could not control the territory. Whenever a local area acted up, the city people could send in a large force to crush it, but the instant that force was gone, the acting up started again.

The city people deployed secret police, drones, spies and police. These seemed to succeed, but then found that the people they were hunting down had disappeared, re-appearing elsewhere under different names. Dirt people stopped using the internet and triplicate forms. Nothing was certain.

Even more, the secret police were not safe. A truckload of troops would head out to suppress a small rebellion and never make it. Bureaucrats and police alike were found floating down the Mississippi, with hands, heads, eyes and teeth removed. Communications were sabotaged.

What settled the war in the end was the collapse of the city people economy. They had too many welfare recipients and not enough customers, and they could not force the dirt people to buy their products. Unfunded, their military withered.

At this point, the dirt people emerged as the wealthiest part of the nation. With their knowledge of technology and manufacturing, they manufactured a fleet of drones which fired cluster munitions into heavily populated areas.

Twenty years later, the population crashed on the coasts, and the dirt people armies drove the remainder into the sea. What was left was a nation of maybe fifty million people, all competent, who were ruthlessly intolerant of anyone different.

The Union was whole again. Like Abraham Lincoln almost two centuries before, the dirt people had preserved the United States, but at a great cost. Future centuries would not care however as the new nation went on to greater heights than its old ruined shell, afflicted as if by a cancer with the delusional city person ideology.

Multipolarity Has Caused Daily World Chaos

Saturday, August 20th, 2016


It seems like there is a new political crisis almost daily. Rampant crime, terrorism, political instability, refugee rapes, sluggish economies and political upheaval in Europe.

These are contrasted by other danger signs, including a sputtering, fraudulent economy in China complete with an imperialistic navy in the South China sea, and Middle East instability so profound it threatens a gateway to the apocalypse at any moment.

This leads to a vital question which our media has failed to ask: why does political catastrophe seem to be accelerating globally?

The simple answer (for some) is simply that Obama has done such a terrible job that the world is starting to fall apart. This explains only part of the collapse. Others might take a broader view that liberal rule has dominated more of the globe (EU and US especially) than ever before, and that therefor we are seeing the negative results of that. In truth, it is those facts plus the fact that the U.S. is no longer the world leader which propel us toward a global detonation.

The United States has experienced a weak knee-ed lib president before with Jimmy Carter. Those were rocky years, and there were major problems in the Middle East (Iran Embassy, ABSCAM, etc.) and some in Europe (the Munich Olympics, for instance). But there were not so many terrorist attacks in the U.S. under Carter as there are under Obama and the attacks in Europe under Merkel are more numerous than those experienced in the 70s.

The fact that the U.S. was in position as the world’s hegemon in the 70s mitigated the effects of weak liberal rule. It did so by limiting the scope of hostile attacks because our enemies had more to fear in terms of retaliation back then. Even though Carter was a weak leader, terrorists knew they could only do a few attacks here and there before the US would step up the retribution. The global guerrillas did not want to awaken the sleeping giant. Muamar Khadafi got a taste of that when he bombed a US commercial airliner, and Reagan dropped bombs on his residence and killed his son. Now things are different: bad guys know that under Obama they have a small window at the end of his term to hit him as hard as they want but not get hit back because Obama is even weaker than Carter, and may sympathize with those who oppose the American majority.

The tricky part of this is that Russia realizes that the world requires one nation to lead the world community as hegemon in order to defeat terrorism. and Russia realizes that the US no longer has the means or wherewithal to lead. However, when Russia tries to lead it inevitably causes conflict with the US and overall stability is therefore even further weakened as the conflicts become increasingly complex in nature. That’s why Russia went in against ISIS without much warning, fought quickly and effectively, and then got the hell out. They did not want to signal what a bunch of lying jerks our nation’s leadership is because that would mean war. That is, in addition to the proxy war in Ukraine.

To defeat terrorism, we need a strong world superpower which can clearly pursue its objectives and sweep aside the feeble states which support terrorism. Russia showed it was serious about defeating ISIS by bombing the oil sales train to Turkey, but has since that time demonstrated an inability to maintain peace and order. In the meantime, the US is also failing to stop those shipments because it is playing political games. We are playing ISIS against Assad to the greater instability of the region.

The bottom line is that the world needs one nation as its strong global leader. Having a global leader provides a sense of direction and enforcement of that direction, the result of which is global stability. The US is unwilling to lead the world at this point, but is schizophrenic in its unwillingness to allow someone else to take its place, perhaps because the others are even more incompetent. But for the betterment of humanity, the US needs to either start acting like a superpower again, or let someone else take its place.

Conservatives have no loyalty to country or party

Friday, July 3rd, 2015


Patriotism is a dirty thing, when you break it down. It means loyalty to the State that claims to represent a particular nation-state, and as you probably know, “nation-state” is what replaced “nation,” or a community of people of the same heritage. Like loyalty to the Republican party, this is a surrogate for conservatives; we represent an idea.

Although people like to pretend there are third options, politics can be broken down into two threads: those who believe in results and those who believe in intentions. The former, like lab scientists, look at history as a laboratory and pick not only what “works” (survives) but what produces the best results. The latter focus on what should be or what ought to be or any other nonsense that serves to conceal their desire to convert politics into a social question, where like when talking with friends most people cheer up when a certain thing is said. They want it to be social so they can work around the results-based nature of reality. It is a shortcut, a con job, a bluff and a deception.

Those who like results-based politics are called conservatives. We conserve what works. We do not conserve a specific age or program, only what works. Because we are not idiots, we recognize that “works” has degrees; even Communism “works” for a few years. As a result, we pick the optimal: what works best for the best possible results. Your daughter will survive if she becomes a meth-addicted hooker, and have children and perpetuate the species, but she will experience optimized survival if she instead devotes herself to discipline, wisdom and has a traditional marriage and nuclear family. Conservatives like that optimum. This leads us to a sense of “transcendence” or awareness-beyond-materiality in life; when you choose optimums, you start to see material as a means to an end and not an end in itself. This is part of the maturation process of becoming a conservative.

With all of this in mind, it is impossible to say there is such a thing as a “conservative country” or even “conservative party.” Conservatism is a principle that some hit upon more than most and so, generally, they get conservative support as a kind of shorthand. This support however comes on the condition that the party, person or country be generally also using conservative principles. When that fails, a conservative cannot morally support that entity because he or she knows it to be going in a bad direction and against principle. Mainstream conservatives would love if it they could obligate all of us to always vote Republican, because then they could do anything they wanted and be just as corrupt as the left. That would achieve the same effect as having an ideological hivemind as is the basis of liberalism.

For this reason, conservatives remain the perpetual alert guardians who do not allow themselves to be lulled by the mistake of categorical thinking, which is that assuming some conservative acts make 100% of what an entity does conservative, which in this case is a substitute term for realistic, morally right and sensible all in one. The point is that we can never entirely delegate to a symbol all that it stands for, and conservatism can only be represented by its fulfillment as a result. This lets us turn to the USA and whether we exist here as patriotic citizens or an oppositional group.

For conservatives, the USA is dead as concept. It turned on its own citizens with affirmative action, feminism and other ideological programs. It redefined citizen from its original meaning — the WASP settlers of this new world — to sell the franchise to anyone and everyone for profit. It discriminated against the prosperous so it could subsidize new groups of voters, in the Soviet style. And now most of its citizens are delusional robots that repeat the propaganda and vote for it time and again, electing our least experienced president ever (Obama) and potentially electing a known criminal (Clinton). This situation is… over. It is burned, done, destroyed and those who control it — the elites, the Cathedral — are simply making money off selling what is left. There is no such thing as an “American” anymore. There are only people who recognize that this civilization has failed, and those who are still in denial.

The death of the USA comes within the broader context of the death of the West. Despite impoverished origins, Western Europe prevailed because it adhered to the idea of promoting right ideas and better people above the rest. When it got successful enough, democracy took over and reversed that process. Nothing but failure has followed and now the West, too, is a dead letter. The USA collapsing is part of the broader scheme of Western European society falling apart everywhere it exists, and the solution is to reverse democracy and socialism, and instead go back to rewarding only the ideas and people who are above the norm. The principle of democracy is to normalize all things to a single standard of equality, where that of traditional Europe was to rise above that standard. It is no surprise that both are falling.

For most of my life, I would have gone off to fight for this country and its people. No more: these people are freeloaders on the acts of myself and my ancestors, and they promote a vision of America that excludes me and replaces me with a mixed-race, anarchic, individualistic society that somehow exactly resembles third-world societies everywhere. Their goal is to destroy me, my culture and everything I stand for. As a result, I owe them not allegiance but hatred. Much as a President once said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” I now turn to my fellows and say:

Mr. Western European, tear down this civilization!

There is nothing left for us here except parasites who wish to share in the benefits of our acts while destroying the principles that made those acts possible. This is not a civilization; it is a Ponzi scheme based on the wealth of the past. At this point, a conservative realizes the arc of history has shifted and, once a conqueror, he is now the conquered fighting for the liberation of his people. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. This means that the USA is not something to be patriotic to, but its opposite: it is the enemy and it must die.

America: always intended to be a white nation

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


If you describe to someone the process of making rice, you’re generally going to say something like, “Put a pot on the stove, fill it with two cups water, bring to a boil, then dump in a cup of rice.”

That description leaves out a lot however. You didn’t say to take the lid off the pot before adding the water. You didn’t mention what bringing to a boil is. You didn’t specifically say to check the rice for bugs.

It’s the same way with history.

Certain assumptions attach themselves not only to certain times, but to certain levels of proficiency. Among expert chefs, the rudiments of boiling rice need not be discussed, so they are left out in favor of finely graded details such as levels of heat and degree of inclination of the pot lid.

The United States was founded on the idea that all men are created equal. What is “equal”? What are “men”?

Since the 1960s especially, but throughout the history of our nation, the forces of subversion — those who feel incompatible with the majority and thus hate it and wish to destroy it — have been steadily working to re-define terms that we rely on.

They want you to think that America was founded on the idea that everyone from anywhere could come here anytime and by swearing that he or she loves “freedom,” be an American.

The founding fathers felt differently, as even heavily censored neo-Communist group graffiti wall Wikipedia admits:

The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103) provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship. This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were “free white persons” of “good character”. It thus excluded American Indians, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks, and Asians. It also provided for citizenship for the children of U.S. citizens born abroad, but specified that the right of citizenship did “not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States”.

The Constitution, created the previous year and still under amendment at the time of that law, was a work in progress that like the instructions to boil rice left a lot out. The fact that the Bill of Rights had to be added is proof enough of this.

But the early Americans felt strongly enough to make a law in parallel which specified who could be an American. Specifically, “free white persons” of “good character.”

These are the group of people we call American Nativists, and they tend to be of German, English, Dutch, Scandinavian or Scots descent. If you go into any Revolutionary War-era town or settlement and read up on the names of the people there, especially in cemeteries and churches, you will find the names are from these groups.

We don’t need to specify what rice is. Neither did they specify what “free white persons” were. It was a cultural understanding that these people were exclusively Northwestern European. Not Irish, Slavic, Italian, Jewish, etc.

On the other hand, the early Americans were not fanatics either. They had Jewish people and even some Italians living among them. They treated these people well, but as long term visitors. The understanding was that these groups would want to preserve their own culture, and so lived apart, in Chinatown-like settlements of their own.

Until the neo-Marxists took over the United States in the 1960s, a similar understanding was had here. The Northwestern European American Nativist majority was tolerant of those who came to stay here. It in fact wished them well, but also was going to go about its own business.

Leftist rule changed that. Suddenly it became illegal to not hire someone, not rent to them, not sell to them, or deny them anything if their race was non-majority (in legal terms, it’s impossible to tell whether they were denied because of their race, or from something else, so race is assumed to be the cause).

The leftists pulled their usual move, which is to find a plurality and gang-rush the ramparts of power, then implement a crazy plan. Once it hasn’t failed for three weeks straight, they declare it a victory and start viciously attacking anyone who opposes it, rising in urgency as the plan ages and thus its inherent failings become more visible.

Currently the leftist push is to racially integrate America on a genetic level so that we are all a uniform shade of brown. Whatever reasons they give for this — pacifism, an end to racism, a new super-race — are all lies. They want to destroy the majority and take over in its place.

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