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Conservatives have no loyalty to country or party


Patriotism is a dirty thing, when you break it down. It means loyalty to the State that claims to represent a particular nation-state, and as you probably know, “nation-state” is what replaced “nation,” or a community of people of the same heritage. Like loyalty to the Republican party, this is a surrogate for conservatives; we represent an idea.

Although people like to pretend there are third options, politics can be broken down into two threads: those who believe in results and those who believe in intentions. The former, like lab scientists, look at history as a laboratory and pick not only what “works” (survives) but what produces the best results. The latter focus on what should be or what ought to be or any other nonsense that serves to conceal their desire to convert politics into a social question, where like when talking with friends most people cheer up when a certain thing is said. They want it to be social so they can work around the results-based nature of reality. It is a shortcut, a con job, a bluff and a deception.

Those who like results-based politics are called conservatives. We conserve what works. We do not conserve a specific age or program, only what works. Because we are not idiots, we recognize that “works” has degrees; even Communism “works” for a few years. As a result, we pick the optimal: what works best for the best possible results. Your daughter will survive if she becomes a meth-addicted hooker, and have children and perpetuate the species, but she will experience optimized survival if she instead devotes herself to discipline, wisdom and has a traditional marriage and nuclear family. Conservatives like that optimum. This leads us to a sense of “transcendence” or awareness-beyond-materiality in life; when you choose optimums, you start to see material as a means to an end and not an end in itself. This is part of the maturation process of becoming a conservative.

With all of this in mind, it is impossible to say there is such a thing as a “conservative country” or even “conservative party.” Conservatism is a principle that some hit upon more than most and so, generally, they get conservative support as a kind of shorthand. This support however comes on the condition that the party, person or country be generally also using conservative principles. When that fails, a conservative cannot morally support that entity because he or she knows it to be going in a bad direction and against principle. Mainstream conservatives would love if it they could obligate all of us to always vote Republican, because then they could do anything they wanted and be just as corrupt as the left. That would achieve the same effect as having an ideological hivemind as is the basis of liberalism.

For this reason, conservatives remain the perpetual alert guardians who do not allow themselves to be lulled by the mistake of categorical thinking, which is that assuming some conservative acts make 100% of what an entity does conservative, which in this case is a substitute term for realistic, morally right and sensible all in one. The point is that we can never entirely delegate to a symbol all that it stands for, and conservatism can only be represented by its fulfillment as a result. This lets us turn to the USA and whether we exist here as patriotic citizens or an oppositional group.

For conservatives, the USA is dead as concept. It turned on its own citizens with affirmative action, feminism and other ideological programs. It redefined citizen from its original meaning — the WASP settlers of this new world — to sell the franchise to anyone and everyone for profit. It discriminated against the prosperous so it could subsidize new groups of voters, in the Soviet style. And now most of its citizens are delusional robots that repeat the propaganda and vote for it time and again, electing our least experienced president ever (Obama) and potentially electing a known criminal (Clinton). This situation is… over. It is burned, done, destroyed and those who control it — the elites, the Cathedral — are simply making money off selling what is left. There is no such thing as an “American” anymore. There are only people who recognize that this civilization has failed, and those who are still in denial.

The death of the USA comes within the broader context of the death of the West. Despite impoverished origins, Western Europe prevailed because it adhered to the idea of promoting right ideas and better people above the rest. When it got successful enough, democracy took over and reversed that process. Nothing but failure has followed and now the West, too, is a dead letter. The USA collapsing is part of the broader scheme of Western European society falling apart everywhere it exists, and the solution is to reverse democracy and socialism, and instead go back to rewarding only the ideas and people who are above the norm. The principle of democracy is to normalize all things to a single standard of equality, where that of traditional Europe was to rise above that standard. It is no surprise that both are falling.

For most of my life, I would have gone off to fight for this country and its people. No more: these people are freeloaders on the acts of myself and my ancestors, and they promote a vision of America that excludes me and replaces me with a mixed-race, anarchic, individualistic society that somehow exactly resembles third-world societies everywhere. Their goal is to destroy me, my culture and everything I stand for. As a result, I owe them not allegiance but hatred. Much as a President once said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” I now turn to my fellows and say:

Mr. Western European, tear down this civilization!

There is nothing left for us here except parasites who wish to share in the benefits of our acts while destroying the principles that made those acts possible. This is not a civilization; it is a Ponzi scheme based on the wealth of the past. At this point, a conservative realizes the arc of history has shifted and, once a conqueror, he is now the conquered fighting for the liberation of his people. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. This means that the USA is not something to be patriotic to, but its opposite: it is the enemy and it must die.

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