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Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

As the realization sets in that the functional side of humanity in the West has rejected Leftism and liberal democracy, the usual neurotics and unhappy people who make up the Left are campaigning to hide the dissent, as they always do.

To that end, the little totalitarians have set up a list of Twitter accounts they want censored for the crime of deviating from the Leftist narrative. We have a phrase for this: Typical Leftist Behavior (#TLB).

We — the account used to promote Amerika — made it to #184 on the list for an account that has already been shadowbanned by Twitter for several months, if not longer.

Here is the rant from the Reds:

Twitter is brimming with active Nazis who use your platform as a tool to recruit members, spread hate, and harass other users.

In the past several years, this problem has turned from a disturbing joke into a more disturbing reality. Racists and neonazis have consciously used issue coalitions to spread hate, recruit new members, undermine basic values of decency and honesty, and actively hound folks who would counter their message.

…It’s not subtle. When someone uses a #1488 hashtag or expresses their violent thoughts on the JQ, they’re clearly engaging in hate speech.

This is classic Leftist dogma, which takes the form of circular reasoning: “Assuming that our perspective is right, anything opposing us is wrong, and therefore is blasphemy against what we think is truth, and must be removed lest it make the gods angry.”

As some have pointed out, this religious view leads toward a type of intolerance of dissent so total that it has divided our society into two groups, realists who oppose it and individualists who support it:

Dylan sang of a change so profound that the older generation would not even understand it. Now, we do understand. Dylan was announcing a worldview invasion of the West by Eastern pagan thinking. In much of our culture, that invasion has become a triumph, overturning the Western Christian view of existence. We have moved from a Twoist presupposition of a Creator God who made the structures of existence and revealed his moral will, to a Oneist presupposition that rejects any Creator or pre-existing structures and believes that humanity creates its own reality and will make a better world. This is why the Left showed utter disbelief at having lost the election; traditional politics does not even enter into its worldview.

The Eastern pagan nature of Leftism, descended perhaps from the Mongol invasions of Genghis Khan, is the idea of human individualism taking precedence over natural order and an organization to existence that extends into the metaphysical. Where the West pursued transcendentals like excellence and realism, the East pursued humanity, and as a result fell into an impassive solipsism. Now we follow them through liberal democracy and Leftism.

Those who oppose this change get called whatever nasty terms the Left can dig up. At first it was “royalists,” then “elitists,” then later “classists,” until finally with Hitler they found their Emmanuel Goldstein and started calling all of us “racists” and “Nazis.” These terms now have no meaning because they designate only that the offender has disagreed with a Leftist somewhere.

Amerika will never be popular because it offers a complex, nuanced and realist vision of human existence, but also does not reject the metaphysical. It is Nietzschean conservatism at its fullest, except that it is warm to sane interpretations of religious faith and sees them as beneficial, making it closer to Plato in the end calculus than Fred Nietzsche. It does not distill intricate political issues into slogans, emotions, or other forms of manipulation. As a result, it is difficult and unpopular.

It is only thanks to those who have made an effort to seek it out that this site thrives. It endures despite Twitter censorship including mysterious mutings, the rage of the Left, and the deliberate slighting of Amerika by those on the Right who fear it as competition because its worldview is more comprehensive than ours. It thrives only because of you, our readers.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart and those of our other writers. It is thanks to you that we are reaching the world. Today, #184… tomorrow, the world! As we push back against the Arschpresse — that is a “Nazi-era term,” journalists — and shout ZIEGE HEIL! at the top of our lungs, remember, world: reality is dangerous, and realists are pushing back for a more interesting dangerous world than the clear path to civilization collapse that Leftism (spit) offers.

Welcome to a new Dark Age.

Silicon Valley Death Vigil Begins

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Humans destroy everything they touch. Something new is invented, and most people are afraid, so natural leaders take up its cause and make it great. Others see that this is a good thing and worth participating in, so they flock to it, but they do not alter their thinking, which fits the old way more than the new. In this way, these entryists bring the old into the new and bloat it while widening (destroying) its focus.

The old way involves what failed before, which is what humans always try because we are wired for individualism, which requires us to demand guaranteed social inclusion from any group. However, since our individualism makes us blind to the fact that other people are different from us, this includes the aggregate lot of incompetents, grifters and mental health cases that accumulate over time. Without the wisdom of Darwin to cut these people free, the human social group then submerges the new thing in the same patterns of failure that have been with us since the dawn of time.

Silicon Valley is such a case. A few engineers and managers invented the internet, but once it became commercialized, in came the fools. They wanted to do to it what they do to everything: dumb it down, remove what makes it unique, and by so doing, make it “accessible” to everyone and anyone, resulting in its genericization and thus, reduction to the same broken patterns that we see everywhere.

As a result, we are now witnessing as an oversold industry collapses from its own internal weight. The managers looked out there and saw a sea of hopeful faces belonging to those who depend on Silicon Valley for their own dreams of wealth, and so instead of contracting operations and keeping quality high, they expanded inclusiveness — becoming social heroes in the process — but adulterated quality, ensuring doom. This is what always happens with prole rule.

We know that Silicon Valley is doomed because it essentially follows the television model, where advertising pays for free services, and Silicon Valley advertising is based on a lie:

The updated results based on March 2009 comScore data…indicated that the number of people who click on display ads in a month has fallen from 32 percent of Internet users in July 2007 to only 16 percent in March 2009, with an even smaller core of people (representing 8 percent of the Internet user base) accounting for the vast majority (85 percent) of all clicks.

The news gets worse: most of those who click frequently are from the “daytime TV audience” of those living on invariant incomes of under $40,000 a year:

While many online media companies use click-through rate as an ad negotiation currency, the study shows that heavy clickers are not representative of the general public. In fact, heavy clickers skew towards Internet users between the ages of 25-44 and households with an income under $40,000. Heavy clickers behave very differently online than the typical Internet user, and while they spend four times more time online than non-clickers, their spending does not proportionately reflect this very heavy Internet usage.

In other words, a small part of the consumer base accounts for most of the internet activity, and this group represents not healthy profit from the middle classes, but the buying habits of those who have little and will achieve little. This same type of bad measurement afflicts the entertainment industry and many consumer goods and services industries, who have calibrated their content toward the lowest common denominator without realizing the limited purchasing power of this group, and consequently find themselves in slow but steady decline.

We might even see this as a design flaw of democracy. When everyone is equal, what matter is the count of warm bodies, not who these warm bodies are. Through that metric, governments and businesses attract what is seen as a large group, but is really a small group compared to the Silent Majority, and by doing this, misses actual events in favor of symbolic events that do not represent the wider, more nuanced answer.

This decline is manifesting in reduced internet advertising and the exhaustion of social media, once viewed as the future of the Western economies, which are now presumed to be “services based” instead of oriented toward the production of goods.

As these industries fade away, it makes sense to reflect on the consequences of equality which causes us to ignore the variation in our current audience. Back in the glory days of business, the buying public was a middle class comprised of relatively similar individuals. Now it is a mix of classes, races, sexes, and lifestyles/philosophies who have nothing in common, meaning that the only statistical hits we get for popularity are in these un-representative aggregates who are not the desired consumer.

Much of the dot-com censorship we see floating about now arises from the recognition by companies that their audience has shifted, and an attempt to make “safe spaces” so even more of these zombie daytime TV watchers show up, in a vain hope to produce more profit from the people who are left over once everyone else bails out.

We are already seeing this phenomenon break into the public view as both Twitter and Facebook have admitted that they mistakenly calculated more ad impressions than they delivered. The next step is for them to reveal that these ads are being seen by non-buyers.

That phenomenon has manifested itself in a loss of the blind and blithe confidence that Americans have had in the dot-com miracle, and for that reason, an increasing skepticism has led to discovery of the fraudulent nature of many dot-com businesses:

The drama has some investors predicting more disasters. “What if Theranos is the canary in the coal mine?” says Roger McNamee, a 40-year VC veteran and managing director at Elevation Partners. “Everyone is looking at Theranos as an outlier. We may discover it’s not an outlier at all.”

Part of the problem lies in our tendency to mistake ideology for reality. We see a mental image that comports to what ideology tells us “should” be true, and then purchase accordingly, which because others follow us works for a short while. The circular Ponzi scheme allows industry to invent fake money, government to tax it heavily, and then empowers government to dump that money onto citizens through entitlements and social welfare, which they then spend on tangible goods. This keeps the economy afloat for a short while, but inevitably, a market correct begins and panic sets in as the herd searches for “the next big thing” to invest in so that we can all keep enjoying the fake value of our money.

As these different threads of the dysfunction knit together, the over-valued dot-com economy will begin its death cycle. As with earlier dot-com collapses, this will begin with a slow withdrawal by the smart money and the smarter users, then a rapidly accelerating fight over the remaining users, following by lapsing into irrelevance and being sold at low cost like MySpace.

If this hits during the first years of a Trump presidency, America will face an economic recession of massive size as the economy readjusts to cover for the fake wealth that was created by the dot-coms, especially social media. This will have rippled effects in Europe and Asia, and could result in a currency crash as it becomes clear that the economy backing those currencies was grossly over-valued and its government administrators ignored this reality.

Media Blitz: #StopWhiteGenocide Trending On Social Media

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Keeping pressure high on the cultural change wave that is carrying us into 2017 through the defeat of Leftist illusions, activists on social media are using the hashtag #StopWhiteGenocide to raise this issue against the general obliviousness and brainwashed complacency of the public. You can participate by going on social media and posting to the hashtag channel using the links below:


The best content features stories about how white people are the targets of Leftist governments, insane corporations and the angry mob of Leftist cultist zombies who want to destroy us. They want to kill us off through soft genocide. Visit our newsfeed for some ideas and help wreak havoc on the big media with a blitz of our own!

Why Twitter Is Failing

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

The cabal of media companies that now control the web are hated because they replaced an open standard with a closed one and are using that to manipulate us. Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and Reddit have all come under fire for censorship, which has caused some people to speak the sophomoric maxim that they are not censoring anything, because they are private companies.

A more accurate analysis is that these companies, by replacing an open net, have taken it over and now want to “curate” the experience to both (1) remove controversial ideas and (2) turn us into good media sheep like the legacy media empire they replaced. As one writer observes:

In 2014, I was pardoned and released from a prison in Tehran where I spent six years over my web activism. Before I was imprisoned in 2008, all the hype and rage on the internet was found on blogs.

Blogs were the best thing that had ever happened on the internet. They democratized writing and publishing — at least in many parts of the world…All that was made possible because of a brilliant and powerful, but simple and modest innovation: hyperlinks.

The World Wide Web was founded on the links, and without links, there won’t be a web. Without links the experience of being on the internet will become one of a centralized, linear, passive, inward-looking and homogeneous kind. This is happening already, and despite Zuckerberg’s sermon, it is largely Facebook and Instagram who are to be blame for the demise of links, and thereby the death of the open web and all its potentials for a more peaceful world.

Zuckerberg killed links (and the web) because he has created a space that is more like the future of television rather than the internet. Unlike what he preaches, Facebook has divided us into small personal bubbles of comfort.

This is the difference between the open web and the corporate web. On the open web, there are many information providers and you go visit them. The downside is that these sites are not uniform and may not all load quickly. On the corporate web, Google and Facebook show you what they want you to see, ideally while remaining on one of their sites like YouTube or Instagram.

What this means is that these companies are no longer private entities, but have taken over a public space, and are now censoring it for their own benefit. This includes removal of controversial ideas, often by sneaky methods:

Why is this important? The forces that be have realized that government is too easily criticized, and are aiming for another form of opinion control. When they talk about “fake news,” they mean any information outside of this approved arena. When they shadowban accounts, they mean that deviating information threatens their bottom line and cannot be tolerated.

They do all of this while promising to beat back big corporations and liberate you from horrible conservatives.

Perhaps the lasting lesson is that salespeople lie, and that this tendency couples with the eternal human tendency toward attention fixation that causes us to, when made aware of our bad behavior, accuse those who have noticed this bad behavior of the same behavior. This is why the anti-censors are censors and the liberators are enslavers, every time.

As a long-term strategy, this will not work among the people who have any experience of life. This is why the high-end consumers and natural leaders of society have mostly abandoned these platforms. That means that they are left with the audience of people with little purpose in life, minimal influence, and low income.

That in turn might explain this:

Social Media Site Reddit Admits That It Also Fakes The News

Friday, November 25th, 2016


As the mainstream media (MSM) struggles with its complete irrelevance because its predictions failed in all areas of the political process, most have overlooked the manipulative nature of social media which strikingly resembles the MSM in its opinions.

Alternative social media site Reddit has become the latest to reveal its inner void. Leaked mod chat logs reveal that Reddit admins control the moderators of its top “subs” or channels through a private Slack chat.

This includes telling these moderators what posts to delete, and the admission that Reddit has altered its algorithm to avoid favoring right-wing content. Like Facebook and Twitter, both of whom have been featured on these pages many times for their own censorious tendencies, Reddit is a controlled media voice that purports to be an independent one. That makes it a propaganda organ in addition to being a social media site. The propaganda aspects are now more important than the “social” aspects, at least to those who control the site.

As one Voat user said:

I’m not judging them here because they’re liberals; I’m judging them because I read their conversation and saw how flippant, dismissive, and manipulative they all were. That was a group of straight up bad human beings chatting.

The freaky part is just how manipulative it all was. Spez talking about algorithms to disenfranchise and silence part of the user base he deemed undesirable. Those people are rotten to the core.

This comes after the CEO of the company admitted changing user content in the database back-end, suggesting that this is not the first time that activity has occurred:

Reddit’s chief executive Steve Huffman has admitted editing posts made about him by Donald Trump fans on the site.

…He said colleagues were angry with his actions and he “most assuredly won’t do this again”.

Many Reddit members were furious that the website’s chief executive had edited messages, and accused him of censorship.

This is not exactly surprising since other social media sites also follow a pro-Leftist censorship policy. Facebook blocked conservative news from its trending list. Twitter bans and blocks conservatives on a regular basis. Wikipedia not only censors right-wing ideas, but openly promotes Leftist ones. These are some of the biggest sites on the internet who in theory are “open” and “collaborative,” but in fact are controlled by shadow cabals.

Twitter Censors Top Alt Right Accounts In “November Purge”

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Flailing social media site Twitter, which seems unable to sell itself despite that being the endgame of its ruling junta, following the departure of its Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain and consequent dive in stock prices, embarked on a censorship tantrum targeting top Alt Right accounts today in what many are calling the “November Purge.”

Each account now displays the well-known Twitter “account suspended” page and all of the user content — years of witticisms, news, memes and conversation — has become inaccessible to these users. This shows the problem of social media and The Cloud, which is that when the powers that be choose to censor, the user loses all that they have contributed twice: first, in that they cannot see it, and second in that the others for whose benefit it was written cannot see it.

If this keeps up, the internet will decentralize from having a few big sites — Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit, Amazon, Twitter and others — having control over the content, to many tiny sites which are independently maintained each having their own content. While this is positive, the next battle will be over thousands of SJWs writing to internet webhosts to demand cancellation of the accounts of “problematic” sites.

Another Way To See If Leftist Hive Twitter Has Shadowbanned You

Monday, November 14th, 2016


Twitter likes to shadowban people with the wrong opinions while keeping Left-friendly topics like #RapeMelania and #AssassinateTrump trending. We might call this two-sided or a double standard, but to Leftists, only Leftism is good, and the rest of us are a basket of er, deplorables.

If you wonder if you have been shadowbanned on Twitter, mosey on over to the Widget area and set one up that scans for your feed by entering “from:@[your username]” in the search blank. If nothing shows up on the right, you are shadowbanned.

And then get yourself over to Gab, where you can join Johann Theron, J.P. Wilkinson and myself.

Dying Twitter Suspends Right-Wing Advocate Ricky Vaughn

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Internet safe space/hug box Twitter, which is currently looking for a buyer for its dying business, has begun its purge of right-wing accounts after increasing its use of shadowbanning over the past weeks.

This new purge has begun with the banning of popular account Ricky Vaughn, and Trump and Alt Right supporter known for his witty insights and fact-based research. At the time of its suspension, his account was posting election data from the absentee ballot race in North Carolina.


In the meantime, you can find Ricky Vaughn on a free speech chat service,, at, where he is continuing to tweet election data and riposte to the dominant illusions which threaten our future.


People are discussing his Twitter ban at the hashtag #FreeRicky (and also on Twitter, but they do not deserve a link).

It has been said here before but must be said again: the problem with ideology, like Leftism but unlike Rightism, is that you are demanding a human intention be superior to the workings of reality. This means that any other system of thought must be viewed as competition or subversion and destroyed.

Twitter staff have been demonstrating increasing allegiance to the principle of Leftist censorship as the election approaches. This shows the instability of both Leftists, who are weak after seventy years of rule in which none of their promises have come true and results have in fact been far worse, and Twitter, which is another dying dot-com dream.

Update: Twitter hashtag #FreeRicky is #1 nationwide as of a few hours after @Ricky_Vaughn99’s suspension.


Twitter Goes To Stage Three Of “The MySpace Cycle”

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Back in the second wave of dot-com boom and bust, there was a site called MySpace. It was a revolution, the media told us. No longer was big media in control. This was a new age where the old rules did not apply. Everything was different.

Except it was not, as you might have guessed. MySpace followed the cycle that every other consumer product does: it started out promising, but as margins declined and its userbase was “democratized,” its quality plummeted and anyone with any brains escaped it if possible. That left a ruined shell.

This gave us “the MySpace Cycle” which seems to apply to all online services:

  1. Service starts out with promise and attracts power users. These users contribute content, making the service desirable.

  2. That in turn brings in the masses, who cause chaos with their behavior. The service fights back by making more rules and removing “troublemakers.” This drives away the power users, so the service doubles down on attracting grandmas, geeks, neckbeards, SJWs, welfare users and other mass culture zombies.

  3. The company, which has now grown big and fat with all is new hires, must save itself, so it finds a buyer — usually from big media — who is purchasing it for its existing userbase. This fails eighteen months later when the buyer realizes that the number of these users who are active is declining.

  4. The service is re-sold for a lot less. At this point, no one uses it but homeless people in public libraries.

Twitter has reached stage three: over the past two years, it has increasingly cracked down on non-conformists as a way to stop the “troublemakers,” a term it could never define so it fell back on easy definitions like trolls, non-Leftists, etc. This has caused not an exodus of users, but an exodus of content as people are unwilling to trust Twitter as the primary place to post new material; instead, they post it elsewhere and link to it on Twitter.


The crackdown having failed, and with its new userbase of SJWs and homeless not generating it much income, Twitter is looking for a sugar daddy. This is all but an admission that its business has failed. Luckily, it has found some captive idiots who think they can monetize the dying regime:

Twitter Inc. is expected to field bids this week, and Marc Benioff has been building a case to Inc. investors and others that his company should be the buyer, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Benioff is looking to make a splashy acquisition that would secure for Salesforce a treasure trove of data as well as a prized consumer brand, according to the people.

Mr. Benioff, whose recent approach to Twitter set off the bidding process, sees the social-media pioneer as an “unpolished jewel” with untapped potential in advertising, e-commerce and other data-rich applications he regards as important to the cloud-software juggernaut’s next phase of growth, the people said.

We now see that those who make it in business are often lucky more than intelligent. He is hoping to, as the people who bought MySpace were, put more ads on the site and then sell the users to other services as potential customers. In other words, he is buying Twitter for its userbase, who are already disengaging and will further do so as more ads and intrusive policies appear.

Even more, he has missed the demographic change on Twitter. Back in the day, it was cutting edge and attracted power users: people who do interesting things and generate content. By endorsing safe spaces and censorship, Twitter has driven those away and replaced them with people who buy little and know little, and therefore are not worth advertising to or using to attract other users. This is a death spiral for the Twitter audience.

The illusion among dot-com boffins is that people flee from one service to another. The reality is that, like most things human or monkey, the audience simply flakes out. They stop logging in so frequently, or use the service less, or use it less deeply by giving it a cursory check-in and then going to something else.

The real competition among online services is not other services, but the wide world of other ways to spend leisure time at work. People can get away with watching videos on their phones, chatting to friends, shopping at ecommerce sites, or even playing video games. There is no reason they should stay within the realm of social media.

After the recent explosion of Twitter censorship against ideological non-conformists, it is gratifying to see the service failing exactly as was predicted. Censorship drives away quality users and replaces them with low-value users. And now Twitter has no option but to sell itself by the pound.

Anatomy Of A Twitter Shadowban

Sunday, August 28th, 2016


To find out if you have a Twitter shadowban, log out of your account or open a private/incognito window (barring that, you can use an anonymizing service like Anonymouse) and go to Twitter’s Advanced Search page. Here you can see which of your comments others can view.


If you are shadowbanned, your comments will not appear in searches for specific hashtags. Your first hint that you are shadowbanned occurs when you notice that only people who are following you can see your tweets, and you are getting no replies and likes from others, especially on hashtagged posts. It will look like you suddenly got unpopular, which is the point; Twitter is localizing you to your followers so that it can prevent your messages from reaching a wider audience.


Twitter shadowbans conservative content and in fact any content which the Leftist agenda. Normal cuck-RINO tweets will not upset anyone, but the SJWs who form Twitter’s censorship squad will remove anything that is politically incorrect (i.e. goes against the Cultural Marxist agenda) if they can find it.


This is a cynical move based on knowledge of Twitter’s algorithm that is meant to reduce the spread of dangerous ideas. By removing shadowbanned users from the search results, Twitter aims to prevent ordinary people from seeing non-conforming speech. This happens because the censorship team is made up of die-hard Leftists who want to advance their own agenda by depleting the reach of any alternate viewpoint.


Twitter justifies this behavior with the belief that it can revive its flagging service by removing “trolls,” a term it conveniently defines as those with un-PC perspectives. This is consistent across social media, because social media is run by Leftists as a Leftist propaganda organ.

The internet and world wide web were originally intended as a decentralized medium to avoid censorship and undue influence by special interests, but now that a handful of companies — Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit and Tumblr among them — control most of its traffic, censorship has become possible because those who are not represented on these sites have much less reach than those who are. In this way, it has reversed the original promise of the internet, and turned it into a medium as controlled as television channels.