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TikTok Is a Chinese Psyop

New generations need new social media. Millennials see old social media as a place where your Boomer uncle can rage about the deep state and fedpost harder as any frog account with his real name and picture. That is how TikTok kids see Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest now.

TikTok uses a format that a few years ago was promoted by a company called Vine consisting of videos of just a few seconds length. It was supposed to be the perfect information snack format of the digital age, but it did not catch on at the time. It caught on with TikTok because has the weight of the entire Chinese government behind it as well as the biggest consumer market on the planet.

Discord uses a similar promotional strategy. The company is owned, just like TikTok, by the Chinese state since all companies in China are state-owned. They promoted it to the point where, if you have to do something on the internet which interacts with other people, especially programming, you will encounter Discord. If you encounter, for example, a promotion for a video game or a new type of blog software, you will find shills asking for a Discord Setup.

New social media piles itself on top of an ugly truth: the internet drives people insane. A net of cables, subterranean like a Lovecraftian horror, it creates isolated, anti-social people. We now deal with the first generation that interacted with it almost their entire life, the American Zoomer. The suicide rates among them, seventeen per one hundred thousand people, are the highest since beginning of the record.

Their supposed rates of homosexuality and “gender identity issues” — I reserve doubt on this supposition — are an outgrowth of an environment where nothing is real anymore and everything is posturing. How many of these suicides are just kids masturbating with a belt around their neck, dying, and then getting found by shocked parents who choose to make it look “less bad”? Postmodern society is where people find no common ground except about the most basic things and politics is simply different flavors of crazy. Diversity did it, but social media made it worse.

Once an industry, the age of clickbait exposed media to everyone and now nobody believes this “free press is the fourth power” and “holding government accountable” garbage anymore. It is a grift, plain and simple, kept in power by government. And this grift is allowed to exist in society because it manages a problem nobody wants to solve. Government is not in the business of solving problems, government manages problems to justify itself. And when they can outsource the dirty work they usualy do it.

The media addresses certain voyeuristic impulses within society and steers them toward neutral, impotent expressions that defuse them. This requires inducing the reader, viewer, or listener to at the end of the day believe something artificial and stupid. Like most postmodern things, media represents the final stage of a cultural takeover: an anti-culture, or lack of belief, replacing the ability to hold any belief shared between all people in a society.

Some people with more opinion than awareness sometimes demand that schools should teach children critical thinking, which is simply the subversion of everything and therefore, a sense of positive nothing. Its optimal results is nothing, meaning that it teaches subversion and removal of fact, creating a void into which the affirmative stupidity of media and government drops, but lends no direct or ability to find what is true, good, real, enduring, and sane.

Critical thinking can not be taught the same way creativity or charm can not be taught. Either someone has it or he lacks it. This means that in order to teach critical thinking to everyone, media and schooling must educate stupid people to believe stupid things rather than nothing. Artificial consciousness, false intuition, synthetic personalities, consume based identity: these are the catalog backpage scams of yesteryear updated for today, taught as virtue and not the nothingness they are.

New social media also teaches positive nothingness. Contrary to domestic media platforms, who cultivate a dumbed down audience as their market share, hostile media outlets simply subvert everything to the point where people cannot believe anything anymore, resulting in nullifying any engagement the targeted audience has within the targeted society. Nothingness has become a product.

This allows hostile actors both foreign and domestic to promote multiple seemingly contradictory agendas at the same time. Russia Today for example can publish multiple contradictory stories about one event at the same time, which results in overloading the viewer with these contradictory information to the point where he simply resignes and tells himself, that he will never learn the truth about this or that anyway. Russian media run these stories because they do not care what you believe so long as you get neutralized as a possible asset to their rivals and enemies.

This, too, is positive nothingness. If you are a leftist they give you a Leftwing figure like Julian Assange; if you are on the Right they give you low tier memeology about orthodox traditionalism. Its all nonsense meant to neutralize the viewer as an actor of any sort, turning him into a passive consumer of nonsense.

In February last year the Russian Government and the Chinese Government published a joint statement extending their cooperation in what is essentially a disinformation psychological warfare program against their common competitors.

Some actors representing but the minority on the international scale continue to advocate unilateral approaches to addressing international issues and resort to force; they interfere in the internal affairs of other states, infringing their legitimate rights and interests, and incite contradictions, differences and confrontation, thus hampering the development and progress of mankind, against the opposition from the international community.

The sides call on all States to pursue well-being for all and, with these ends, to build dialogue and mutual trust, strengthen mutual understanding, champion such universal human values as peace, development, equality, justice, democracy and freedom, respect the rights of peoples to independently determine the development paths of their countries and the sovereignty and the security and development interests of States, to protect the United Nations-driven international architecture and the international law-based world order, seek genuine multipolarity with the United Nations and its Security Council playing a central and coordinating role, promote more democratic international relations, and ensure peace, stability and sustainable development across the world.

In other words, the Asiatics want an end to Western domination and the rise of a new power in the East. The Chinese show more success in this area because they are active participants in the markets, where Russia is impoverished and backward. China can also play the race card defensively by preemptively claiming “racism” on the part of those who resist its agenda. However, this is one half of its method of teaching positive nothingness: if you are a Leftist they accuse you of “racism,” and if you are a rightist they undermine your view of your own society as essentially not racist enough.

This is where TikTok comes in. Inside China, TikTok promotes wholesome content of education, work, manufacturing, cooking, often with a time limit to prevent the viewer to waste time that belongs to the state watching videos all day. For the West the platform promotes the low class, yoga pants hoe asses, bad taste fashion, pseudo poltiical gibberish you see when you scroll TikTok from the US or Europe.

These are ten to thirty second clips of rage bait which serves to undermine your belief in the legitimacy of the West, like our media creating a vaccuum of nothingness into which they can project the usual Left-wing + consumerist rantings of modernity. TikTok tolerates Right-wing content solely because it serves as rage bait to provoke the Left into impotent circular ranting, where Left-wing content including institutionalized insanities like trannies is tolerated simply to provoke the right.

Platforms like Facebook discovered years ago that attention is farmed best by provocation and triggering impulse. A click is a click, a comment is a comment, and it does not matter if it was made in support or rejection of whatever it was made for. In the attention economy all that matters is attention. TikTok manages this with even less investment on its end, but goes after more than just the attention; it wants to paint a resentful picture of Western society.

It gets aided in that goal by grifting and ambition in the West itself. The conservative social media share is in large parts made up of what boils down to humiliation pornography, which earned them rightly the slur of “cuckservatives.” The target of “look what these crazy lefties did now” is to constantly bombard people who are interested in more traditional political measures with content that is meant to make them dispair over the condition the country is in.

Lawmakers in the US are debating to simply outright ban the app in the united states, citing concerns of Chinese data mining. Its a fair point to argue, but its not the main issue with TikTok. Yet its needed as the argument to carry the case, since no one will argue that TikTok is a hub of degenerates designed to make us hate our society and doubt anything good exists in the world.

Society finds itself in an evolutionary bottleneck right now, which means that as tragic as the suicide rates and identity confusion among young people are, these issues will sort themselves out through natural selection. The backlash against eugenics allowed the insane to breed for too long, resulting in an abundance of lunatics wandering around in the US and Europe. The next generation, all Zoomers alive are already born and in the age of young adults within the workforce or education, will probably treat TikTok like these Zoomer Kids will tread Facebook: an unattractive curiosity where older failures rant about a world that does not exist anymore. This unattractiveness is far more powerful than any measures that can be taken by the state.

The meme of the blue haired feminist is ten years old. All these Leftwing teachers are old, used up, approaching death, already in an age where the social, technological impact of a generation dwindles down to nil. And because they have no money nobody bothers to pander to them the way industry does with boomers, constantly serving up new takes on their music bands and what not. The disdain of young people drives cultural shifts. This will be what will ultimately do in TikTok, Discord, and the rest of the Asiatic nothingness propaganda.

Maybe something new will come along, maybe the internet will be dead by then because it will be only bots talking to bots. In the meantime, before we let legacy media and government make ineffectual laws to replace these services with the usual propaganda, we can accelerate the unattractiveness of them by pointing out that they are a weapon of the enemy to neutralize us. No one likes to be played for a fool for too long, after all.

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