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Judge Roy Moore Shatters The Cuck Line in Alabama

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Steve Bannon tells us what was won last night when Judge Roy Moore mounted up and rode to victory.

“You’re going to see in state, after state, after state, people that follow the model of Judge Moore – that do not need to raise money from the elites, from the crony capitalists, from the fat cats in Washington, DC.,” said Bannon at Moore’s victory party. The race, he said, centered on the question of “who was sovereign — the people or the money — and Alabama answered today, the people.”

What made Bannon so happy? Big Luther getting cut down to size in the Alabama GOP Senate Primary.

Republican challenger Roy Moore defeated Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama’s Senate primary Tuesday night, riding a wave of rural support over the incumbent backed by President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Moore, a former state Supreme Court justice, had 55 percent of the vote to Strange’s 45 percent with 95 percent of precincts reporting. Strange, who was appointed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat earlier this year, is the first senator to lose a primary since Indiana Republican Richard Lugar was defeated in 2012.

“So what?” Asks the skeptic. Politician A beats Politician B and we get the empty suits that we get told to vote for. Well, not so much here. We in Alabama are getting the guy literally everyone from Donald Trump on down to Donald Duck told us was too radical, too scary, too Rightist to win.

But Strange never led a single public poll against Moore since finishing behind Moore in the August primary and qualifying for the runoff. Moore had been elected statewide twice and built up a committed conservative following during stints on the state Supreme Court, where he defied federal orders on same-sex marriage and the display of a statue of the Ten Commandments and racked up a history of controversial comments on race and religion. Strange leaned on Trump’s endorsement to try and overcome Moore’s popularity among Republicans. While the McConnell-aligned super PAC Senate Leadership Fund slashed at Moore, Strange cited Trump at every chance, especially in a debate the week before the primary runoff. Trump touted Strange on Twitter in addition to appearing with him in Huntsville on Friday.

A Right-wing wave is rising over the “whatever is popular is true” notion that has ruled America since the 1930s. Now all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put the Cuckwads together again. In Missisippi, Chris McDaniel straps on the armor to take on Roger Wicker. In Tennessee, Senator Bob Corker has decided that the Cuck-Jib is up. He can safely pocket his loot from selling nuclear weapons to Iran and go home unconcerned about his failure to honor his promise to repeal ObamaCare. In Arizona, Kelly Ward plans to take out Globalist Republican Jeff Flake. In Nevada, Danny Tarkanian plans to take down incumbant Senator Dean Heller. That’s six seperate incumbent Republican Senators who support Mitch McConnell and who frequently attempt to knife President Trump in the back.

These Republican Senators who tremble in fear are creatures of the swamp Donald Trump promised to drain. Obamacare would no longer exist if these Senators cared why the people voted them into office. Judge Roy Moore has put the fear of God into the GOP. The GOP wing of the Moldbuggian Cathedral can no longer claim to be “the right side of history.” Mitch McConnell’s money cannot buy them immunity from voter rejection. They are out of excuses. They are running out of time. The populist Right-wing wave is coming.

The Trained Enstupidation of The Amerikan Cathedral

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Even Carl Sagan could occasionally make a good point. He wrote The Demon-Haunted World to argue that putting logically irrefutable evidence in people’s faces every day would make them more intelligent, informed and potentially more moral.

For The Cathedral, that would be lethal. So it has a cure for any sort of enlightenment, dark, grey, pink or otherwise. They send you to some form of mandatory enstupidation training. The preferred venue for your stupidity injection is the American College or University campus. The Amerikan Mind is closed because the Amerikan Cathedral prefers it hermetically sealed.

Where does this training take place? The university. It is the mind-fvck end of the Cathedral tentacle-porn apparatus. What happens to the average student’s mental ability during four years of undergraduate indoctrination? Nothing good. Business Insider tells us the sad, sad truth. The dirty low-down.

So, does college actually makes you smarter in the end? “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses” is written by two professors at NYU and UVA who conclude a definitive, “No.” They followed 2,300+ undergraduates at 24 universities and found “45 percent of these students demonstrate no significant improvement in a range of skills—including critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing—during their first two years of college.” Their overall finding coincides with the National Survey of Student Engagement, which studied 2 million students across 1,000 universities and found most spent little time studying and writing.

So why the failure? In addition to the scientific fact that education cannot raise your general intelligence or g, I can think of two possible explanations.

1) You get what you tolerate. Let the place become an Animal House, and as Senator Hollins once famously remarked: “There’s too much consumin’ goin’ on!” When they hang from the chandeliers by their knees, it could cause them to have a drinking problem. Another problem caused by excess tolerance of sub-optimal behavior is takeover by radicals.

2) You get what you attract. The Law of Attraction tells us that we will get what we ask for. The Cathedral wants docile obedience. You get that by asking for stupid. Lot’s of stupid. It’s easy to lead the easily lead. Nobody is easier to lead against their interests than the man with his head ensconced up his butthole. So when colleges and universities train brain-washed idiots, they are doing so in accordance with the Law of Attraction. The idiots are their reward.

So the system gets its brainless cogs. What do we get out of this? The societal stupidity you see every night on CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets is a direct outcome of their professional training. The Cathedral Janissaries fight the way they train. So that’s how it goes in the US public square.

Academic Political Correctness Dies At Mizzou

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

What happens to a Cathedral if nobody goes there to pray? The precipitous decline of The Episcopal Church, USA gives us an idea. It started as a healthy Upper Middle Class faith in much of the Middle Atlantic. Recently, I couldn’t even find it on one of the nosey EEOC forms that asks none-of-your-bidness questions about your race, language and religion. It was lumped in under “Other” with the snake-handlers and Scientologists. The process follows below.

1) At first, they get more radical and attempt to preach a “Social Gospel.” This turns off some of the regular church-goers who seek other options. Like Nietzche’s Preacher in the forrest, they drone on as if someone is still listening and express a willingness to be patient until these people understand their brilliance.

2) Then they double-down. As they see fewer people in the pews, they assume they just aren’t cool enough and hip enough. ECUSA went in for the gay bishops and progressive causes. It dialed back all the boring God stuff.

3) They then denounce the people who left for leaving and accuse them of disloyalty. The people denounced then formally break with the church and attempt to establish an alternative place of worship that perseves what the original members liked while filtering out the progressivism.

4) The church then denounces the schismists as heretics and moral cretins. While meanwhile, their coolness descends into ridiculous self-destruction.

5) The organization dies for all intents and purposes and is forgotten by almost all.

Could a similar five-step Doom-Cycle overtake the Moldbuggian Cathedral of Leftist control? Perhaps the Post-BLM fate of Missouri University gives us a possible test-case.

1) Missouri University catered to the #BLM student radicals. The University President resigned to appease the student demonstrators.

2) Mizzou saw its enrollment drop by 900 freshmen the next year and began to accelerate a plan to close old dormitories, since they wouldn’t have residents. The University has signed a temporary acting chancellor to replace the one who took an opportunity to go elsewhere and escape. They are quietly, very quietly, interviewing replacements. Meanwhile, their Freshman enrollment continues to decline.

For the Academic Cathedral to start following the dying religions down, they would have to lose their credentialization monopoly. We see that happening with online universities, code bootcamps and other sorts of alternative ways to professionally credentialize rising in popularity.

The step that would knock the Cathedral off its pedestal would be for major employers outside of the government to start prefering the alternate professional credentials to the university diploma. Once that occurs, people actually incur economic disadvantages* from kow-towing to the academic end of the cathedral.

Hence, the Academic bastions of political correctness are increasingly seeking remedies to this sort of thing. They want load debt forgiven and college to be free. They vituperate and demean for profit colleges and alternate certification routes. This is to preserve their monopoly on social acceptability and better renumerated employment. This is the cornerstone of their power. This is what keeps them from being obliterated for kow-towing to the whack-jobs. Blow this basis up, and declines in enrollment can occur at any university that goes full SJW. At that point, one of the three fundamental foundations of The Cathedral is eroded and destroyed.

* — Beyond ridiculous loan debts.

Let Us Finally End World War II

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Why is Hitler, and by extension the Nazis, still a prime obsession in our society?  One obvious answer is that the post-WWII world, and the legitimacy of American hegemony, is tied up in it. 

America, we are told, can never go back to minding its own business because of The Holocaust™ and Isolationism.  And that’s just coming from the garden variety cuckservative that will always bind together the US military with Leftist foreign policy, providing us the true fasces of our time. Today’s iteration of the Roman Empire is once again a double headed eagle, one head Spartan red state militarism with its brain gnawed out by its blue counterpart from Foggy Bottom.

The Cult of Hitler, and make no mistake, his cult of personality is still going strong, is a remarkable thing made up of worshipers from every walk of life.  It isn’t just his ironic fanboys on /pol/ that worship the long dead dictator, but all the “right thinking” goodwhites who never pass up the opportunity to curse his name to this day.  Just because they’ve made Hitler the patron deity of evil, doesn’t change the fact that they still give him the honors of a deity.  In fact, most of his worshipers belong to the latter camp, making Hitler’s status as the G_d that Holocaustianity worships the precise definition of irony.

Breaking free of this cult is a great, unfulfilled challenge for the Alt Right, but let me be clear of what we need to break free from.  I do not mean we fall in line with the frame set by the Cathedral in regards to Hitler.  Anyone of sufficient intelligence understands that pop history, and especially the politically relevant pop history of WWII is nonsense.  We just don’t know how it’s nonsense.

Opinions on the Alt Right vary widely from condemning Hitler as just as bad the Cathedral claims, to those that claim he was, “The Greatest Person Ever!!!!” — no, for reals.  I read that on a Hollywood Nazi site once.

In fact, the failure to sit down and have a definitive, honest redpill on Hitler and Nazism is essential to any political movement coming out of the Alt Right to succeed.  It was a major oversight on the part of Mencius Moldbug to just assume, after having deconstructed liberal democracy and its Cathedral, that he hadn’t just inadvertently rehabilitated Nazism and even Soviet-style Communism. 

If you demonstrate that everyone has been in a false reality, there’s no reason to assume that any of the foundational assumptions of that false reality hold true once you break free from it.  Naturally, no one on the Alt Right was inclined to meme Stalin back to greatness, but /pol/ had been drawn to the natural Schelling point of Hitler for years.

History is all about interpretation.  It’s about constructing a plausible narrative based upon available evidence.  But the interpretation is the key part to this, because unlike mathematics or physics, the human actor is the key to history.  2 + 2 will still be 4 and the laws of thermodynamics are set, but why the War of Northern Aggression happened is a human construction.

And adding to all of this is the fact that the Cult of Hitler is the law of the land in many parts of Europe, and the de facto law of the land in the US and the UK.  Questioning Hitler’s status as the King of All That is Evil is heresy, punishable by loss of your job, friends, family and good name.

The trap that is far too easy to fall into is to yell “black” when the enemy says “white” and by so doing to engage in the assumption that Hitler was just Jesus except not dressed like a hippie.  Jim Goad published an image of German soldiers crucifying Hitler on the back of Answer Me! No. 3, an arresting image that exemplifies the 1488-er cult of Hitler.  (“He killed for your sins….” to borrow a line from Adult Swim’s Sea Lab 2021.)

Hitler is dead.  He’s been dead for 71 years.  He’s going to continue to be dead until the heat death of the universe.  He is not divine, and no, you cannot meme someone into godhood.  It didn’t work for Kek or Gnon either.  Learn about allegory lads.

The challenge before us is that the keystone of the Cathedral that towers over us is the Hitler Meme.  To remove it, and bring down Babel 2.0, the Alt Right is going to need some honest, genuine scholarship, showing who Hitler was, what National Socialism was, and to give those of us who care about reality an honest assessment of both.

The Dilemma of The Praetorian Guard

Saturday, November 5th, 2016


What does the guard protect? Does it protect the empire? Does it protect the emperor? What happens when the two objectives conflict? We see the guard splinter and divide into factions pursuing whichever of the two directives they believe in.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary had been crowned. Two weeks or so ago, this had been declared ¡OVER! and that nobody would be ¡ALLOWED! to vote for Donald Trump. You had your marching orders, your mortal soul imperiled if you disobey. Hillary wills herself to be begrudgingly nice enough to accept your dhimmitude payments.

So Hillary was crowned and The Clinton Imperium was designated the headship of the Cathedral. The Praetorian Guard was thus expected to marshal its tripartite divisions — media, intelligentsia, government — to preserve the hegemony of that Imperium. But also, the guard in the government has the Constitutional Mandate, via their oaths of appointment, to defend that Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The FBI grew concerned that the Emperor Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus would harm the empire. These concerns were amplified and spread far abroad via the Wikileaks pirate media channel. Members throughout the ranks (in this case it was The FBI) questioned the sanity of our recently crowned overlord, and approached their officers with these concerns. These concerns were predictably quashed. The criminal investigations of Her Majesty were tamped down by the leadership of The Governing Division of The Praetorian Guard.

But the patriots within this guard refused to give up and go away. The Wikileaks continued to drip. They got their break when The NYPD Vice Squad caught one of the more debauched patricians with his pants down on the Internet. This produced a link between the capitol and the catamite. It gave the agents within the FBI the leverage to threaten their leadership with exposure as frauds and hypocrites. James Comey lost the ability to stuff it all back in the closet and the governing division of THe Praetorian Guard mounted a palace coup attempt.

The Media and much of The Intelligensia circled the wagons to protect their precious. James Carville, Geraldo Rivera, and others mounted their microphones and charged.

Longtime Democratic guru James Carville then freaked out on Monday. In an already infamous meltdown on CNN, Carville, a longtime operative for the Clinton family, melted down in an extended rant. He even blamed the CNN anchor for siding with the Republicans and the KGB. “This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election,” Carville said. “It’s unprecedented … the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy.” Carville repeatedly asserted House Republicans and Russian intelligence were manipulating a pliant FBI. The meltdowns are a good sign that Trump is closing in on the target. Democrats know voters generally do not like to vote for candidates under current criminal investigation.

The guard works in lockstep to defend the Cathedral and panics when it faces dissension among its ranks. A little Good German over at Slate named Frederick Foer pushed out a pile in hopes of linking The Donald to The Red Menace1….

On Oct. 31, Slate published a story by Franklin Foer, suggesting that the Trump Organization maintained a server whose purpose was to communicate with two servers at Alfa Bank, a financial institution in Moscow. The story described Alfa as a possible Kremlin front and cited a “Union of Concerned Nerds” — anonymous techies who obtained the Trump-registered server’s logs — along with one of the biggest names in tech, Paul Vixie, a founder of the internet, who looked at the logs and concluded something “secretive” was going on.

Perhaps not wanting either serious candidate for President within the same telephone area code as the nuclear weapons arming switch, The FBI cast their highly mechanized Eye of Sauron on just what emails the Trump-owned server was delivering to Russia. They found what I find too much of in my own email accounts. Viagra Spam and the like. It’s only bigger because Trump’s name went on it.

It’s hard to imagine Trump would use a spam server run by a third-party company that provides the same service to competing hotel chains for secret communications with Putin’s agents. No matter how suspicious that traffic could look on the surface — if you didn’t know what Cendyn was doing — it’s probably just junk passing back and forth across the internet. There is no evidence of a conspiracy. According to an article that appeared in The New York Times on Tuesday, FBI agents looked at the logs and didn’t see anything they could latch on to: An innocuous explanation involving marketing e-mails was entirely plausible.

With the factions of the palace guard at one another’s throats, everything that goes on inside the DC Viper’s Nest is getting revealed. All the garbage is getting dumped in the streets. We will learn and the Cathedral will suffer grim damage. It may well fall or be temporarily weakened. It is now open warfare. The Empire vs The Emperor. The Cathedral must be stopped. As you’ll see below, it’s for the children…

— No, not Barack Obama’s intellectual handlers…


Friday, November 4th, 2016


The UK has decided, through internal political machinations, to go against the vote of its people and thwart the move to exit the EU, hoping to throw a wrench in the works by referring the question back to the enemies of Brexit:

“The issue in front of the High Court was whether you could undo statute law by a proclamation, by the use of the royal prerogative saying ‘we are leaving the EU’, thereby depriving large numbers of people in this country of statutory rights enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom which they currently enjoy,” the Conservative MP told Sky.

“And what the judges said is ‘you can’t do that’. So what’s needed is for the Government, I think, to introduce a piece of primary legislation.”

This represents a betrayal of what the vote decided, cloaked as procedure, as is common in law, where people argue from the words on the page instead of the spirit of the law, and therefore frequently make laws turn against their original purpose.

As stated in the past, democracy is failing in the UK because liberal democracy is failing everywhere. As the debate over the US Constitution shows, one cannot write words on a page and have them interpreted consistently and according to their original meaning over time.

The fiction is that people read a law to figure out its purpose and then apply it. The reality is that people are forced to have biases because of the tempest of complexity and irrelevance flung at them by reams of paper, and so they read the law for what they want it to say.

Their interpretations rely on altering the meanings of the terms upon which the main point relies, and in doing so, they are able to invert the law and make it mean the opposite of what it originally did. In America, for example, “equality” meant that no person was required to support any other. That has not been true in American law for centuries.

Democracy has failed everywhere because it is based on the notion of equality, which holds that we can write down laws or ideas and have people in the future interpret them correctly because they are “equal” to those who wrote them. In reality, people do what they are wired to do, and are fundamentally dishonest about it.

At its core, Brexit was a vote against having powerful government that manages all of life. Modern life will kill us all because it is miserable, generally owing to its bureaucratic nature with endless red tape to make daily existence frustrating, boring and ugly.

That occurs deliberately. Those who have less to offer, intellectually and morally, do not mind tedium. They use it like a fever to burn out the infection of intelligent people, not realizing in their own arrogance that these intelligent people are the source of the wealth and power of that society.

In other words, stupid people do stupid things, because that is all their minds can handle. With equality, they are given license to destroy, and this is what they intend, because the ideology that defends them requires they remove all competing forces like morality, culture, heritage, caste, family, religion and values.

This translates the population into people who are essentially ostriches. Whatever happens, they rationalize as good, and then take advantage of the new flexibility they are given. Removing those competing forces gives the individual the ability to engage in selfish, degenerate, perverse, illogical and insane behaviors, which is what the herd of stupid — knowing their intentions are stupid, and therefore falling into these categories — desire.

The West is not reproducing because it has made life existentially miserable for people. They get up, and must fight their way through idiots in order to do tedium driven by the stupid decisions of others for the purpose of getting enough money to momentarily buy the ability to slam their door on the world. We hate our society because it is hateful and it wastes our time on the irrelevant in order to flatter fools that they are important.

Our “intelligentsia” like to congratulate themselves for being smarter than ancient cultures. And yet those cultures had the wisdom not to write down their ideals in words, but to keep them alive through the natural intuition of intelligent people.

As said before, you either have the best oppress the rest… or the rest oppress the best, and your society fails, just as ours has. Right now we are merely carving up what is left to see who will have enough money to escape — “exit” — and who will be left behind to be absorbed by the third-world grey race left in the ruins.

In the meantime, the will toward Brexit remains strong. Despite the dubious polls, the media blitz and the Cathedralist political elites claiming it could not be done, most voters wanted it. They want to get off the train to globalism, Leftism and civilization breakdown.

This means that the battle lines are drawn. The Establishment/Cathedral has essentially told us that in order for sanity to return, government as it is must be replaced. Those who get wealth and power from following the ideology of government must also be replaced. In short, the power structure needs displacement.

It is unfortunate for them that they have chosen this path. By obstructing, they have made themselves the enemy, and justified their destruction. Not surprisingly, they are doing the same in America and the EU. The parasites like the easy living too much to give it up, and so it is time to de-worm the West so we can begin rebuilding it.

Losing Sight Of The Importance of #SpiritCooking

Friday, November 4th, 2016


As Wikileaks releases even greater numbers of Podesta emails, people are finding more disturbing information about the activities of the Clinton Clan and their entourage and handlers.

However, these are often misinterpreted. For example, the recent outrage over “spirit cooking” mistakenly identifies something merely bad as what is in fact far worse.

“Spirit Cooking with Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes” was released by Ms. Abramovic in 1996, but the “ingredients” call for “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk” to be consumed “on earthquake nights.”

New York’s Museum of Modern Art called it a “cookbook” for “evocative instructions for actions or thoughts.” Another recipe calls for “fresh morning urine.”

This is not worship of Satan, but something much worse: it is worship of the human self. If life has beauty, we will make an alternate beauty which reflects our own fascinations which in turn show our avoidance of the beautiful so that nothing competes with our egos and social pretenses.

In other words, this is typical “Fall of Rome” activity. People are pursuing the fetishistic and novelty-based in defiance and denial of reality, showing how completely out-of-touch they are with anything that is part of the natural world or human world outside of their artificial, delusional social circle.

When your elites are obsessed with the preciousness of deviance and find themselves chasing after this type of trivial nonsense, it means that they have become powerful enough to completely disconnect from anything but the world of their own egos and those who flatter them.

This has been going on for some time. Modern art has always been an abomination; “spirit cooking” is just one more extension of the fixation on ugliness, bodily functions and existential uncertainty that is all that modern art expresses. When you see this, expect not a Satanic conspiracy, but a dead civilization.

In Trump We Trust by Ann Coulter

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


In Trump We Trust
by Ann Coulter
Sentinel Books. 182 pages (2016)

The latest from Ann Coulter shows the writer at her fiery best with an urgent message: if Donald Trump is not elected, Democrats will use demographic warfare against the founding ethnic group of America, and there will never be another Republican president. Ever.

Those who have followed the rising movement that became the Alt Right over the last decade will recognize their talking points here. In the In Trump We Trust vision, America is a dispirited land ruined by Leftist policies and its demographic change, which has made its popular dare not to hope. The book tackles every objection raised to the Trump candidacy and points out that not only are his policies workable, but he has been in control since the beginning.

As Coulter sees it, Trump turned politics on its head through the radical idea that the issues that concern Republican voters should take priority over what the political consultants, pundits and insiders think. He zeroed in the fact that immigration is the biggest issue for most Republicans; they see a genocide in progress where they will be dispossessed of control over their nation and reduced to minority status, then destroyed with taxation.

Liberals want mass third world immigration because as soon as they have invincible Democratic majorities, utopia will arrive. Then they’re not going to return the GOP’ phone calls — just like in California.

The GOP had a different set of reasons for supporting mass immigration: the business community wants cheap labor. Not every member of the donor class derives a benefit from mass immigration, but no rich person is willing to become a hate figure by bankrolling the opposition. Republican officeholders ran the numbers and realized the electoral implications won’t be felt for a few years, and by then they’ll be retired. Après moi, le déluge. (166)

This sounds like something straight out of the Alt Right message on immigration in general. The existing parties are in cahoots because they are paid employees of a system that wants to cannibalize the US and EU, and then its members will move on to a new country to parasitize. In Trump We Trust is a call to war that shows Coulter at her vitriolic best.

Much like her other book, the latest from Coulter is structured carefully. She bashes out her main argument in the first three chapters, then fleshes it out with extensive facts and quotations from the mainstream media throughout the latter part. Her specialty is digging up older statements from the media that contradict their current narrative.

The short form of her argument is that America is in the grips of certain pretenses advanced by the Left in the 1960s and 1990s that made it impossible to discuss important issues, which has incensed voters because no one in the Democrat or Republican parties will even discuss these issues.

As a result, they are energized by Donald Trump. Where previously they thought that they had no options to overthrow this parasitic Soviet-style leadership caste which is commonly called “the Cathedral,” they now have a candidate who has won by ignoring the guilt, political correctness and control gambits of the faux elites. Trump wins because he threw out the accepted playbook and tossed the rules, because he recognized that these rules were made to smash the interests of the historical American people.

In doing so, following on the tone of her groundbreaking 2009 column “At The End Of The Day, Diversity Has Jumped The Shark,” Coulter hammers home the points that Nationalists have made for several centuries now: immigration is abolition of the founding population, and will result in a third-world wasteland.

There’s no question but that the country is heading toward becoming Brazil. One doesn’t have to agree with the reason to see that the very rich have gotten much richer, placing them well beyond the concerns of ordinary people, and the middle class is disappearing. America doesn’t make anything anymore, except Hollywood movies and Facebook. At the same time, we’re importing a huge peasant class, which is impoverishing what remains of the middle class, whose taxes support cheap labor for the rich.

Washington think tanks churned out papers claiming that dumping millions of poor people on the country is “good for the economy.” How can that possibly be good for the people who already live here? No, it’s obviously a net loss for the people already here…They can see their taxes going up, they notice when they don’t hear a word of English being spoken in their neighborhoods, they can see that traditional celebrations are being canceled for not being “inclusive,” and they know their schools don’t have money for programs because it’s all going to English-as-a-second-language classes.

The donor class doesn’t care. The rich are like locusts: once they’ve picked America dry, they’ll move on to the next country. (28-29)

Expect this level of vitriol and clarity to be frequent, as well as the time-honed Coulter formula of inserting absurdist humor every few paragraphs to make the reading process zip along. This book takes no prisoners, and in doing so from the mainstream Right, Coulter has lifted the Alt Right into not only the political dialogue, but the consciousness of everyday Americans.

Hillary Clinton Gets It Wrong And The Establishment Blinks

Monday, October 17th, 2016


Follow if you will this entertaining modern tale: a politician is accused of doing wrong things, and she denies it, and then a trove of emails stolen in a hack come out saying that she did indeed do those things. She does what she has done her whole career and casts doubt on the legitimacy of the evidence.

Then, in a stunning turnaround that reveals what we can only call flamboyant incompetence, she or someone from her group at the Establishment Cathedral attack the man who is leaking the emails. His internet is cut off, and he possibly faces political pressure which will force his extradition to the United States.

Julian Assange is the man, as you surely guessed, and Hillary Clinton is the woman. The two have become actors in the final drama of this season before the election itself, which is the question of whether Clinton is as guilty as these emails make her seem.

She had a good chance of ducking those until yesterday. Before yesterday, she was casting doubt on their legitimacy. Today she has confirmed their legitimacy by attacking the Assange through her friends at the State Department. If the emails were as fake as she had implied they were, none of this would have been necessary.

What this shows us is not only that one of our presidential candidates belongs in jail, but also that the people in the Establishment Cathedral are not wizards; rather, they are students who studied hard instead of having actual ability. Peasants pretending to be kings. Vaisya play-acting as Brahmins. Children dressing up in adult clothes.

As the insanity has ramped up in the West, driven by the egalitarian politics of a bottom-heavy society, the intelligent people have been dropping out. They are in basements and small towns, exurbs and trailer parks, dodging the disaster and trying to starve it by not paying taxes or participating in the consumer economy.

They know that any person of sanity who steps into this mess will be beheaded politically as surely as if by a guillotine, and then have his name shamed and future destroyed. There is no point doing that because the audience of voters are seemingly oblivious to quality, and will not awake, but shrug and move on to the next cheeseburger.

But like a midget flung from a trebuchet, the arc of liberal democracy has reached terminal velocity. Everything is failing all at once. Everyone is incompetent. No one is paying attention. The idiots and neurotics have won, but it is a pyrrhic victory, because the real treasure — the people of the West — have defected.

Whatever happens in this American election, a Brexit of the heart has taken place. The people who belong to the West genetically have seceded from it politically and philosophically. That is a fracture which cannot be fixed. And as our insane leaders thrash out trying to perpetuate the deception, it looks more Potemkin every day.

Unpunished Herd

Sunday, October 16th, 2016


By the time democracy arrives, things are well and truly dead for a civilization and the only formalities remaining are the toe tag and the estate sale. Our ancestors knew that if you indulge the pretense of humans, or the defensive assumption that they are good, it will give them license to run amok, and that they have done.

What we have left of “civilization” is essentially an economy with cops, lawyers, judges and nagging nanny journalists riding herd on the chaos. This is predictable, because we can see that people without strong leadership behave like herd animals.

You can see the proof of my point if you work with any volunteer organization. Sit people down in a committee and they start making the same type of bad decisions that our nations are making. The cause is this bad decision-making, and the result is our terrible elites.

In cause-effect terms, the elites are the effect and our choices are the cause. They did not impose this on us; we imposed them on ourselves by selecting an unrealistic type of government, namely herd-based leadership which was inevitably capitalized on by a corrupt media, political class and lobbyist layer.

You can also see the same thing at a job, or even in personal lives. People in groups make terrible decisions. People are pretentious and selfish, generally. It is entirely logical that the end result of this process is awful government and its handmaidens, who will be massively corrupt.

The point is that, regarding leadership, we have a binary option:

  • The best oppress the rest. Some claw their way to the top, demonstrating exceptional ability. They then restrain the rest of the group because this restraint is needed for civilization. End result: more effective leadership, no runaway herd acting selfishly. — or:

  • The rest oppress the best. Strong leadership is feared, so society adopts weak leadership, which results in a slow but constant growth of many small problems which converge in a loss of social order and suicidal policies like endless war, immigration and quasi-legal corruption.

At the most abstract level, these are the choices we have in “government,” and every single possible type of leadership structure fits into one or the other of these categories. Either we put the best on top, or we have mob rule.

The Americans tried a middle ground. Their Constitution is as complicated as an Italian race car, and yet, it was dismantled in as few as a dozen years, depending on who you talk to. After a disastrous civil war, two world wars, and now endless war in the middle east as the American Leftist regime goes the way of the Soviets, the Constitution is effectively dead.

And so, like people lost in a maze, here we are again, back at the same crossroads we have been at before. Best, or rest? The last two hundred years have showed us what the rest can do, and it is ugly: horrible jobs based on attendance more than performance, cities that are wastelands, corrupt leaders, gross mass culture, and what seems to be a decline in genetic ability to think among even the upper echelons of our society.

We are not just in trouble because of our system of government, but because it is making us incompetent. First, it redirects our attention from actual issues to symbolic ones, like how popular something is or whether it plays the politics or law game well. Second, the system promotes only those who think this way.

The Brexit/Trump Revolution (BTR) has much going for it. The weak point in its armor is that it scapegoats our elites for the mess we are in. We are in a mess, but the elites are an effect of that mess, not its cause. The cause is our reliance on herd voting and buying to make decisions, instead of having actual leadership.

Francis Fukuyama told us that we have reached the end of history, which depressed everyone because while the West is wealthy, it is dead in its soul. People hate their daily existence because it is humiliating, menial and incompetent, even at the highest levels of career and social life.

What he meant to write, perhaps, was that liberal democracy had beaten down all of its competition. That does not mean it is the best system; it was fortunate in its choice of allies, and often what works in the short-term is the opposite of what is needed in the long-term.

The thought of resurrecting society from the degeneracy of the unpunished herd is daunting in itself. We are not, however, rescuing everyone. There will be a new civilization and only those who “get it” and are useful will be welcome. The rest can be cast aside. This is always how it is.

Once we wrap our minds around the enormity of this task, it becomes clear that we should not be afraid to make the decision to go all the way toward what we need, instead of taking halfway measures. We are at one of those nexus points in history where all that was considered established is now fluid. Vast change is upon us, like it or not.

As modern citizens, we have grown up listening to constant voices — television, teachers, politicians, parents, friends — telling us that certain things are cast in stone, and that as far as changing them, the ship has sailed. But now, all of these stonecast pillars are in the process of collapse. We can finally move on.

Potentially what we are seeing is the beginning of a great time to be alive. The twentieth century was mostly carnage and stupidity, and so far the twenty-first has been worst, but that means that the trend of the eighteenth century has finally peaked and is falling. We can cease repeating the mistakes of the past.

For now, the herd runs free. Its low standards, enforced through utilitarian policies, harm those who can tell the difference between mediocre and good. Its indecision has attracted all manner of manipulators and parasites. Its policies have produced horror and evil as handmaidens in everyday life, making us all complicit.

The rise of the Alt Right has shown a challenge to business as usual, which means a continuing slide into decay. People across the West are tired of living in failed states and a failed system. It is time to think the unthinkable, and move on from liberal democracy a.k.a. oppression by the rest.

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