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Virginia Elections Prove That Populism Is The Future

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

A Republican lost an election in Virginia and already the media, essentially the propaganda arm of the Left, is telling us how Democrats are “back” and Republicans are doomed.

As usual, it is best to ignore the neurotics.

The real lesson that we can take from this election and others around it is that Republicans who fail to embrace the Trump/Farage/Petry style populist agenda are doomed because their base will come out and vote for a cuck. They realize that the Left is doom for this country, Western Civilization and themselves, so they will not keep electing do-nothings, as the Republicans proved to be — with a slight exception for Ronald Reagan — for the past century.

Looking into the supposed carnage, we see the message that Republican and moderate voters are sending to the GOP, who still hopes to retain its job as house Negro for the Democrats. The GOP bureaucrats just want to keep the bucks flowing without having to tackle difficult issues, which are never popular because when you take on difficult issues, you can actually lose, where with do-nothing issues, the result is the same whether you fail or succeed, and you have better job security.

In the Virginia gubernatorial race, Republican Ed Gillespie tried to have it both ways — with disastrous consequences. Gillespie, who privately agonized about the degree to which Trump should be involved in the contest, refused to campaign with the president. But at the same time, he trumpeted Trump’s culture war issues in ads.

White House advisers spent Wednesday combing through the election results and fuming about Gillespie’s have-it-both-ways approach. By keeping Trump at arm’s length, they said, Gillespie squandered an opportunity to motivate conservatives whose support he needed.

“He wouldn’t embrace the president, so the base that came out to vote for the president and that voted for me, didn’t come out,” said Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, a Trump campaign official who nearly defeated Gillespie in the June GOP primary.

Instead of a victory for the Left, this shows their future defeat, but we will have to wait a little while: the cucks and bureaucrats are being replaced by action candidates like Trump, Farage or Petry. More accurately, if the GOP fails to run a populist candidate, it will be replaced, and so natural selection is going to weed out the cucks.

You can tell that this is true because the GOP “experts” — the ones who make their money on nothing getting changed — are telling us exactly the same thing that the Leftist press is. Hint: if it agrees with Pravda, it is probably KGB. We are at that level of civilization decline in America now, in that our “deep state” is really a vast Communist gang that has taken over government from within with the help of its fellow travelers in academia, media and (mostly dot-com) industry.

For us, the best thing to do now is the exact opposite of what the “experts” and media shills tell us to do. The Right needs to double down on its core ideas because those ideas reflect the changes in the world that have occurred with the failure of globalism, which is taking down the Left, liberal democracy and ideology-as-an-alternative-to-realism across the world.

Gillespie made his bed by waffling like Mitt Romney or John McCain, and voters rejected him, which let the Left take the lead. Future elections will either by lost by the Right in going with the old “deep state friendly” GOP agenda, or won by their replacements, who will take the Republican platform to where it should have been for the past century.

What Is The Trump / Brexit / LePen Wave Of “Populism”?

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

The Left uses the term “populism” to refer to political sentiments which arises outside the control of the Establishment. This leads to confusion, because to populists, their attitude seems to be an unpopular complex truth beset by pleasant illusions.

Foreign Affairs takes a stab at a definition of “populism” and comes up with a reasonable summary:

It can be hard to pin down the meaning of “populism,” but its crucial identifying mark is the belief that each country has an authentic “people” who are held back by the collusion of foreign forces and self-serving elites at home. A populist leader claims to represent the people and seeks to weaken or destroy institutions such as legislatures, judiciaries, and the press and to cast off external restraints in defense of national sovereignty. Populism comes in a range of ideological flavors. Left-wing populists want to “soak the rich” in the name of equality; right-wing populists want to remove constraints on wealth in the name of growth. Populism is therefore defined not by a particular view of economic distribution but by a faith in strong leaders and a dislike of limits on sovereignty and of powerful institutions.

In other words, populism recognizes the nature of power, which is to use institutions to limit the organic nation and parasitize it for the benefit of international elites and home-grown toadies.

It is “populist” only in that it is meta-democracy, or a popular sentiment created outside the controlled confines of courts, voting and public discourse. It is a cultural wave pushing back against how politics frames the narrative and artificially limits choices based on the pretense of people in groups.

Donald J. Trump may have been elected by the Tea Party, which did not die, but went underground and infiltrated other groups. In the same way, the Alt Right arose when those who were disgusted by both mainstream conservatism and narrow minded HitLARPing nationalist groups came up with a more comprehensive platform that rejected Leftism instead of merely rejecting certain types of diversity.

Where conservatives think we can import people from the third world, “educate” them in our ways and have them live among us, the Alt Right realizes that diversity as a whole fails. Where Nazis single out African-Americans and Jews, the Alt Right points out that every group acts in its own self-interest alone, and in the Machiavellian realpolitik and so ideas like “we are all one” and diversity can never work no matter what groups are involved.

Populists also recognize the nation as an organic entity, or a people. This means that it only lasts so long as its founding group remains unmixed and with its traditions intact. To a populist, social standards must be enforced by culture, and having government step in the way makes government into a parasitic and corrupting force.

Since the adoption of liberalism in the West, a process that took over a thousand years, we have become materialistic or focused on material goals instead of doing what is right. That includes deference to institutions like law and politics, a facilitative society that aims at empowering individual choice over commonality of purpose, and the mentality that whatever is profitable, popular or socially trending is more important that doing what is good, beautiful and true according to the order of nature.

The pushback began once it became clear that Leftists had buried our society in so many rules and precedents that any action except moar Leftism was demonized, ostracized and made politically incorrect. As a result, people have realized that we are now inverted as a society: all of our institutions are corrupt and cannot be saved, and anything done to “improve” society strengthens the evil. Instead, we turn back to the organic nation, and focus on saving that instead.

Brexit Signals The Coming Wave Of Government Obsolescence

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Liberal democracy won — during the past era of history — because of fear. People feared being excluded, or rejected for their bad decisions, or even being persecuted for political trends. Instead of option for cooperation, they attempted to control compulsion by making it “good” or universally accepting.

That created a cascade of other bad decisions culminating in, as Francis Fukuyama noted, an end-stage of liberal democracy paired with the welfare state and capitalism, basically a compilation of all of the previous attempts to make a working modern society. It borrowed as much from Communism and Fascism as it did classical liberalism.

With Brexit, we are seeing the cresting of a wave against not just the EU, but the idea of government itself. The average normal functional person does not need government; we are happiest during government shutdowns. In fact, our lives are mostly centered around local events, and we want national government to just run itself moderately well without our interference.

The libertarian boom of the 90s and 00s was doomed but also prescient. It wanted to use the law to defend against the herd taking whatever its members had accumulated; while this was doomed, it also introduced a new idea, which was that for ordinary life, government is irrelevant and in fact nothing more than a bother. People need stability not “progress.”

Libertarianism by itself means nothing other than a defense of the ability to retain what one has worked for. Throughout history, this has been a failing position, because the parasites merely vote themselves a “right” to whatever you have. But, through its criticism, libertarianism introduced the idea that government is a proxy of the parasitic crowd.

We want no government. We need leaders — like kings — and we need a social hierarchy such as occurs through a caste system, and some kind of guidance through culture. Beyond that, all of what government does is unnecessary and merely a pretext for taking what we have. We would rather it just went away. Government shutdown? Forever, if possible.

The future belongs to a new type of society. It will be organic, informal and decentralized. And yet, unlike our failure of a society, it will have order: strong hierarchy and caste. Brexit and Trump are the first steps toward the recognition of what we actually want, and they start with removing the idea of government as necessary and a good guy, because it is neither. It is merely another parasite.

White People Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

As usual, white people demonstrate that cleverness is the enemy of intelligence just as “good enough” is the enemy of lasting good.

In The Netherlands, which by any sane estimation is one of the loveliest places on planet earth, the voters decided to avoid electing Geert Wilders and to choose an Establishment candidate instead. This is typical of voters: avoid risk by sticking with what fails slowly and inevitably, basically postponing the issue until it gets worse.

Wilders may not have been perfect but he offered a hope for avoiding the fate of Germany and Sweden for the Dutch, who may consider themselves so unique and special that the problems which repeat elsewhere do not apply to them. This is also a typical human failure of reasoning by which people assume that the rules do not apply to them because they intend for other results than usually happen.

Glitches in his platform were few but vital. Among other things, Wilders took an approach recommended against on Amerika: he targeted a specific group instead of pointing out that diversity will erase the national population and, as a form of suicide, is psychologically destructive.

In addition, he could have broached the broader topic that diversity does not work because every group possesses its own direction of self-interest, including strong identity, and these cannot avoid conflicting when the groups are put together. Nationalism, or separating each group into its own nation, works, but diversity guarantees perpetual conflict followed by erasure through outbreeding.

White people however are too clever to accept that. For them, voting and politics are questions of what makes them look cool to their friends. People who deny obvious problems are cool. So white people pose and posture, swimming in pretense and denial, and project their intention onto the world to obscure the cause-effect relationships that are scary.

Through this process, inversion occurs. The sane becomes the insane, and the formerly insane becomes the norm. Every word comes to mean the opposite of what it once did, and every institution acts against its goals. As a result, society becomes pathological and dedicated to its own destruction. People either rationalize that to feel good and succeed, or fight it and are marginalized.

In this way, the very process of socializing destroys human societies. In the name of “getting along with others,” truth is destroyed, and yet this is the most common human event. When having everyone feel good is more important than getting to the truth, every meaning gets inverted and all goals become suicidal, just at a slow enough level for each individual to profit and look cool.

Wilders and others are fighting upstream against the tendency of humans to go straight into denial. The United States got a break because Barack Obama, by creating his program of wealth transfer to Baby Boomers and illegal Amerind aliens known as Obamacare, crashed the economy so soundly that people actually snapped to attention from their pretense for a few moments and voted against him.

If the West wants to survive, as it looks toward its future, it will realize that the decision-making of humans in large groups is not just poor but suicidal, and so democracy must go:

Americans use the word “democracy” as a shorthand to define their system. Yet democracy as Americans know it only functions when an independent judiciary monitors the executive and legislative branches. The relationship among the branches certainly changes over time, but an open attack by the executive upon the judiciary is something new – at least in the contemporary US.

The president’s tweet recalls how authoritarianism has triumphed in other places. Modern tyrants grasp that their real target are rival institutions and legality, not voting as such. They often attack the judiciary first, assuming that the legislature will go along.

Anyone sane will agree on abolishing democracy, but not on tyranny, which is a word referring to any rule where the rulers prioritize their own interests over those of the citizens. We have tyranny right now through the permanent Establishment which has figured out that the voters are pretentious and how to manipulate them so that this “Cathedral” stays in power indefinitely.

Instead of tyranny, we need leadership not by the people — people in groups quickly revert to pretense and mob rule — but for the people, by the best among us. We need the best to oppress the rest, because our current condition of the rest oppressing the best has led to collapse from within.

Wilders, Le Pen, Orban, Farage and Trump are part of the movement against the inevitable entropy of democracy. They have stood up for difficult truths and framed them in such a way that the remaining functional people can grasp the simple core of the issue, which is that any civilization must assert its self-interest through identity or become dedicated to self destruction.

In the meantime, it is time for binary thinking: whatever the herd likes is wrong, and whatever the herd fears is where we can find actual realistic assessments of our situation. Otherwise, as if by gravity or the passage of time, the Establishment always chooses suicidal policies and the herd, afraid to look uncool, support them:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party proposed using the €6.2 billion surplus to pay off debts, while the Social Democrats (SPD) wanted to spend it on digital infrastructure projects. As a compromise the money has gone solely to migrant projects instead, Der Spiegel reports.

The present funds allocated toward migrant programmes is already €12 billion, which is thought to be more than enough to handle the needs of the over one million migrants in Germany. The budget surplus would take the money up to over 18 billion – far more than required.

Any time there is a “surplus,” it means money is taken away from vital long-term needs and dedicated to short-term needs that make the headlines. This allows people a chance to virtue signal and pose and otherwise demonstrate how cool they are for ignoring real problems and focusing on symbolic problems instead.

Despite the Wilders loss, the writing is on the wall: liberal democracy, once given enough power, becomes the same kind of insanity that the Soviet Union was. The Left blames this on “capitalism,” but in reality, it was bad leadership through the tendency of people — especially white people — to make cleverly stupid decisions.

For those of us on the Right, the necessary agenda of our future is to push back against the tide of liberalization that has swept the West since The Enlightenment.™ We must recognize that Samuel Huntington was right, and that the liberal democratic age has ended, replaced by one in which tribalism is again the norm, as it is outside of the W.E.I.R.D. countries today.

For this, we must go further than what Wilders did. Our problem is not Islam, nor is it illegal Amerind aliens. It is diversity itself and, since accepting diversity requires reality-denial, the reality-denying system of democracy that allows our people to demonstrate how clever they are by adopting stupid viewpoints. Until we rip out this evil by the roots, it will continue to destroy us.

What Comes After Donald Trump

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Europe, the UK and the United States are now in a feedback loop: postwar Leftism peaked in globalism, then revealed the horrors it had in store for us, and so a cultural sea change has rejected it. Now each of these powers is advancing in response to the others. Brexit came first, then the rise of Donald Trump, and now Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage are advancing the developing history.

The United States is undergoing what might be called a great house-cleaning to reduce the powerful Leftist institutions created over the past seventy years, following the lead of the UK in separating itself from the globalist apparatus. Emboldened by this change, the UK and Europe are now moving to the next stage, showing the US what will come after the present.

CPAC this year brought many surprises. Richard Spencer was ejected for reasons unrelated to anything but pretense, and Milo was disinvited after an artificially inflated scandal brought on by “Reaganite” conservatives and Leftists working together. Trump revealed more of his plan, but Farage hints at the next evolution of this ongoing change, to the delight of all who want the West restored.

Civilization Space

Friday, February 24th, 2017

In the movie Office Space (itself perhaps a riff on the Michel Houellebecq book Whatever which came out a few years before it) the protagonist summarizes his working career to a psychologist with the following words:

So I’m sitting in my cubicle today and I realized that ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So it means that every single day you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.

Jobs are jails for a number of reasons. They are based on appearance, so everyone shows up regardless of whether there is a need or not. There is no purpose, because the task is defined by law and perceived demand, not necessity. At jobs, the dysfunction of other people comes out in the form of competition, with those who are most obedient and care least about efficient and meaningful use of time winning. And jobs are a form of control, or herding equal/interchangeable humans toward quasi-achievement by doing the same things in a mob assault. Jobs are spiritual death.

Then again, so is living in the post-collapse West.

Collapse is not an event. It is a process. It starts with slow corruption of what seems like an irrelevant detail, which is the first sign that vital knowledge has been lost, which in turn means that incompetents and neurotics have seized power. It slowly infiltrates everything, like a bacterial infection seeping into different tissues, because it corrupts language to pre-load all of the terms we use with the assumptions that rationalize collapse, like egalitarianism and tolerance (which equalizes good and bad). Then it becomes malignant as it turns those rationalizations into affirmative values, and actively reaches out for ever-increasing degrees of insanity as a means of distracting from the gaping void ahead.

In the West, each year is worse than the year before it. The changes are subtle, but they never reverse. So it means that every single year that we are here is the worst year of our lives.

The root of the problem is the thronging herd. Any time one person makes a change for the better, like Donald J. Trump or Nigel Farage, the herd creates an equal and opposite reaction in favor of degeneracy and pretentious false good things. The herd is composed of individuals, and individuals value breakdown of society because it makes individuals proportionately more powerful and camouflages their personal failings amidst a background of social chaos. But because such thinking requires denial of the role that nature, natural mathematical order, and civilization play in enabling the individual to not just act but act realistically and toward qualitative improvement, we refer to that thinking as hubris or solipsism. It is a pretentious overinflated sense of self-worth.

Each year, the people know more words and less critical thinking; the art and culture shows more flesh and flash but less aptitude for evoking a feeling of the significance of life and its meaning. Each year, the leaders are more polished and less able to respond with anything but clichés to the inevitable stream of repetitive events. The quality of everything declines where, as if to compensate, the quantity surges, meaning that we get a whole lot of nothing important at all. Most of our hours are wasted on nonsense, from jobs that do not need doing to bureaucracy, lines, glitches, and constant incompetence.

Western Civilization lies adrift in the throes of entropy, or the inevitable decay which — unless countered by an organizing force — reduces all things to an equal lowest common denominator. This state, known as “heat death,” consists of an equal distribution of energy among those granular units, meaning that every action yields roughly the same benefit, which means that choice has become irrelevant. This is the state the human mind secretly desires because in this state, there is no social status hierarchy or right/wrong. Everything is equally right and wrong, meaning neither. There is no way to screw up, or to be seen as worth ostracizing, because everything is accepted and so nothing is worth anything. Time slows to a crawl, and the world becomes grey and listless like a miscegenated race.

If the Alt Right has a mission statement, it is this: restore Western Civilization. We, unlike the herds of denial-bound daytime TV watchers, recognize that The Fall has occurred. We know we have to bounce back or we will simply fade away like Elvis. And because we are people who value ourselves, we desire the meaning that comes from a good and noble fight, and have staked our claim on being those who raise this civilization from the ashes — but not all of its people, because some or most must go elsewhere — and make it greater than ever before. If you ever wished for meaning and purpose to life, there they are, right within your grasp.

Nigel Farage On Pipe Tobacco

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

An institution is dying, or rather, being killed, as if the usual way of the Left. The pipe tobacco named Royal Yacht, which has been in production since 1912, is being killed off by new EU regulations and the decline in pipe smoking caused by the many laws, rules and legal liabilities that limit pipe smoking.

Ironically this drives people to cigarettes. If you can smoke a pipe in the office, maybe with a window open, you load up a bowl and smoke for the next hour, emitting relatively little smoke and inhaling none of it. When you cannot do that, you hustle out to the parking lot and smoke quickly, dumping tar on your lungs and inhaling every bit, provoking health problems.

Royal Yacht is a gem among tobaccos, which says quite a bit because there are so many good ones. Comprised of strong Virginia leaf from the wide British Empire, it is both strong and delicate in taste, resulting in a contemplative smoking experience for the hardy soul who also does not fear the wild beast of Nicotine.

This saga begun when Leonard Wortzel, brand manager for Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd., announced that British American Tobacco was discontinuing the classic English blend:

As you may have seen in a separate thread, BAT (owner of the Dunhill brand), has announced that it has decided to ‘cease trading’ with Dunhill pipe tobacco and cigars.

STG Lane is the importer for the pipe tobacco here in the U.S.

Here is what we know: BAT plans to cease trading Dunhill Pipe Tobacco in the U.S. in the next 12 – 18 months. The decision was the result of an internal BAT business review.

That is ALL we know right now. At the point of this writing, anything else you may read or hear regarding the precise business reasons behind the decision, exact timing, etc., should be considered pure speculation.

As we learn more about the fate of this beloved brand, we will of course keep you informed.

Naturally, this is a crisis for all of us who enjoy a good pipe now and again: a classic blend, part of the upbringing of a pipe smoker, is being erased from the market.

Having no other recourse, I wrote to Emperor-In-Waiting Nigel Farage:

Dear Mr. Farage,

Let me underestimate my estimation of you by saying that I appreciate everything you have done and smile each time I see you in my news feed.

I cannot vote for you, and do not have enough money to send you the amount that you deserve, but I wished to bring up a topic of great concern: Lenoard Wortzel, the product manager for STG Lane tobacco group, confirms that the great British tobacco brand ‘Dunhill’ is likely to be no longer produced.

Dunhill is a symbol of Britain, in addition to amazing tobaccos. I know you are a cigar aficionado, and so perhaps you will nod along with me when I say it is one of the finest Virginias I have ever encountered. But even more, Dunhill tobaccos are British culture and excellence exported to the world.

If there is anything you can do… it is too much to hope for, I suppose, but if anyone can do it, you can.


Brett Stevens

Obviously Mr. Farage is a busy man, but in the style of great leaders since the dawn of time, he wrote back:

Dear Brett
Dunhill have been moving away from tobacco for some years now.  Another win for the PC brigade.

Yours sincerely

Nigel Farage

It is gratifying to know that he understands our struggle, not just as people who want the restoration of Western Civilization, but as individuals who are trying to preserve many aspects of a way of life against the neurotic assault of Leftism. Thank you, Mr. Farage, and long may you guide us.

All Of The Pundits Are Wrong On Trump / Brexit

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


The professional media class is in clueless disarray because it insists on finding an economic reason for the Trump and Brexit revolts. In doing so, it (as usual) cherry-picks data to support its own assumptions.

As one commentator writes, picking up on about half of what is going on and then rationalizing this as an economic revolt, this is pushback against an abusive ideological system and its elites:

The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships.

The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

Preaching — and pandering — with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion.

Not surprisingly, that attitude met raised middle fingers in the UK and US after only seven decades of its present form. These middle fingers to business-as-usual are a revolution against civilization decay brought on by allowing a criminal class to seize power. They are a desire to get out of the scam that is liberal democracy, equality and diversity.

People have tolerance for new policies. They are willing to give them a chance. When you tell them that immigration is good for the economy, they may believe you. But then when they see that immigration tanks the economy and also destroys social order, they turn on you. Why? — because you either (a) lied or (b) are so incorrect as to be delusional. That means it is time to remove you from power and also rip out anyone who supported you, because all of you are de facto insane.

Europe and the USA are currently in the process of removing the Leftists who have ruled us for the past 200 years, and we are heading toward the fork in the road where we chose to give Leftism a chance. This time, we are sure that Leftism is 100% fail and so we need something that is, first and foremost, not Leftism.

Witness the delicious confusion:

That already feels like a different era. The winds of change in western democracies have since whipped up into a storm and, as the Brexit vote and the election of Trump demonstrated, voters have stopped giving the answers their politicians expect.

…On the hard right, Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant Lega Nord, is also surfing the wave, describing Trump’s triumph as a strike against globalisation: “It’s the revenge of the people, of courage, of pride, of the desire for work and security; and it’s one in the eye for the bankers, the speculators and the journalists.”

In other words, for exactly the same reason the Soviet Union fell: nothing was working, and those in power were not subject to recall when things were not working.

Even more, as in the Soviet Union, they were guided by a social ideology: an idea that is so appealing to human brains — equality — that like lab test monkeys on crack, they sacrifice everything for it.

This is the core of Western decline. When civilization succeeds, it simultaneously loses its inherent mission and gains a kind of “algal bloom” of people who could not succeed without the safety of civilization. This increases unrealistic thinking as a factor, and causes people to rationalize the lack of mission instead of doing the hard work of finding a new one. From this comes individualism, which in its collectivized form is Crowdism, which in turn manifests in Leftism which is a spectrum from classical liberalism through Communism that inevitably advances toward the latter stage, a tendency called “Progress.”

Those who rationalize the decline are “goodwhites.” These double down on their ideology because it makes them feel good about the transition to third-world status, and they are vicious to anyone who fail to join them in denial, illusion and fantasy:

Goodwhites pose as our moral superiors: so-o-o-o tolerant, open-minded, progressive, humane… But they are in fact, though, nasty pieces of work: vindictive, self-righteous, cruel, contemptuous of their fellow citizens.

The correct response to all that is not niceness, it’s a good hard kick in the crotch.

This is what voters have realized. The goodwhites will never stop because they are reality-averse. They do not care about the consequences of their actions. They do not seek to be responsible. All they care about is feeling good through the crack-like drug of social ideology, and they want to destroy — not just defeat, but crush and kill — all of us who resist.

If you wonder why they are such fanatics, consider the parallel information that Liberal political ideology [is] significantly associated with crime cross-sectionally and longitudinally. The type of person to become a Leftist is more likely to be a reality denier, which overlaps in the group of impractical people who try to work around real-world obstacles by committing crimes, effectively externalizing the cost of their actions to the rest of society. It is not surprising that the Leftist ideology does the same.

Trump/Brexit is more than a series of political events. It is a cultural revolution against the class of criminal parasites who have dominated the West for the past seventy years by demonizing any potential alternatives as Literally Hitler. Those in turn are merely the farthest advance of the same group that has corrupted the West since at least the French Revolution.

This group is made of our own people, the “goodwhites.” They are either mental defectives themselves, or socially weak — low self-esteem — people who are easily cowed by the stronger, clearer “philosophy” of the defectives. But now a revolution is underway to throw them out, and in so doing, to begin the renovation of Western Civilization.

The Dark Organization Of Western Civilization

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


The concept of “darkness” conjures for the average reader an image of something concealed, its motives unknown. With that, there is both fear of that which wishes to harm us, and hope for times when the public is being unreasonable that necessary actions can be taken out of sight of the herd. Darkness takes the form of one of two opposite mental images:

  1. Criminals hiding in shadows or even the Mafia as a “dark” organization corrupting “honest” politicians.
  2. Heroes such as Batman camouflaged by night preparing to protect normal people against the extractive elites.

A descriptive term for darkness however, in a technical sense, is “defensive behaviors.” These arise in response to perception of an attack. When defensive behaviors arise, it becomes immediately necessary to ascertain where the attack is coming from and who the attackers are.

In a worst case scenario, we do not know who the attackers are or what techniques they use because they live among us, meaning our traditional “defenses” are insufficient to detect this risk or threat. For example, many say that our problems were caused by the Baby Boomers. This means that those generations addressed own risks while ignoring the possible risks of the solution they implemented.

My father fit within this model. He would eagerly develop amazing solutions, but in my own observations he failed to address the risk of those solutions, because he was optimistic and altruistic perhaps.  Industry developed the System Engineering process to address this particular problem, but it was a quality control that ambitious people clearly did not like.

Dark organization receives little attention from public institutions. No one is interested in funding it. Ironically this gives rise to the hypothesis that donors are defensive about understanding dark organizations. One wonders why those who work within democracies would be defensive when they have the popular vote supporting them.

This gives rise to two possibilities for their motives:

  1. The need to self-perpetuate against the “threat” of short election cycles combined with change in voter “feelings”.
  2. The need to self-perpetuate against the “threat” of the elites’ demand for money combined with their own “wannabe” demand for money.

Some pundits claim that the problem started with the French Revolution where the French Monarchy was dismembered. However, interaction with French people highlighted the absolute fact that being part of “royal bloodlines” in both France and Germany is a distinctive feature, with influence brought to bear on any activity and decision made today.

When confronted with it, most people would acknowledge the “natural” urge to be part of a monarchy because — as it has been suggested — human genes might contain a familial organizational requirement. We act in favor of that because the promotion of similar genetic profiles allows us, or something very like us, to live on.

A very successful monarchy was the British monarchy but when recently asked if they could (please) take America “back,” they responded that a decision made in the 18th century (by the people) to the contrary made this impossible. What they refrained from saying is that they initiated the entire de-colonization process in the 20th century thereby abdicating all control. In this process they denied back-up promised to their countrymen in those colonies, essentially leaving them to die. Today, they decline back-up to the people within the once Great Britain itself, by allowing free reign immigration that would not have made any sense a century ago.

When the genetic seeds of a nation wish to be ruled by the monarchy, but the monarchy wants no part of them, this points to a dark organization. Both governments and monarchies have become defensive because of the rise of an upper class whose success enables them to pressure both real elites and government, which forces those authorities into a defensive position.

In this dirty fight between the elites, governments are being targeted too. If a politician does not do as he is told, his “popularity” will be negatively affected, including the use of physical and economic hitmen. The politician will therefore increase his attempts to circumvent the elite by manipulating the electorate (in parallel) in order to self-perpetuate. If successful he will join the after-dinner club of upper-class wannabes circling the globe. What is interesting is that this club includes people from the ranks of over-paid “expat” corporate executives also circling the globe.

The struggle between real elites, Cathedralist elites and governments leaves normal people in the middle. Instead of asking “don’t you love me anymore?” we now ask “don’t you love my vote anymore?” Those votes convey power, but they cannot defend a group against the other groups, because power now exists in darkness because in democratic societies it is socially unacceptable to mention the actual underlying Machiavellian methods necessary to hold power.

The Cathedralist elites represent a dark organization because their goal is to act against the interest of civilization so that Cathedralist elites can advance their own power. Whereas the real elite were happy with castles, the wannabes are not happy with even that because they will never have full power until they smash down the actual elites and the normal people who vote.

This frustration causes the Cathedralists to seek to destroy everything like spoiled children. These are “our” people and although not true elites, they are creatively disruptive to the natural order of things thereby representing the real attacking mob “force,” causing the defensive behaviors of Western Governments and real Elites worldwide.

The wannabes have managed to hi-jack the United Nations which originally only focused on finances and security, they have managed to subvert the New World Order claimed in 1991 (barely twenty-five years ago) and they are busy destroying the Western middle-class which compares favorably with Roman decline. Like a wasp egg injected into a paralyzed spider, for them to grow they must consume all around them.

As this battle rages for control of the West, problems pile up. Philosophers agree that democracy is a flawed concept. Economists warn about recessionary bubbles. The talking heads on television promise a blissful, climate-controlled peace of prosperous equality. No one has a clue.

This suggests that instead of further pursuing our failed methods, we should do some serious introspection searching for the door whence we came into this room. To do introspection one needs to be self-aware of yourself, organization and your civilization. This means thinking outside the power struggle consuming it.

A look at the most momentous political changes of our age shows that introspection in process. Nigel Farage and Donald Trump appear to be self-aware outside of the system, while Hillary is self-perpetuating by using the methods of the system, and will only recreate it.

This is the type of struggle that defines the end of civilization through the dark organizational process. The votes are less about the specific issue or candidate, and more about whether we want to continue with a system that is hamstrung by internal conflict. I vote for leaving, because dark organizations never leave anything for us.

Trumpism/Brexit: The Overthrow Has Arrived

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


Looking back on this time, historians will see Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump as parallel movements. As if an answer to Fukuyama’s “end of history,” these show the highwater point of liberal democracy.

Liberal democracy, or the system of democracy plus civil rights including diversity, reached dominance with the defeat of the axis powers in WWII, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, absorbed the aspects of socialist theory that had previously been considered untenable because of their similarity to Soviet policies.

However, liberal democracy is a “system,” or a set of rules designed to guide interchangeable people toward the right results by algorithm. In this case, we measure governance by popularity. Like all other systems, liberal democracy has proven to be unable to restrain its repetitive use of past successful techniques, which is an inversion of thought. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail; increasing equality is our hammer.

This has created a situation where our faux elites, or Cathedral, have dictated to us from behind the mantle of the presumed ultimate good of liberal democratic theory, but because they are pursuing an ideology and a system instead of realistic goals, have created a nightmare, as one disappoint liberal writes in Politico:

[T]he people of the United States have perhaps stood silent for too long. The elites of opinion and government have not hesitated to offer us instruction, from the heights of their power and eminence. These are the people who have led us into useless foreign war and limitless domestic disaster.

People turned to liberal democracy in order to avoid useless wars and domestic disasters. It was perceived as a more stable system because it limited the power of centralized forces like government, business and special interest groups. Instead, it has become ruled by them, but only the ones who are fanatical ideologues or at least pretend to be them.

In short, liberal democracy is behaving like any other system, making us think that the factor in common behind the failure of systems is systems themselves, and not the variety of system. Systems are an artifact of modernity, itself a creation of egalitarianism. People are enraged not just at the callous pedantry of the faux elites, but the reversal of promises — liberal democracy has become the opposite of what it promised, as noted in the Free Beacon:

“This is the paradox that defines our world today,” Obama told the U.N. “A quarter century after the end of the Cold War, the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before, and yet our societies are filled with uncertainty, and unease, and strife.”

We are indeed richer, fatter, and more peaceful. We have more toys. So why is it that we are also anxious, polarized, dismayed? No answer is offered. The paradox is not resolved. Instead we are admonished to “press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration” rather than “retreat into a world sharply divided, and ultimately in conflict, along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion.”

Why? “The principles of open markets and accountable governance, of democracy and human rights and international law that we have forged remain the firmest foundations for progress in this century.” But this is a non sequitur. One second he’s saying a world constructed under liberal democratic principles has also brought social disintegration and unhappiness, and the next second he says the answer is—more liberal democracy.

What is the core of Brexit and the Trump Revolution? Existential misery. People have doubts about life itself because despite all of our wealth and power, we lack purpose and feel that we have been hijacked toward ideological goals that do not in fact make a better world.

Even worse, as illustrated above, this ideology is like all ideologies a great filter. It eliminates consideration of any options it does not understand. It refuses to understand any possibility that does not affirm the ideology. And so it is a death spiral, a train out of control, always doubling-down on its own agenda as that agenda fails.

In other words, it has become pathological and destructive, like Communism and National Socialism (mostly) before it.

Brexit and Trump are attempts to dismantle this pathological mental loop, as described in the Financial Times:

The bigger danger lies in Mr Trump’s promise to withdraw — to tear up trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, throw up trade barriers against China, repudiate the Paris climate change agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran, and abdicate responsibility for the security of east Asia and Europe. Mr Trump’s policies are shot through with contradictions but one constant drumbeat is his belligerent isolationism. America will go it alone. Hyper-realism, some call it. Dangerous is a better word.

The present global order — the liberal, rules-based system established in 1945 and expanded after the end of the cold war — is under unprecedented strain. Globalisation is in retreat.

This is a revolution against globalization, which is the ultimate end of liberal democracy, because as an ideology it cannot tolerate competition and therefore must rule the world. If an ideology asserts that something is true, and a contrary example exists, the ideology appears debunked, which is why Leftists worldwide are engaged in fanatical campaigns to smash, censor, disenfranchise, disemploy, ostracize, impoverish and imprison those who are not consciously ideological adversaries, but are certainly ideological non-conformists.

Liberal democracy tied itself to globalism, and has made globalization its fundamental issue. Those who oppose free trade, world federalism and diversity will find themselves demonized. This has already happened, starting with Hillary Clinton’s hilarious “Alt Right” speech, because the Left is re-organized against this revolution, and will claim that it is in violation of civil rights ideals, or possibly, simply Un-Constitutional as in the case of this virtue signaling in The Atlantic:

Trumpism is the symptom, not the cause, of the malaise. I think we have for some time been living in the post-Constitution era. America’s fundamental law remains and will remain important as a source of litigation. But the nation seems to have turned away from a search of values in the Constitution, regarding it instead as a set of annoying rules.

…Trump’s most consistent and serious commitment is to the destruction of free expression. (Note that his response to the bombings in New York and New Jersey was to call for a rollback of the free press, on the grounds that “magazines” are somehow instructing the bombers.) In other areas, his program is torture, hostage taking, murder of innocent civilians, treaty repudiation, militarized borders, official embrace of Christianity, exclusion and surveillance of non-favored religious groups, an end to birthright citizenship, racial and religious profiling, violent and unrestrained law enforcement, and mass roundups and deportation.

The people living in what remains of Western Civilization were induced to support liberal democracy as a way of ending what they perceived as unwarranted class and racial warfare that seemed to be exploding around them. The second World War made this too easy, with an Axis formed of Nationalist (or, “one ethnic group = one nation”) powers opposing an Alliance of liberal democratic regimes.

When our media elites refer to Brexit and the Trump Revolution as “populism,” they are trying to disguise the revolutionary nature of this dissent. It is not any more populist than any other political movement; it simply did not originate with the elites, and therefore they are counter-signaling with the term “populism,” which calls to mind the Know-Nothings, Joe McCarthy, the Scopes Monkey trial and other over-stated kerfuffles from the past. This is a revolt against the dominant paradigm of our age, and those in power — across industry, government, academia and media — stand to lose big.

As The Atlantic signals, their tactic will be to fall back on values that people agree on such as civil rights and free expression, and to try to use those to invalidate elections or criminalize the revolution. This is typical for those in power, because it combines populism with their presumed ideological advantage as they turn to their citizens and say, “But we agree on these good things, and those other guys do not support them, so you are with us, the safe and responsible government, not those ruffians, you hear?”

While this will cow and cuck most of the population, a sizeable portion have refused to bow because they see the writing on the wall. Any proposed idea has a clear goal it aims to establish, and if it fails to achieve that goal or does so at too high of a cost, it is discarded. That is just part of life. Liberalism has now failed to achieve its goals, and brought on an empire of misery, doubt, boredom and uncertainty, and so it has become obsolete.

This leads to the question of what comes next. The sane people are thinking about Lord of the Rings plus spaceflight, where the neurotics and parasites are waxing on about universal basic income and world peace. The sane way to visualize this is that we must first save civilization from immediate threats, and then find a better way than this system, or any system, so that in the future we rise to new heights instead of simply fighting demons.

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