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What Comes After Donald Trump

Europe, the UK and the United States are now in a feedback loop: postwar Leftism peaked in globalism, then revealed the horrors it had in store for us, and so a cultural sea change has rejected it. Now each of these powers is advancing in response to the others. Brexit came first, then the rise of Donald Trump, and now Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage are advancing the developing history.

The United States is undergoing what might be called a great house-cleaning to reduce the powerful Leftist institutions created over the past seventy years, following the lead of the UK in separating itself from the globalist apparatus. Emboldened by this change, the UK and Europe are now moving to the next stage, showing the US what will come after the present.

CPAC this year brought many surprises. Richard Spencer was ejected for reasons unrelated to anything but pretense, and Milo was disinvited after an artificially inflated scandal brought on by “Reaganite” conservatives and Leftists working together. Trump revealed more of his plan, but Farage hints at the next evolution of this ongoing change, to the delight of all who want the West restored.

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