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LD50 Gallery Launches New Corporeality Exhibit

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Controversial London underground art gallery LD50 unleashes a new exhibit today entitled Corporeality. According to Kantbot, an artist in the exhibition, “This show explores moral entrepreneurship and what it means to deconstruct and control thought in an age when ideas are completely divorced as digital entities, from any tangible reality as objects.”

The installation comprises:

  • 6 computer workstations where participants are encouraged to seat and work through the paper content and destroy it if they find it inappropriate, uninteresting or offensive. To that end, the gallery has made available commercial shredding machines, scissors, markers and other means of folding, spindling or mutilating the content.
  • 5 visual art prints of generative models produced by the Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGAN) software. Unlike early generative models, these are high quality and are produced through use of computer modeling of “adversarial” objects that assess output in terms of realness versus fakeness.
  • 1 video by TV KWA for new hot startup KWALY.

Artists: menaquinone, Kantbot, Logo Dadealus, Nick P, TV KWA, and 95364421130

Although it has attracted the most attention for its Neoreaction and Alt Right exhibits, LD50 represents a new brand of artist that combines trolling, provocation, surrealism and critical theory into ensconcing art experiences that raise more questions than offer answers. Visitors report leaving in a state of suspension of faith in the world as they knew it, resulting in confusion and paranoia before the images and tokens settled into a discernible order in the mind.

Leftists Scream For Closure of “Neo-Nazi,” “Fascist” and “Alt Right” Art Gallery LD50

Friday, February 24th, 2017

From the perhaps-a-troll-perhaps-a-sea-change department:

TimeOut London reports:

An east London gallery has come under fire for the controversial nature of a recent exhibition and series of talks which focused on themes common to the alt right political movement. LD50, a gallery and project space in Dalston run by Lucia Diego, held a ‘neoreaction conference’ in the summer that featured talks by speakers including Peter Brimelow, Brett Stevens and Iben Thranholm among others.

…Brett Stevens is an ‘American paleoconservative writer’ who edits this far-right website and has previously praised racist mass murderer Anders Breivik. The website’s manifesto includes a call to ‘repatriate the non-indigenous’. Seeing as that’s written by a white man in America, we can all look forward to Brett Stevens emigrating right back to his indigenous European roots sometime soon.

…At the time of publishing, the gallery was preparing a statement which we’ll include when we receive, but in the meantime has been dealing with the situation by posting all the criticism they’ve received onto their website… which confuses matters a bit. It forces you to ask: why has this happened? Is this a stunt? A ploy to garner widespread media attention? An attempt to troll the art left?

The most vital point here, other than noting that Typical Leftist Behavior (#TLB) is occurring, is that people can no longer tell readily if the news is faked, trolled, spun, co-opted, sponsored, chaotic or even truthful. We have entered the zone of zero correspondence between human symbols and reality, a type of heat death that is rapidly causing the center to fall out of our civilization.

The fact is that nothing could be more artistic than offering up an art exhibit that, using the Alt Right and Neoreaction as bait, trolled the world into confronting the fact that our symbols have become mere decoration and lifestyle accoutrement. What we thought was “truth” is garnish. What we believe was morality was advertising. What we saw as direction was in fact evasion of reality and a combination of scapegoating, talisman-carving and gaslighting designed to deflect, distract and obscure the fact of Western Civilization’s collapse.

LD50 gallery has achieved a brilliant and educational provocation for our media. As the fires rage and the angst deepens, so does the ambiguity, and with it we are pushed toward what many see as a “Fourth Turning” style event before 2025 which will see the parts of Western Civilization that wish to be reborn rise and eject the rest, causing a great war culminating in a new golden age.

The Guardian Doubles Down On Lügenpresse Narrative About LD50 Gallery

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Based on past experiences with the biased and dogmatic lügenpresse, it made no sense to expect The Guardian to do any better, since it is well known as a Leftist mouthpiece that occasionally publishes useful environmental articles.

But The Guardian‘s recent attack on LD50 art gallery goes beyond even the usual flagrant violations of professional ethics and journalistic quality that are the hallmark of the lügenpresse:

This weekend, artists and campaigners will protest calling for the closure of LD50, in Dalston, east London, after accusations the gallery gave a platform to anti-immigrant, Islamophobic and “alt-right” figures and promoted “hate speech not free speech”.

Guests at LD50’s Neoreaction conference last summer included Brett Stevens, the white supremacist whose writing was an inspiration to Oslo far-right terrorist Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in 2011.

After Breivik’s attack, Stevens wrote: “I am honored to be so mentioned by someone who is clearly far braver than I, no comment on his methods, but he chose to act where many of us write, think and dream.”

The thing is, we need a term for what they are doing here. We understand what it means when Leftists virtue signal, which means to demonstrate their own goodwhite cred by acting symbolically, akin to politicians kissing babies or big business buying a herring snack for Shamu the whale so they can continue to pollute the other 364 days of the year.

But what they are doing here is something new, and it should be called taboo tagging, because you can tell that these journalists were typing away furiously to see how many terms that signal “socially unacceptable ideas” — a proxy for non-Leftist ideas, in our Leftist time — they can load into the article and associate with the gallery or this poor Brett Stevens guy.

Let us do a quick count:

  • Anti-immigrant.
  • Islamophobic.
  • “Alt-right” (the quotes mean something dubious, fraudulent).
  • Hate speech.
  • White supremacist.
  • Far-right.
  • Terrorist.
  • Murdered.

What a handy bundle of words to scare away the middle class and convince them that, whatever it is they are, they are not anything like these horrible people. A basket of deplorables, indeed. But that is not fact; it is innuendo. And if they had taken the time to review the data — cribbed mostly from articles by Leftist groups attacking art gallery LD50 (who responded magnificently) — they would have realized these are not facts at all, but politically biased defamation because their inaccuracy is so great.

Now, in their defense, much of this occurs because the news has been in a slow downward cycle over the past fifty years. When there were only magazines, newspapers and radio being a newsman was a pretty good gig. The money was not terrible and the respect was high. But then television, cable and the internet entered the picture and now the news is basically clickbait grasping for decreasing ad revenue. Somewhere in here the media opted to shift its focus to its most fervent consumers, who tend to be young and left-leaning, and drove the regular middle class away as a result, making its plight even worse. So an article like this was probably composed in under an hour with extensive borrowing because how else will The Guardian pump out enough clickbait to stay afloat for another quarter?

However, they get a few things wrong.

Let us dig deeper into this lügenmess:

Alongside the conference, the gallery hosted an art exhibition titled Amerika, which explored far-right and Nazi imagery and featured video works of far-right and neoreactive texts being read out by avatars. A pink swastika was graffitied onto the gallery front door last week.

Writing on his ultra-conservative blog, – which is directly linked to on the gallery’s website – Stevens said the neoreaction conference had been held behind a “veil of secrecy to prevent the usual suspects (Leftists and other neurotics) from attacking”.

Ultra-conservative… oooh, I really like the sound of that. This part is probably accurate; it is ultra-conservative, but not for the sake of being extreme, cool, whatever, etc. This is where looking into human psychology for several decades gets you. You end up realizing that history is a shuttling between order/sanity and disorder/insanity, and that the good years come when we accept that humanity is a problem best tamed by aristocracy, caste, nationalism and transcendental goals and that nothing else — especially neurotic liberal democracy — is going to work. The rest of the world has actually realized this, at a gut level, but they are afraid to admit the fall of illusions so there is a massive global tantrum at the dying of this now-aged order.

Will someone please say “ultra-conservative” again, perhaps with a sneering cosmopolitan accent and soft hands that have never cut wood? Yes, yes, that is wonderful. If you can just keep doing that, it is like a backrub to my soul.

For several decades, I have been interested in one question: how do I restore Western Civilization? I started from a center-Left perspective, then went toward deep ecology, and influenced by black metal, Nietzsche and Houellebecq, drifted Rightward and finally found a center there. I describe myself as a “moderate extremist”: someone who wants extremely practical answers, but on a ten thousand year scale and applied with zeal and verve so that they are actually effective instead of being merely symbolic.

If you had asked me back at the start of this journey whether I wanted to end up on the far right, my answer would have been quick and profane. Of course not! But when one follows logical facts, instead of relying on observations of details that are partially correct and labeled “facts,” and reads a bit of history and philosophy, it becomes clear that the picture is bigger than what we are being told. This means that our society has failed, the fools are in charge, and everything they say is a lie, so we must look beyond the taboo, and that is what I have done.

I have zero regrets. The individual has no power in this world except to think, gain clarity on what is actually happening, and then act toward a restoration of sanity and a society that can exceed all of our experiences and expectations so far, even if that act is merely writing. I realize this puts me on the wrong side of the power structure that exists now, but clearly it is failing, and not because people disagree with it but — on the contrary — because enough people agreed with it that it could act out its ideology, and the results especially for the past seventy years have been terrible.

So, good luck to you over at The Guardian in attempting to understanding this web of thoughts and their derivation. But you should take away one thing, and that is that when you try to create a bogeyman, you miss what is actually there. I am a person just like you, concerned about the same things, and possibly gifted of some insights, I have taken a different path than everyone else who is following the illusion of modernity into the (now deep) grave of Western Civilization. Buy my book. Listen to our podcast. Thanks for reading, and toodles.

LD50 Gallery Debunks Its Attackers With Diagnosis Of Their Instability

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

The London art gallery that hosted Neoreaction and Alt Right exhibits and is now under attack from deranged and angry Leftists, has posted a statement in which is diagnoses the unstable psychology of its attackers and reveals the importance of those exhibits in the first place:

We feel that the exceptionally aggressive, militant and hyperbolic reaction this has provoked vindicates our suspicion that at some point, as a society, we have drifted into a cultural echo chamber. A position on the left has become the only permissible orientation for cultural practitioners and apparently any who dare eschew this constraint are now publicly vilified, delegitimated and intimidated with menaces.

The attacks against us have come from a position of ignorance, fuelled by emotions that have ratchetted up a group dynamic that has, intentionally, obviated the possibility of rational interpretation.

Our position has always been that the role of art is to provide a vehicle for the free exploration of ideas, even and perhaps especially where these are challenging, controversial or indeed distasteful for some individuals to contemplate. We had thought that if it was to be found in any discipline, then art should have exemplified this willingness to discuss new ideas, but it has just become apparent to us that this sphere now (and perhaps for the last few years) stands precisely for the opposite of this.

The internet is achieving its promise of accelerating time to the point of collapse. What we are experiencing now is how history writes itself, how fears and ignorance come to dominate people’s minds, effacing the possibility of truth; how, in fact, a lie becomes a truth for the next person, how that new person uses this as the basis of another misinformed opinion to generate a further specious version of the truth and so on and so forth. As a result of this we are able to witness in real time how reality empties itself out, reconstellating in a structure of fears and lies that grows bigger and stronger to the point there is no return, and we are now inhabiting those new truths/ or so called “post truths”.

As an art gallery we try to explore contemporary discourse through a series of exhibitions and open discussions, by looking at our programme one can learn how diverse and enriching these have been over the last 2 years. In recent months we found ourselves increasingly interested in the political ruptures in the west: America and closely observed events there throughout the extraordinary and dramatic election cycle. This informed our last exhibition and our series of talks that were framed around the alt-right and NRx discourses. We presented a very liberal audience with a speaker knowledgeable of that sphere creating in that way a dialogue between two different and contrasting ideologies and the possibility for discussion between the speaker and amongst ourselves. In our exhibition we explored themes of memetics, the occult, male frustration, kek, artificial intelligence, algorithms..etc which are some of the topics currently faced by our generation.

Should you desire more information/justifications about our enterprise, please contact us on or DM on twitter @kantbot2000

As usual, the Left is demonstrating intolerance not of opposition to them, but of any deviation from the groupthink. This is how civilizations destroy themselves: they bind themselves to illusions and punish those who notice, so everyone — wanting to personally succeed — affirms the groupthink and thus obstructs themselves from recognizing the decay and acting to fix it.

End days of Rome and Athens type stuff, in other words. We are humans among the ruins indeed, ruled by both an illusory ideology of equality and the consequent unleashing of commercial forces that has sapped our society of sincerity. When anyone mentions this, they are attacked, and this is why LD50 Gallery is under assault by these neurotic, selfish, pretentious people.

Deranged Leftists Attack LD50 Gallery For Insufficient Conformity

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Goony neurotics are again forming in swarms to attack the symbolic enemy, thus hoping to clarify their own thinking despite having no idea of what positive goals they actually desire. This time, they are attacking LD50 gallery by arguing for censorship and violence as have been Leftist habits since the French and Russian Revolutions:

This week a tremor of disgust passed through a large community of London artists who realised that they have shown at, collaborated with or visited a Dalston project space, LD50, that was at the same time, and within a single framework, programming a series of ‘artistic’ talks on ethnic nationalism and race biology. The artists concerned had been unwittingly conscripted into the rebranding operation of a fascist ideology whose ‘evolution’ in relation to Nazi race theory bears roughly the same fucking relationship to the evolution of a bad odour from the general vicinity of Winston Churchill. Whether it would be more correct to say that fascism had grown up within this art scene, or that the art had merely been reduced to a decorative detail in the larger fresco of fascist ‘normalisation’, has nothing to do with our immediate practical situation and is in the last instance besides the point. The point now is, How do we stop this from ever happening again? Or in slightly more words it is: once we have made practically certain that the LD50 gallery is closed permanently and that the people who live in its vicinity know exactly what it was doing – once this has been achieved, how do we reconceive our own art to ensure that it never again serves as a conveniently indeterminate incubator for those who would gladly destroy us, our friends and neighbours and comrades, along with any latent possibility of a genuinely open and revolutionary culture or emancipated society?

Leftists have been attacking LD50 gallery and attempting to force it to shut down for the crime of exploring Neoreaction and Alt Right thought through modern-art style exhibits and art pieces.

In the above article, Leftists call for forcing everyone to obey the same standard of thought — Leftist — and to that end, eliminating dissidents or merely non-conformists like the LD50 Gallery. Today they come for the dissidents, but tomorrow, they will come for you for the crime of displaying insufficient enthusiasm for the New People’s Republic. Fear them, and support LD50 in bucking this trend.

Leftists Conspire To Attack LD50 Gallery, Then Hide When Exposed

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Leftists: are they all bad? — no, many of them are good, and they have some good points even if the corresponding methods are insane. But what they are most fundamentally is dishonest, which is another way of saying anti-reality.

Ideology comes first, before reality. It has to do this because ideology is an implicit command to do what is not real, and make it come into being by displacing the real where it conflicts with ideology. Leftists do not deny the existence of mushrooms, but if a species of mushroom is found which grows naturally with the words THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS on its caps, then it must be destroyed.

Viral thoughts like ideology weaponize people as herds who know only what they want to destroy. Ideology is individualism, where the individual wants to be more important than his natural role in the order of things, and in groups, individualists become collectivists who want everyone to be included equally so that no individualist is excluded.

This means that they interpret dissent as a personal attack on them, and they use the types of tactics we are familiar with from self-defense. That is, they aim to destroy the dissenters.

We are seeing this with the attack on the LD50 gallery which is being organized on Facebook. The perpetrators are attempting to destroy the careers of those involved in the gallery, merely for the sin of hosting Neoreaction and AltRight exhibits (among many others).

As usual, when exposed to the light, the cockroaches scurry away. They set their accounts to private so that no one could see the thread full of scheming, defamation and incitement to attack. Luckily however, the thread was captured before the coverup, and you can read the whole thing here (PDF, 2mb) and see how Sophie Jung and her Leftist cohort are conspiring to destroy an art gallery for having independent, non-conformist thought.

Art Gallery LD50 Gallery Under Attack For Hosting Neoreaction Exhibit

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

The art gallery that (bravely) held a Neoreaction conference has experienced an attack by others in the arts community who, contrary to their image as open-minded thinkers, fear any idea but the dying notions of liberal democracy that are now fading away.

As a Facebook thread illustrates, the rabid Left have made their “long march through the institutions” into a type of monomaniacal dogma that seeks to crush not just opponents, but anyone offering any direction of thought other than Leftism.

The gallery, named LD50, also hosted an altright exhibit which presented its patrons with what they crave, which is a window into the ongoing dialogue of ideas. The Left fears this because while they claim to be on the right side of history, their reality denial cannot last without State enforcement.

Outsider Art Gallery LD50 Posts Alt Right Exhibit

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Provocative London art gallery LD50 has launched new exhibit about the Alt Right, male frustration, Neoreaction, spirit cooking, Pepe, Kek, the occult and the rise of memetic communication.

Fresh on the heels of a success Neoreaction conference, the gallery has created videos centered around Alt Right and Neoreaction texts which make writing into a basic podcast for greater enjoyment of the viewer.

I am fortunate to be featured in one of these videos, a reading of “The Black Pill”, itself a compilation of ideas from my late 1980s and early 1990s writings about nihilism:

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