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Leftists Scream For Closure of “Neo-Nazi,” “Fascist” and “Alt Right” Art Gallery LD50

From the perhaps-a-troll-perhaps-a-sea-change department:

TimeOut London reports:

An east London gallery has come under fire for the controversial nature of a recent exhibition and series of talks which focused on themes common to the alt right political movement. LD50, a gallery and project space in Dalston run by Lucia Diego, held a ‘neoreaction conference’ in the summer that featured talks by speakers including Peter Brimelow, Brett Stevens and Iben Thranholm among others.

…Brett Stevens is an ‘American paleoconservative writer’ who edits this far-right website and has previously praised racist mass murderer Anders Breivik. The website’s manifesto includes a call to ‘repatriate the non-indigenous’. Seeing as that’s written by a white man in America, we can all look forward to Brett Stevens emigrating right back to his indigenous European roots sometime soon.

…At the time of publishing, the gallery was preparing a statement which we’ll include when we receive, but in the meantime has been dealing with the situation by posting all the criticism they’ve received onto their website… which confuses matters a bit. It forces you to ask: why has this happened? Is this a stunt? A ploy to garner widespread media attention? An attempt to troll the art left?

The most vital point here, other than noting that Typical Leftist Behavior (#TLB) is occurring, is that people can no longer tell readily if the news is faked, trolled, spun, co-opted, sponsored, chaotic or even truthful. We have entered the zone of zero correspondence between human symbols and reality, a type of heat death that is rapidly causing the center to fall out of our civilization.

The fact is that nothing could be more artistic than offering up an art exhibit that, using the Alt Right and Neoreaction as bait, trolled the world into confronting the fact that our symbols have become mere decoration and lifestyle accoutrement. What we thought was “truth” is garnish. What we believe was morality was advertising. What we saw as direction was in fact evasion of reality and a combination of scapegoating, talisman-carving and gaslighting designed to deflect, distract and obscure the fact of Western Civilization’s collapse.

LD50 gallery has achieved a brilliant and educational provocation for our media. As the fires rage and the angst deepens, so does the ambiguity, and with it we are pushed toward what many see as a “Fourth Turning” style event before 2025 which will see the parts of Western Civilization that wish to be reborn rise and eject the rest, causing a great war culminating in a new golden age.

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