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LD50 Gallery Launches New Corporeality Exhibit

Controversial London underground art gallery LD50 unleashes a new exhibit today entitled Corporeality. According to Kantbot, an artist in the exhibition, “This show explores moral entrepreneurship and what it means to deconstruct and control thought in an age when ideas are completely divorced as digital entities, from any tangible reality as objects.”

The installation comprises:

  • 6 computer workstations where participants are encouraged to seat and work through the paper content and destroy it if they find it inappropriate, uninteresting or offensive. To that end, the gallery has made available commercial shredding machines, scissors, markers and other means of folding, spindling or mutilating the content.
  • 5 visual art prints of generative models produced by the Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGAN) software. Unlike early generative models, these are high quality and are produced through use of computer modeling of “adversarial” objects that assess output in terms of realness versus fakeness.
  • 1 video by TV KWA for new hot startup KWALY.

Artists: menaquinone, Kantbot, Logo Dadealus, Nick P, TV KWA, and 95364421130

Although it has attracted the most attention for its Neoreaction and Alt Right exhibits, LD50 represents a new brand of artist that combines trolling, provocation, surrealism and critical theory into ensconcing art experiences that raise more questions than offer answers. Visitors report leaving in a state of suspension of faith in the world as they knew it, resulting in confusion and paranoia before the images and tokens settled into a discernible order in the mind.

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