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Art Gallery LD50 Gallery Under Attack For Hosting Neoreaction Exhibit

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

The art gallery that (bravely) held a Neoreaction conference has experienced an attack by others in the arts community who, contrary to their image as open-minded thinkers, fear any idea but the dying notions of liberal democracy that are now fading away.

As a Facebook thread illustrates, the rabid Left have made their “long march through the institutions” into a type of monomaniacal dogma that seeks to crush not just opponents, but anyone offering any direction of thought other than Leftism.

The gallery, named LD50, also hosted an altright exhibit which presented its patrons with what they crave, which is a window into the ongoing dialogue of ideas. The Left fears this because while they claim to be on the right side of history, their reality denial cannot last without State enforcement.

Leftists Bully Richard Spencer’s Mother For Their Own Profit

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Tanya Gersh, a realtor in the Whitefish, Montana region, decided to join the Leftist herd and attack Richard Spencer’s mother — by attacking a property she owned from which profit could conveniently be made. As Sherry Spencer writes:

These threats came from Tanya Gersh [email her], a local realtor with links to “human rights” organizations Love Lives Here [Phone: 406-309-5678; email them] and the Montana Human Rights Network [Phone:406-442-5506, email them].

On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until I complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that I make a public denunciation of my son in a statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that I make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. As Gersh announced on Facebook, she was “spear heading” the campaign.

Gersh followed up on her conditions in a number of emails, which I’ve just made public. She even shamelessly suggested that she act as my realtor! In other words, she and the local “human rights” organizations appeared to seek financial benefit from threats of protests and reputation damage.

This is a classic liberal hijack: we have a pretext to seize your stuff because you have offended the Crowd, and therefore, we are going to do so in a way that benefits us. They are simply parasites; the “human rights” nonsense is merely a photo opportunity and a justification for then going on the attack.

Even looking at the websites suggest that these organizations are a scam: peace symbols, hearts and buzzwords. They sell a product called “moral pretense,” and it allows lonely and lost people to claim their lives are important because they are “different” and “good,” even though actual goodness would require fixing their personal disaster lives. But the product sells.

In the Leftist arc, the Tanya Gersh attack does not represent desperation, but disintegration. There is no longer enough motivating force to hold them together toward an actual goal, so instead they are content to be used by business for the purpose of personal profit. While their attack appears stronger than ever to outsiders, it suggests that there is weakness within.

None of this will stop them from terrorizing Sherry Spencer. She took the sensible, Trump-style approach to Leftist attacks, which is: never apologize, do nothing, and tell them they are insane. Notice the arrogance with which Gersh has proclaimed that the sale is a done deal:

And then how the media spin which allows two people with financial interests in the situation to speak for an entire community:

But Whitefish residents aren’t buying it.

“She is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization,” local realtor Tanya Gersh said.

…Love Lives Here co-founder Ina Albert [Phone: 406-863-2333; email here or here] echoed Gersh’s sentiment and dismissed Sherry Spencer’s claim that her group was capable of interfering with her business.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about,” Albert said. “We don’t cause financial harm to anybody.”

Both Albert and Gersh have motive to profit from this event as it draws attention to their businesses, Gersh in real estate and Albert as a writer who gives seminars on aging with grace.

They have been agitating against Spencer for some time, which has enabled them to become local mini-celebrities:

Ina Albert, a co-founder of Love Lives Here, said it’s “distressing” to see Trump’s election put Spencer — and his connection to Whitefish — in the national spotlight.

“We fought so hard two years ago (for the anti-discrimination resolution) when he first reared his head,” Albert said.

But, she added, “separatism can only grow if the soil is receptive to prejudice. Truth, love and kindness will always win out if our community can find ways to accept and validate each others’ liberties and freedoms.”

Spencer and his mother are public figures, but also people who have a right — by the same language these “human rights” groups use — to enjoy their property even if they disagree and live a different lifestyle entirely than others. Because they are insane Leftists, the human rights types conveniently make an exception and speed themselves toward profit by using their presumed good public appearance.

Here is how to contact the people who support the people involved in this extortion scam:

A sample email to the Board of Realty Regulation:

Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 13:52:34 -0600
Subject: Realtor Tanya Gersh (Whitefish, MT) attempting extortion
From: Brett Stevens


I write to you to complain about the actions of Tanya Gersh, a licensed realtor in Montana.

She is attempting to extort money from one of your citizens by threatening political protests, as described here:

This conduct is unbecoming of someone in a respected and trusted position such as a realtor, and I encourage you to take action to revoke Ms. Gersh’s license.

Thank you for listening.


Brett Stevens

This type of bullying should be resisted no matter what your political stripe is. It reduces politics to profiteering and silences those who might have dissenting opinions, at the hands of wealthy and coddled members of a community at the expense of that community.

Notice that the Leftist always accuses you of what they are doing, as seen in this statement by Gersh:

It’s a new building in Whitefish’s downtown historic district. First owned by Richard Spencer, and now owned by his mother, Sherry. There are vacation rentals on the top floor, businesses lease at street-level.

But Sherry says her son’s political views – – and his detractors – – are forcing her to sell the property. In an email to us, Sherry says, “As painful as this is, I am exploring a potential sale of the building.”

One of those detractors is Tanya Gersh, a prominent member of the community, who told me in an email: “She (Sherry) is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization.”

Typical of Leftist attacks, this bullying is designed to silence, cow and wreak havoc upon those who dare go out of step with what the herd wants to think. The only solution is to push back, denying their attempts to parasitize, and also call them out on their bad behavior and hold those who support them accountable for enabling bullying under the guise of (obviously insincere) ideology.

An Echo Chamber Attack

Sunday, October 9th, 2016


Most people can be cowed by criticism in a social context. They feel safe talking about ideas in the abstract, but once an idea is related to their person, they become defensive. This is because to be shamed or dominated in a social context is to lose power and importance. “Losing face” means losing out.

The Left capitalizes on this because for them, all things are social; they are disconnected from cause/effect reasoning because that produces antisocial conclusions like the knowledge that some people are better at some things than others. To be social, one must insist that everyone is wonderful and all success is luck.

When those who are highly social attack, they usually do one of two things: (1) they imply that you are lesser in some way that is important to the group; and (2) they imply that what you are doing is wrong and “everybody knows” otherwise. They imply these things because their goal is to bully, not prove a point.

A bully achieves release — a relaxation of his own inner tension and doubt — when he dominates someone else by taunting them and then forcing them to back down. He does not get the same charge from beating them up, which is the key to understanding the psychology of bullying. The use of his power to subjugate is what gives him the thrill.

Almost every bully has an entourage. These are toadies, or yes-men, who follow the bully around and repeat what he says. This rapidly gives the victim the impression that the whole social group is against him, and makes him likely to back down. Bully and entourage have a discussion about how inferior the victim is.

In this way, a small group (the bully and his entourage) become more influential in a single instant than the whole group over all previous instants. This breaks people, or so confuses their will that they fall into a mode of constantly reacting to everything around them as a series of threats. They struggle to regain a sense of direction.

The American media, government and academic establishment forms one of these groups, but true to the anarchic form of the Left, there is no leader, only a rotating cast of “lead bullies” who summon an entourage by attacking the other. Their appeal is always this: we are not the bullies, this other guy is, so he is bad and must be slain.

The group fears its own inferiority. This makes it manic about finding scapegoats to destroy if those scapegoats rise above the norm, making the group look bad. Its goal is to make sure that bad and good are equal, so that each person can be as mediocre or bad as he wants to be.

During this campaign, the media bullies have attacked Donald Trump many times, but their most concerted attack came in the last few days over some crass locker-room banter from ten years ago. Apparently, the collaborationist elements of the Republican Party were in on the joke, because they were ready to strike.

Trump handled it admirably. He acknowledged the one part of the attack on him that was legitimate, which was that he did not feel those statements represented his candidacy. But like a true fighter, he refused to back down. He was not cowed by the bullies.

This occurred despite the fact that nearly every media outlet and politician was repeating the same idea: this is the scandal that must end his campaign. It must be hard for them to keep straight faces while doing so, in the light of the ongoing pay to play, racism, hidden emails, and collusion scandals rocking the Democrat party.

In the end, there will be a victim inversion in this case. Trump fought back, and the bullies did not get the subjugation by peer pressure they desired. As a result, they have lost face, and he has gained stature for standing up to the people who bully many of us all the time with their sanctimonious but effective attacks.

If civilization can take a lesson from this, it is that bullying is not done by the strong against the weak, but by the weak against the weaker or the weak against the strong. It is a method by which a group defends its mediocrity, but by doing so, it lowers that standard in the next generation, and ensures its demise.

Caucasian Students Get Bullied Most, But African-Americans Are Bullied More By Other Minorities

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

In the ongoing saga of humanity, two things stand out: the attempts to make democracy stop self-destructing, and to make diverse societies approximate functional ones.

To do the latter, in most European-descended societies, a mythos has been adopted of white cruelty and minority stoic, Christlike suffering, but recent research about bullying un-does this in two ways:

The findings suggested that Caucasian middle school students experience more bullying than African American students generally, and specifically when minorities in school settings. Caucasian students also experienced almost three times the amount of race-based victimization than African American students when school diversity was held constant. Interestingly, African American students experienced twice the amount of race-based victimization than Caucasian students when in settings with more students of color.

First, the bullies are not the white kids, but the numerous and earlier-maturing children of minority origin. Second, when the situation is not black-and-white, and other ethnic groups are involved, African-Americans get bullied more.

Among other things, this suggests that diversity cannot work because making it functional is not merely a case of suppressing white defensive-preemptive behavior, but tensions between all ethnic groups, and also, that minority groups themselves will have to alter behavior in order for any sense of integration with other minority groups to be possible.

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