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(Gay) Pride Month

None of us set out to be conservatives. The typical experience involves this: have generous feelings toward humanity and a deontological morality based on absolute categories as a youth, with time to think about it and experience, realize that this is an inversion.

Humans invert any functional behavior by refusing to talk about what they fear and talking instead about what symbolically unites the group, including through non-serious fears. Nature wants to kill you, and this extends to your own behavior, which is why human groups pursue this pathology of death.

A youth knows only itself; a mature person has to organize groups, therefore thinks both in terms of self and group. If the self were the only question, Communism would be the answer. We would want to be able to do whatever we wanted that day, and have someone else pay for it — at gunpoint.

Then again, life is a process of winnowing. As inexperienced people, we wallow in a proliferation of responses and possibilities, but as time goes on, we nail effect to cause and then distinguish the root of that cause from all of its symptoms and echoes.

This process creates a natural conservatism which is akin to stereotyping. We see how the same causes produce the same effects, and how those group based on similarity, which leads to the emergence of hard rules like washing your hands before dinner or shooting Communists before they can take over.

This means that we see the world like a spreadsheet, with actions listed on the left and consequences on the right. Do a certain thing, expect similar results to how it worked in the past. This is not the same as stereotyping people, but seeing people do the same things and expect different results is part of it.

A conservative of this fully-developed nature has a great deal of compassion for most people. He recognizes destiny, or the connection between pathology and consequences. Some people will do what they feel called to regardless of the results, and their doom is part of destiny, too.

Such a conservative sees life as a battle not between good and evil but order and emptiness. That is, one either asserts organization, realism, purpose, and goodness, or ends up in a befuddled mental state where bad choices seem good.

For this reason, most of us see the religious jihad to “convert” homosexuals to be stupid. Some people are born or made as homosexuals, probably about 1.6% of the population. It is how they are. We either accept them or go into the crazy zone of trying to control nature with human opinion.

While the great push for LGBTHIVBBQ+ rights strikes us as silly, we recognize it as part of globalism, which increasingly means global liberalism via human rights coupled with markets dependent on government funding. The globalists want universal human rights and LGBT+ are their latest battering ram.

They use these battering rams to bully people. “Do you support LGBT+ rights?” can elicit only affirmation, because anything other than that leads to you being tarred and feathered as a bully and a bigot and therefore, you get cut out of polite society.

Globalism is an extension of the same Leftism that has gripped the West for a millennium, and that consists of narcissism, or individuals “liberalizing” the rules, duties, and hierarchies of society so that individuals can pursue their own illusions without anyone who Knows Better saying a thing.

Leftism is a mental health disorder, basically human solipsism, and is the same thing that creates third world conditions. It arises from the lower echelons of society where the DKE runs rampant. To them, being a rabble seems like Utopia.

If we want to keep having generous feelings, we have to separate them from the narcissistic in order to be moral. Narcissistic generous feelings exist to make the perceiver feel better, and are disconnected from reality.

The feelings of youth are narcissistic generous feelings. You want to love everyone and tolerate everything because that pacifism/pluralism makes you feel safe and important. Over time, you accept the vastness of the universe and your world grows, with yourself shrinking as a consequence.

Generous feelings of the honest sort are realistic and embrace destiny. We can say that being homosexual is a burden, like being short or autistic, because it means that one is cut out of normal life. This does not mean we reject these people, just that we see that they will face their destinies.

The people who live the best life get married young, have big families, minimize their careers, avoid drugs and alcohol abuse, keep away from bad psychology, and raise their kids to believe in culture and faith. These are the blessed lives of the happiest people.

Everyone else is left to wander in the dark. To be homosexual is to never have access to that happiest world. Sure, with Obergfell and other law, it can be faked, but it will never be the real deal, so it always falls off and becomes depressing.

This alone is reason to treat homosexuals with kindness. Life has dealt them a blow. This does not mean that homosexuality should be mainstreamed — like swinging and other minority activities, it should be kept private, along with most sexual activity — but that it should not be hated, either.

Nor should we confuse homosexuals with the Leftists using them as a battering ram to achieve global Leftist domination. Like ethnic minorities, sexual minorities have been used in the past, and LGBT+ are just the latest version, following women but before the obese become our new pity pets.

The Right fails when it makes the same mistake of the Left, which is being dualistic. Dualists believe in a fantasy world which is more real than reality; conservatives believe in reality, and work within it to raise the quality of everything, knowing that we can never change the basics.

We will get nowhere with the road to theocracy. We get places by making the trains run on time and then systematically eliminating crazy behavior. That does not mean banning homosexuality, just insisting that it be private so that people can live normally and reach their destinies, whatever they are.

Generous feelings are the cornerstone of the bourgeois middle class. They are rationalists, which means that they rationalize from what is in order to make it appear good to themselves. They will say and do anything to keep believing in our current trajectory.

However, with more in-depth inspection, it becomes clear that democracy and globalism have reached the end of their run. They have failed and left behind ruins. As we begin the cleanup and renewal, it is important to crusade against real problems instead of bullying Leftist groups as they bullied us.

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