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Our political system polarizes us. Like many of our most important decisions, it causes us to drift toward extremes so our position is clear to everyone in the room. We tend to analyze these positions as logical responses, but we miss out on what they could be: adaptive justifications. In other words, these attitudes are […]

Under the microscope

We live in a post-totalitarian age. Much like post-modernism is a decentralized form of modernism, post-totalitarianism is a decentralized version of the powerful regimes of the 20th century. To be decentralized, a post-totalitarian state must be self-enforcing. It achieves this through social disapproval. Nothing is against the rules, except that which is not sociable. You […]

Jobs are jails

An unfortunate fact of modern life: we have replaced callings with jobs and careers. “Jobs” are things you attend where other people tell you what to do. In order to insure that you do not become too valuable to replace, your task will be broken down into simple steps and highly isolated fields of “expertise.” […]

Leaders and followers

Every society sorts itself by those who pull ahead, and those who are left behind. In every classroom, some kids are the ones who know the answers and do great work; the rest of us trail behind somewhere. At the bottom, there are the kids who aren’t too good at anything. Unless you want uniform […]

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