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Zero Is The Number

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

A new phrase is floating around: “Zero is the number.”

This refers to how we fix the problem of diversity, which ruins whatever civilization is foolish enough to adopt it. People ask how many immigrants should come in our country, or how many people from other ethnic groups should live among us, and the answer is that zero other people can live among us. It will not help them, and it will destroy us.

In Brussels and Washington, the politicians are rubbing their hands over the lengthy debates they plan to have about the “appropriate” numbers for immigration and for refugees in each town. They win the debate if we even start it, because entering that debate signals acceptance for diversity and immigration in the first place. In reality, we cannot tolerate either.

Zero is the number. Civilizations survive based on several prerequisites. They need to be isolated. They need to be able to feed their citizens. They need to be able to defend themselves. And they need to be homogeneous, because anything else — no matter how nice, smart, kind or friendly the other groups are — means that there can be no social standards, culture and hierarchy.

This is why the Left loves diversity. They want to bring in the Other so that they can destroy culture and then, we will have no principle of social organization other than government. They want a group which will feel intimidated by us, so will be defensive and resist us. Finally, they want to breed us into a beige new race, committing genocide against us.

If we let them do any of this, they will wait a few months, then pick up the pace again. They will never stop. The only way to survive is to nip this in the bud and oppose it entirely. Those who are not of the founding group of a country, like Germans in Germany or Japanese in Japan, needs to go back home. If they are mixed, they need to go to mixed-race areas like Dubai or Brazil.

There is no other way. Everything else ends in our destruction. Zero is the number.

Schism Strikes The Alt Right

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

A schism has struck the Alt Right, and it has manifested through infighting. While the infighting is the effect, the actual cause is division between those who want to be white nationalists and those who want the Alt Right to be something more, like the combination of futurism and traditionalism that the New Right espoused. As part of that, it is inherently nationalistic, but not necessarily race-patriotic.

The difference is this: a nationalist may declare Japan for the Japanese, Germany for the Germans, and even America for the Western European, but is not going to get involved with some movement that claims to unify an entire race on that basis alone. Such thinking denies important variations within a race, such as the major regional divides (Western, Southern/Irish and Eastern among Europeans) and important social structure like caste, hierarchy and aristocracy. The problem with White Nationalism is the same problem that occurred with fascism and National Socialism: it is still based in modernity, or Leftist-derived even if not Leftist per se.

In addition, white nationalism is a philosophy of race, but nothing else. It is too simplified. It does not un-do modernity by finding an alternate goal, which is necessary because modernity is so existentially bleak that our people have stopped reproducing, especially the smarter ones. This dysgenic condition, ridiculed and prophesized in Idiocracy, is the primary threat to European-descended peoples worldwide. The first world is a trap, in that our wealth enables woolgathering neurosis like Leftism, and Leftism then makes a life that is so ugly, crass and simplistic that our people start to die out. We need to turn back and find another direction.

The Alt Right looked toward that direction, borrowing much of its ideation from the European New Right (Faye, de Benoist, Sunic, Houellebecq) and black metal, which wanted more of a Tolkienesque daily existence combined with the promise of futurism, which is that instead of using our technology to make disposable gadgets to fascinate morons, we will explore the stars and make a civilization greater than any before it. This is why the Alt Right is significant: the Right has broken away from its defensive, race-obsessive roles to find a new path in which racial and ethnic homogeneity are part of a prerequisite, but are not the goal in itself.

In the meantime, war rages against the Alt Right. New Right publisher Arktos via has accused White Nationalist publisher Counter-Currents of attempting a coup within the company, and in turn, a camp of White Nationalists have accused Richard Spencer of being gay, Jewish, and possibly a CIA plant.

Although on the surface this looks like a battle for wrongdoing, under the surface it appears to be a more heterogeneous white White Nationalist group attacking the more Western European and nationally-oriented Alt Right. In this battle, the Alt Right needs to win; White Nationalism has been holding the Right back for decades, and it is time to move on to something broader and deeper.

And of course, for the next generation of this, there is the Ult Right.

Within The Jewish People, A Struggle Against Leftism

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

While many focus on Judaism as the source of the decline of the West, this avoids blame for diversity itself and its parent philosophy, egalitarianism.

The surprisingly complex argument behind this is as follows: when multiple groups coexist, they compete for the different parts of identity — including self-determination, language, customs, values, habits, cuisine and the type of social order desired — and so it does not matter which specific groups are part of the diversity, only that diversity exists.

Diversity itself, in other words, is the problem. Not black people, not white people, or any other groups. Wherever groups are mixed in the same nation, the same problems arise, no matter how high average IQ or well-behaved the groups are. Values clash, and every ethnic group becomes an unintentional special interest group, pulling that society in different directions.

With this in mind, we should consider how problems that arise from Judaism are not due to Judaism itself or the Jewish people, but the fact that the diaspora put Jewish people among other groups, and then standards collided.

Imagine if the West imported 2% of its population from Japan. This group, familiar with each other, would be nepotistic; their Shinto values would clash with our transcendental ones; their presence in our neighborhoods would introduce confusion about how to behave, causing the same withdrawal. This would lead to them blaming us for racism, and us blaming them for not integrating, and lead to the same ethnic tensions we see with other groups, although using different methods because of their unique national character versus that of other groups.

These topics are only beginning to enter mainstream Jewish life through the Zionist right. Zionism — a form of nationalism for the Jewish people, invented by Theodor Herzl — has long had a Right-wing voices through Kahanism, but for the most part, Jewish people follow the beliefs they see as appropriate for their social class in a cosmopolitan setting, which tend toward the liberal.

However, new voices on the Jewish Right are opening up a dialogue on the nature of Leftism, Judaism and avoiding the pitfalls of diversity, including how to survive to mutual benefit with European populations. Joshua Seidel at The Jewish Right offers a convincing argument that Jews should withdraw from The Left:

It’s true that Jews should look with concern at the anti-Semitic parts of the alt right. No argument there. Do you really think, however, that the openly racist, sexist, and bigoted rhetoric of the left is somehow “better”? Is it better because they attack White people instead of Jewish people? Many on the left see Jews as White, so their attacks on Whites are also attacks on us. Is it really a Jewish historical value to attack the founding groups of the nations we live in, and their values? Like many Jews, Benjamin can’t see past Nazi Germany and the idea that Jews were persecuted simply for being another race or religion. Persecution of Jews, however, was often seen as an attack upon a privileged group allied with the nobility, which Jews in the Middle Ages in Western Europe typically were.

Sound familiar? The left’s rhetoric of hatred towards anyone seen as White, western, privileged, etc, will inevitably target Jews, and there’s as much a rich history of persecution from this angle as from a nationalist or religiously exclusive one. This is a tough fact for many Jews to swallow, but one we need to confront nonetheless.

Another question: how can Jews on the political Left effectively support Israel? The left’s race obsession, as I pointed out, puts Ashkenazi Jews into the “White” camp. Strong border security, a strong military, a cohesive society; all necessary for Israel’s survival, all seen as contemptible aspects of “White Supremacy”. How can a Jewish person on the political left argue for a “Jewish State” when the very concept is “racist”?

His point is a good one: if race is demonized by the Left, so are distinct races like Jews. Even more, we know that Leftism kills off nations, and it will do it to the fallen West alongside the reborn Israel.

Amplifying on that, Ari Ben Canaan argues for Jews to accept their unique racial identity instead of being anti-white or considering themselves white:

For such a Jew, inasmuch as they consider themselves to be White, attains to the privileged position of being able to, just as Brodkin does, decry Whiteness and slander White identity not as a hostile outsider but as an apparently repentant insider. Because Brodkin considers herself White, she must surely feel no compunction in admitting that her Whiteness is something hateful, bigoted and shameful. In other words, Brodkin’s self-identification as White allows her to make attacks on White people and their identity; whether or not these attacks are warranted by historical systems of power and oppression and present-day instutions of privilege is not germane to the issue: what is relevant is that Brodkin takes herself, as a White person, to be in a position to attack other White people.

But unlike the great majority of those White people in attacking whom Brodkin takes herself to be justifed, Brodkin is not truly attacking herself. For Brodkin has a competing identity behind which she can retreat in the face of her own invective: namely, Brodkin identifies also as a Jew. Brodkin’s own fears about anti-Semitism are evidence that she does not see herself as responsible for any history of power, privilege, and oppression, but rather as a precarious minority in the midst of a potentially hostile majority – a minority sometimes accepted as equals, but always separate and in danger of oppression. As such, Brodkin herself does not bear the personal weight of her attacks against White identity, and whatever justification those attacks might have obtained in virtue of her supposed Whiteness is merely disingenuous illusion.

For Brodkin, who considers herself both White and Jewish, does not appear to take into account that most American Whites do not consider themselves to be anything other than American Whites. When told that their identity is oppressive, shameful, and ought to be eliminated, most American Whites do not have any other identity toward which to turn. Brodkin’s attack on their identity, rather, is an attack on the only identity that they have. As such, its disingenuity is doubly vicious.

His point is well-taken: Jewish criticism of white society plays both sides, pretending to both be white and to be a “special kind of white,” when the reality is that Jews are a population formed of European and Asiatic elements. This gives them an identity of their own, in addition to a unique culture and religion.

With this, he has sabotaged the traditional attitude by white Leftists, which is that Jews should encourage Leftism in order to destroy national cultures, so that another Holocaust does not occur. Not only was this self-serving advice by the Leftist establishment, most of whom are not Jewish, but it has also served Jewish people poorly by making them a target as the world turns Right.

Even more than this, however, it seems a shift in Jewish identity is occurring. The Holocaust is long ago; Israel is thriving as its Arab neighbors self-destruct. The same moral questions that dogged medieval Christianity and before that the Greeks have appeared again in some of the more challenging Jewish Right thinking, such as this stunning piece from Utter Contempt:

I am today working a corporate sales job trying to be a good guy and pay my bills. But that lashed-out resentful kid is inside of me with all those violent impulses, and in a way he’s truer to who we are, more psychologically hygienic for all his so-called maladjustment. The world is war, physical war. Money’s not real, your stomach is. We forget that, we like others to slaughter the meat for us. And as a salesman, marketer, manager, executive, PR hack, entertainer or public face of any kind, an academic, a “journalist”, a whatever-you-fancy-yourself, you’re always a charlatan, every word you utter is smoke, because your end-goal is always to bedazzle someone and get inside their pocket. You can be as transparent, as forthright, as helpful as you want. It’s just a tactic. The other guy’s interests are a means. And it can never be finally acknowledged. It’s so standard (i.e., pervasive), yet so slimy. And those impulses I gave reign to as a youth now sit like stone guests, restrained yet blocking my every effort to sublimate the fundamental guile of this most accepted protocol for making a living into the neat little rationales that make it effective.

Jewish identity has evolved beyond the victim complexes of the diaspora and the Holocaust, and now is looking forward not to survival in the shadow of Rome, but to a new future where Jewish people can write their own course. With that, the relevance of the victim narrative of Leftism — if everyone is not equal, someone is victimizing us — is fading, opening new venues for discovery.

Alt Right Summary

Monday, June 12th, 2017

The Alt Right gets misunderstood because few know its history. To a fellow who began writing in the early 1990s, the Alt Right manifests a desire from that decade to be pro-tradition and pro-nationalist without falling into the utter stupidity of either mainstream conservatives (“the stupid party”) or the shadowy, angry, and antisocial “hate groups” that were our only alternative.

If the Alt Right has a heritage, it is as much Michel Houellebecq and Varg Vikernes as it is Dr. William Luther Pierce and Paul Gottfried. As one of the few people writing in this vein on the early internet, and the creator of one of the more popular sites on the topic, I belong up there too, as do a handful of others who figured out this need.

You might call us Nietzschean conservatives on a Plato bender. I describe myself as a “crunchy con,” or basically a deep ecologist who realizes that conservatism is the only philosophy that will achieve what is needed to address that sticky problem. Or you could call us Marcus Aurelius devotees.

Either way, the Alt Right took the finesse and wisdom of European New Right thinkers, fused it with Julius Evola and Fred Nietzsche, mixed it up with the wisdom from classical literature and philosophy, and then gave it an educated and urbane skinhead finish. The Alt Right is able to be extreme without acting extreme; its basic desires (nationalism, identity, tradition, aristocracy) clash with democracy and equality inherently, so they do not need to be dressed up in Hugo Boss and Skrewdriver tshirts.

To find out more about the Alt Right, you can peruse our extensive collection of articles both on the topic, and on it the ideas that formed it. The older articles are from the early 2000s but are generally re-writings of 1990s screeds posted to USENET and earlier versions of this site and its precursors (CORRUPT, ANUS, LNSG).

Original topics that contributed to the formation of the Alt Right:

And perhaps its successor:

Demons Within

Monday, June 12th, 2017

As has long been said, any great strength becomes a weakness. Human language leads us away from the knowledge that reality operates in cycles, and so what is strong becomes weak over time as the world reacts to it.

For the Alt Right, its strength is its popularity, and its weakness is that the same popularity causes it to be corrupted from within. The Right is always undermined by entryism, or sabotage from within by opposite forces, but crypto-entryism may be its biggest problem.

Crypto-entryism happens when the entryist is unaware that they are from the opposing side. They bring the assumptions and values of the other side into the new group, and by so doing, alter its understanding of itself, effectively converting itself into its opposite.

The primal form of this inversion is Crowdism, or the tendency of individuals so that instead of acting toward a purpose, the individual makes itself the purpose; this is hubris or individualism, and mirrors the primal solipsism of all animals, which is a form of obliviousness to the world around them that enables them to feel “freedom” from worrying about the consequences of their own actions to anything but themselves.

Nobility, or the tendency to think of the group and intangibles like heritage or nature, is the opposite of this hubris. It is arrogant and proud, on one hand, and humble and serving, on the other. It is the only way humans have advanced past our early monkey states.

The Alt Right suffers many ignoble entryists. Some simply want power; others want the Alt Right to be a vehicle for their chosen ideology, and you can convert pretty much anything into an ideology if you make it a singular and symbolic goal. Religion, race and patriotism are usual topics.

One of the biggest entryist factions is the bourgeois-minded herd, or those who just want the most immediate problems to go away so that their chosen nostalgia time — the 80s or 50s are common — can return. This is senseless as old times do not return; we can only adopt their successful policies and make new times which will have the same advantages as the old.

The bourgeois want us to forget that the good-enough is the enemy of the good, and to pursue the good-enough. They are balanced somewhat by radicals who want a revival of the Crusades or their modern equivalent, National Socialism, which is more modern than equivalent.

Almost everyone forgets what the Alt Right is telling us: the herd is always wrong. People act for their individual good at the expense of the shared good, not shared just between us here now but our ancestors and future descendants. And in groups, people fall into a herd mentality and choose wrongly.

The Alt Right is not just war on diversity or Leftism, because it includes those things, but war on popularity itself. We are tired of being ruled by the herd. We want the best people in power making decisions that we would not make for ourselves. We want what we need, not what we think we want.

As always with humanity, and especially with higher IQ populations, there are demons within. The enemy is us; what we choose, generally, is what dooms us. Our refusal to discipline our egos and minds. Our need for social recognition. These turn our societies into mazes of infighting.

Under the kings, the West prospered because it had low infighting. There was a clear power structure and while it was not always good, it was not the constant internal friction that we see now where every group gambles on gaining control.

Infighting has doomed the West. Infighting arises from self-interest at the expense of group interest, and only those born to be noble are free of that tendency.

For the Alt Right, it is essential to avoid the inner friction. We will never have an ideology as the Left does, comprised of a single simple and symbolic idea, egalitarianism. But we need to be clear on what we want and crowd out those entryists and their self-interest.

Update: Introduction to Dark Organizations

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

The original Introduction to Dark Organizations now requires an update as part of my ongoing effort to apply management consulting and risk management solutions to human civilization, through the lens of the Alt Right.

The emergence of “toxicity” in its organizational, rather than individual sense became quite noticeable recently. The term “toxic” is used in an attempt to indicate an extractive “darkness,” because dark characteristics imply defensive organizations while “toxic” refers to an extraction of the last gasp of wealth and power from the host organization that encloses the dark organization.

However, it is the “dark” dead body that is toxic, causing new employees to unknowingly abuse the defensive system they inherited by extracting its last gasp for self-benefit. After all, the smell of death has a strange effect on man and animal.

In other words, the old guard that worked hard but then became unknowingly defensive, due to modernity, is now being replaced by younger flag-carriers who recognize a staggering organization only able to provide that last gasp of opportunity for wealth before it falls over. This “last straw” is not an attempt to “salvage” the organization, it’s about using the “dead horse” as a step to access a higher personal objective of “class”. This class is available in the after-dinner-club

It is like kicking (your own) dog while he is down, only in an unknowing manner. In a psychological sense that might be viewed as contempt, because you are working with people you respect only to find out they can’t handle modern pressures and there is nothing they can do about it. So you don’t react by confronting them, you react by beating them at grasping for the last remaining straws of wealth, while positioning to join a class devoid of moralistic limits. After all, it is about survival of the fittest (or so it is motivated).

Effectively these new entrants to the “game” are infected to become toxic hyenas in the same organization, but not necessarily the same industry. For example, the Prime Minister of Hungary does not have this problem.

One global example can be used as circumstantial evidence (other examples are possible):

It is contained in an article by VDARE describing how Angela Merkel may have been bribed to accept migrants. Angela Merkel may have been the German Chancellor for ten years, but in terms of the global “after-dinner-club” she is a newcomer. Since their official reigns ended, Cameron and Obama have been working feverishly to get into this club. Clearly Merkel wants to join them after her dog’s demise, i.e. the collapse of Germany.

Based on this article (and the same type of article can be written for Cameron and Obama and indeed was written about Blair), Merkel is feeding off German society by making them pay for migrants, which makes her look good in the eyes of Soros and others. This may seem simplistic, but more in-depth arguments would require an entirely separate book, similar to the 600 page version written on Tony Blair’s Broken Vows.

However, the term “toxic”, as applied to a single, decomposed body, anticipates that multiple hyenas are gathered for the feast, meaning that Merkel is not the only one, there are many and they are from all party political persuasions, such as Jean-Claude Juncker and Jeremy Corbyn. The victim of this hyena mob is European civilization, which these dog-kickers apparently view with considerable contempt. But what would activate these newcomers to become so ferocious? In terms of this article, they were bribed, but what grand vision could possibly bribe them?

It appears to be the promised carbon tax regime pushed via the global warming scam that is worth an estimated $100 trillion.

In summary, organizations tend to be healthy until “pressures” causes the original structure to become defensive in an unknowing (to those employees) fashion. One could say that the organization protect itself causing its wealth to deteriorate to about 20% of its original ability. This takes time, meaning that a new wave of employees will enter the organization not knowing about the 20% effect.

However, they will eventually pick-up that the organization “is going nowhere” causing them to cast their eyes towards external opportunities. These do appear, but with the proviso that assets under their control be brought with. (Salesmen are always asked to bring clients “over”) In this case these employees become hyenas without knowing it, trampling on a dead organization in order to gain access to the after-dinner-club (in this global case).

This organization is therefore “toxic” because its dead corpse serves only to infect every newcomer touching it. Discussions regarding a possible revival will however have ended, when the dark stage was reached i.e. when value dropped below 20%. Darkness (from its original structure) can be maintained for a long while, but as the new generation enters the “game”, decline is accelerated and bankruptcy encouraged, grabbing the last remaining assets.

Metaphorically, it could be said that the body shrinks in its old age, only to be devoured by hyenas (of all shapes and sizes), opening space for the next lion. Or in reality, a dark organization will eventually become toxic thereby affecting everything around it. In Rome it took hundreds of years, in modern society, it may accelerate to fifty (or within this lifetime).

People Who Experience Leftism Tend To Oppose It Most Fervently

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

From Steve Sailer at VDARE, quoting The Intercept, an insight into what drives people to the genteel Nietzschean far-Right that is the Alt Right:

A surprising number of alt-right leaders come from a single wealthy liberal enclave: the west side of Los Angeles.

Andrew Breitbart, who founded the site that bears his name, was raised in Brentwood, at the center of the west side, and was living there when he died in 2012. Bannon, before becoming famous as the chairman of Breitbart and then Trump’s ideologue, was a Hollywood producer who sent his daughters to a private school in Brentwood. Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old presidential adviser who has been wildly provocative on immigration issues, was raised in neighboring Santa Monica, also known as the People’s Republic of Santa Monica because of its liberal politics.

This might seem weird. …But look again. While Trump got far fewer votes than Clinton, California’s population is so large that the only other state where Trump got more votes was Texas (which he won).

The article does not look deeply into the causes of this, but here is a supposition:

The experience of Leftism drives people toward Right-wing causes. Normally, they would be politically inert and go with the flow, or even take moderate positions where they borrow some from Left and Right causes. But when they experience Leftism in action, they see how not only are its results bad, but that it is pathological and will not stop until it achieves Soviet-style collapse.

In California, the Left has run amok for decades, and they have turned California into a prototype for the Leftist Amerika: mostly third world minorities doing menial labor, with massive taxes paying for it all, and the super-rich are the only ones who turn out well and they run just about everything.

That was a limiting factor, perhaps, until oil and Hollywood made some very shady characters into the super-rich. Normally this is solved by finding them good wives, who tend to make the next generation into actual human beings. But these new super-rich chose wives like them, glorified bar girls and carnies, and so made themselves an empire based on manipulation, lies and greed.

Someone living in West Hollywood however knows more than the average person. They are wealthy or at least prosperous, and so have some knowledge of business leadership, finance, politics, law and technology. They have institutional memory of how the changes affected the state over the generations. They also understand what it would take to undo the mess.

As a result, these people — like those from Texas and Southern France — tend to be radicalized. They realize that history is not a question of individual decisions, but the curve that those decisions indicate, and so any step toward Leftism is agreement to carry it all the way. For this reason, they tend toward foundational Rightism because there must be an alternative to even moderate Leftism.

Another factor here is that these tend to be the children of the wealthy. Having grown up in prosperous surroundings, they saw what afflicted their parents, which was getting worked to death just to build up enough of a pile of wealth to rise above the crisis exploding in slow motion around them.

Many have observed that the first generation builds, and the second attempts to expand on that, while the third tends to fritter it away, having given up hope. After observing their parents and grandparents exhaust themselves on work, the grandchildren want no part of it. Perhaps the second generation is trying to break the cycle, and escape labor for the dying to have health instead.

Why The Alt Right Left White Nationalism Behind

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Never let your enemies define the narrative, or you will be reacting to their statements as if they were true. White Nationalism encountered many problems, but the worst of it was that it tried to be the Nazis it saw on TV, not the intellectually heterogeneous group that the Nazis were.

In addition, White Nationalism had many problems, the worst of which were ethno-bolshevism, class warfare and a negative outlook. But perhaps the biggest is that it will destroy Europeans genetically.

After all, Europeans are distinct ethnic groups that want to preserve themselves:

It’s also doubtful that Europeans lacked a strong ethnic consciousness until fairly recently. Frenchmen, Germans, Italians, Russians, etc. viewed themselves as being different from each other and preferred marrying and living in their own groups. Euro-Americans certainly considered blacks as being biologically different from themselves; and in the twentieth century European racial theorists even argued that Jews were inherently different from Aryans.

The attempt to present Euro-Americans as devoid of ethnocentric sentiments because of their commercial instincts is based on a very narrow historical perspective. It may reflect the effort to generalize over the centuries on the basis of the kinds of societies that Western Europeans (but not Eastern Europeans) have created in recent decades.

The idea of melding all Europeans together destroys that difference, and presents a bigger problem through trace admixture. When we smash together all of the Southern, Eastern and Western Europeans, we introduce a little bit of Asian here and a little bit of Semite there, ending up with something that is less “European” than European-related.

Despite media outlets parroting the term “white nationalism” around the Alt Right — apparently the word being used this year as “racist” was in the previous decade — the core of the Alt Right is old-fashioned nationalism, namely each group having its own space. This avoids the conflicts of diversity, which by making groups compete, forces them to hate one another.

Genetic results show that European ethnic groups remained distinct by selective breeding that favored their own, and there is no reason to oppose this natural pattern with social engineering. This way, each group develops to its full potential.

As far as the accusation that Europeans do not have a culture, it can be seen as one of those lies that is so blatant that it is not criticized because no one knows where to begin. Interestingly, both White Nationalism and globalist multiculture hope to erase the distinctions that give each group a specific culture, as if trying to obliterate European identity.

Meditation For Übermenschen

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

The alt-right is full of exhortations to self improvement. Lift weights! Do martial arts! Study science and math! But what of meditation?

Meditation is clearly beneficial to anyone attempting to survive among the ruins and improve themselves. Take a gander at this article named “This Is Your Brain On Meditation” from Stanford University:

Your brain tunes out the outer world during meditation, and on brain scans of meditators, scientists can see increased activity in default mode network – which is associated with better memory, goal setting, and self-awareness.

You want to rise up and turn the tide of Western decay. If you’re going to do that, you will need to put your mind in order and develop self-control, discipline and mental clarity. You have to focus. Rather than put together a reading list of books that none of you will buy, I’ve condensed everything that you need in order to get started into a nifty list. Pay attention and notice every word. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a comfortable position in which you cannot fall asleep. As you progress in your practice, you will sit for longer and longer periods. Don’t bother getting the position perfect at the beginning, just comfortable enough to sit for ten minutes at the start. You will fidget and shift around at first. Trial and error are a big part of meditation, so you’ll need to refine your position as you go. Don’t bother doing full-lotus, unless you are already very flexible and like the position. Websearch “zafu” and “kneeling bench” to see some other options. Sitting in a chair works, but sit up straight so your chair doesn’t touch the back. This is about focus, paying attention, and noticing things.
  2. Begin with ten minutes and gradually increase your time. Figure out how long you can meditate and sit for five minutes longer than that. As soon as you notice that you’re comfortable, bump it up another five. Keep doing this until you’re up to an hour every day. This may take anywhere from a few months to a few years. You will notice it getting easier as time passes.
  3. Pick a focal point. You can concentrate on the feeling of breath in your nose, your chest rising and falling, the area just below your navel, the way your palms feel, or any other thing. Pick one and stick with it. You can count your breaths up to 10 repeatedly if you like. Different things work for different people. Experiment around for a few sessions until you notice that one method works. Stick with that method. You may have to change approaches, but err on the side of staying the course rather than the side of trying new things when the decision between the two is difficult. If you’re 50/50 on whether or not to change how you meditate, don’t.
  4. Learn to control your mind. This is the important part. You don’t progress from sitting in a thoughtless state for hours on end. Not when you first start. Maybe after that you’ll sit in a thoughtless state. Until then, focus on repeatedly bringing your mind back to the focal point. You don’t win when you focus successfully for an hour. You win when you bring your mind back to the focal point after it wanders. Just focusing doesn’t score you any points. You DO score a point whenever your mind wanders and you bring it back. Points are permanent and never go away. You can always rack up more. Keep bringing your mind back to the focal point and get a point for it. The more points you score, the easier it gets to score more points. Don’t overdo it. Don’t self-flagellate. Just keep bringing your mind back to the focal point. Keep racking up points.
  5. Bring it into everyday life. As you meditate, you will notice something. You will notice that your meditative state happens by itself. You will be driving or taking a walk, and BAM! You’re in a meditative state out of nowhere. This is a good sign. When this happens, start doing it on purpose. When your attention drifts while you’re cooking breakfast, bring your mind back to the present. The more you do it, the easier it gets. It is like a rusty switch where the rust falls off as you use it. Every time you meditate spontaneously, focus on prolonging that state. Once you reach this stage, you can rack up points in everyday life.
  6. Get your moral trip in order. You are gaining willpower. It is becoming one of your definitive traits. Use it to drop bad habits. As you score points, you become stronger. You get stronger every day. Use the willpower to score points, to increase the willpower even more, to score even more points. You will develop more focus, continually grow in strength. Keep bringing your mind back to the focal point. Get rid of your bad habits and you will find that you become even stronger. Strength becomes simply a part of your personality. You are getting better and getting better means being stronger, which makes it easier to get even better, which makes it easier to get even stronger. Let go of the things that make you weak. Willpower is now a definitive trait of yours.
  7. Lead. Many people will fail at this. If you are reading this site, there is a chance that you are part of the natural aristocracy. If you want to find out whether you can really make the cut, follow the instructions laid out here. Brett often speaks of putting the best people in charge. The only way that happens is when the best people put themselves in charge. If you are one of the best, then put yourself in charge. Follow these instructions and you will see. Keep bringing your mind back to the focal point. You will find that you are getting stronger.

How Donald Trump Is Emerging Victorious With An Alt Right Agenda

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Recently the controlled press foamed over the “leak” of an image of Steve Bannon standing in front of his “war board,” which contained a list of objectives for the Trump administration. As some commentators mention, it would be ludicrous to imagine that with his background in the military and business, Bannon would accidentally leak this material.

Then we consider that some months ago, the Leftist press was chump-championing the removal of Bannon from the National Security Council or possibly the White House, neither of which turned out to be actually true.

Trump is playing the media as he always has, by creating a non-event that they cannot resist, and then acting silently elsewhere. The media drones, realizing they have been played, save face as best they can by then under-reporting the real activity. This combination of trolling and action gives Trump the initiative with media and the Left — including most Republicans — playing catch-up.

Few people realize how extreme the Trump platform, which is like a Reaganite version of the Alt Right, actually is. He was elected on a combination of reverse identity politics, fiscal conservatism, and what most people are afraid to mention, social conservatism. While Trump is only nominally a conservative, he is a consequentialist, and respects results more than happy feelings and ideology.

As a result, it makes sense to place Trump as a moderate, meaning that he is not committed purely to one side or the other, but his realism controls the pragmatism of “compromise” and “bipartisanship,” which makes the goal to work with the System itself instead of focusing on objectives outside of the System, such as effects on citizens, civilization and the future of the nation.

He has found, however, that a deeply entrenched Establishment controls Washington, D.C., by forcing all participants to work first within the system, and secondarily only toward any kind of purpose. This is how government becomes, as our founding fathers and Plato both noted, a self-serving corporate parasite to the organic civilization beneath it in the power structure.

Populism, if it has any core idea, is based on real-world results for the purpose of strengthening the organic civilization instead of doing what works with the elaborate labyrinth of rules and influences set up by power structures themselves. In other words, power should have purpose, instead of serving itself.

This follows from the shift that Samuel Huntington noted, which is that civilization is moving away from formal orders based on the universality of human individualism, and instead is shifting to informal orders motivated toward organic goals like identity. Liberal democracy is fading away in a cloud of its bad decisions and failures to rectify the perceived problem of previous orders.

While he fascinates the fools in the entrenched politics and media industry with bafflement, Trump is working from the ground up, removing obstacles and establishing policy that will then be challenged, requiring its clarification at a higher level. Instead of trying to chip away at the top of the Obama house of cards, he is undermining its foundations.

In the meantime, he is generating headlines that are either misdirection of our attention like many of his Twitter messages, or show the US pushing back against bad guys who were emboldened by the weak Obama foreign policy. In doing so, Trump recognizes the truth of superpower politics: value of currency comes from strength not just in industry, but in international relations.

As his cover, he is using the Alt Lite style “cultural libertarianism” to provide defensive freedoms to the core of this country, which has always been its Western European descended stock, by enabling them to sidestep demands for more diversity, affirmative action and special interests like baking gay cakes.

Although the pundits both above and underground are shocked and appalled by some of his actions, like the cruise missile strike on Syria, it is slowly settling in that that act was a pushback against the imperial aspirations of other powers, and not an American policy of custodial intervention like the previous war.

Internally, he is focusing on the power he has to make lasting change. This will require not just administrative orders and firing people, but getting his policies set into law through the courts and eventually, legislative change. He knows this will be a long road.

So does the Left, which is why they are dusting off the Reagan-era script and embarking on a policy of sabotage and subversion at every turn. The captive Republicans are joining with them, because both Official Right and Official Left have much to lose if the goal becomes results in reality instead of “working with the System.”

Behind all of these actions lurks the motivation that the Alt Right shares: a sense, from Julius Evola, that the West has collapsed and we need to rebuild by defending both our people and the moral, intellectual and spiritual state of wanting to do first what works best, and to push aside those formal orders like Systems and ideologies that aim to thwart that goal.

While the hoped for wave of populist revolts seems stalled in Europe, this is mostly the result of central European addiction to social benefits states, and is caving as the many policies of the Left simultaneously groan into full failure across Europe. The Trump method, while slower and subtler, sets the stage for the next generation of renovation.

For this reason, the mission of the Alt Right — which currently seems to be languishing in political fatigue — becomes doubly important. The cultural wave must continue to clarify and simplify its message of removing formal and universal order, and replacing it with the organic nation and a focus on consequentialism.

Through these high level principles we can communicate a few general heuristics that people can apply at local and regional levels, seizing control of the ground more than the power structure, and creating upward pressure on that power structure while destabilizing it. In Europe as in the USA, many local and regional offices have gone to those who understand this imperative.

Our ultimate goal remains the same: restoration of Western Civilization through its people, the “remnant” who are not yet wrecked by our downfall. We will have to remove the bad while nurturing the good, and realize that all of the institutions we made have turned against us, and need to be reconquered and redirected.

With this in mind, we finally have the tangible path that most have craved for so long: a pincer attack, removing political obstacles while applying pressure — and incentive, to those who can work toward our goals — from below through a wave of cultural demand for a different type of society than the one in which we currently live.

Contrary to the negativity floating around out there, we live in great and dangerous times, and opportunity is all around us.

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