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Leap Into Life (#11): Simple Answers are Usually Grifting Morons

In literature, adventure pairs with intellectual, moral, social, psychological, and spiritual development. This reflects the fact that in life, humans tend to live through these little ceremonial events like jobs, dates, transactions, parties, and religious services which are designed to avoid stressing the mammal within.

Only by stressing that beast do we see what people are really made of, as we say it in Texas, because when they are out of their comfort zones, actually threatened by the possibility of negative consequences, and forced to act, we see what their gut instinct is.

A criminal will do the immediate and then scram. If confronted by a crisis, he grabs a gun, then takes all the food and water and runs off somewhere that will probably be his grave because he is inept at dealing with reality. His goal is pure individualism: me-first and everyone else pays for it (subsidizes it) because he is a victim in his own mind.

A noble person starts thinking about the threat. She wants to know what its motive or pattern is; he wants to know what its weaknesses are, since every strength is also a weakness. They also divide up the food, water, shelter, and so on so that everyone can survive.

Somewhere in the middle, people have to actually make the hard decisions like leaving the weak behind. The term “weak” refers to will, not physical body. You leave behind the people who are so caught up in their own mental loop that they cannot wrap their minds around actual threats. These people are delusional, pathological, and will get you killed.

Every criminal and insane person will, given enough time to see the response to blatant criminality, enwrap himself in the mantle of good. This is why criminals tend to be altruistic, empathic, egalitarian, devout, and benevolent on the surface. It is a con designed to lull the mark (target of ripoff) into mental apathy and compliance.

They can keep this con going as long as they stay in their comfort zone with them in control and the marks clueless. If the marks wake up to the scam, the scammer has to think on his feet and change his behavior, and this moves him out of his comfort zone and into a panicked, retaliatory mode. Then he shows you what he is really made of.

At that point, the con artist is debunked. He is revealed for what he really is, not some altruistic prophet of love, peace, and science. People have seen what cannot be unseen, and they will never trust him again. In fact, their previous inhibitions about turning on him are gone, since their own victimhood has been made public.

The remnants of the alt-right are facing this moment now. They have revealed that they are grifters, or people with no hope of doing good but a desire to extract money from an audience, just as much as mainstream Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence are. They will never be trusted again.

This was made clear yesterday when a new and rising far-right user named Long Knife Enjoyer revealed that in fact he was a Leftist pretending to be a Right-winger in order to discredit them:

He made his scam work by advocating Democrat policies disguised as Christian National Socialism:

It was a simple plan: a) agree and amplify, b) subvert and destroy. It turns out “subversion” was quite the misnomer because there really was nothing to subvert; the sphere’s gatekeeping function had eroded so thoroughly that it was practically an open border.

The most blatantly parodic tweets about leftists actually being family values conservatives would be liked by Meredith, Sentinel, Iago, Svevlad, etc. At this point no one had any suspicions.

This was too easy. The general theme of “DEM PROGRAMZ BUT NATIONAL SOCIALIST” was a remarkably trivial and effective bait.

When I posted about communistic Jacobin tendencies being the gallant predecessors of NS, the sphere amplified it shamelessly. Most of them aren’t really this dumb. It’s just that, contrary to pretensions of being sovereign individuals, they’re quite susceptible to peer pressure.

Day 6 was the watershed moment. This was when BAP discovered me. He proceeded to dig into my feed, liking and retweeting practically everything. My jaw dropped at how easy this was.

So what did BAP retweet? “The Soviet Union was a traditionalist conservative regime.” Random barely lucid gibberish praising Hitler as Jesus.

At this point I was the rising star of anime Nazism. Things were going so smoothly and I thought I would be able to fold everything in three weeks, and end with a “strategy of tension” where like the Drummer of Niklashausen I would incite an internal schism.

I should again emphasize there is nothing to properly subvert, since there is no worldview. Only ad hoc positions that have been perfectly adapted to the polemical needs of fighting ever more insular Twitter cliques. None of it has transferability or makes sense outside of it.

The successors to the alt-right, who cooked up a blend Christian National Socialism and existing Left-wing policy, have disproven their legitimacy. They have no idea and no plan, only a desire to gain prominence in a small community of malcontents by endorsing our current system but with more racial animus and incel lore grafted in.

These people have no idea what they are doing. Worse, they do not care. They just want to get some fame and cachet out of the situation before it evaporates like all internet movements seem to do, and so they are making it up as they go along with a general core of Christian National Socialism.

Like most human groups, the alt-right became dominated by the mediocre who then embarked on a campaign to remove anyone intelligent or realistic from the group. This allowed a little clique of mutually validating people — a collective reward club — to hijack the Right and use it for their own glorification.

They were able to steal the audience by having what appeared to be a clear path. If you present a simple idea that looks rightist sorta with enough force, the herd follows along, but only if the idea requires them to do nothing except participate socially. That means they get the benefit of appearing cool without any real work or risk.

The alt-right died because the mainstream accepted its basic ideas and the alt-right, a loose collection of libertarians and far-Righters, had no new idea for them to direct themselves toward. Instead, they seized on the lowest common denominator, a fusion of fundamentalist Christianity, National Socialism, and Democrat politics.

In other words, they presented an easy answer. Do nothing now — remember how much they bleated “there are no political solutions” and “good times make weak men” — and wait for the race war that will happen someday. In the meantime, stay in your armchair.

The last generation of Nationalists who are White (or white, even whitish) fell for the same trap. They all moved to the country, grew their own vegetables, posted on the internet, and bought expensive memorabilia and paraphrenalia from far-Right mail order. The race war never came, so they did nothing. That was always the plan.

Around here, we have designed a Right moving forward: we avoid the core of Leftism, egalitarianism/individualism, and instead look toward transcendent orders like tradition, culture, nature, and hierarchy, but only in the sense of moving forward systematically with a culture war of our own.

This approach works. The faux alt-right Christian National Socialism does not because it is not intended to work, only serve as a cover story while the grifters lure in more people for their podcasts and products. This week, they revealed just how credulous they are, and how little anyone seems to notice.

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