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With Reddit having officially seized the group and introduced replacement mods, it might be time for a little action report on Ask A Conservative.

Sites like Reddit operate by encouraging user-created content, then deleting anything which does not fit the Narrative. We flipped this around, and allowed only actually conservative content, and this made them furious for years but they could not justify doing anything about it.

With the panic over this election, they felt they could finally move. They want fake conservatives like the Lincoln Project: libertarians who are content to lose and watch society get destroyed because they are waiting for The Rapture to take them away.

That is the socially acceptable role of “conservative,” namely someone who gets to pose around as being principled but actually do nothing. They encourage these because their political idea consists of anarchy, with the good people going to Jesus when the world is destroyed.

As Nietzsche pointed out, this is self-pity and rejection of life disguised as something benevolent, much like the altruism of the Left conceals their desire for revenge on the naturally talented and the ability to seize what these do and destroy it by making it prole-friendly.

The following are the texts from the Ask A Conservative group. They are not perfect, many being only links or paragraphs cribbed from a post by a user, but on the whole, they offer an overview of conservatism that could be found nowhere else — until now.

You might enjoying visiting the free speech Ask A Conservative at Ruqqus.

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