Which way, dissident Right?


With the Trump campaign, as predicted, convergence occurred between underground and mainstream right, forcing a recognition of underlying issues which are outside of the Leftist scope of concern and so not articulable in the postwar West. The question now sits before us: where to from here?

As I articulate in the theory of Crowdism, most human endeavors fail because they are invisibly infected by individualism weaponized into a collectivist mentality. That is, a group decides that they will become a collective for the defense of individualism, or the lack of accountability of the individual to reality and the natural hierarchy of humans and ideas.

This thought process corresponds to both what the Greeks called hubris and the sin described in the Garden of Eden: desiring to be above one’s place in the natural hierarchy, and using subterfuge in human opinions both internal (self) and external (Crowd) to achieve the simulation of that. Like all illusions, this one ends in tears, but that happens at a distant time, so for those who can shorten the scale of their perception to the immediate, it seems like a win.

Since ability to think long-term correlates highly with intelligence, we might see hubris in groups as a victory for the statistically-prevalent lower 80% of the Bell Curve, who by the Dunning-Kruger effect lack the ability to understand what is above that cognitive level. This is the human problem; all else flows from this, and it is also what ends human civilizations by reducing them to third-world levels of inefficacy.

Crowdism can infiltrate any field, even those which nominally brand themselves as being against it. Any time the truth is adjusted to fit its audience, and not the other way around — adjusting the audience to fit reality, known as “natural selection” — Crowdism enters and through the misplaced self-interest of individuals, takes over. I say “misplaced” because putting oneself and all those similar to you on a path to certain destruction is never wise. It guarantees all that you do will be wasted.

Like all evil outside books that involve orcs and wizards, the evil of Crowdism comes not in a terrifying form but a beautiful, kind, compassionate, loving, gentle and socially inclusive one. It accepts all who are willing to formally adopt a basic outlook, and then in the name of keeping the group together, includes all in its focus even when their ideas begin to erode the fundamental truth.

This is the great ugly secret of humanity: reality is the one truth, and we either obey it or self-destruct. All of our errors consist of adjusting truth to fit what we wish were true, and all of our successes come from accepting reality as it is and then acting to improve it qualitatively, which means not finding a “different” way but taking the obvious way and doing what we can to make it better for those who are better. Crowdism is merely a clever sleight-of-hand around this obvious and time-honored path.

The dissident Right — alternative right, neoreaction, new right, red pill and others who see that the foundational myths of democracy, equality and pluralism are the cause of our civilization’s dysfunction and imminent failure — has come far by rejecting the Leftist-tinged ideals of the compliant cuckservative mainstream Right, but we must make sure we do not fall prey to the same syndrome that took them out. Crowdism lurks for us in doing what is popular, not what is right, and our future legitimacy rests on our ability to beat this cognitive error.

As mentioned early on, the dissident Right struggles with its desire for novelty and thus its tendency toward Crowdism. Its main function has been to widen the Overton window so that we can talk about topics like HBD, nationalism, the inherent failure of socialism and other negations of the Leftist ideal. But in trying to popularize these ideas, it can fall prey to popularization itself, and become a lesser method of what it needs to be.

What has always plagued the Right is lack of ability to state what it wants. We know that Leftism is a stream and once a toe is dipped in it, the current carries us forever further Left. The only solution is to affirm a Right society that does not have any Leftism in it, and that requires facing some unpopular truths. That in turn requires taking a difficult stand that will not be popular, but if our leaders affirm it, the others will fall in line and follow. The dog must wag the tail again, instead of the tail (popularity) wagging the dog (goal).

Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that myself and others covered 20 years ago, and while that is great, it has become preaching to the choir. We either take the next step or vanish in irrelevance.

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12 Responses to “Which way, dissident Right?”

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    The next step, I would argue, is to start networking and acting in real life on a greater scale. A Trump presidency would probably make it easier to do so.

    The dissident Right is just getting started. We need to be patient.

    • Tom Iron says:

      There’s no more time for “patience.” If Trump were to actually win the presidency, the minorities would/will go stark raving mad and come after White people en-masse They wouldn’t be able to restrain themselves. We are witnessing the last days of this Republic. Be ready for anything that comes your way.

      • That’s an interesting thought. I wonder… most people, especially the poorer, seem very inert to me. Other than a chance to riot they are generally mostly focused on local and personal concerns.

        But LA-style riots? A possibility, if there’s a trigger event. Trump has — despite what the Leftist media has said — not really done anything that targets African-Americans for example, and he polls high with them, suggesting he’s resonating with something (most likely their desire not to be replaced by Mexicans in the labor pool and neighborhoods).

    • I agree. Like all good starting movements, we need to get clear on what we want and how to get it, then move aggressively toward those goals.

  2. Johann Theron says:

    I wondered how guys like you and Dan Roodt keep your sanity while repeating yourselves every 5 years at least. Jim Goad asked in Takis what is “Great”? The West was great because their humans could advance themselves beyond normal capability. But they never learned to manage those parasites. It’s the only way to become great again. The one thing money taught us IMO, is that we should incarcerate more in order to become great. Sorry, but that is the truth as per the examples in Africa and Arabia who do not incarcerate criminals.

    • The one thing money taught us IMO, is that we should incarcerate more in order to become great.

      I agree. Incarcerate or exile, my preferred method. I support a somewhat binary criminal system: people are either good or bad, and the bad must go Elsewhere.

      Parasites are one of the most common forms of life in nature. It is simply more efficient in the short term to be parasitic, but it changes them through the process of evolution into retarded life forms.

      Humans need to get over our pretense of individualism, and its collectivist form Crowdism, and instead realize that when we take on the role of nature — in this case, natural selection — we need to apply it as nature would. Keep the good, eject the bad.

  3. isn’t crowdism group think?

  4. Jim Stephens says:

    South Carolina was refreshing in the sense that evangelicals recognized the crowdism projected by Cruz and displayed courage in breaking from that to support a national leader. They, somewhat, get the meaning of the Establishment Clause.

  5. Different T says:

    The right may eventually ask itself “Creation or Restoration?” (Technically, they are set to Restoration by default.)

    Moldbug knows the implications:

    “Restoration is an anti-entropic process. A little restoration does not lead to a lot of restoration. It is an intrinsically futile act—a candle that soon goes out. Rather, if order is to be restored, it must be restored entirely in one step. A house can be ruined incrementally. It cannot be renovated incrementally.

    So the right may become self-aware enough to honestly comprehend the real question, “Are we strong enough to force Cthulhu to swim right?”

  6. Meet the new boss says:

    Trump 2016 looks a lot like Obama 2008:

    1) Energize a disaffected base.
    2) Promise to move earth and mountains.
    3) Be a “different” candidate or outsider.
    4) Use the most populist rhetoric humanly possible.

    He will accomplish nothing, except maybe get the Democrats elected for 4 more years, so fair warning.

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