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Amerika Gets Its Worst Congresscritter Ever, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Thanks To The Voting Rights Act

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Houston needs disaster relief. It has needed such succor since Jan 3, 1995. On that tragic date in history, Sheila Jackson Lee joined the nefarious ranks of Congress.

Jackson-Lee is perhaps the worst member of Congress ever for three reasons: She is stupid. She is evil. She is greedy. She is also obnoxious, but I said three reasons and we on the Alt-Right never give out extra credit. Other than that, she has an opaque and unfathomable character. If she were not in Congress, she would be that woman whose fundamentally bitchy and malignant nature would be driving otherwise dutiful Christians out of a low church Baptist congregation. She is an execration.

She is not merely stupid. She is the long and wrong tail of the intellectual bell curve. She is to stupid what Harvey was to rainy weather. Her real objection to Harvey is that NOAA didn’t name it Hurricane Jamarquavious. I wish I were kidding. I.AM.NOT.KIDDING.

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee complained in 2003 that storm names were too white. “All racial groups should be represented,” she said, and asked officials to “try to be inclusive of African-American names.”

And in case you thing President Trump needs more advice on how to handle Kim Jong-un, here’s who not to call. Sheila displays her geographical cluelessness below.

“I stand here asking us to do what we did not do in Vietnam, (which) was to recognize the valiant and outstanding service of our men and women, and to understand victory had been achieved,” she said during the special order speech, which House members can give on any topic at the end of a day’s legislative work. “Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working,” she said. “We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace. I would look for a better human rights record for North Vietnam, but they are living side by side.”

And I would have you know, I am not a liar when I call The She-Jack an outlier. Her visit to NASA JPL will go down in history. Winston Smith’s Memory Hole can burn it over and over again. Yet the stupid cannot die!

In 1997, while on a trip to the Mars Pathfinder operations center in California, Jackson Lee asked if the Pathfinder had succeeded in taking a picture of the flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Needless to say, Jackson Lee, then a member of the House Science Committee, had confused Mars with the Moon.

I find myself sick and tired of genius tech overlords who are evil. I don’t like being tired, so today I’ll discuss low tech evil. It’s She-Jack, so I’ll be discussing evil that may well require a job that’s one or two steps below automation. It’s low, mean-spirited, hyper-aggressive nasty. In Amerika, that typically involves an absolutely moronic obsession with race. She won’t drink Pepsi-Cola, so let me ask you a very personal question, Amerika… Is your cola dark enough?

Jackson Lee recently blasted a Pepsi advertisement shown during the Super Bowl in which a black woman throws a can of soda at her husband for ogling an attractive white woman next to them. “It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman,” she thundered from the House floor.

And then there is the Sheila Jackson Lee management style.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas also hands out nicknames to the people who work for her. The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherfucker.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.”

It wasn’t just limited to demeaning sobriquets.

Capitol Hill is famous for its demanding, insensitive bosses. Yet even by the harsh standards of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee stands out. She may be the worst boss in Washington. “It’s like being an Iraq War veteran,” says someone who worked for her. Strangers may say, “‘oh I know what you’ve been through.’ No, you really don’t. Because until you’ve experienced it…. People don’t tell the worst of the stories, because they’re really unbelievable.” For some, a job in Jackson Lee’s office proved not just emotionally but physically perilous. One staffer recalls a frank conversation with his doctor, who told him he needed to quit. “It’s your life or your job,” the doctor told him…

And it wasn’t just her employees who were in danger when the intellectual and moral Low Pressure System known as She-Jack blew into town.

Her former drivers say the congresswoman demanded they run red lights and drive on highway shoulders around traffic. This caused at least one accident. As Jackson Lee was yelling at a staffer to drive faster she turned too sharply, smashing the side of her car into a wall. Jackson Lee’s requests don’t stop at the end of a normal working day. “In the middle of the night, people had to go get her garlic. She’ll call you at two in the morning for garlic because she takes them as supplements,” a former staffer said. Jackson Lee’s garlic runs were confirmed by other staffers, too, though no one could remember the exact brand of the supplement. The deputy chief of staff “would have to go get it, and he would have to go drop it off. It was some kind of a multi-vitamin,” another former staffer said. On Christmas Eve, one staffer was at a midnight mass ceremony at her church. When the boss called, the staffer didn’t answer. “She got so irritated that I wasn’t answering her call on Christmas Eve. So she called me every minute for 56 minutes,” the source recalled.

Evil is bad, stupid is worse. Greed makes it quite the trifecta. Nepotism, like charity, begins in the home. Members of The House of Representatives have the power of the purse. Representative Jackson-Lee opened up that purse and made it rain over where her husband worked.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) steered more than $5 million in tax dollars to the University of Houston, where her husband is an official. The Washington Post revealed in an investigative report dubbed “Family Ties” that Jackson ensured her husband’s university was well subsidized.

Then there was what happened a hospital her husband had ties to had monetary problems.

Houston Riverside General Hospital specialized in the kind of medicine its better-heeled brethren did their best to avoid. Like treating the poor, the mentally ill, the drug-addled. So it’s no surprise that the 95-year-old nonprofit — formerly known as Houston Negro Hospital — shared the same broken finances as the people it served. Most patients couldn’t pay their own way, leaving Riverside to survive off the rock-bottom reimbursement rates of Medicare and Medicaid. At one point, it was losing $10,000 a day. That’s when executives decided to cauterize the wound with a hot poker of fraud.

So they were about to go down hard. Then Representative Jackson Lee went up to bat for her friends.

In 1996, the State of Texas accused Riverside of padding fees and billing for drug rehabilitation services it never provided. Texas canceled $1 million in contracts and demanded that the hospital repay another $763,000. It also urged the feds to audit Riverside’s Medicare and Medicaid payments. Yet charges of fraud weren’t enough for bureaucrats to fully close the spigot. The money continued to flow.
It would take another eight years before the state finally had enough. In 2004, it moved most of its drug-treatment contracts to more trusted providers, slashing Riverside’s funding by 75 percent.

Unfortunately for the taxpayers, CEO Earnest Gibson III had friends in influential places. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) demanded an investigation of the cuts, calling on Governor Rick Perry to restore the money. Perry, who had appointed Gibson to the Board of Regents at Texas Southern University, was happy to oblige. By the time it was over, Riverside emerged with another $3 million.

Thus, like garbage, Congresswoman Jackson Lee floats to the top of the harbor as the Houston bayous are flooded by the City of Houston and the Army Corps of Engineers deciding to use half of the city as a reservoir pond. She is demanding $150Bn in recovery money.

Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said federal lawmakers should begin working on a Hurricane Harvey aid package worth about $150 billion, more than double the amount Hurricane Sandy needed five years ago. Jackson Lee told CNN today that the funding to recover from the massive flooding is needed “because this not only includes the Houston Harris County area, which is 6 million in its metroplex, but all of our areas, such as Beaumont, that was hit last night, Victoria and Corpus and places in south Texas.” “We don’t know where else Hurricane Harvey will come,” she said. “And we understand it may turn back to Houston on tomorrow and the next day.”

If it were just hurricane relief, and if somebody could produce an estimate that demonstrated where this money is needed, then it would be logical to vote for the funds and get Houston back on its feet. But this is not the case with hurricane relief bills. They are demotic vehicles for the grifters and the greedy. Hurricane Sandy’s $75 billion relief bill only spent $25 billion on actual storm relief.

If the same proves true of the Harvey relief bill, and if She-Jack gets her way, we’re talking $100 billion stolen from the American taxpayer. Nobody in their right mind would ever put somebody like Sheila Jackson Lee in charge of a $150 billion hedge fund with little or no administrative control on how she invested it. But this, by its very nature, is what happens under government by and for the people, who after all elected fraudster Sylvester Turner, the Kwame Kilpatrick of Texas.

Harvey’s floodwaters will recede. Brave and hard-working people will feed the starving, shelter the dispossessed, rescue the stranded and rebuild among the sodden refuse and wreckage. Then Joel Osteen will go back to asking for more of your money. Sadly, Sheila Jackson Lee will remain an anthropogenic disaster that infects both Houston and the United States Congress until the various tribes of Houston emerge from their primeval state of demotism.

Democracy’s Google Problem

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Trust the United Nations to say that the world not as the world is.

They tell us that democracy is barely breathing in Venezuela. The only thing slowing its breathing is its constant gorging at the trough. Democracy is eating Venezuela like a buffet after the Oakland Raiders arrive. French President Macron accidentally and egregiously told the truth about what was happening over there.

“The generalised and systematic use of excessive force during demonstrations and the arbitrary detention of protesters and perceived political opponents indicate that these were not the illegal or rogue acts of isolated officials,” the report said. The extent of the violations “points to the existence of a policy to repress political dissent and instill fear in the population to curb demonstrations at the cost of Venezuelans’ rights and freedoms”, it (Macron, I presume) added.

The Unelected Cucking Caudillo of the UN (UCCUN) then held forth on what a democracy should do when bad things happen to people who protest election results.

“The government must ensure there are prompt, independent and effective investigations of the human rights violations allegedly committed by the security forces,” as well as by pro-government groups and armed protesters, Mr Zeid said.

But what if a good, solid working majority of the voters get off on the “the generalised and systematic use of excessive force during demonstrations and the arbitrary detention of protesters and perceived political opponents?” If Antifa forms a government in the US or Great Britain, wouldn’t they want Nazi-punching inaugurated as an Olympic Sport?

The flaw in democracy is the flaw in human individuals amplified by groupthink, hive-mind and committee mentality behavior. Once a majority of We The People (WTFP) wants your sorry posterior dirt-napped, you are going down. Democracy demands it — and no emperor, king or dictator is as cruel a master as the mob. Ask Jesus and Socrates.

And if you don’t believe that the will of the people is perverse, puerile, perverted, pusillanimous and frequently in accordance with the true spirit of Mordor, then you need to get your ass off the couch and meet more of the fine folk in your neck of the woods. So democracy in Venezuela delivers. It’s the product Macron’s mom, oops, I mean his wife probably instructed him to object to.

Joel Kotkin gives us the #Cuckservative version of the same sort of whinge. He tells us that President Trump damaged democracy and Silicon Valley will finish it off.

The Silicon Valley and its Puget Sound annex dominated by Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft increasingly resemble the pre-gas crisis Detroit of the Big Three. Tech’s Big Five all enjoy overwhelming market shares—for example Google controls upwards of 80 percent of global search—and the capital to either acquire or crush any newcomers. They are bringing us a hardly gilded age of prosperity but depressed competition, economic stagnation, and, increasingly, a chilling desire to control the national conversation.
Jeff Bezos harrumphs through his chosen megaphone, The Washington Post, about how “democracy dies in the dark.” But if Bezos—the world’s third richest man, who used the Post first to undermine Bernie Sanders and then to wage ceaseless war on the admittedly heinous Donald Trump—really wants to identify the biggest long-term threat to individual and community autonomy, he should turn on the lights and look in the mirror.

Now, as America’s version of the democratic Visigoth Holiday threatens to wind on down, even Matthew Yglesias over at Vox started to take notice. Journalism’s extra from the set of Eyes Wide Shut ponders with furrowed brow that a company that owns over 80% of its market and maintains a fleet of offshore cruise ships to house its illegal immigrant workforce, might just be exerting a wee tad bit of influence over Matthew’s beloved Democratic Party.

All businesses lobby on behalf of their interests, and in recent years that lobbying has increasingly expanded to include more focus on things like think tanks and other aspects of the “deep” influence game. Google has been especially an especially aggressive player at deep influence. The Wall Street journal reported in July, for example, that they’ve spent millions of dollars subsidizing academic research that backs Google policy positions, often mapping out the thesis to be proven and then shopping to find the scholar to do the work. Google’s money, not always disclosed, has backed donations to think tanks across the ideological spectrum as well as more prosaic forms of influence peddling like campaign contributions. What makes Google somewhat unusual for such a big company is that it’s fairly closely aligned with the Democratic Party. Dozens of people moved from jobs at Google to jobs in the Obama administration, and vice versa, over its eight-year span.

We’ll walk Matthew through a gentle black-pilling here and let him see how The Matrix really works. Google finds it refreshingly pleasant and surprising that the Democrats are so willing to align themselves with its long-term corporate strategy. They find it particularly surprising how benign their acquisition of this old and once-proud political monopoly of coercion has actually been. There have been occasional hiccups along the way, but then again, what Megacorporation hasn’t had to spin-off or terminate a few unprofitable divisions.

And yes, dozens of people have moved back and forth between Google HQ and their subordinate Obama White House. It was a high-risk acquisition, that Obama White House, and somebody had to fly out there and provide a bit of technical expertise. So democracy has been surprisingly effective for Goolag, Crapple, Zuckerface, et al, but all good love affairs come to an end. Google owns politicians the way Wall Street money managers own positions in Walmart or Caterpillar.

They hope that they know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and never let those positions have any normative influence on their beliefs. Perhaps, as President Trump LBOed their butts out of DC and the EU decided to tax them as perhaps a rainy-day fund in case the Brexit actually leaves the building, Google thinks their democracy position is reaching its shelf life and smells like last Thursday’s delivery from the milkman. So as Google begins to think it has a democracy problem — and democracy wants to think itself potent enough to even solve a Google problem — something will have to be done.

Now Google properly evaluates ROI on democracy based on how frequently their paid politicians win and then how well they behave and stay bought once in office. If they get Hillaried, or if their protégés/catamites defect to Bernie or The Donald, then Google has a dilemma on its hands. They can double-down on the information control and politician-buying, or they can cut their losses and divest. They can be Amerikan and start moving all their jobs to China.

Democracy, on the other hand, has two options of its own to deal with their Goolag problem. We’ll describe these options as Roosevelt I and Roosevelt II.

  • Roosevelt I (AKA The Tedster) involves dusting off an old law known as The Sherman Anti-Trust Act and hammering the crap out of the Silicon Valley Oligarchs. Break their companies and make them spin off tentacles the way Judge Green dismembered AT&T. This would lead to something akin to the regional Baby Bells and a briefly less efficient Internet. After that, innovation will kick in and Google and Twitter will seem about as advanced as old, early 1990’s brick cell phones. If democracy beats Google, this is how I’d want it all to go down.
  • Roosevelt II (AKA Evil Amerikan Emperor) involves making the Internet into some sort of giant TVA. Theoretically, at least, nationalization of social media would make Goolag, Faceberg, Twatter, et al, have to work around the First Amendment in order to censor, say Baked Alaska. They would be licensed public carriers rather than private enterprises. But what if democracy goes into end-stage demotic decline here as badly as it has in Venezuela? Well, then the voters would demand “The generalised and systematic use of excessive force during demonstrations and the arbitrary detention of protesters and perceived political opponents.” Twitter’s Memory Hole Committee wouldn’t keep the people waiting. They’d be GLAAD to get cracking on that one pronto. The Roosevelt II option would only make the Internet more Orwellian than it already is.

So if you beat Google with democracy, you get totalitarianism. If you democratize Google, you get authoritarianism. Only smashing Goog-hole or smashing democracy — or ideally, smashing both Goolag and mob rule — will resolve the issue in a favorable manner for the commonweal of the society. Is there any conceivable chance that we can embrace healing power of and on this one?

Liberals Can’t Wish Away Nature

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Affirmative Action is worse than officially sanctioned state-sponsored “racism.” It is also, corrupt, inefficient and stupid enough to fail the very people it was intended to save. It does as much for a single mother in a project somewhere as King Canute accomplished by commanding the tides.

And that actually seems to be the point if we assume the people in charge of this were cynical. Yet another indicator of how far LBJ‘s vision of greatness falls short involves how little Affirmative Action has done to effectively improve the educational outcomes of targeted minorities.

Even after decades of affirmative action, black and Hispanic students are more underrepresented at the nation’s top colleges and universities than they were 35 years ago, according to a New York Times analysis. The share of black freshmen at elite schools is virtually unchanged since 1980. Black students are just 6 percent of freshmen but 15 percent of college-age Americans, as the chart below shows.

This, according to The Left was not supposed to happen. Government could step in and make the family and the smaller community irrelevant. But lots of things happen that are not supposed to happen. One thing that I personally don’t think is supposed to happen is widely accepted illegitimate human breeding. But, nope, they don’t listen to cranky old JPW and put a sock on the cock unless the deliberately intend to breed. David French briefly uncucks and notes an interesting correlation between what The Carlos Slim Blog doesn’t want to see happen and what JPW would rather not have occur.

The cohort that’s most overrepresented in American colleges and universities, Asian Americans, also happens to have the lowest percentage of nonmarital births in the United States. In fact, the greater the percentage of nonmarital births, the worse the educational outcomes. Only 16.4 percent of Asian and Pacific Islander children are born into nonmarried households. For white, Hispanic, and black Americans the percentages are 29.2, 53, and 70.6, respectively.

This was also something that Managerial State Liberals never wanted to see happen. They were smart guys like Jonathan Gruber who could bullshit reality and change its course because, MIT or somesuch credential. This is hubris. This is the fatally-flawed foundation upon which all Leftism is ultimately built. If poli-sci is downstream from theology, then LBJ’s Great Society is the policy consequence of a leadership steeped in a contemporaneous version of The Gnostic Heresy. Who needs a family when Gov-a-God can command that all women lead the Life of Julia.

Follow the BezosBlog link to the original Life of Julia advertisement on and you’ll fly the 404-Flag. They’ve called the Fire Department on this one and Montague has dutifully arrived. This is fitting. The Life of Julia ranks up there in believability with “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” The Life of Julia is better represented by this. The real “Life of Julia” doesn’t lend itself to raising kids who are typical Harvard Material.

The problem is, like so much of our political rhetoric, Julia is not a composite; she’s a myth. Some of the nation’s single moms may be successful Web designers, but many are poor — fully half have incomes of less than $30,000 a year, compared with just 15 percent of married women. It’s not Pell grants and SBA loans these women rely on but Medicaid and food stamps. And it’s not comfortable retirements in community gardens they contemplate but bleak old age. Whereas government benefits were once the state’s compassionate response to women who had lost their husbands, in Julia’s world they are the unquestionable entitlement of women who never married.

The hubris of Amerikan central planners has destroyed the lives and betrayed the hopes and dreams of countless women of every background and color. It has taught them to diminish the family, which has predictably, destroyed and diminished any lasting legacy they hoped would endure beyond their final passage from the terrestrial vale of tears. You cannot undo the stupid with another layer of stupid. Julia’s kids are not getting the benefits of Affirmative Action. The ones raking in money are 3.2% Cherokee and 100% Butthole.

In the end, Affirmative Action is nothing except a fraud and a lie. The only people who still sincerely believe in it’s good intentions are rolling to disbelieve anytime reality bites them in the posterior. Grifters and Card-Sharps use it to steal money, status and honor based on drummed-up racial guilt trips. It can never work because no administrative state in world history has ever been able to change human nature. From Nebuchadnezzer on forward, every attempt at anything resembling an affirmative action program has failed. And here I figured the smart guys at Harvard would piece the truth together and move past…

Never Trust Hollywood

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Beware the rise of The Satanic Pig. Not just any Satanic Pig, but the Satanic Male-Chauvinist Pig! The “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s has given way to the PC panic of the 2010s.

A male chauvinist pig isn’t born, he’s made, and more and more of them are being made by women.

Either that, or Girl Power has taken a dark and gothic turn for the worse. You see, a Hollywood travesty on the level of Estrogenated Ghostbusters is about to leap forth onto the screens of mostly empty movie theatres across Amerika. An all-female Lord of The Flies. I recommend they channel some Old School Miles Davis and call the thing Bitches Brew.

If you see a black cat, and then see the same black cat again, it is a deja-vu. This, you see is perhaps an unavoidable glitch in the all-powerful narrative. Just as an earthly woman cannot possibly live simultaneous archetypes of both Madonna and Whore, an earthly, human female cannot possibly be completely dominant and completely moral. The story arc of “Lord of The Flies” is both empowering and yet also completely disillusioning. This is causing professional females who seem to do not much else except female to ramp up the criticism.

“Not every story makes sense to gender-flip,” wrote Yohana Desta at Vanity Fair. “Particularly if that story is William Golding’s classic Lord of the Flies, a vicious tale about a barbaric boy-made society. The concept alone,” she continues, “disregards the point of the book!” Get it? “The point of the book” is that boys—just boys!—are inherently bad.

At the time William Golding wrote Lord of The Flies he was accused of being sexist. He triggered early feminists who haven’t read some of the scenes of Golding’s opus too closely by stating the following about little girls versus little boys.

If you land with a group of little boys, they are more like scaled-down society than a group of little girls would be. Don’t ask me why, and this is a terrible thing to say because I’m going to be chased from hell to breakfast by all the women who talk about equality.

He saw his career dissipation light flicker and deftly virtue-signaled his way out of the wilderness with this rejoinder.

This has nothing to do with equality at all. I mean, I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.

So let’s take William Golding’s Girl Power Thesis to its logical asymptote. We have the scene in the novel where Simon kills the female pig.

Here, struck down by the heat, the sow fell and the hunters hurled themselves at her. This dreadful eruption from an unknown world made her frantic; she squealed and bucked and the air was full of sweat and noise and blood and terror […]. The spear moved forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing became a high-pitched scream. Then Jack found the throat and the hot blood spouted over his hands. The sow collapsed under them […].

So just how would Girl Power supersede this? What, pray tell would a shemale of valor and might do to a pig to outdo the silly little boys? Would any studio in Hollywood have the guts to make a band of WunderWomyn go even as far as the boys did?

We would, however, like to draw your attention to a highly disturbing scene in Chapter Eight when the boys kill a female pig. The sexual violence of the scene and the repetition of “right up her ass” (8.197) make us think that this slaughter sounds a lot like rape. Since the only females on the island are female pigs, we don’t have to face the horrors of what might have happened had little girls been stuck on the island, too. But Golding does make us wonder…

You get a sense of why Ms. Vanity Fair doesn’t think flipping gender (whatever that still is) makes sense here. It almost reminds me of George W. Bush telling us that there jobs Amerikans just won’t do. But then again, Ms. Vanity Fair probably wouldn’t want us extending this logic without loss of generality. Induction can be a treacherous crutch once it starts being used to add things to the subtended set that the original user did not intend. I’m reminded of the infamous 115 lb Female Firefighter. We can move from there to discuss just how many females you want deploying as part of a Combat Infantry Brigade.

Once you decide that you maybe don’t want females walking through minefields or hauling 2/3 of their body weight in firefighting gear, we then move on to peripheral issues like the wage gap vs workplace mortality. Let’s talk benefits vs workplace mortality. Let’s discuss perceptions of male victims of spousal physical abuse vs the perception afforded female victims of the same unrightful treatment.

At some point, Ms. Vanity Fair is not going to be fond of where this conversation starts leading people. At that point, some stories don’t makes sense to gender-flip. That silence that falls is the end state of a narrative that has self-sabotaged. Maybe then, we can all talk some sense. Perhaps that Satanic Pig isn’t such an evil bloke after all.

An Outrage Bubble Forms and Dissipates

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Imagine your favorite football or rugby squad force-walking the opposition down the field in a manner that reminds you of an angry Tiger Mom “suggesting” that her bratty offspring make it to the darn bus stop on time to go away to school. Imagine they look unstoppable, ticking over the scoreboard every time they touch the ball, while you sit there bloated on lite beer and chips, thinking you don’t even stand a chance.

You might fall into manic depression because of this, but really you are the victim of a classic bluff. Somebody comes up with ideas so simple that even the products of contemporary public schools can understand them or at least chant them out as slogans. Like terrorism, this works like hell. The Left has been applying this formula for decades:

  1. Identify someone you don’t like.
  2. Find some pretext under which to call him a Nazi.
  3. Remind everyone that Nazis are evil.
  4. Summon the crowd to destroy evil, starting with him.

Then, you push your luck even further by expanding the target group to include not just actual Nazis, or even people who actually disagree with you, but all who fail to agree with you.

Everyone who supports free market capitalism is a rich jerk who looks down on poor people? Check. Anyone who complains about political correctness just wants to be a sexist boor? Check. Anyone who talks hawkishly about Islamic terrorism must be driven by a neurotic need to prove his masculinity? Check. Anyone who doesn’t sign up for the latest iteration of the “diversity” agenda must harbor some kind of implicit sympathy for white nationalists? Yeah, well, check.

Like all forms of corruption, this works at first and in fact works better than its opposition because it is simpler. It is like the coach who intimidates his opposition by running the biggest, ugliest and dumbest players down the field like bowling balls: he will triumph until someone gets the guts to stand up to these clowns and depose them. In the same way, the Leftist bluff got called when Sam Huntington wrote about the “clash of civilizations.”

It takes a rare event to knock over this bluff. Someone refuses to get chucked into the bonfire. Somebody won’t dutifully yell “Sieg Heil!” when someone unjustly calls them a Nazi. Those someones stop arguing. They get quiet and start dropping out instead of yelling, like serial killers acting systematically and with emotionless logicality instead of the fat, blubbery and bloated sentiment of our current system.

Leftism fails when reality responds in a way that the SJWs, SWPLs and Cucks have in no way considered possible when they made the series of increasingly bad and tragic decisions that their ideology commands them to make:

In their self-satisfied hubris, time and time again, they underestimate those who disagree with them. They don’t seem to learn from experience. All this has happened before. For my part, I am done with the left. There are many like me. Our numbers are growing. You know, intelligent, well-read, well-armed guys who are tired of being mocked and belittled and shrilled at by their intellectual, moral and almost always physical inferiors. Guys who are increasingly political.

This “outrage bubble” that is the Left’s bluff only works when we sit back and take it or, like abused children, lash out against our tormentors, who have hidden their ill deeds, and therefore the public only sees our reaction, and assumes that we are as described. Here’s how we truly know that the left has inflated an outrage bubble.

Is this even real life anymore? This might even be worse than MSESPN apologizing for the fantasy football slave draft a couple of weeks ago. To avoid offending left wing idiots Robert Lee, the Asian college football announcer, not the Confederate General who died in 1870 and shares a name with him, was switched to the Youngstown State at Pittsburgh game and Dave Weekley will now call the William and Mary at University of Virginia game. Unless someone tries to take down Dave Weekley statues between now and kickoff. In which case ESPN will be royally fucked.

The outrage bubble on the Left has become competitive — they are trying to be more offended and more victimized than one another — and as a result has completely divorced from reality. At this point, people see the Leftist threat for the proto-Communist “soft totalitarianism” that it is, and instead of fighting it, they take a vital first step: they simply stop supporting it. They no longer listen. They are not impressed by its screeds and studies. They ignore its Pravda-esque media.

In AD 2017, there is no reason to enter into any dialogue with a Leftist. It doesn’t matter if you are Alt-Right, Alt-Light or Bud-Light. The Left seeks only an excuse to deplatform you, get you fired from your profession and to make your life miserable. The right way to handle this is to cut them out of the loop entirely, because at this point, if you fail to agree with them enough, you’re a secret Nazi!

We should not commend Republican party elected officials who claim outrage on social media at Trump’s remarks, often without daring to mention his name. The phony claimed outrage becomes dangerous if it convinces anyone that there is a distinction between Trump’s abhorrent comments and the Republican Party agenda. The lesson from Charlottesville is not how dangerous the neo-Nazis are. It is the unmasking of the Republican party leadership. In the wake of last weekend’s horror and tragedy, let us finally, finally rip off the veneer that Trump’s affinity for white supremacy is distinct from the Republican agenda of voter suppression, renewed mass incarceration and the expulsion of immigrants.

So if everyone to the Right of Yuri Andropov is just a BBQ-The-Jew Nazi, then anything goes in fighting you and shutting you down. You can fight back by rejecting this, mocking it, and then counteracting it. Here are some easy methods:

  1. Personally divest. If you are still on cable, walk away. I assure you that the next Game of Thrones Episode or Dallas Cowboys game will be online within 36 hours of completion. They have no way of stopping you from watching much, if not all; of their content for free. Advertisers are very happy to support any online outlet that gets them 100K non-robot ad views. You’re just a !NAZI! They should just expect it out of you.
  2. Form Your Own Groups and Communities. Stop being dependent upon the toxic lifestyle septic tank we have as a culture. Find your own groups for recreation, trade, social interaction and ultimately everything you need to survive. Begin a gradual process of getting off the system. Grow your own, make your own, earn passive income and don’t associate or support anyone that goes #SJW. Your Mannerbund should be your community as much as possible. Pull away from Cuck Churches, converged corporations, et cetra. Your money supports more things that you detest than you could imagine. List a few of them and cut them off.
  3. Do Not Forgive and Forget Easily. #SJWs, #SWPLs and #CUCKS will begin to notice the size of the crowd that has withdrawn from their spaces. They will notice the loss of retail foot traffic, the reduction in page views and, most importantly, the disappearance of your money. The Left is both Dialectic and very Materialist(ic). Russ Feingold knows in his wormy, rotten heart that he and those like him cannot produce what they need to continue in a dominant position. #Facebook will always email you back if it isn’t getting enough of your information to sell to asshole telemarketers. Blow them off and keep blowing them off until a few of them begin to economically suffer.
  4. Ridicule Them. Nothing they say is true; nothing they portray is real. That which is not real, or true, which means our human assessment of how it normally works for us, is useless. Not only is it useless, but it’s in power. This means that it’s back to high school, where all adults were obvious idiots and us kids ran circles around them and made fun of them for insisting on stuffy old rules and stupid dogmas. Leftism is centuries old. Make it look as old, calcified and pointless as it is.

The end goal is to make the Left so ludicrous that everyone writes them off as the losers that they are, as happened to Hillary “Ask Me Where the Bodies Are Buried” Clinton in the 2016 election. Nobody will want to get caught watching these losers. Any organization that caters to the Left is like a walking punchline waiting to happen. When it happens, the Left will eat its own. All we need to do is shatter their image of importance and moral rightness. This is how we short the Leftist Outrage Bubble and win this battle in the eternal ideological war.

Bring Back Dueling

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

The law is an ass. It emasculates men who would otherwise be thriving in a state of nature, so that men who could not survive in nature can feel confident enough to serve in their repetitive roles.

Men tend to be closers. By that I mean we typically, as a gender, want to seek solutions to conundrums. Drama results in anxiety, which results in bad behavior. You would almost have to live in a world where does not exist to not have seen a recent example of this play out. The Andrew Anglin vs Vox Day ego battle reminds us all why dueling unto the death was the right and proper way to restrain toxic masculinity. It does for male public behavior what a caring dad with a well-oiled white shotgun did for masculine sexual morality in teenage years.

Dueling appears to the contemporary as about the most brutal and animalistic way of settling disputes. It was actually quite the opposite. It served to civilize. It was aimed at stopping the constant escalation of feuds from The Capulets vs. The Montagues to The Hatfields vs. The McCoys. Two men, a plaintiff and a defendant, chose their weapons, came with their seconds, and then got in on and fought until one man surrendered or died. The resulting outcome squashed the beef. Might didn’t make right, fair or just. It made something better. It made over. Things got resolved and everyone else’s life went on. Drama took place onstage at The Globe Theater.

Dueling was the product of an older, perhaps better, definition of honor. In the South Seas Islands, honor was described as the sound of a man’s name. This meant what thoughts came to your mind when one person spoke the name of another. If good or positive connotations came to mind, the individual spoken of was held in high esteem and was treated well. If not so good connotations came to mind, the individual in question would suffer from being held in low esteem by everybody he lived around. Honor was a valuable possession. An intangible form of wealth. A good name was a social, financial and sexual asset in this sort of society. A bad name held a man back from all three. This version of honor held in societies throughout much of the world.

This made bad-mouthing a terrible thing. The Catholic Church made Scandal a sin as a way to make church membership a valuable asset. An honor insurance policy so to speak, against the personal depredations of others. The Catechism of The Catholic Church describes scandal this way:


You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
It was said to the men of old, “You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn.”

The eighth commandment forbids misrepresenting the truth in our relations with others. This moral prescription flows from the vocation of the holy people to bear witness to their God who is the truth and wills the truth. Offenses against the truth express by word or deed a refusal to commit oneself to moral uprightness: they are fundamental infidelities to God and, in this sense, they undermine the foundations of the covenant.

The church so endeavored in order to prevent the spread of vendetta. Beginning with the Sermon on the Mount, Christian Pacifists have looked for methods of staving off and defusing vendettas between families. Much of the reasoning had to do with not just the welfare of the families involved. It also involved the commonweal of all those who lived and worked near where all the fireworks went off. Only the absence of vendetta prevents the collateral damage the comes with it.

When faith didn’t carry the day, chivalry and social custom intervened to solve the same problem. Honor could be damaged and offense could be given by anyone who chose to disregard their faith and even the saved remain sinners who will fall short of the grace of God. The duel became a mechanism to redress damaged honor. The party perceiving offense would demand satisfaction. Satisfaction could take two forms. A retraction with a humble apology or an agreement to meet and settle the issue like men of valor and vim.

In the case of Anglin and Vox Day, both men perceive slights. Vox has referred to Anglin as a retard and a false believer in Rightist politics and philosophy. Calling him a retard wasn’t good enough to justify any legitimate demand of satisfaction. I get called one by my lovely wife every other day. It’s just not a big deal if you are comfortable in your own skin. Calling Anglin a fraud is a legitimate prelude to scandal. Fraud is an actual moral defect, and that impugns a man’s honor.

Day has legitimate causus belli against Anglin. Calling someone a known pedophile is reprehensible on levels I would not care to dig far enough into the ground to reach. Some of the meme warfare against Vox Day legitimately belongs in a landfill somewhere. So it’s all pretty simple. Mr. Anglin, Mr. Day, sharpen your effing cutlasses and get it on. We the rest of the Gab Community may or may not exercise our collective option to shoot whichever of these two shaved monkeys crawls off The Plain of Mars still breathing. That or put on the Big Boy Pants and shut both of your sorry yaps about it.

Yet here is where modern emasculatory lawfare renders us castrati not men. A poor decision was made that men should stop killing one another in duels. Thus, The United States ultimately banned dueling. An even poorer decision was made that the government should become the ultimate justiciar of lost honor. This was made possible through the enactment of Defamation Laws that sought to ban both libel and slander.

This brings us to where we all want Free Speech without consequence and therefore are living a contradiction. We all like to think we can say what we want, where we want and that nobody should be able to shut us down. This obviously isn’t what we want when someone malicious and untoward starts talking about us. The redress of this insult through legal means is a complicated, messy process that often ends up like the contested inheritance in the Charles Dickens novel Bleak House. Taking this route makes the plaintiff a potential menace to anyone standing in his vicinity.

In the Day vs. Anglin dust-up, Day has decided to lawyer up and start getting people on Gab doxxed so that he can file some rip-ass defamation of character suits. Angry men act angrily. Anglin and his buddies went into the gutter to insult Vox Day. But then again, Day did call Anglin an ideological fraud. Ideologues tend to take that sort of thing as an affront to their sacred honor. It’s like telling a priest that you believe he’s kinda-sorta just kidding about the whole Jeebus Thing.

Angry men also act without consideration for others. I’m reminded immediately of what happened when CNN doxxed HanAssholeSolo and got the wrong hole. I’m also reminded that other people like having use of the platform without stray drama from jousting primadonnas who look quite ugly in their garish ballet tights. (I hope that wasn’t too defamatory, children.) Muting them both and several of their most obnoxious knob-slob fan boys (oops, more crass defamation) only goes so far to avoid the toxic spillage.

In conclusion, I urge both Day and Anglin to go settle this affair on your own time and your own dime. Let the best man win and let the rest of us who just wish you’d both go somewhere else to fornicate off and die be left in peace. Even the “winner” of this Middle School ego-dick pissing contest is a damaged good who will offer less value and substance to the Rightist cause of social renewal and rejuvenation going forwards. For the sake of the adults in the room, knock it the heck off.

An Outrage Bubble Ready to Pop

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Chris Matthews knew one big thing, one very big thing in the run-up to the 2008 Election. As much as I’d love to watch him get treated to the same attack-dog opprobrium he regularly dishes out to anyone holding opinions to the Right of say, Salvador Allende, he was in early for the kill on Barack Hussein Obama.

Matthews speaks of having a tingle run up his legs when he realized that, finally, he was a pundit who was getting it right before anyone else. I get the same tingle he did when I look at what is now commonly accepted but will soon fall. Amerika is in the midst of yet another bubble. This is the social equivalent to the housing bubble or securities debt bubble. We are experiencing an outrage bubble.

This bubble seems like life as normal now, but it is over-ripe and ready to fall. It is being overinflated by an over-indulgence in altruistic and egalitarian attention whoring that is divorcing mainstream consciousness from the reality that actually exists on the ground. The asset being traded isn’t economic. It is social and political goodwill. The market is public opinion. The securities, so to speak, are political positions vis-a-vis American History and the roles of various ethnic groups therein.

Three idiot tribes are currently over-exposed in this market. These tribes are the SJWs, the SWPLs and the Cucks. Here is how each group contributes through the typical driving mixture between greed and fear.

SJWs want to destroy any vestige of White, European Culture in the United States. This culture tends to be more resistant to Socialism, protective of private property and resistant to centralized government. It’s very hard to collectivize the land you don’t own, held by people who believe you to be dealing from a deck that’s light a few cards with a government not powerful enough to make them zip their soup-coolers.

They therefore resort to shaming tactics in order to make people do their bidding. They claim to want equality in order to disarm their political opposition. They talk about slavery in order to expand their control over others. They talk about history that they deliberately twist and misrepresent to fit within what they believe will be an empowering narrative. SJWs Then they resort to violence out of frustration and greed for power. It’s at this juncture the bubble begins to inflate.

SWPLs are rich and powerful people of who happen to fit well within the target demographics of the SJWs. They, therefore, feel a sense of risk. In order to assuage this risk, they take two steps.

1) They position themselves as lovers of diversity. They loudly say all the things SJWs agree with. Their tongues grow blisters from the licking of the SJW jack-boot. And yet the dogs remain both rabid and hungry. Once you’ve accepted the disingenuous premise that prior historical injustice produces a valid claim to the assets of others in the present, the beast remains hungry and must be fed or it will not even temporarily agree to relent. This brings us to the second step of the SWPL two-step.

2) They shift the blame to the cultural, social and political right. They proclaim themselves better than those people — who, in order to keep their class consciousness intact, they describe as dirt people living in trailers — and stake them out there for the #JW ants. They scapegoat traditionalists, Conservatives, and any other Rightist they can pin a bullseye on.

Cucks then panic because they’ve been illuminated as targets by the SJWs. They attempt to isolate some form of “Evil Right.” They choose a bundle of issue to concede to the SJW/SWPL faction and then pass the threat of annihilation on to this “Evil Right.” In a sense, they are now an Outer Party of INGSOC as they loudly proclaim their love for Big Brother.

Yet every INGSOC needs a (((Goldstein))). It is at this point that they begin “Alt-Righting” as a means to better distribute the risk and shift the falsely-apportioned blame. The SJWs are repeatedly sent after scapegoats in hopes that the bloodlust will be sated. It’s like a game of musical chairs where the ones left standing get shot after the music stops.

This equilibrium is prone to metastasis at best, which means, like The Yellowstone Caldera, it will eventually have days where it is no longer particularly viable. There are approximately 200K actual Nazis in the US according to people with nothing better to do with their existence than count. This depends on how you define Nazi. If you include jailhouse Nazis who carve swastikas on their bodies only in return for protection from having their rectums frequently violated, you are wildly overestimating the Nazi Census. Let’s say half to two-thirds of the Nazis in the US are recruited through the corrections system. If only 50% of them actually think Hitler was a mensch, you are now down to 125K to 150K. Antifa should be able to kill and eat all of those and then take a dump before lunch. The next morning, they still wake up hungry.

So once you’ve run through the Nazis like the junk food aisle at your local filling station, who do you throw in the insatiable SJW wood-chipper next? Right now, that would seem to be anyone the Cucks decide to point at and scream like the Pod-People from a bad Sci-Fi film. So how is this a bubble? Two ways.

1) There is finite supply of people who are Nazis, pseudo-Nazis or even loseroids who just have hair-dos inspired by Der Fuhrer. There is an infinite supply of moronic people looking to eat a scapegoat rather than fix the surrounding, pervasive dysfunction. Eventually, they start running short of Kulaks.

2) The entire game, and I mean the entire game, depends upon what Ayn Rand once described as the sanction of the victim.

The “sanction of the victim” is the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the “sin” of creating values.

One man with courage tends to become a majority. What happens when the SJW train hits this roadblock? They lean on the SWPLs. The SWPLs give them money to continue their operations to avoid unpleasantness. The SJWs then lean hard on the #Cucks the way a loan shark goes in on a mark who has let the juice run a few days.

It’s then that the Cucks point the panicked finger of blame. They may not really believe you’re a Nazi, but they damn well believe they want #BLM off their verdant, meticulously-tended lawns. So what then happens to the Cucks when Mr. Big explains some physics to them. He tells them succinctly that it ain’t gonna suck itself. The whole fraud train crashes like the train in the tunnel scene from Atlas Shrugged. Do you feel any current running through the nerves in your legs yet?

Hiring Mercenaries Signifies The Death-Cycle of The American Republic

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Didius Julianus’ condign and hidious demise perhaps proves an old Beatles lyric true: money really can’t buy you love. That doesn’t mean it can’t buy you an empire. In 193 AD, it bought Juianus the remains of Roman civilization.

When the emperor Pertinax was killed trying to quell a mutiny, no accepted successor was at hand. Pertinax’s father-in-law and urban prefect, Flavius Sulpicianus, entered the praetorian camp and tried to get the troops to proclaim him emperor, but he met with little enthusiasm. Other soldiers scoured the city seeking an alternative, but most senators shut themselves in their homes to wait out the crisis. Didius Julianus, however, allowed himself to be taken to the camp, where one of the most notorious events in Roman history was about to take place. Didius Julianus was prevented from entering the camp, but he began to make promises to the soldiers from outside the wall. Soon the scene became that of an auction, with Flavius Sulpicianus and Didius Julianus outbidding each other in the size of their donatives to the troops. The Roman empire was for sale to the highest bidder. When Flavius Sulpicianus reached the figure of 20,000 sesterces per soldier, Didius Julianus upped the bid by a whopping 5,000 sesterces, displaying his outstretched hand to indicate the amount. The empire was sold, Didius Julianus was allowed into the camp and proclaimed emperor.

This, of course, was possible because the Roman State failed to preserve its monopoly over the means of coercion. At the end of the day, someone in the family needs to be Dad or else the happy, suburban domicile will probably be degraded into a trap house. So most developed nations have a HMFIC of their military. One man, no committee. One starting running back to carry the Nuclear Football.

Yet major developed countries also have major, debilitating bureaucracies. The forms must be filled out in triplicate, or the paperwork never moves forward. The more stressful a deadline or more dire a situation becomes, the more this constraint prevents the situation from being resolved successfully. War is about as desperate, time-sensitive and high-stakes as things can get. When you step to some fothermucker that starts a provocation, you’d better be ready to do really evil things in sick, disgusting ways. The closest thing war has to a participation trophy is the posthumous medal and the folded US Flag that gets handed over to your family along with a serious hole in their lives.

Ask a lot of people (JPW included), and they will tell you that the US has been getting its collective ass flambe’d on battlefields all over the world (despite the positively Herculean bravery of the typical Infantry Sergeant) because of this bureaucracy. In an episode of Game of Thrones, one character asked a swordmaster what to do with her new, shiney supersword. He kept it simple. “You stick them with the pointy end.” Back when US military commanders were like Patton, MacArthur, and Sherman, places like Dresden, Hiroshima, numerous tribal encampments and countless villages, towns and hamlets across the South got stuck with the pointy end. Like terrorism, it worked like hell. Might didn’t seem like it made right, but it damn sure made over. All their base were belong to us.

Sadly, we grew soft, squeamish and SWPL in how we went to war. Rules of engagement made you have to think. AK-47s were designed to spray lead first and leave nothing much but DNA samples if someone in charge asks questions later. This constantly put the officially, official US Army on the back foot in Vietnam, Iraq, and for the better part of two decades now, Afghanistan. Anyone reading their von Clausewitz in a Military Science Class would hold a very low opinion of any sort of litigation that voluntarily punted away our side’s initiative during a military conflict.

President Trump gets this and wants to cut Red Tape with a chainsaw. This is not a new military problem, and Western Nations have used a time-honored solution. They hire The Black Company. Glen Cook’s grim fantasy novels are grounded in historical precedent from The Hundred Years War.

There have always been soldiers motivated more by pay than by their cause. In the Hundred Years War, many of these men fought in freelance mercenary units such as the White Company, serving not their country but the side most willing to pay them. Their presence helped to turn soldiering into a paid profession in both Britain and France. The mercenary companies that played a part in the Hundred Years War had their origins in 13th century Italy. Many Italian city states lacked the armed forces to defend themselves but had plenty of money to pay others to do it, thanks to their position as key cities on European trade routes.

Nor would Donald Trump be the first US President ever to call in the Mercs. That dubious honor goes to Evil Amerikan Emperor Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His Flying Tigers were The Black Company on wings during WW II. Never say the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was completely unprovoked. Hell, FDR was putting Body-Bag Bounties on their air force pilots.

Officially known as the American Volunteer Group, the famed “Flying Tigers” were a three-squadron force of fighter pilots who fought with the Chinese against the Japanese during World War II. The unit was first organized in early 1941 in the months just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Eager to impede the Japanese takeover of China while still remaining neutral, President Franklin D. Roosevelt allowed former U.S. military officer Claire Chennault to quietly recruit fighter jocks from the ranks of the U.S. Army Air Force. The risks were high, but so was the pay: while most Air Force pilots received a salary of around $260 a month, Chennault’s mercenaries earned between $600 and $750, along with a $500 bonus for each Japanese aircraft they shot down.

Thus, it is with concern and trepidation that I note President Trump contemplating the following policy moves in Afghanistan:

Under the proposal, 5,500 private contractors, primarily former Special Operations troops, would advise Afghan combat forces. The plan also includes a 90-plane private air force that would provide air support in the nearly 16-year-old war against Taliban insurgents, Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater security firm, told USA TODAY. The unprecedented proposal comes as the U.S.-backed Afghan military faces a stalemate in the war and growing frustration by President Trump about the lack of progress in the war. The U.S. military has 8,400 U.S. troops there to train and guide local forces. They do not have a direct combat role, and presumably would be replaced gradually by the contractors.

So how does all of this get back to Emperor Didius? Imagine you are a Congresscum. Imagine you represent a district 300 miles away from the nearest DoD swag and you have 0.25M constituents yelling for gimmedats. At some point, the Congresscums start figuring out that paying Blackwater on a Fixed Fee with Body Bag Bonus Contract allows us to discretely eff with the world beyond Hadrian’s Wall. At another point, the Congresscums begin to wonder what exactly we purchase with expenditures on Ft. Bragg and Ft. Campbell.

What we buy with Campbell, Bragg and Benning is an American Praetorian Guard. The 82nd Airborne isn’t called The All-American Division for no reason. We have it swear an oath to defend and uphold our Constitution. That isn’t as good as fealty to an elected leadership. Our Constitutional Fetishism is a disease afflicting our Republic. Yet that still puts us in a better place than Italian City States having to outbid their opposition to keep The White Company manning the walls rather than demolishing them.

President Trump isn’t the first US leader to hire mercs, but he may well be the first to hire them as a tacit admission of failure. This is a subtle indictment of our commissioned armed forces that will increasingly not go unremarked upon by those who commission, pay and provision them. Outsource enough missions, and we will outsource the reasons for these military forces to exist. When they don’t exist, who then will control coercion? We may not have a big enough Second Amendment for the decent people left in Amerika to answer that one safely for their families and loved ones.

All Conservatives (Even Cucks) Will Be Alt-Right For 15 Minutes

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

A lot of Alt-Righters are not born but made. Steeled, if you will, by the crucible of their surrounding intellectual and political environment. If you had told me five years ago that I would regularly publish on one of those sites, then I would laughed too hard to remember to take any serious offense.

When Donald Trump first announced for President I understood his appeal as a threat to decency. So while I wasn’t as prone to chic outrage at The Far Right as some others in the mainstream of what passes for Amerikan Rightism, I only found out I was Alt-Right via the knife between two of my vertebrae.

This shiving is common Cuckservative behavior that has precedent amongst the Old Buckley Conservatism of which Cuckservatism is a degraded, pseudo-intellectual version. Perhaps watching National Review go from William F. Buckley to John Fund is akin to watching Romans turn into Italians. Perhaps that did a grave injustice to poor Queen Margherita who wisely popularized the culinary delicacy known as pizza.

Proto-cuck conservatism began with the French Revolution, but the most distinct form arose in the 1960s, when the Right abandoned the culture war in order to become an essentially libertarian agenda, assuming that it could not beat the Left on social issues and therefore, had to retreat into the ghetto of “freedom” including the freedom of association to withdraw from Leftist insanity. That failed, and merely ceded the field until Ronald Reagan gingerly picked it up, dusted off the saner parts of social conservatism, and incorporated it into a quasi-libertarian platform.

Buckley savagely sawed off The John Birch Society, Whittaker Chambers called the napalm down on poor Ayn Rand, but Rich Lowry could only invoke tired ad hominem to deplatform John Derbyshire.

Sadly, National Review has shown Amerika how to damage or wreck any Rightist who plays the game by the rules drafted by the Left. It always starts out as “Mr. So-And-So is usually a respectable Conservative, but after some event, article, or pronouncement we just can’t bring ourselves to identify with him….” I had it done to me on a blog I used to publish on.

The go-to insult right now is that So-And-So just went “Alt-Right” and no exorcist can bring them back again. The latest So-And-So being forcibly Alt-Righted is none other than Ben Domenech. He had a problem with the truth, you see. He started telling too damn much of it. His crimethink follows below.

The list of protests which turned violent – which, when I shared it, triggered numerous accusations that I was defending Nazis, a white supremacist, and caused a reporter for one magazine where I used to be a columnist to describe me as “alt-right” – includes: Oakland 2009, Akron 2009, Pittsburgh 2009, Santa Cruz 2010, Oakland 2010, Los Angeles 2010, Oakland 2011, Chicago 2012, Anaheim 2012, Brooklyn 2013, Ferguson 2014, New York City 2014, Baltimore 2015, Anaheim 2016, Chicago 2016, St Paul 2016, Milwaukee 2016, Charlotte 2016, Standing Rock 2016, Oakland 2016, Portland 2016, Washington DC 2017, Berkeley 2017, Anaheim 2017, Berkeley (again) 2017, Berkeley (again again) 2017, Olympia 2017, and Portland 2017.

The common denominator in all of these chimp-outs is the Leftism driving them on towards greater heights of onanistic stupidity. This is what happens when you let the Lefties out for recess unsupervised by large, burly security guards. This simple enumeration of factual data made the Happy-Go-Cucky Mr. Domenech an “Alt-Right” Freddie Krueger. This same Ben Domenech who habitually bemoans the GOP held captive by its baser elements as if he would react to meeting The Donald in person the way a nosferatu reacts to the display of a crucifix.

Personally, I think this is great. You learn and understand people better when you slog through the same heap of dung they have to. This closing paragraph makes me think he even gets why Alt-Rights want to seek alternatives to the feckless and impotent Not-So-Alternative-Right we have right now.

What will divide the country even more, though, is the fact that the right’s elites in media and politics are rushing to concede this battle before it is even joined, without thinking about where it inevitably leads. They are willing to trash the history of a portion of the nation in order to satisfy the American leftist elite, and they will run eagerly to fulfill that task in order to demonstrate how civilized they are. Along the way, they will run rampant over a portion of history that includes recognizable relatives for the World War II generation, toxifying the entire discussion. The direction this leads is much worse than where we currently are – it is the open conflict of a nation at war with itself over its own character. This war will end badly, no matter how it plays out. And the way this story ends is in demolishing Monticello brick by brick.

All Rightists (even the Cuckiest of the Cucks) are going to be Andy Warholed by your disingenuous “fellow Conservatives.” It will happen to anyone who wades out into the Flavian Ampitheatre of contemporary political and ideological strife and draws their gladius. We all are going to be made Alt-Right for 15 minutes.

So if this be treason, use it for all it can possibly be worth. Ben, we the authentic right in Amerika are your father. Join the Dark Side of The Force and actually be free to think, write and say what you believe in what remains of your soul. Once you’ve been Alt-Righted, or even thought about it, they will never let you walk through the door at National Review or The Washington Post again.

If We Are Going to Tear Down Statues, Let Us Start With the Founding Fathers

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Deep in study of the Tao, in a meditation so consuming that I was unaware of the possibility of an ego, I was able to channel the mental state (in lieu of soul) of the SJW. From that came this realization: we must tear down all the statues, kill all the white people, and erase their laws, culture, language and image, if we are to do social justice in the aftermath of Charlottesville.

The entire premise behind the Alt-Reich invasion of hallowed liberal ground involved statues of dead, pale-penised malefactors that dared take up arms against social justice. Yet this entire event was shot through with a sickening irony. Many of the righteous hordes that protested this imposition attended a certain nearby university that frequently calls itself Mr. Jefferson’s University.

I see no other path to social justice except the banning of UVA from any further operation. Its was founded thanks to the wealth of an evil white slave master who was cisgendered, to boot! Its architectural centerpiece, The Rotunda, is a veritable Parthenon of European heteronormative racial, sexual and cultural oppression. Replacing it with a round pygmy hut would show proper multicultural intersectionalism.

Only when UVA has been rechristened The Rainbow Institute and when Caucasoids are forced to walk around all day in chains will true social justice be done in Charlottesville. All the statues of Honkey Tom must be torn down and smashed. No party founded by this Evil White Albanoid can be allowed to participate in future US Elections. Oh, wait…

Andrew Jackson was just as bad. He even mistreated Cherokees and other Native Amerikans. We can’t let any party he founded…Dammit, man! What happened to that history I used to own? Whig History is supposed to memory-hole inconvenient truth better than that.

If in 2020 we can elect a suitable candidate like Mark Zuckerberg or Bernie Sanders, people who lionize Whites are going to pay. We are going to erase them all. Whites have power, ergo are racist, and so we must remove all evidence of this historical stain. All of the Founding Fathers enjoyed white privilege, and none of them thought to take the time to enumerate rights for non-whites, transgender people and obese blue-haired snowflakes, so they must all burn.

Our money will have Dave Chappelle, K’naan and Nas on it instead of these white supremacist proto-Nazi homophobes. We will have statues of Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston around the capitol, and paint the White House a comfortable brown. Then we can get started on renaming every street with a name in a white language, finding new things to call the states instead of those fussy old English names, and maybe even rechristen the country as the United People’s Rainbow Republic.

If Charlottesville taught us one thing, it is that whites are inherently neo-Nazi. Every one of them is an affront to people of color and the multiple genders of our new world order. By just being what they are, whites remind us of the bad old days of white supremacy, and we cannot be sure they are not planning to do it again.

Perhaps we will be forced to remove them from public view. We can set up large settlements for them, with swimming pools and tennis courts, where they can sleep in bunk beds and have the inevitable lice removed with delousing chambers. They can work for us, making products for people of color, to expunge their guilt for not only what their ancestors did, but for offending us with their white heterosexualness.

Only when all traces of whiteness are gone will we be safe. Only when there are no memories of whites will we be equal. The existence of white people is oppression to us, and we would be justified in removing every one of. Die whites die. It does not matter which statue we remove, so long as it is a white person we are erasing. Wherever we start, we have to get them all, and then we can be free.

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