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How A Military Draft Will Return to America

Amerika will one day return to universal military conscription. Your kids will feel the draft. Owen’s Corning insulated attics won’t help. Like all other last bastions of Freedom of Association in post Amendment XIV Amerika, an all-volunteer military will be seen as racist.

How so? When?

I’ll take these in inverse order. The when involves the next war where The Yanks take casualties the way we did fighting for Pork-Chop Hill. Only certain groups are allowed to eat officially sanctioned suffering in Amerika. When too many of the wrong genetic phenotypes get made to play javelin-catcher, equality must be imposed.

How would this come to pass? According to the old Steve Earle song “Copperhead Road,” the White Trash volunteers for the Army on their birthday. Back during Earle’s early Boomerdom, such was the trend. Young White men made up the vast majority of combat arms units. Only a really crap draft card number got Jimi Hendrix into the 101st Airborne.

This is no longer true of the Woke, Hate Whitey Army that Amerika fields today. The fair-haired sons of Appalachia can hardly be blamed for wondering who the modern graduates of West Point would prefer to shoot the artillery rounds towards. They know that they will never get promoted and serve on the frontlines under people who disregard their survival.

The current Army hates Whites. It also hates males. It detests White Males.

White Males have therefore opted to decline voluntary association with an organization that hates them. Why is the Army 11,000 PV1 soldiers short of goal? Because 25% fewer White Males volunteer to become soldiers compared to five years ago. Tell people enough that it is bad to be Whites and Whites will not get promoted, and even voters listen.

Continue that exponential decay for another five years, and White Male enlistments only occur at 56% the rate that occurred in 2018. At that point the White death rate will fall to a non-DIE compliant level. At that point, everyone’s least favorite post cards go out in the mail. After all, there is no true hatred quite like social justice.

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