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Ridiculousness Serving Evil

The (((Epstein))) Files have been leaked. For certain people, the next logical step involves having them flushed. The revelations could really have a nasty odor.

These files recount the heinous deeds of powerful people in a Caribbean paradise called “Epstein Island.” Based loosely on the old 70s TV program Fantasy Island, Epstein Island was sold as a place to get away with anything while getting away from it all. It even featured kinks that would have made poor Mr Rourke pop a hernia.

Of course, nobody really got away with anything. Epstein ran the ne plus ultra of corrupt and compromise espionage operations against Amerika and her allies. Presidents, Royals, Rock Stars, and big, swinging you-know-whats from all walks of life got lured in and put on film.

Fantasy Island had a dark side in the form of blackmail fodder for anytime Ian Robert Maxwell felt like tying you to his string. Letting this man, perhaps the closest thing Mossad ever produced to Agent 007, put you on his string could prove a really poor evolutionary strategy. Just imagine if this guy hacked a few prominent LinkedIn profiles and added some streaming content?

But now the whole thing has gone past its freshness date. Poor Jeff Epstein felt so bad about it that he self-deleted. No other interpretations of his demise are tolerated.

But now people still have to go and stick their noses into the heavy stink. Other than a toxic combination of envy, boredom, and sadism, why does anyone inquire? The why involves the identities and positions of these people getting filmed while morally compromised.

The initial release of names featured the sublime and the ridiculous. This is calculated to minimize any potential danger to the powerful from actual footage being released in the wild.

The sublime was none other than Bill Clinton. I would have questioned the whole story more if the revelations had cleared The Commander-In-Cheat. This was done to immediately make the entire story boring.

The ridiculous involved claims of noted disabled physicist Stephen Hawking participating in orgy parties. Perhaps someone deserves a Noble Prize for even making that event possible. This “revelation” was not accidental.

The Epstein Files still have power to destroy. Circulated widely, they could convince a few more people to go self-delete. They have that iniquitous power of persuasion.

To prevent this horrific epidemic of sudden organ donation by esteemed members of the Amerikan Nomenklatura, the whole thing has to be quashed. Make it boring and make it ridiculous. That way nobody will pay too much attention.

I’m sure Stephen Hawking just went to Epstein Island because he got lost distance swimming. Why evaluate this more closely? Just let sleeping Epstein lie. That’s certainly what many powerful people hope will happen. It explains the use of ridiculous statements in the service of evil.

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