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Accountability Died In Amerika

Work in any large organization that handles business deemed important, and you will hear all about accountability. This is supposed to imply that every individual within that organization upholds an ethical standard that prevents conduct detrimental to the function of the entity.

This concept of accountability has been prevalent in nations obtaining power and greatness while it dies in the ditch whenever a nation declines. Accountability leads to trust and cooperation. When Stephen Covey Jr wrote The Speed of Trust, he described how mutual trust improves relationships and therefore drives greater achievement.

What we currently see in modern states is apositional to the honor relationships that allowed men of goodwill to do business with a handshake. All things have to be verified and checked because we now have managerial states. Managerial states have no honor. They only have the letter of the rules and diktats.

This relieves all people within them from any obligation to do anything other than what the manager told them to do. This further degrades when they only do what they were explicitly instructed to do. Human goals devolve to cheating, getting their way, and then slinking off undetected.

Only carefully constructed incentives can produce function. Perverse or stupid incentive structures become fraudulent. We see this in both China and the Amerikan State of Arizona. Were you aware that about 200 million young Chinese adults recently went missing? They actually never really existed except on enrollment sheets in provincial Chinese schools.

The Chinese government opted to fund their schools on a basis of enrollment. Steeped in traditional Marxism, it took the education bureaucracy zero seconds flat to figure out how to add two or three fictitious kids to every kindergarten class and then let the attendance accountability slide by about two or three kids per day.

China looked strong. Administrators got paid to educate more children than their were in actual existence. It took about two decades for demographic analysis undertaken by foreign investment firms to determine the labor pool was short maybe two or three workers per classroom in every local area in China.

The State of Arizona has a similar solution, oops, I mean problem with its voter registration. Non-citizens frequently vote there and a lot of government officials know this good and well. Arizona has a Motor Voter Law that requires their DMV to hand out voter registration applications along with state IDs.

Arizona Governor Ducey lobbied for and signed a bill forbidding the registration of noncitizens to vote. This was promptly stricken from the code by an activist left-wing judiciary. No adjustments were made to the Motor Voter Law, and the state DMV remains a fraudulent voting farm.

Like the Chinese education system, Arizona’s State Government gets incentives to enroll people who are not legitimate. It pays as long as the new voters vote the incumbent government into increasing power. Like the fake Chinese kindergarteners, these illegal voters are effectively free money. Unlike China, no outside room full of geniuses has a motive to audit Arizona on this.

Arizona just gets singled out because they got nailed on the practice and have shameless politicians telling their detractors to go get sodded. If they succeed, their will be no accountability for any state’s voter roll if that state also has a Motor Voter Law. This legislation becomes a de facto license to cheat.

In a managerial state, legal equals moral. This is how a good, aggressive attorney can strike down accountability any place that beast raises its ugly horned head. At that point, Amerika increasingly degenerates into a Clown World. In this Clown World any code of honor you hold can and will be used against you.

This type of dark organization occurs when a managerial state undergoes legalistic degeneration into Anarcho-Tyranny. That degeneration directly follows the loss of accountability and honor in Amerika, and like China, produces false wealth that must eventually face the markets.

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