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A thorny path

We should blog more about environmental issues on Amerika; however, the issues seem so obvious that I at least feel like I’m repeating myself even more than on articles about Crowdism. The environmental problem is so simple that almost everyone has overlooked the correct solution. Instead, they’re indulging in the usual slavishly religious-dogmatic thinking, which […]

Why the rich want to get richer

You hear this rather tired phrase: “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” What they mean is that the rich get richer, and so in relative terms, the poor have less value. They still have roughly the same lifestyle and expectations. But that doesn’t fit into a catchy phrase. As globalism has rolled […]

Altruists hide their selfishness

For forty years now, we’ve heard about how the old generations didn’t know anything and were oppressive, but the new generations are coming to save us. Starting with the hippies, who are now aged crones and decrepit hulks, these new generations have told us how the past was cruel, but they — the new way […]

Interview with Daryl Davis, author of “Klan-Destine Relationships”

We are fortunate to have Daryl Davis, author of Klan-Destine Relationships, to interview here on Daryl is a brave fellow who as an African-American interested in issues of race, has contacted a number of members of the Ku Klux Klan and interviewed them, often before tipping them off to his ethnicity. A good number […]

Linkpost 06-26-11

Contemporary science shows us genes, evolution and sometimes extinctions. Ancient traditions show us cyclic history and reincarnated lives or alternatively, judgement from life before God, as each of us struggles onward to a superior state even though many of us will nonetheless fail. Although each method takes a different path, in a broad sense both […]

Universals do not exist

Our greatest strengths are our great weaknesses. Our giant brains, which allow us to do so much, can also deceive us. Those giant brains can construct logical thoughts which are unrelated to reality. We can make imaginary worlds, or cartoon versions of the world around us, and pretend these mental models are reality. However, we […]

With a Whimper

Someone told me that gay marriage has been accepted in New York. When I heard it I said it was just a matter of time anyway – soon the whole Western world will be ruled by hedonism. One might say that it’s not hedonism, that no-one can’t help it whether he loves boys or girls. But then […]

The fruit of democracy

The notion of democracy is that we can exist without hierarchy. Instead, we elect leaders and then depose them with another election. There is no permanent hierarchy to concentrate knowledge. As a result of this thinking, democracies are inclined to act against innate relationships like nationalism/kinship, class, and even the family. Democracies want citizens to […]

Behind the scenes

Very few people realize that what we see as politics is the end result of politics. Like a light puppet show projecting the shadows of our hands onto a wall by the glow of a candle, what we see as politics is people discussing the effects of politics, and breaking it down into issues that […]

Feminism as a defensive ideology

Ideologies come in two flavors: pro and con. You’re either reaching for something, or defending against something. The latter appears to be the strongest position because it attracts the most attention in the short-term. Everyone wants to hear that they were wronged, that the enemy has been identified and that we must resist. On the […]

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