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Men’s “Rights”

I don’t believe in rights. I have wandered the whole world, and never found such a thing.

What I have found is a consistent human pattern:

  1. The truth is complex and not all good.
  2. Scammers offer simpler half-truths.
  3. Idiots make those scammers rich and powerful.
  4. Everything goes to shit.

Words like “rights”,”freedoms”,”justice” and “equality” don’t mean a goddamn thing. They’re on par with the crap that Billy Mays promised on his late night junk sales.

The “Men’s Rights Movement” has fallen into the same trap feminism has. You took the scammers at face value.

In reality, you’re not going to get equal rights, and that’s not what you want.

What you want is parity, meaning that you have a special role to fill and that when you do it well, people recognize it. This also means you don’t get screwed out of your family or home by “equal rights.”

No one with a functional brain should want equal rights. Equal rights means that whoever complains first wins.

Instead, you should want a unique role for males:

  1. Sex. You are the bringer of the semen, and you make a choice where it goes. This choice determines who you are.
  2. Violence. Your job is to find truth and fix problems, not make sure no one is offended. You have to break some eggs to make an omelet.
  3. Virtue. You need a social role where you are trusted to do the right thing, and praised when you do it. No more being equal and having no one care when you do right.

The whole “pick up artist” is a game for men of low self-confidence to think they are somehow gods of a giant penis because they can pick up underconfident dipsomaniacs.

A real men’s movement will be based in the idea not of more sex for men, but of men not being defined by reaction to feminism or a need for sex. You are faking it if you think sex makes you a man.

Right now, “men’s rights” means men acting like feminists. Who cut yours off?

To cut out this hippie bullshit, we are launching a new movement as of right now.

Instead of men being equal, it’s based on men being unique and having a role to play that women cannot.

We are against making the world safe, and being obedient to safety and inoffensiveness.

We want a frontier again, lawless and with no warning labels. We don’t want more captive pleasures like bungee jumping, hang-gliding, BASE jumping, and other surrogate adventures. We want adventure.

We want nature kept around, and not just the cute animals. We want a nature that bites back. If it can’t kill you, it’s a Disneyland ride, not an adventure.

We do not want to be modern men, kept captive by stupid jobs and laws that protect the meek. We reject women who insist on dominating us even though it disadvantages them by making them “equal” and thus prey. We want chivalry.

We aren’t going to swing the opposition direction, and be either weenie pickup artists like “Mystery,” or be whinging man-feminists who are upset that men get the short end of the stick.

We’re here to do what’s right and kick some ass instead.

It’s a first step to stopping the whining.

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