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How to go out like the Soviets

Part One The fall of empires, like our own deaths, is a difficult subject. No one wants to end up on the losing team, so no one wants to believe it can happen to them. If we just push it out of our heads, maybe it won’t happen — or will happen in such a […]

How to go out like the Soviets

Part Two Continued from Part One This type of social entropy happens with the best of intentions. The Tea Party versus Obama split can be summarized in the following paragraphs; it’s about choice of the type of society we want. Do we want a European-style socialist economy, where a small elite controls society without intervention […]

How to go out like the Soviets

Part Three Continued from Part Two I concluded that it was the not the newsworthy events of the last ten years that produced such a seismic shift in the tone of our national conversation. Rather, the information that we garnered from them and how that information shaped our beliefs and reactions to those events was […]

MLK, Glenn Beck and White Civil Rights

The liberal commentators of America don’t fear Glenn Beck and his “Restoring Honor” rally because he’s a demagogue — both sides use demagoguery extensively at this point. They fear him because he’s found a principle we all agree on, Civil Rights, and is demanding that its protection be extended to the white, suburban, middle-class, mostly […]

Glen Beck is a civil rights leader

Much hot air has blown regarding the symbolic MLK-like protest Glen Beck staged yesterday. Most of the liberal outrage concentrates on how he can compare himself to MLK. I believe he compares favorably. Where MLK attempted to work for his people, Beck is attempting to work for his. From a white, middle class, lowercase-c conservative […]

Green libertarian nationalists

Some little known nationalist discussion group gets its act together. On the Ground Zero mosque: This is an older dispute than the WTC tower event. The dispute is this: is America defined by its ideas or by its founding people. The left side says ideas, modern lefty ones, essentially make people. The right side says […]

What the mosque debate is really about

While one side of the debate likes to characterize it as a war for religious freedom, and the other likes to play off the outrage about 9/11, let’s be real: this is a war of memes. When our ancestors began to imitate they let loose a new evolutionary process based not on genes but on […]

Conserving the Biodiversity of Humanity and Ecology

In protecting the diversity that exists on our planet, we want to conserve not only biodiversity, but human biodiversity. Every species, habitat, culture, tribe and race has fascinating differences and these make each greatly adapted to their region within the biosphere. Whoever pretends that we have nothing to learn or gain in a form of […]

Obama: Generation X Nostalgia? Say it ain’t so

The boys over at Metal Hall pointed this one out to me. If you look closely, the Obama “Hopey Changey” logo is very closely related to the Pepsi logo of the 1980s, when Generation X were young teens: (Image reconstructed by Cowboy Geoff 2.0.) Could it be they’re playing into Generation X nostalgia?

Intellectual property

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 Every so often, I find ideas typed by my compatriots challenged by some readers. There are apparently many misconceptions about what are […]

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