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Some little known nationalist discussion group gets its act together.

On the Ground Zero mosque:

This is an older dispute than the WTC tower event. The dispute is this: is America defined by its ideas or by its founding people. The left side says ideas, modern lefty ones, essentially make people. The right side says people are a natural biological and cultural continuum.

Left side America says anyone can come because all they have to do is make the pledge, sign on the dotted line, and voila, instant American. In other words, American as such is nothing more than trivial formalities in series that even one of the great apes or perhaps with assistance for the mobility challenged, a stray dog can perform.

Right side America says we have an America as such because of people much like themselves and if the people change, then at some point the America that people worldwide have loved in the past may not be such a loved place in the future.

Can we swamp Japan in Scandinavians and still have those things we respect about Japan continue into the future? Can we overwhelm Tanzania with Chinese immigrants and still have an authentic African tribal aesthetic and an exotic Dark Continent vibe therein?

On the PRC occupation of Tibet:

There is room enough for cultures that have developed further in some direction and for cultures that have yet to strive as far in their own direction. What’s the hurry to ‘develop’ or ‘progress’ anyway?

There is no need at all for one culture to overlap with another and create the social sickness called multiculturalism. It is multiculturalism, not Mongol people, not the Han, that is the one and only problem in this case.

On the Holy Land of more than one group:

Nationalist can work but not if two nations inhabit the same land. That is multiculturalism. When multiculturalism happens and internal conflict sets in, the leftist academics, media and politicians will point an accusing finger at one group and insist their nationalism is wrong. The truth is that multiculturalism is the problem and that any group will by definition have nationalist cohesion to some degree.

On the modern way of life:

For the past century rampant consumerism has

  • replaced all our once cherished ancient cultures with phony ethnic themed products
  • introduced waves of mass immigrant cheap labor of such scale that it is an ethnic cleansing of us
  • set us on a path of endless international wars for access to more and more raw materials creating a bankrupt empire
  • clear cut our forests for now boarded up malls with lifeless parking lots and low rent housing packed with minority welfare colonies
  • used our only sources of fresh water for toxic waste dumping to the extent that 19 out of 20 sources are hazardous
  • created festering hills and mountains of ever expanding landfill
  • put us in a dependency cycle with global corporations who put profit and popularity for the short term before compassion and sanity for the long term
  • given us disposable conveniences which puts us in debt for life and has a dysgenic effect on us by enabling our bypassing of natural selection

It will be interesting to watch the evolution of ideas from simpler right wing reactionary thinking to a more progressive mode that remains true to New Right goals. As a natural selection process, the evolution of ideas is bound to leave behind the less fit, mired in the blunt bigotry of yesterday, while the rest move ahead.

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