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Glen Beck is a Civil Rights Leader

Much hot air has blown regarding the symbolic MLK-like protest Glen Beck staged yesterday. Most of the liberal outrage concentrates on how he can compare himself to MLK.

I believe he compares favorably.

Where MLK attempted to work for his people, Beck is attempting to work for his.

From a white, middle class, lowercase-c conservative and semi-Christian perspective, the last 40 years have involved government intervening on behalf of the poor, the minorities, and the radical, while slighting the people who actually keep this country running — the white, middle class, lowecase-c and semi-Christian.

The Tea Party, Glen Beck, recent interest in Libertarianism are all the same — they’re the result of this group trying to cut free from the moral obligation government (Nanny State) that has done these things.

By cut free I mean disconnect government from its moral obligations, and stop it from penalizing the white middle class in the name of helping those who either cannot help themselves or are doomed by history, because they languish in roughly the same condition they were in during the 1940s, with a few notable exceptions.

Let’s look at who the Tea Party are, again:

Tea Party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public, and are no more or less afraid of falling into a lower socioeconomic class, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. – NYT

More educated? More successful? If it weren’t for the fact that they’re white and conservative, our general public would be falling all over itself trying to get to them.

But they’re making a good point. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is in the long term, a dubious strategy. Paul hasn’t magically become a clone of Peter as a result. So we need to reverse that policy.

Glen Beck, although I’ll never watch his program, is a civil rights leader for the white middle-class. They’ve been the ones supporting the great civil rights crusade for minorities, homosexuals and the sexually voracious for the last 40 years, and they’re pointing out that this great Progressive crusade has its costs.

While we’ve been chasing the great diversity and tolerance Crusade, our country has spent itself into bankruptcy, and most of that did not come from wars — it came from increased social spending, including welfare and Nanny State imperatives such as rehabilitating criminals, educating drug addicts, counseling pedophiles and so on.

Our infrastructure is rotted, we’re in debt, and white middle class America is warning us that we’re about to devalue our currency as a result — and for what?

For all the talk about post-racial, justice, freedom, etc. the country remains much as it was before. Ethnic groups do not mix, and when they try, constant clashes of values and customs result.

The message of Tea Partiers, Glen Beckers, whatever we want to call them: enough is enough. This great experiment isn’t working, so we need to focus instead on more important issues, like the health of the country that sustains all of us.

That’s why Glen Beck is a civil rights leader, albeit for white middle class Americans instead of impoverished non-white ones, and that’s why the left is shouting so loudly that he is not.

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