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Trump Administration Begins Deportation Of The Irish

Recognizing that ethnic diversity is as destructive as racial diversity, the Trump administration has begun deporting the Irish who do not have their papers in order. This apparently has caused a bit of tension among the “first Mexicans,” or America’s first foreign ethnic group to come here in large numbers:

John Cunningham came to Boston in 1999. Like many Irish immigrants to the US, he arrived on a 90-day visa for summer work. But then he settled in, worked as an electrician and ran his own company, remaining in the country without authorisation.

…On 16 June, nearly two decades later, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) agents came to his home to arrest him. He was deported to Ireland on 5 July. Because he arrived in the US under the visa waiver programme, one commonly used by European immigrants, he had waived his right to a hearing.

…The Migration Policy Institute estimates there are 16,000 undocumented Irish living in the US. The Irish Embassy in Washington puts that number closer to 50,000. Most live in Boston, New York or Chicago.

Some think that this will lead to an increase in Irish self-deportations, possibly including those who are here legally but realize that their homeland of Ireland is the best place for them.

Much as racial diversity causes social distrust, which destabilizes people and makes them more prone to turn toward Leftist big government as a solution, ethnic diversity such as importing the Irish to live in a Western European nation causes a Leftward shift in politics.

The Irish, as a trace mixed-race group much like Southern and Eastern Europeans are, were the first group with which Americans experimented concerning the question of immigration itself, and led to a vast change in the fabric of American life.

With their potential repatriation at hand, it may cause Americans to realize that “assimilation” and “integration” are always pipe dreams, and that ethnic diversity is toxic just as racial diversity is, creating a need for its revocation and replacement.

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