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The left’s war on intelligence


Those of us who remain awake, when all pressures move us toward sleep, frequently find ourselves asking the question: what went wrong?

Awakening in this time is to realize that all of what you have been taught was pleasant time-wasting, a red flag in front of a bull to hide from him the real game behind the scenes, which is this civilization dying and the rush to sell off anything of value and take the money away before the kaboom.

No person undergoes an easy awakening. It is almost as painful as birth or death, a process of coming to consciousness with the realization that something has gone very wrong and like it or not, we either fix it or go out with it, along with our descendants. This crushes men who have been through war, hell and fire as they realize their sons and daughters must grow up into this world and somehow survive it, hopefully to find others like them so they can have decent lives and keep the line going. Our hopes for the future become in doubt when we realize just how bad the situation is.

There is no way to making living in a dying time seem fun or even palatable. It is, quite honestly, miserable. Everything that is beautiful will be destroyed; everything that is true corrupted. Some will hold on, against the tide. Many choose to self-destruct instead of taking the chance. It is like perpetual Civil War battlefields, the corpses of good men strewn among the ruined trees, and the heartbreak of so much waste resonant in the smoky air.

Nothing helps more than to identify the enemy. I call it Crowdism, or the collectivist instinct of individualists, a seemingly paradoxical construction that refers to the tendency of people who want no social order that might restrict their movements to group together into an advocacy group for “anarchy with grocery stores.” Liberalism is one subset of this. What surprises people most about liberalism is that it is entirely different than its advertising. On the surface, it advertises goodwill and equality for all; underneath the surface, that means a vast faceless mass of useless people chanting the same slogans while a few arch-cynical manipulators take all the wealth and power for themselves. Liberalism is a ripoff, the ultimate theft of a civilization from its people, and it brings with it misery but only long after the good vibes have faded.

The worst aspect of liberalism appears in its war on intelligence. As part of its jihad against social standards, so that the individual faces no oversight and evolutionary pressures, it replaces realistic assessments with ideological dogma. That is, “We must gather food for the winter” becomes replaced by “We must make sure the food that we already have is equally distributed.” Liberalism functions through distraction from the real issue by the creation of crash dummy issues which, being more emotionally polarized, deflect from the actual issues and make it such that to oppose them is to invoke the wrath of the gathered onlookers. Nothing makes greater destruction than a mob, because — without accountability — it passes judgment and demands immediate gratification in impossible ways, guaranteeing that only lies will be believed and all truths will be denied.

Once you get to the leftist state of mind, a perpetual downward slide exists because the doctrine of equality applies only to those who are not already equal, and therefore must style themselves as victims of oppression to explain their failure to be equal. For this reason, leftism always favors those who are beneath others, and uses them to expand its power. If the gay orphans are not getting enough attention, we turn to the gay black orphans and make sure they can vote, receive welfare, get preference in hiring and in renting. This, because life is a competition for resources or a zero-sum game, inevitably becomes war against those who are greater than equal. After all, it is that differential — between equal and where these greater-than-equal people are — which must be cannibalized to make the less-than-equal into equals.

And so they become the target, even if they agree with the dogma and are willing to help. It has nothing to do with intention, and everything to do with position, with the ultimate goal as having every person have the same amount of wealth, ability and prospects. Naturally, this creates a society of boring grey people living in boring apartment blocks and going through rote work, but to the person who is less-than-equal this is a better outcome than some rising above. They resent those with the intelligence or talent to know the difference between reality and fantasy, because that judgment ability causes those to rise above the herd. And the herd hates anyone who rises above, and wants to destroy them and take what they have, heedless of how much those people give back to the group as a whole. The egos of the less-than-equal demand above all else that equality be enforced, and if all end up less prosperous and more miserable, that is an acceptable loss.

As a result, the left sees intelligence — real intelligence, not “education” — as an enemy. Intelligence sees reality as it is and sees the Crowd for what it is, which is a group of unhappy people determined that no one may be happier than they. Intelligence must be destroyed because it makes people greater than equal, and that makes them not only a threat but a resource to be exploited, just as we cut down the forests and killed off the whales. Those who are lower than equal are always protected and assumed to be innocent victims in a conflict, with whatever criminal or stupid behavior they exhibited being explained away as a consequence (and not cause) of their inequality. The spiral goes forever downward, never rising above.

There is only one way to end the insanity, and that is to end leftism. There are intermediates, of course. You can point to the Arab quarter (or analogue) where violence is high and prostitution is frequent. Or even look at a specific politician and claim that it is that bastard who ruined everything. But the real culprit, lurking behind the curtain, is the notion that every person is equal and thus every vote counts equally. This creates an inherent prejudice against the ultimate minority, which is smart-and-capable people, or those who are both gifted in analysis and in application. This small group carries humanity on its back. It does very little of the manual labor, but without its intervention, the labor would consist of doing useless things or doing them halfway, leading to far reduced results. It is often invisible, since problems mysteriously “fix themselves” because without much ado, one of this tiny minority has spoken up or acted to fix them. The average person not only remains oblivious to this group, but refuses to recognize them because what they do is beyond the understanding of such a person. These are the actually intelligent, as opposed to those proud of their ability to memorize and repeat, and these are the people who create and advance civilizations instead of merely participating while secretly scheming for more autonomy, usually for degraded ends.

As a Nietzschean, I look at society as a question of human survival. Ultimately however I agree with the Christians that our problem is evil, although I do not see its origin as “Satan” but the poor choices — prioritizing short-term personal gain over long-term stable harmony working toward the good, the beautiful and the true — of individual humans, who without the intervention of self-discipline are merely talking Bonobos with the same licentious and repetitious urges that that tribe of monkeys exhibits. Evil is solipsism, or the creation of an ego that eclipses all else, and its opposite are those who are intelligent and by that nature, disciplined and prone to notice reality instead of living in a closed-circuit feedback loop of their own desires, judgments and feelings. Most of history is deflection, displacement and distraction of reality by those closed-circuit people, so that their venality and corruption remains unnoticed. They are the destroyers of civilization and they thrive in a time bigoted against intelligence, which tells us exactly what we must do to defeat them.

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