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Roy Moore Was The Target Of #MeToo All Along

Over the past few months, you may have found yourself wondering, “Why are there so many of these recent accusations of sexual assault?”

The answer probably is that months ago, Leftists realized that they needed a way to stop the Trump/Brexit wave. This presented a challenge because, as Leftist programs are implemented, people are fleeing from Leftism as they recognize that no matter how much you disguise it, it still resembles Communism or the rule of Robespierre and it is a horrible way to live that destroys your future.

When election 2016 was still raging, they almost had a one-shot-kill formula in the accusations of sexual assaults. When they accused Trump, nobody believed them because a billionaire married to a supermodel is under such intense legal scrutiny — you can get retired early with the settlement from that case — that it makes no sense that he would do it.

The Leftists revised their formula. Instead of waiting until the crucial moment, they would train the sheep first. People were still suspicious after the University of Virginia rape hoax, which called to mind the Duke University Lacrosse sex assault hoax and the Columbia University fake rape drama, so they needed to be shown that these sex assault accusations were the real deal the moment they were made, without any of that pesky “evidence” a trial would require.

It was time for Harvey Weinstein to go, anyway, because he was from old Jewish Hollywood and was in the way of the new Chinese Hollywood. They shot him down. Then they took another dozen scalps, or more. In each case, the training was repeated: accusation made, career destroyed, then anyone associated with the person hunted down. The accusation became the excuse to obliterate someone.

The point was, as with all methods of control, to make us do the equivalent of repeating their words back to them. They made the accusation appear; we were then expected to flee the person and say nasty things about them, which resulted in that person getting destroyed. The sheep were trained in time for the election.

Just before the election kicked into high gear, the media machine began chanting that Roy Moore “was a pedophile” based on dubious accusations that he had solicited attention from teenage girls (this is after their usual accusation failed). The Left, not really honest people ever, used the media which seems 100% behind them to repeat this calumny over and over again.

And the white people — always slaves to what others think of them — stayed home. They were well trained: avoid controversy, make money, and retreat to your suburbs. They were all set to vote for Moore, at least the white men were, and then the voices of the crowd scared them, so they backed away, and the votes of minorities took the election. This is the same tactic that the Left has been employing for years with racism, which is supposed to taint someone so thoroughly that they must be abandoned immediately lest the infection spread to you. With racism having fallen, Leftists needed another one-button kill shot for rising Rightists.

Find that hard to believe? Read the ultra-lefty Washington Post on who elected Doug Jones:

Oh look! It’s the single white women, college students, dead/felons, and minorities electorate that has catapulted the Left to power everywhere it has won. White men lost; everyone else “won,” if electing a lard-soaked sponge like Doug Jones is “winning.” And look, the derp state supported this result as well:

The Runoff was a nightmare for Luther Strange and McConnell. Yes, it was true that Moore had problems. But what McConnell and his team never understood was that by injecting themselves in such a ham-fisted way, they had made Mitch McConnell the issue, not Roy Moore.

McConnell’s meddling wasn’t just bad for Luther Strange, it was bad for Mitch McConnell. By jumping into the race in Alabama, McConnell had made himself the Nancy Pelosi of the Alabama primary and gave anti-establishment candidates a blueprint for how to defeat him in 2018.

It seems as if the Establishment Republicans decided they wanted to avoid possessing a certain seat so that they could reduce their majority in the Congress, which enables them to continue their hobby of pretending to fight decay while collecting massive donations under the theory that they are actually fighting it. If they have a majority, they are responsible; if they are “held back” from achieving, then they can blame someone else. The scapegoat seems to be the archetype of modernity.

From that viewpoint, we see how individualism clashes with belief system: the advantage to the individual, in a formalized system, is to be ineffectual while acting adamant. This means that they must sabotage their own side in order to achieve personal victory; the battle that pays best is the one that can never be won. Government follows this model by fighting intractable and hopeless problems like poverty, racism, drugs/drink, and ill health. People do stupid things, generally, and in group they do super-stupid things, so the best solution is to rage against those things, knowing that whether you do “A” level work or “F” level work, you will still get paid and the voters will serve you a fat helping for next year.

These same Republicans made a big deal of their new slogan, “values not party,” which presupposes that the dubious accusations against Moore were in fact true. These were the opposite of true, however; they were never meant to be proven. Their only purpose was to drive away voters with implications that will never be tested:

When the yearbook was presented to the public, the signature of Moore including the “D.A” and commentary was presented as written by Moore. This turns out to be not true. This was admitted to by the accuser 1 week prior to the election. Had this been presented in a trial, the evidence would be thrown out and the jury instructed to disregard. Hence legally there is no grounds to convict Moore. Moore, had he been given his day in court would have been acquitted of any and all charges. However; Moore did not get his day in court and may never get his day in court. Now that he has been defeated at the ballot box, there is no need for his accusers to continue. I expect that they will become silent and the event memory holed at least until Jones is seated. Moore will be permanently stained. And so will the nation.

Why? Because now we have ample evidence that we can accuse people of things and ruin their lives without consequence. The accused, if innocent, will unlikely be able to “prove” their innocence, which itself is a profound shift in American culture, because they will unlike have any evidence. How do you prove you didn’t grab a booty? How do you prove you didn’t go for that kiss? How do you defend against an “off color” joke that you thought was OK because you thought you had a relationship that allowed for that? What if you DID have a relationship that allowed for that kind of joke but some HR policy (or God forbid actual legislation) allows for someone else to be offended on behalf of the person they think to be the victim to make the accusation? Good luck. Of course businesses keen on reducing their liability for the sake of reputation and insurance premiums, not to mention the EEOC and whatever other 3 and 4 letter organizations that are ready to pounce, will quickly sever ties to the now untouchable.

This is what is known as the Heckler’s Veto: when controversy emerges, people drop the object of that controversy from their support, which means that an accusation is as good as a conviction, a condition which our Constitution was designed to avoid. In fact, any sane person seeks to avoid it because it gives all the power to the anonymous or semi-anonymous accuser.

We have created a form of Hell on Earth for ourselves in which the word of someone who may or may not be a victim can destroy a career. This is clear from what happened to Roy Moore. Despite no evidence that would stand up in a courtroom, the Left was able to cuck and dissuade his support base — white men and white women with families — from voting for him.

The result is that Alabama will be further detroited, or ruled by the minority vote which favors benefits over infrastructure. Any plans for long-term improvement are dead; any programs which promise monetary benefits now to be paid off, I dunno, in the distant future, will thrive. This is how Kwame Kilpatrick ran Detroit, Robert Mugabe ran Zimbabwe, and Sylvester Turner is running Houston.

Every ethnic group has its own self-interest. If that ethnic group is not white, their interest includes crushing white political power and supplanting it with their own. It may make temporary alliances with other non-white groups purely so that it can prevail. In the end, the state will bankrupt itself like Venezuela, but the voters will not notice.

In Alabama, the corrupt politics of the Left have won out over sanity:

Jones’s stunning victory, which makes him the first Alabama Democrat elected to the Senate since 1992, follows a turbulent campaign to fill the seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore was accused of sexual misconduct last month by multiple women, including one woman who said Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 years old and he was 32.

Moore denied the allegations, but he lost endorsements from several sitting Republican senators and saw the Senate GOP’s campaign arm drop its support for him.

These accusation have no relationship to reality; they do not need to. They are signals to people that tell all the obedient to do a certain thing. If you are obedient, your life cannot be destroyed in a minute by a Tweet; if you are not, the press will conjecture and people will follow their signals.

Seeing the success of their new strategy, which is to call people “pedophiles” instead of “racists,” the Left feels emboldened and predicts a Democratic wave because their new strategy works. They memed themselves into office in the 1990s by destroying “racists,” so now any promising Right-wing candidate will experience election eve accusations of sexual assault, sexism, or perhaps, just not having enough of the “right” women hired by his or her firm.

Notice how they use binary denial of the truth, which means they tell you that exactly what is true is not true, a form of cynical gaslighting:

“Republicans are going to need to appreciate this wasn’t all about Roy Moore and sexual assault,” said JB Poersch, president of the Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC. “This is a bigger issue.”

They want to convince us that this is an actual popular revolt instead of a successful means of political manipulation. Their fear is that we will figure out that the “blue wave” was entirely engineered.

The method they used to attack Trump failed because it was too obviously a spur-of-the-moment Hail Mary attack. But with all of the media swarming around #MeToo, it became easy to add another scalp to the pile. If a few Leftists got purged, it was probably because they had the wrong friends; the Left loves its Stalinistic purges, after all. It is something the Right can learn from because it inevitably leads to a clearing of those who are not extreme enough.

In the meantime, Alabama got detroited. Detroiting is this:

Detroit, v., to raise the population of those who are not Western European to a plurality or majority so that no conservative plan, budget, project, bill, law, or resolution will ever pass again.

Your typical detroiting scenario happens either in its namesake city or a place like Houston, where a Hispanic majority has caused the city to spend itself into bankruptcy paying for public servant pensions, since working for the State is something that minorities aspire to do for the retirement benefits. Put in your twenty years, then get full salary for life.

The Left uses a coalition of minorities, students, felons, and women to gain the votes it needs to drive the city or state into full Detroit mode. After that, it can discard the white women at least, despite women being the specific group of Useful Idiots who elected Doug Jones:

But with Moore denying multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior with teenage girls, and attacking his accusers against the backdrop of a national reckoning on sexual misconduct, the most striking aspect of the vote may have been the unmistakable message sent by the women of Alabama about how much was too much.

Fifty-eight percent of Alabama women voted for the winner, Democrat Doug Jones, including 35 percent of white women, according to exit polling. While that latter figure might not sound like much, it’s more than twice the 16 percent of white Alabama women who voted for President Barack Obama in 2012, the last presidential race in which exit polling was conducted.

Outside a Montgomery polling place on Tuesday afternoon, Sandra Davis, a self-described independent, said she was tired of her state being the “laughingstock of the nation.”

In other words, Sandra Davis tells us that trial by media really works! If you make the bourgeois middle class afraid for their respectability, and then a few GOP cucks endorse it, then the white people will flee like hell from that candidate. It is as if you branded him with the Mark of Cain.

White women in particular are a good target because while they are angry and indignant about asserting “muh rights,” they also expect some white knight to come bail them out, because this is what has happened their whole lives thanks to white dads and brothers. This is why after muhrighting for forty years, they end up alone, childless, in dingy city apartments, with big wine bills and atrophied emotional centers (the cat lady stereotype is wrong; the women of this type cannot commit to or connect to anything but themselves).

This is politics, herd-style, and politics inevitably devolves to it because it is a more powerful mechanism than honesty. The leftmost three-quarters of the Bell Curve thrill and buzz for such tactics. This is why the fake Russia collusion probe and other tactics are so common; they make the dumb jump when you say “jump,” and this is why the Left wants to flesh out the left side of the Bell Curve by importing as many third world populations as possible.

Building a coalition like this takes some effort, but is monstrously effective:

What I call “Demographic conservatism”—the instinctive tendency to want to live among people who closely resemble yourself in appearance, manners, dress style, language, and religion, the package we call “culture,” except that race is a component too—is a major factor in what I’ve been calling the Cold Civil War between Goodwhites and Badwhites. The latest skirmish: the recent special election for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat in Alabama. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, lost by a whisker—one and a half percent.

Blacks and ethnomasochist whites in college towns voted Democrat. Some other whites who couldn’t stomach either party’s candidate wrote in someone else. There weren’t many of those write-ins, but there were enough to swing the vote. If all 22,811 of them had voted for Moore, he would have won by more than two thousand votes.

The exit polls show that black voters turned out in force and voted with exceptional solidarity. They went 96 percent for the Democrat. Black women went for him 98 percent.

Among whites the sex gap went the opposite way. White men went 72 percent for Roy Moore; white women only 63 percent.

…We do see, though, that blacks, and especially black women, vote their skin. They’ll vote for a black if one is available. If none is, they will vote for whichever candidate is perceived as more anti-white.

There is only one addendum we can make here: the question is not blacks, but any groups which are not of the founding majority, which in America is Western European (English, German, Scots, Dutch, Scandinavian, Northern French). These groups all vote Leftist, starting with the Irish who made Leftism a growing power in America, leading to the 1960s immigration, civil rights, and social welfare laws.

Diversity: not even a single drop. The instant your society has even a few foreigners, it begins to adapt to them, because their needs are in a clash with its own and therefore stand out. This gives people a way to signal how enlightened, brave, and selfless they are by taking the side of the foreigners, which is an easy way to hide their other bad deeds and allow them greater profits as a result.

Diversity also allows the Left to engage in its favorite strategy, which is finding victims. The Left appeals to the individualist in all of us who fears a loss of social status if our attempts go awry; they promise that we will not be penalized for being wrong, through the magic of “equality,” which promises to remove social status entirely.

If your goal is to “prevent loss of status” and people sign up with your party for that reason, a victim is appropriate and once you find one, you can turn to your audience and ask them to imagine themselves in this person’s shoes. That scares them, and the panicked herd then does what you say, much like the good white middle classes in Alabama.

Calling the Right “racists” no longer works right now, but expect the Left to try to bring it back. Insults and categorical denials are what they do best. Even though the sexual assault bubble may be ready to pop, since it has resulted in a suicide and some Leftist scalps, which means the Leftists need a new way of dog whistling that a candidate must be avoided by all Good People.

In the meantime, we have proof that Leftists pay people to make accusations, which of course casts doubt on the legitimacy and veracity of those complaints:

Legal powerhouse Lisa Bloom tried to line up big paydays for women who were willing to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct during the final months of last year’s election, according to an explosive report.

The Hill reported Friday that Bloom worked with campaign donors and tabloid media outlets to arrange compensation for the alleged victims and a commission for herself, offering to sell their stories. In one case, Bloom reportedly arranged for a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempted to score a six-figure payment for another woman. The former ultimately declined to come forward after being offered $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

Perhaps the biggest problem comes from the fact that the voters are apparently too credulous to immediately suspect any spontaneously appearing accusations during an election. In fact, sane people immediately recognized the type of manipulation that was going on, but when most of your electorate no comprende or does not care, then the manipulators win every time, and they get to claim legitimacy because an election decided the result.

In the meantime, we are finally seeing the reason for the baffling explosion of sex assault accusations decades after the alleged events. The Left is reeling from a populist explosion that threatens their plan for detroiting the entire West, and as usual, they are attacking through our fears to cause us to relinquish hope in those who might deliver us from inevitable doom.

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