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Today in Berkeley, California — home of many American conflicts — we saw open battle on the streets. Antifa attacked, the police backed off, and then a group of alt right, pro-Trump and free speech advocates beat down the Antifa. This leads many to wonder if there is any future for the USA as a group of disparate groups united at all.

Physical removal remains a controversial topic. It seems unjust to displace those who merely disagree, until one realizes that they disagree with the concept of civilization to such a degree that they are inherently toxic and parasitic to it, and will destroy it unless removed.

The key to understanding this dilemma lies in understanding that people behave as they do in order to justify their position. There is a cause for their outlook, and usually it consists of defending life choices or lack of attainment. The best find a place in the world, get comfortable and enjoy it; the worst, no matter what they have, agitate for more.

Leftists are those who see an opportunity to take over society using the justification of egalitarianism. They cannot stop doing this; it is in their nature to do so, much as it is in the nature of a wild animal to attack those who might be trying to capture it. The Leftist has one goal, and it is found in the self, not civilization, from which the context in which the self can thrive is established.

Their mode of passive aggression enables them to act the victim. They assert their beliefs as truth and then view dissent as an attack, which enables them to feel justified in preemptive retaliation. This is why Leftist regimes killed more people last century than any other force.

We also should not forget the French Revolution where Leftists killed off ten percent of their population and reduced the average IQ of the nation by ten points.

For this reason, we need to realize that Leftists will not stop until they achieve Full Communism. Even the people now who claim loudly that they want moderate solutions, on both Right and Left, are fundamentally Leftist, and when their moderate solutions fail, they will demand more authoritarian ones. For the Leftist, there is only ideology, and anything else is death, so they are on a mission to destroy everything but Leftism so that they can “win.”

We have to recognize that we who are more Realist than individualistic cannot coexist with the Leftist. We are incompatible and from different worlds, and we desire different worlds. They want an ideological state with a third world society; we want to restore Western Civilization and raise it to new levels of greatness. These two different desires cannot be reconciled

Their behavior is incompatible with what we need, and ours is incompatible with everything they hold dear. History shows us that Leftism wins every time at first, but then when its plans are implemented, it gradually fails. This sometimes takes centuries. But with all of Europe unable to pay for its social welfare programs and importing immigrants to fill the gap, and the USA in chaos, this has changed.

Physical removal of Leftists — and neurotics, criminals, and other permanently miserable people; this is separate from repatriation of those outside the founding group — does not need to involve death, violence, misery and bloodshed. It involves cutting off their lifeline of social welfare programs, and a cultural wave pushing them to other types of societies, elsewhere. The helicopters can be replaced by one-way plane tickets.

Last century may have belonged to the slow but steady advance of Leftism in politics, through the “long march” that ate up our institutions, and in mass culture and media. However, we have seen the society that creates, and it is an ugly one. A wasteland of empty people, selfish and oblivious, covered in graffiti and advertising, with no life but a cube to sleep in and a cube to work in.

In the 21st century, a great awakening has occurred. We trusted in the egalitarian idea for so long to bring about the best for everyone, but it has not delivered on that promise, and has instead shown us the type of dystopian Utopian future that it always had in mind. For those who glimpse that abyss, the more natural — and less egalitarian — ways of the past come alive again.

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