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  • Special Report: How U.S. Justice Department disarmed its police reform effort

    Long story short, conservatives see these instances of police misbehavior as a case of bad actors; Leftists want to argue for police brutality as the norm and systemic racism, so they want to investigate everyone for the actions of the few. Conservatives naturally reject that time-and-money-wasting bureaucrat employer.

  • Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

    The idea of harvesting energy from graphene is controversial because it refutes physicist Richard Feynman’s well-known assertion that the thermal motion of atoms, known as Brownian motion, cannot do work. Thibado’s team found that at room temperature the thermal motion of graphene does in fact induce an alternating current (AC) in a circuit, an achievement thought to be impossible.

    Big if true, since we have a ton of extra heat around. Just cover half of Texas in graphene and we will have free electricity until the cows come home.

  • Boeing to move 787 production to South Carolina in 2021

    But industry officials say it raises the prospect of another battle between the U.S. planemaker and unions that have unsuccessfully tried to organize in the South Carolina plant.

    Unions destroyed Boeing, so they outsourced to India, and then all their planes started crashing. They are trying to find a place where they can get quality labor without parasitic unions driving up costs to the point where foreign companies radically out-compete them on price. For manufacturing and service industries to come back to America, unions must die.

  • As another migrant caravan heads toward the United States, skeptics ask: Why now?

    Clever Leftists planned a pre-election surprise, not realizing that most of America is tired of the dirty tricks. Being tone deaf, however, Leftists seem to have missed all of the finer details while staying focused on their objective, which is controlling all of us with “equality” so that clever but not intelligent Leftists like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Slidin’ Joe Biden can rule us forevermore.

  • Germany Warns of Nationalism Risks 30 Years After Reunification

    People feeling disconnected from the political system creates “fertile ground for populism and extremist parties,” Steinmeier said. On the day of German unity, “we must painfully realize that the fight for freedom and democracy isn’t won — not anywhere in the world.”

    Equality means that symbol, thought, and political system are one: the goal is equality, the method is equality, the only moral good is equality, and non-equality-based thought must be purged. This means that when the system fails, the idea fails, since each instance is equal to the idea itself, mainly because each step in the instance was used as proof that equality is working, good, and sane. If any one of these steps fails, people snap out of the mental headlock and start thinking that maybe equality belongs in algebra, not politics. In parallel systems, each instance is seen as an interpretation of the essence but not the essence itself; we argue for natural selection, but this can happen in different ways and to different degrees, where equality always happens the same way and always fails the same way, as it is doing now.

  • Eco disaster at Kamchatka peninsula with mass death of sea animals at precious Pacific beach

    The strongly-bonded community of local surfers signalled trouble with the beach three weeks ago, saying that they had a burning sensation in their eyes, strong headaches, often fevers, throat aches and a feeling of losing eyesight after getting out of the water.

    Now it emerges that even staying close to the water makes a poisonous effect, posing in pictures of gas masks.

    Checks by the regional Ministry of Natural Resources showed there was a spike in levels of phenols (2.5 times) and oil products (3.6 times).

    Someone paid off the regulatory authorities and dumped something, creating unmeasurable death and destruction. Humanity will probably not be able to survive until it eugenically eliminates the dishonest and destructive from among its ranks.

  • New High Favors One-Party Control of U.S. Federal Government

    A new high of 41% of U.S. adults say it is better to have a president and Congress from the same political party.

    This important indicator tells us that people are tired of adversarial systems, which produce endless infighting, and would prefer strong leadership. Since Trump is the current leader, this points to benefits for him and populism, since populism targets the massive bureaucracy designed to support constant infighting and neutral agencies (none of which are neutral, as we have seen). This also sounds a death knell for diversity, since people are tired of infighting between ethnic groups, too.

  • Powder keg: 61% say United States ‘on verge of civil war,’ 52% already preparing

    Predictably, it’s the political extremes who are most ready for war, with 52% of very liberal, 52% of very conservative, 32% of somewhat liberal, 34% of moderate, and 35% of somewhat conservative respondents saying they believe the statement “I’m concerned that the U.S. could be on the verge of another civil war.”

    Probably not a civil war, but a regime change, certainly. The Leftists we see out there are defending the vision of the 1990s — multiculturalism, globalism, socialism, pluralism, atheism, urbanization — but the cutting edge wants organic social order and hierarchy instead of social control by a centralized Leftist authority. Leftism has run its course, and the Left are acting like insane radicals because they see their last chance at total power (demographic replacement) slipping through their fingers as the populist revolt rises. The Right needs to avoid botching this, Bush-style, and instead focus on seizing power, cutting all laws since 1865, repatriating the non-WASP diversity, and amending the Constitution to have a monarchy. Let us get out of the failing egalitarian era and into an age of realistic but optimistic activity. To the stars!

  • With Texas schools struggling to find lost students, state offers temporary financial reprieve

    Texas “lost” a whole bunch of students because they went back to Mexico. The teachers unions made themselves fat and grotesque on property tax money by providing free education, medical care, two meals a day, and daycare to illegals, who showed up in late-model cars and obviously had plenty of spending money. It was a scam; the American system has ground itself into poverty with New Deal/Great Society entitlements programs, and now it is squeezing money out of whoever is dumb enough to still pay the high city taxes. Most of those are minorities making six-figure salaries with government and affirmative action jobs.

  • Delinquencies soaring for federally backed home loans in Texas

    More than 17% of the Federal Housing Administration’s almost 8 million home loans nationwide were delinquent in August, according to a new study from the American Enterprise Institute.

    These loans are designed for low income borrowers, and may be our last gift from diversity before it implodes: home loans to minorities caused the last economic crash as well.

  • At 46%, Trump’s Pre-Debate Job Approval Highest Since May

    Regardless of whom they personally support, 56% of Americans expect Trump to prevail over Biden in the November election, while 40% think Biden will win. Although majorities of partisans think their party’s candidate will win, Republicans are more likely to believe Trump will win (90%) than Democrats are to think Biden will (73%). Fifty-six percent of independents predict that Trump will win.

    Incumbents usually win. Trump might have been in trouble except that he has kept the economy strong, avoided any radical acts, and Democrats now own the four months of race riots and draconian COVID-19 restrictions. People are ready for change; the party promising “hope and change” for the last century and delivering more socialism, equality, civil rights, diversity, feminism, and bureaucracy will not provide them with the change that they seek.

  • Survey: most students support campaigns to block “controversial” speakers from campus

    A new survey of 20,000 students from 55 universities has revealed that they are largely against allowing speakers to discuss controversial topics on their colleges campuses.

    The Left equated being pro-equality with being morally good and socially successful, and used this demonize anything else, especially at the level of lower school, middle school, and high school, producing zombies who believe that correct, polite, and socially successful behavior includes crypto-Communism. My guess is that the reason college graduates are having trouble finding work is that no one wants to hire these zombies until they have demonstrated that they are practical and apolitical in the field. Once you get SJWs onboard, they hire more, and soon you not only have authoritarian nannies running the joint, but they are incompetent and wreck your business.

  • Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy fits pattern of extremist rhetoric

    On Wednesday Trump claimed he had never heard of Proud Boys – the violent rightwing group that he urged to “stand by” when asked to condemn white supremacists.

    “Stand by” and “stand down” mean “do nothing.” They completely missed the point. Then they lie, stating that Trump has not repeatedly condemned white supremacy (he has) and misreading his “fine people on both sides” comment (in which he condemned white supremacy). Trump is the doorway to future Right-wing politics, not a radical. He wants to end identity politics, which is impossible, but by doing so, he will stop the bleeding by ending demographic displacement. One that is achieved, it will become clear that diversity does not work and we will need a mono-ethnic state instead. This will be proved to us by ongoing fighting over power between ethnic groups, with the predominant battle being Black versus Hispanic, since these two groups are already competing for entitlements resources that are becoming scarce as a dwindling group of Whites pays for an ever-increasing minority cadre.

  • Man, 41, loses ‘unprecedented’ legal bid for parents’ financial support

    Mr Amos characterised the parents as having “nurtured his dependency on them for the last 20 years or so” and now “seek to cast that dependency onto the state”.

    Egalitarian societies produce narcissistic people; these control their children, much as society controls the parents, and produce people who are like the post-Soviet residents of Eastern Berlin, unable to organize their lives or take any proactive direction toward having independent lives. Their job was to receive orders and comply because only this makes the narcissist happy. Once the child is emotionally ruined, the narcissists pass them on to the state as dependents. Luckily, enough of this will bankrupt the state.

  • How the brain balances emotion and reason

    In fact, people with depression often have an overactive area 25, a region involved in emotional expression.

    Outbreak of Leftism could have resulted from mass depression, resulting in bizarre emotional outbursts.

  • Satanic Temple sues company that rejected group’s billboards

    A lawsuit filed by the Satanic Temple alleges that an advertising company unfairly refused to display some billboards promoting a ritual offered by the group to help people bypass abortion rules in some states.

    Welcome to the endzone of pluralism: there are no social standards whatsoever because everyone is equal and therefore, all of their thoughts are equally valid (a Left-term meaning “must be accepted”). Eventually, this means neo-Nazi regalia stores next to synagogues and NAMBLA bookstores behind the preschool. No one really understood what pluralism meant when the concept was explained, so now they will pay for their surface reading and assumption that society would continue as it had. Having a majority culture works, but that requires having one ethnic group per nation. Diversity continues dying right before our eyes.

  • David Attenborough leads call for world to invest $500 billion a year to protect nature

    Opening the summit in New York, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said a million species were at risk of extinction and that climate change and the loss of biodiversity were “destroying Earth’s web of life”.

    We are never going to be able to protect biodiversity until we protect human biodiversity, which requires that we reject diversity and return to having one ethnic group per nation.

  • Religiously unaffiliated people more likely than those with a religion to lean left, accept homosexuality

    For example, in some countries, religiously unaffiliated adults – a group also known as religious “nones” – are more likely to express accepting views of homosexuality, less likely to prefer traditional gender roles in marriages, and more likely to identify with the political left than are adults who identify with a religion, according to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey.

    Religion says that there is a right way of doing things; culture does the same. This is why the Left seeks to remove these and replace them with egalitarian ideology.

  • Cuba, China, Russia about to join U.N. Human Rights Council

    If Cuba, Russia and China win their seats, they will have a better-than-usual chance to kill future U.N. human-rights investigations. They would turn the Council into a virtual mutual protection society for some of the world’s worst dictatorships, more so than it is already.

    The theory was that if we could get all the nations of the world together, they could vote on what was right and we could avoid wars. Instead, we simply created a new body for takeover, and now the bad guys have the power. This means the end of the UN and in a bigger sense, of the idea that democracy does something other than turn off the brains of the good guys so the bad guys can run amok.

  • UK to exclude Chinese students from sensitive subjects

    Under Britain’s Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS), postgraduate applicants from abroad already require security vetting to study subjects where their knowledge could be used in weapons programmes, according to a government website.

    The decoupling from China continues. It turns out that educating the opposition is a bad idea, and despite warnings, academia proved content to take the money and ignore the spying for decades. This will savage academia, since a major source of its newfound wealth comes from study abroad students.

  • GCHQ discovered ‘nationally significant’ vulnerability in Huawei equipment

    Investigators at the UK’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) found an issue so severe that it was withheld from the company, according to an oversight report published on Thursday.

    China took a hint from the US NSA and built backdoors into all of its equipment. The UK, rather than ban this gear outright, has portrayed its rejection of it as a safety and security matter rather than fear of international spying. This means that Chinese gear will be leaving its shores, replaced by Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean equipment, strengthening the countries most likely to oppose China in its home region. This intensifies the pressure on failing Chinese Communism, which will turn to war, unaware that it cannot win because its people are no longer committed to what they recognize is a failed system.

  • Former United Auto Workers president pleads guilty to embezzling funds

    The plea comes after Williams’ successor, Gary Jones, pleaded guilty in June to embezzling more than $1.5 million in union funds along with two co-conspirators.

    Unions are just organized crime with better public relations.

  • China state media uses propaganda on Twitter to sow division in the US

    While it could hardly be described as sophisticated propaganda, ever since riots began and there was considerable unrest in the US surrounding George Floyd’s death and the subsequent fallout, Chinese politicians and media outlets have been eager to comment on the issue and extend their support to the Black Lives Matter movement – all while condemning the US, the Trump administration, and police.

    We hear a lot about Russia interfering with our elections but almost nothing about China, mainly because China funds the Democrats. The Democrats, being the party fighting to keep neoliberalism in power, have deployed their street units in the form of BLM (“blots”) and Antifa (“teefs”) to keep the voters so scared that they vote desperately for appeasement. This time, however, people have had enough. Neoliberalism has failed by raising the cost of living while increasing problems, instead of fixing problems so we could enjoy the good times in peace, as was promised many times over the past century. To fix it, we are going to have to relocate all non-WASP ethnic groups and repeal a lot of law, starting with the 14A.

  • 31.4% spring slide for a US economy likely to shrink in 2020

    The gross domestic product, the economy’s total output of goods and services, fell at a rate of 31.4% in the April-June quarter, only slightly changed from the 31.7% drop estimated one month ago, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday.

    It turns out that a full COVID-19 shutdown is very, very expensive. On the positive side, this has killed off most of the non-necessary industries like restaurants and entertainment that hire Leftists, and has created a huge hungry labor pool for the return of American industry. It has wrecked international trade. We are starting from zero, and we had better have a builder like Trump instead of tax-and-spend Biden, who seems to be there to guide us into third-world diverse socialism.

  • Macron outlines new law to prevent Islamic ‘separatism’ in France

    The measures to combat “radical Islamism” and terrorism suggested a carrot-and-stick approach: local officials will be given extra legal powers to combat extremism while money will be invested in education – particularly of Islamic culture and civilisation – and to deal with other social problems including housing and poverty.

    Oh look, the American diversity plan in a new place. Guys like Macron got ahead by being good at school and jobs, which one does by looking at what has been done and implementing it more cleverly. This means that he is incapable of choosing something other than more of the same. In reality, the only way out is to start repatriation of everyone but the ethnic French.

  • Naval Academy midshipman sues over discipline for tweets

    The basis of separation is that Standage’s tweets violate the Naval Academy’s policies against political activities and “constituted conduct unbecoming a midshipman,” according to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

    To normal people, pointing out that Breonna Taylor was an accessory to murder or that Black Lives Matter is a grifting organization are not political activity, but noticing of reality. The Left has so redesigned American society that

  • Russian historian who uncovered Stalin’s mass graves has sentence increased by a decade

    During his research in the late 1990’s, Dmitriyev located the secret mass graves at Sandarmokh and Krasnyi Bor in the Republic of Karelia, where thousands of people, including hundreds of Finns, were shot and buried during Stalin’s Great Terror in the late 1930s.

    Did Communism just rebrand and live on as market socialism in modernday Russia?

  • Big tech firms may be handing Hong Kong user data to China

    Facebook and Google did not respond to requests for comment.

    China owns Big Tech because its first world userbase is collapsing, leaving behind only SJWs and tech support workers with nothing else to do all day long. It has become an echo chamber for angry losers, which is why many of us descend into it to offer contrarian conservative opinion.

  • Truckers charged in record $336M US-Canada tobacco-smuggling case

    Truck drivers and the two alleged ringleaders were among the 13 charged in Quebec on Tuesday in connection with the tobacco-smuggling operation. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) alleges that the group evaded CA$450 million (US$336 million) in duties and taxes.

    Just like Prohibition, sin taxes create organized crime. In Canada, a tin of tobacco that costs $8 in the US costs about $50, and is hard to find as well. If they taxed tobacco like hamburgers, none of this would be occurring, but government needs more money for diversity programs, bureaucracy, and welfare. The cost is passed directly on to citizens.

  • Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Major cities hit as heavy fighting continues

    Azerbaijan, which is openly backed by Turkey, has demanded the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent areas seized by ethnic Armenian troops.

    Looks like the lead-up to WW1 again, and again it occurs in the mixed-race republics which have created problems for first-world entangling alliances.

  • California to study reparations for Black residents under new law signed by Gov. Newsom

    The task force can also make recommendations on eliminating state laws and policies that perpetuate discrimination and on issuing a formal apology “for the perpetration of gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity on African slaves and their descendants,” according to the bill.

    More vote-buying. Diversity is the only reason Leftists have remained in power after bungling the last two centuries of history.

  • White House: Trump given Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir, in addition to Regeneron drug

    Look for Gilead stock and Regeneron shares to leap when he recovers, followed by a drop as his EOs kick in ending preferential American pricing for big pharmaceutical companies.


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