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An interesting observation from the interwebs:

If you are bored with life, you are probably boring.

At first, it seems trivial: blame the victim, basically. But then, when one thinks about this a bit, some glimmers of wisdom appear. Those who are bored may be passively relying on life to provide them with entertainment, instead of intermeshing with life to find meaning.

If you are sitting at a desk with a keyboard all day, doing nothing but what you are told do and what pleases you directly, you have not connected with life. You are an atomized particle, isolated in your individualism, disconnected from anything but yourself.

No wonder you are bored.

Those who are boring in this way may not be boring in the sense of a personality attribute; that is, they might be interesting people. But their lifestyles are boring. They go from one room and screen to another, pursue pleasures and duties, but have nothing that animates them.

Everyone needs something to impel them as opposed to merely compelling them like a need to eat, earn money, avoid threats, and distract oneself. They need some reason that they want to live, something that they exist to do.

With modernity, we thought destiny left us. It never did. We still must find our path, and some way that we can find meaning and be productive in that capacity. This correlates with self-actualization and spiritual awareness.

Otherwise, we are simply boring, as individuals and a species.

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