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  • Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal

    More oopsies for the narrative. Also: Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying – Ukrainian MP and Russian trolls’ chief target was ‘black US voters’. It turns out that all of the accusations against Trump were fake, and Leftists have been hiding their own dirty deeds behind a wall of cryptic behavior that, taken in total, shows an intent to deceive. It’s the Clinton method™.

  • Redmond man claims he was joking about alleged ‘Joker’ threat, but police seize his guns

    In 2016, Washington voters overwhelmingly approved an “extreme risk” law to allow law enforcement officers and family members to ask a judge to keep firearms out of the hands of someone deemed a danger to themselves or others, even if no crime had been committed.

    Days before the nationwide opening of the movie, “Joker,” a grim and violent origin story about Batman’s nemesis, Redmond police seized assault-style rifles and handguns from a 23-year-old Redmond man who allegedly posted a disturbing social-media message and photo referencing the film, according to police and court records.

    Slippery-slope is not a fallacy; it can be a fallacy, because people do not know how to apply it. When you write vague law, you give people an inch and they will take a mile in the vein of their own biases. Watch for this to be used to seize guns from anyone who makes public posts with a conservative bent farther to the Right of Bush II.

  • Denmark sets up temporary border control with Sweden after attacks

    Denmark is to impose temporary border controls at the Swedish border next month, after Swedes were suspected of being behind a number of serious attacks this year in the Danish capital Copenhagen, the justice minister said on Thursday.


    Two Swedish nationals are currently in custody in Denmark suspected of involvement in an explosion outside the Danish Tax Agency in August.

    “Swedish nationals” is Cold War lexicon for “people with Swedish citizenship who are not ethnic Swedes.”

    Sweden, which itself has had controls at the border since 2015 to try to stop asylum seekers from entering the country, welcomed the move.

    If diversity were a guest, you would have to burn the sheets and bleach the towels.

  • Migrants block US-Mexico border crossing, force closure

    This degree of entitlement only comes with egalitarianism. What right does your neighbor have to the fruits of your labor? What right do people from failed states have to come live among you and take profits out of your economic system? Their answer: we are human, too. Great, but we have too many humans already. We are going to have to go our own way. This is an invasion, not “immigration.” Luckily, under Trump the American response is clearer, basically saying that we want legal immigrants only, and fewer of those. Not surprisingly, this ends the flood of cheap labor and is raising wages for Americans. Imagine how well we could be doing if we sent all the diversity home (starting with the Irish, of course) and then situated women back in the home? 60% of our workforce would remain, and it would be forced to quit doing make-work jobs created by regulations and start doing things of actual importance, which would cure our people of some of their boredom, neurosis, and entitlement. Not only that, but deportation is back on the menu for Cubans, as Trump rejects the idea that we must take the starving and sad of the world simply because their voters made bad decisions back home.

  • Cambridge University: ‘Stormzy effect’ helps rise in black students

    For the first time, black students made up more than 3% of new undergraduates, according to figures released by the university.

    This is the result of years of effort, draconian laws, and hundreds of millions of dollars from private and public entities?

  • Goodwin decides to keep Charleston Christmas Parade name following criticism

    Goodwin said the city’s intention was certainly not a ‘war on Christmas’ but the suggestion was made because Charleston is a welcoming and inclusive city and wanted to be welcoming to all.

    When you genericize culture, no one cares. Everyone can enjoy a Christmas parade since the Christmas mythos is simple but full of fun stuff. No one enjoys a “Winter Parade” for all faiths, since then it means nothing and has no conventions, so participation is limited to showing up and robotically repeating “diversity is our strength…there are no social classes…everyone is equal…use the bathroom of your preferred gender” to show alliance with the dominant paradigm.

  • Nobel literature prize for Slobodan Milosevic ‘apologist’ sparks scandal

    It turns out that not everyone supports the narrative. Realists simply point out that genocide requires two parties, and neither is innocent. That is not surprising, since in life there are no 100% good people. If you allow diversity, each group will serve itself, and this will lead to ethnic conflict and eventually genocide:

    While most Germans were going bankrupt, the Jews were viewed as privileged, rich, and corrupt people. Jews made up only 1 percent of the German population, but they were 16 percent of all lawyers, 10 percent of all doctors, and 5 percent of all editors and writers. Generally speaking, they were people who had money while others were starving—and that won them a lot of resentment.

    At the same time, the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was being blamed on Jews. The Germans believed that Jews were behind the growing Communist sentiment and that they would be a threat down the road.

    Anti-Semitism became widespread. It wasn’t just the Nazis—almost every political party used anti-Semitic language in their campaigns. Hotels started refusing service to Jews. Priests started working criticism of Judaism into their sermons.

    Having lived around Jews (and every other conceivable ethnic group) my whole life, I can say that Jews successfully employ ethnic nepotism as a means of enriching their community, and this excludes ordinary people who might otherwise enjoy those benefits. They are also highly geared toward success in education and business, teaching this to their young very early, while white people are busy with transitory fascinations like sports, socializing, displays of moral opulence, and fads. Jews retain their gritty mentality of being outsider underdogs who must fight hard in order to conquer, and this both makes them successful and guarantees they will be heading into the burning barn or ovens at some point. The solution is to end diversity, not end foreign ethnic groups.

  • Alcohol tax cuts cause nearly 2,000 extra deaths in seven years, study finds

    Bigger question: why are your citizens so miserable, directionless, and bored that they drink themselves to death? Asking for a friend.

  • The sea is running out of fish, despite nations’ pledges to stop it

    We added more people, and now we need to feed them. No one thought of that. Those many mouths have hands with money attached, so people will go out there and exploit the sea until there is nothing left. It is a classic tragedy of the commons.

  • Ukraine Whistleblower May Not Testify In Person

    In the days after the French Revolution, it was common for the accused to hear that an anonymous complaint had been made against them. They could not cross-examine the witness because it was anonymous, and therefore could present only what it wanted to talk about, and so no defense could be raised. The guillotine blade dropped shortly thereafter, and the issue was considered settled. While conservatives defend anonymity in speech, realizing that while not all outsider opinions are useful, anything which really touches a nerve probably references a problem of which we are in denial and so must be heard, we do not like anonymity in witnesses for these obvious reasons.

  • Students burn author’s book outside of Eagle Village

    Author whose homeland fails comes to our country to take advantage of what it offers, and when it makes her successful, uses her time to preach about how intolerant white people are. White students, tired of the guilt tax, burn her book. Not only is that act of defiance rare and telling, but the response to it has also showed us a new side of America, in which people shrug and say, “If you have identity politics special rights that allow you to advance your group at the expense of others, we have the same, and we are not accepting your guilt spell any longer.” Diversity death spiral countdown commences.

  • Partisan Antipathy: More Intense, More Personal

    We could fool ourselves into thinking that everyone could get along under a libertarian/freedom framework. That is, we all had our own homes and did whatever we wanted in them, and each of us knew that his freedom ended where the freedom of someone else began.

    That, however, was a lie and illusion, or rather, only a partial view of things. In the bigger picture, people want different types of civilizations. Leftists want a socialist-style total state dedicated toward equality, and conservatives want a Social Darwinist small government where the best rise. Hispanics want a country ruled by Hispanics, and Black people want a country ruled by Black people. We want different end destinations and end results, and so we can no longer pretend to get along.

    Through this we learn that the Kirkpatrick Doctrine applies to more than nation-states:

    Kirkpatrick’s Big Idea, known eventually as the Kirkpatrick doctrine, was that it was OK for the U.S. to support repressive dictatorships because “authoritarian regimes” (like Chile’s Augusto Pinochet or, for that matter, Iraq’s strongman Saddam Hussein) were capable of evolving peacefully toward democracy, whereas “totalitarian states” — evil entities like the Soviet Union, Nicaragua or Cuba — were incapable of such change.

    Totalitarian states are ideological, or committed to one big idea that fixes all problems; for Leftists, this idea is “equality.” Since ideology is conjectural, meaning that it is the opposite of realist ideas which are based on observed patterns, and consists of human thoughts about what might be or “should” be true, ideological states are threatened by the existence of anyone who is living successfully without applying their ideology. Therefore, totalitarian states rely on social engineering, or use of incentives and punishments to change the methods and language that citizens use in daily life, realizing that by cutting out anything but those methods and language which advance the ideology, it will shape how people think.

    Authoritarian states — and yes, the NSDAP would be one — exist in response to a problem, and so they make war against it, whether by decent and accurate methods or not (Pinochet’s “helicopter rides” and Hitler’s repression and genocide fit in the latter category; had Pinochet and Hitler simply shipped their unwanted people to Venezuela, no one would care).

    Rightism is closer to authoritarianism in that we see unrealistic and lowest common denominator thinking — there is quite a bit of overlap here! — are a problem, and the solution is strict realism sweetened with a transcendental or metaphysical ideal of an order larger than the self, encompassing morality, aesthetics, motivation, and goals. Leftism belongs to the totalitarian camp and wants to change people to conform to its ideological Utopia of equality.

    That means that the Left will always target the Right because if anyone succeeds by Rightist principles, the Left stands revealed as what it is: irrelevant and comprised of human desires, emotions, intentions, reactive judgments, and social feelings. We cannot all get along; we are going to have to separate. I suggest sending all the Leftists to Venezuela, the diversity home, and the lawyers to jail.

  • Montgomery, Alabama’s first black mayor-elect says he wants his city seen as a part of the New South

    When enough of a minority group are there to be the swing vote in an election, they take over. They then vote for you to pay for their advancement so that they can replace you. This is how human history has always been, with any groups involved. If you allow diversity in your community, you have consented to conquest.

  • On Edge from Attacks, Germany Finds Far-Right Radicals Within Security Services

    In the 1990s it became clear that the Movement Paradigm™ for nationalist politics would not work. The Movement Paradigm, as pioneered by George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce, consisted of setting up political “movements” through organized member lists, activities, and demonstrations. Movements became dependent on the media because each time the media reported an outrage, more people sent in money; as a result, these movements began to act like their media stereotypes. Even more, the FBI got involved early and seized those member lists fast, using them behind the scenes to make phone calls to potential employers. The saner people looked at this and thought, perhaps a decentralized movement is better, so they acquired the literature secondhand with cash and started joining up with reputable firms and government agencies in order to increase their personal power. The Left, while preaching freedom out of one side of its mouth, wants to make this illegal with the other, mainly by classifying far-Right beliefs as the cause of terror incidents, when really those are polycausal, requiring extreme ideology, a desire for self-destruction or at least an enjoyment of long prison terms, and a certain rage brought on by noticing the hypocrisy, dysfunction, and manipulative cruelty of this world.

  • Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

    We will find in the future that the most “woke” corporations were the ones with the most to hide.

  • Asteroid may collide with Earth, ESA warns: ‘Non-zero… probability’

    Space rock may crash into Earth in the next seventy years, causing apocalyptic climate changes and perhaps our own extinction. What will humanity do? No doubt spend sixty-nine of those years arguing over wealth redistribution and ethnic representation, then panic. On the plus side, if any of us survive, democracy will depart when the body count comes in, and we may have a solution to our overpopulation problem. Too bad about all that science, symphonies, art, literature, learning, wisdom, culture, and architecture that will get toasted, but hey, you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette or something like that.

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