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  • Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment

    Fox News counted independents in new categories, “lean Right” and “lean Left,” in order to come up with some damning numbers, but this is no different than what we have seen in the past. Polls can be useful tools, but when the number of interviewees is too low, or the audience is selected by the time of contact or method of contact — I always use the example of pollsters calling landlines at 10:00 AM on Tuesday mornings, and being surprised that they get mainly elderly, disabled, or insane people — the polls can be misleading. The media blitz has many Americans convinced that Trump should be impeached; he wants them to do it, and learn from it just like the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Those who doubted Trump on the Right will be proven wrong, and like the self-aggrandizing rationalism monkeys they are, will adopt a pro-Trump; those who hate Trump will become snarling petit Captain Ahabs and self-defeat. The Right needs to bring out its faithful and bring over some moderates to win this election, but the Left needs to energize its base, and so far all it has is fear of Trump, which is failing because Trump has not only refused to do anything radical, but everything he has done has benefited the nation. This impeachment drama plays entirely into his hands, as it shows the Democrats as a nasty defensive group which wants to stage a coup and seize power, while he is this humble guy just doing his job and getting no respect for it, a role in which most Americans can see themselves.

  • Stephan Balliet: The ‘loser’ neo-Nazi suspected of deadly attack on German synagogue

    Radical ideals feel good. They are solid, simple rules that make the world seem good again. However, they backfire because policy requires attention to complexity, and that includes the notion that perhaps the simplest rules are the ones that are least accurate. I understand saying “Jews out of Germany,” but only as part of a bigger rule, “Germany for (ethnic) Germans (only)!” Targeting Jews just misses the fact that the West is in the grips of a dysfunctional pathology based in individualism which leads to egalitarianism, at which point we all go insane because we have deferred our thinking to the external object that is society and it is guiding us toward something unreal, i.e. not found in nature, logic, common sense, or history. This event gives me flashbacks to the Frazier Glenn Miller killings which also achieved a low body count and killed non-Jewish people. Breivik had the right idea: make Leftists scared again. McVeigh had the right idea: make government flunkies scared again. Kaczynski had the right idea: make immensely rich and powerful people who do bad things scared again. Killing Jewish grandmothers? You have to be kidding. This is as dumb as the Holocaust.

  • ‘Make America Great Again’ listed on Calif. college’s ‘white supremacy’ pyramid

    But “covert white supremacy,” according to SDCC, includes “Make America Great Again,” cultural appropriation, Columbus Day celebration, and “racist mascots.”

    Another white supremacy pyramid classified “Euro-centric curriculum” and “claiming reverse racism” as “veiled racism” and “funding schools locally” as “discrimination.”

    Yes, they want to replace you. What else would they do? They either have to reject their roots and live as a conquered people, or see their roots in a positive light, at which point they will need control of their future which means they have to dominate all other ethnic, religious, and political groups. Diversity is simply stupid policy that destroys civilizations.

  • Turkey opens ground assault on Syria’s Kurds; U.S. Republicans turn on Trump

    Turkey has been flirting with Russia over weapons sales; Syria is an ally of Russia, which wants its warm water ports. If Trump stops protecting the Kurds, Turkey invades Syria, and now Russia is thrown into conflict between its two allies, and the ensuing chaos stops Russian expansion in this area of the middle east. In the meantime, Trump has sent more weapons to Israel and given them carte blanche to deal with Hizbollah-funders Iran and other nasties however they see fit. In this way, Trump is withdrawing the US from role as a superpower because it takes care of everyone, and restoring it to being a superpower that leads by example and excludes the bad so it collapses of its own insanity. Is it sad about the Kurds? Perhaps. They are a lesson to history: each ethnic group needs its own nation and the ability to defend it. People go on about how the Kurds have been betrayed many times, ignoring the fanaticism within the Kurdish nation, but this calls into mind the question of why the Kurds have relied on a failing policy for so long, namely that of trusting in having big allies. The nasty truth is that groups like the Kurds specialize in drawing other nations into war because it is easier for the Kurds to have big brothers than it is for them to establish and run their own nation. They have the numbers; why have they not done this? The Republican angst is, as usual in democracy, theater and pretense with a hefty wallop of self-interest. When you look out at the Republican congresspeople and functionaries, realize that each one of them wants to be president, and most of them are not fully competent in that field so believe that they can have that role by tearing down Trump and appealing to the Left and moderates by being more Leftist, even though that moronic method has not worked for decades.

  • A surge in killings by police roils Bolsonaro’s Brazil

    Bolsonaro pledges to crack down on crime, but who commits crime? Generally, the poor and clueless. Most of these tend to be indio or African-descended. When he cracks down on crime, more of them die. The media is trying to whip this into a Ferguson moment, but the grim truth is that ordinary people do not care. They just want the crime to end, and if a few people who are not mostly innocent get whacked in the process, it is better for the rest, and they will gladly consume whatever share of the resources these people had been absorbing. Is it “racist” when results disproportionately affect one race? No more than it is “racist” that most of Hollywood is Jewish. Groups have different behaviors, specializations, and abilities, and sometimes this leads to clashes with the standards established by other groups. If Bolsonaro had his way, he would send away the Amerinds and Africans and have a 100% Southern European Brazil, which would function a lot better simply because it would have one culture, one standard of behavior, and one population to administer to. It would also kick up the average IQ above 87 and give Brazil a fighting chance at having a future. No wonder the Left wants to quash it.

  • Doxxing has become a powerful weapon in the Hong Kong protests

    For years the Left has used this toxic practice against the Right. Now that it is out in the open, people will turn against it, which means that in the future doxxers will be seen as the destructive, controlling force that they are.

  • For first time more people are dying in UK each year than babies being born, new figures show

    Can we finally admit that all of the nations that have followed the modern formula — democracy, civil rights, multiculturalism, socialist-style entitlements — are dying out? Contented people have lots of babies. People who are exhausted from working at pro forma jobs to prop up a Potemkin economy so that government has tax money to keep lavishing on the useless underclasses do not breed. We are killing ourselves with modernity, and to survive, we must change our assumptions about what is good. Equality is not good; class warfare is not good; diversity is not good. Having a single ethnic group in a country with kings and a caste system works. Everything else is an experiment, and you should never do that with a whole nation, much less a whole race.

  • New study shows potential link between bad quality sleep and Alzheimer’s in Hispanics

    Here’s the golden bullet:

    “This finding is particularly important because Hispanics have a significantly higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared with non-Hispanic whites,” Ramos said.

    Government hoped to bring these people in and tax them in order to pay for entitlements, since the white population is dying out from modernity and endless wars for democracy. It should be exciting when we see a huge uptick in Alzheimer’s cases, which are expensive as they can require one or two decades of full care at a senior center per case. Wonder how government will pay for that? The usual response from democracy: durrrr

  • Germany shooting: Jewish leader criticises police ‘negligence’

    Outrage that police did not protect every synagogue rings hollow. Diversity is obviously not working and will only get worse; police need to protect regular people too. This synagogue could have hired privated security and not passed on the bill for its protection to the rest of the population, which does not care about Judaism or wants Jews gone from Germany. If I were one of these Jews, I would emigrate to Israel and be with my people instead of relying on manipulating the political, economic, and legal systems of host nations to have protection. Those things work up until the point where they suddenly do not, and it is always ugly. As the old saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Why do Jews continue living in places that have pogrom’d and murdered them in the past?

  • German police investigating far-right PEGIDA leader for incitement to violence

    Apparently, he likes to use Nazi-era phrases. Were they really Nazi-era, or did the Nazis use common language and the Left is now using this as an excuse to demonize it? Either way, the Right needs to kick its addiction to Hitler. We can do better, and we need to be focused on the future, not the pain of the past. WW1/2 was an epic screwup that cost the lives of many of our people and broke our spirit. Let us move forward and quit trying to be Hitler, or destroy Hitler, because the fact is that like most politicians, Hitler was a mixed bag. He did a lot of good things and a few really bad ones, including repression, the Holocaust, and provoking or getting trolled into a massive stupid war. We need to do better than that.

  • Hamilton is getting a reputation for hate, and critics say the city hasn’t done enough to fight it

    Everywhere diversity is tried, we have a “hate crime” problem. Could it be because diversity sucks, and people notice this? Here is a solution: stop using the state to create diversity. Let people work with, interact with, live with, and associate with whoever they like. You will rapidly see your society balkanize, with minorities going to Chinatowns, and mixes being exiled from all communities and sent to live in ghettos on the edge of town. This is the nature of humanity: every group must defend itself. It is also pure logic, since without it, no group could ever escape the lowest common denominator of humanity, and we would constantly pull ourselves downward. We need to rise, not fall. Kick out the diversity policy, and relocate (with repatriations) those who have been ensnared in it, including most of all the “First Nations” Amerinds who belong with their co-ethnics in Mongolia.

  • Malian man tied up in public for opposing caste-based slavery

    People do not understand the wisdom of caste. Per the Dunning-Kruger effect, people do not understand anything above what they have biological/genetic wiring to understand. This means that people below about 115 IQ points are a danger to society because they are ignorant, arrogant, and aggressive in asserting these things as a “higher truth” than reality. You either oppress them, or they oppress you. Another dangerous band, from 115-125ish, are sophomoric in that they understand how to run a business, write code, draft architecture, and deductively interpret law, but they are oblivious to leadership conditions. Above 125, you have people who are either nerds focused autistically on specific domains of knowledge, or well-rounded people of good character, and only those make good leaders. Among that group, those of the best character — what we call noble because it blends generosity and an aggressive drive toward aesthetically-pleasing transcendental order and contentment — make for the best leaders, so we make them aristocrats and entrust them with the wealth, land, power, and status so that they use that well and keep it away from the lower two ranks who will misuse it. Slavery is part of the nature of humanity. If you want to eliminate it, breed out people of low IQ and do not import any more.

  • Ukraine’s president says there was no blackmail in Trump call

    No one is exactly surprised at this revelation. Trump called Ukraine and checked on a few things, including whether or not they were investigating Americans who committed criminal acts in the Ukraine. It is the responsibility of local law enforcement to do that, and the executive of that state is responsible for enforcing that duty on local law enforcement. In his duty as president, Trump needs to both avoid sending money to corrupt regimes, and make sure that the law is enforced in the international domain. He was entirely within his rights and doing the right thing, which is why the Left attacked him. They should thank him; Biden was a loser candidate who pleased the wealthy white Leftists but did not attract the Hart-Celler audience.

  • Toronto restaurant caught up in Antifa rally permanently closes because of death threats

    Syrian family gets caught supporting Antifa who attacked elderly lady for wanting to see a political speech, and not surprisingly are rejected by their community. You come here to commit crimes? We no longer want you here. Big surprise.

  • Fitbit is pulling manufacturing out of China to avoid tariffs

    The Trump tariffs exist to decouple our economy from China. On a fair playing field, their products would not dominate as thoroughly as they do, and since China wants to take over the world, we really should not be supporting them at all with our consumer dollars. Even more, we want to be self-sufficient because globalism is over and whichever nation can satisfy its own needs without depending on anyone else is truly independent and has the most power, and eventually, will have the healthiest economy. This will require taking out our legal protections for unions, which always were a Communist scheme.

  • Uganda plans bill imposing death penalty for gay sex

    These laws are dumb, but this is a test of Western tolerance. Do we really mean that we want other cultures to be autonomous, or do we mean that we want them to adopt our (suicidal) political ideation? If you do not want homosexuality in your society, set up gay zones for homosexuals to live, work, and interact in. Encourage them all to go there. Otherwise, they simply “act straight” in the daytime, live gay at night, and cause endless problems because of the ensuing existential distress, STDs, and genetic problems with their offspring.

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