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    The majority of your population, in your nation of democracy, is experiencing every bit as much bondage as the majority in the other forms of government; because bondage is not about the form of government, it is about the individual attachment to the vibration that disallows the Well-being from flowing. – Esther Hicks

  • Activists Are Trying To Force Mastercard To Cut Off Payments To The Far Right

    The Left in the West has one major innovation: indirect power. Instead of having government censor you, they take over private companies and have them do it. Instead of throwing you in a gulag, they cut off your bank account, Costco card, bus pass, or whatever else you use to do business with society. It is politically-organized ostracism, and it derives from the idea of lawsuits, or that if enough Leftists sue a gun company, for example, it will create a massive disincentive to be a gun company. At that point, you may have the right to bear arms, but you had better make them yourself, since no one will sell you one. In a capitalist society, they control us through the economy, much as in the Soviet Union, you would starve without your party card. Just wait until they extend this to rentals and getting home loans. They mean to end you.

  • Netanyahu under fire as rivals brand Gaza truce deal a capitulation

    You know that the world has changed when people suddenly see cease-fires as perpetuating a problem in lieu of ending it. Crazed impoverished Palestinians could have had infrastructure, but they spent the money on 600+ rockets to fire at Israel instead, and also lost some infrastructure in the ensuing 320+ airstrikes. The Palestinians depend on Western goodwill and fear of appearing to be conducting a genocide, because without it, Israel would simply return fire fairly each time and essentially level Palestine. Let us hope that Israel does this, as it will show the world getting over its Hitlerphobia and returning to strong nationalism and tribalism.

  • Aging baby boomers are about to push Alzheimer’s disease rates sky high

    Baby Boomers grew up in the world that the “Greatest” Generation built, namely a bureaucratic abyss constructed around the idea of human equality and everyone getting whatever they could from the public trough. The “Greatest Generation,” it turns out, were more Soviet than we thought, and they simply imported that system into our capitalist social order and then socially-engineered our demographic replacement so that it could full take over. For them, triumph of the symbol — equality, or the individual — was more important than that pesky reality like social order, nature, divinity, logic, and history. Not surprisingly, the Baby Boomers, who suffered through divorce, loneliness, neurosis, television, consumerism, and endless paperwork, are checking out rather than retiring to peace and contentment.

  • Universal basic income doesn’t work. Let’s boost the public realm instead

    The Left admits that UBI does not work, but comes up with its solution: Universal Basic Services (UBS) and negative income tax, or basically UBI in a cash payment in-kind form rather than direct cash payment. It is fascinating to watch how one-track their minds are. If one method does not work, they try the same thing with another method, never considering that the fact that the two are essentially the same means that the same problems will exist. On the Right, we simply suggest removing the entire system, letting people keep their money, and driving down costs that way, in addition to actually allowing people to fail and starve if incompetent, so that at least some will thrive instead of us all sharing the misery equally.

  • Protect our right to light

    Those giant high-rises that humanity finds so impressive turn out to be cutting our exposure to natural light, making us prone to having health problems and being depressed. Like most attempts to make human intentions more powerful than nature, this one has backfired, and we are all more miserable for it.

  • Chinese stock markets tumble after Trump threatens new tariffs

    If China is doing so well, and they are ready to be our next superpower, why does the partial loss of one trading partner send them into a tailspin? The answer is that they depended on globalism while we have a chance to escape it. The new attitude in the West is self-sufficiency, in part to end those carbon-belching transport ships, but also to cut ourselves free from the dying system. In addition, the unstable and totalitarian nature of China has caused an exodus of business as people want to be free from suspicions of helping China spy on all of us. Maybe Trump engineered that, or maybe not, but either way, people are awakening to the need for a life outside of the Mongol empire 2.0 and we will achieve that by making our own stuff. That requires that we abort some of the cherished bloat in the West — unions, affirmative action, regulations, tax-and-spend wealth redistribution — but this in turn will force the Left out of our countries, and banish them back to the Asiatic empires which invented Leftism in the first place.

  • Macron’s party falls behind Le Pen’s far right in EU election poll

    The Right has a winning idea in populism: nationalism, tradition, plus Austrian economics, or the idea that we stop taxing people in order to redistribute wealth and instead cut taxes, government, regulations, lawsuits, and unions, because those siphon wealth away from the economy and into parasite-classes of bureaucrats, lawyers, Leftist politicians, and the permanent minority underclass. As the yellow vests raged, it became clear that they were frustrated that ordinary people could not longer afford a decent life, all in the name of supporting the poor and diversity. Leftism is self-destructing because it won, and once it won, it applied its policies, which promptly produced horrible results, sort of like after the French Revolution and in the Soviet Union. It turns out that even one drop of Leftism, sort of like one drop of Ebola, leads to big problems. It’s a virus. It only ends when it runs its course, leaving behind either a dead patient or one who wakes up on the operating table, rips out the Leftism by its roots, and goes the other way. To rip out Leftism by its roots, start by saying “No one is equal.”

  • Denver landlord who wouldn’t lease to Muslims must pay $675,000

    This is what happens when you switch from natural rights to civil rights. Under natural rights, government cannot stop you from leasing to anyone or force you to lease to anyone. Under civil rights, government will force you to treat everyone equally, even if it has destructive results for you, your local area, or organic things like culture and character of a town or neighborhood.

  • Nature is in its worst shape in human history, UN report says

    Climate change has died, and has been replaced by notice that we have an overgrowth of humans:

    The report’s 39-page summary highlighted five ways people are reducing biodiversity:

    • Turning forests, grasslands and other areas into farms, cities and other developments. The habitat loss leaves plants and animals homeless. About three-quarters of Earth’s land, two-thirds of its oceans and 85 per cent of crucial wetlands have been severely altered or lost, making it harder for species to survive, the report said.
    • Overfishing the world’s oceans. A third of the world’s fish stocks are overfished.
    • Permitting climate change from the burning of fossil fuels to make it too hot, wet or dry for some species to survive. Almost half of the world’s land mammals — not including bats — and nearly a quarter of the birds have already had their habitats hit hard by global warming.
    • Polluting land and water. Every year, 300 to 400 million tons of heavy metals, solvents and toxic sludge are dumped into the world’s waters.
    • Allowing invasive species to crowd out native plants and animals. The number of invasive alien species per country has risen 70 per cent since 1970, with one species of bacteria threatening nearly 400 amphibian species.

    They worked climate change in there, but the focus has shifted from limiting carbon to limiting growth and human expansion. This includes immigration and diversity (“invasive species”).

  • Measures to curb executive pay have flopped, says thinktank

    Standardization/centralization/bureaucracy lies at the core of human thinking; we as individuals want some absolute, omnipotent force to make sure that we are not treated unfairly, and the only way to do this is to treat everyone like an identical object. That way, we as individuals are guaranteed fair treatment, or at least that is how humans seem to think. In reality, the more we centralize, standardized, and implement bureaucracy, the less exact our solutions become, and rot creeps into the organic structure of civilization.

  • Online political ads ‘need law change’

    The BBC wants regulation/censorship of online political ads because it wants to savage its competition. The BBC is a political ad, most of the time, and it wants more market share.

  • Are Mountain Climbers Selfish?

    Mountain climbing is yet another modern ego-worship pursuit. People need some thing they do that makes them feel important and unique, and gives them a way to say, “See? I’m living the best life possible.” It joins indie rock bands, mountain biking, Burning Man, modern art, crossfit, ostentatious religion, swinging, missionary trips to the third world, Pilates, obscure martial arts, hipster IPA tasting, tattoos, and limousine liberalism in this regard. Your lifestyle is a product because it is how you sell yourself to others and make yourself feel good about the void of existential emptiness underpinning modern life.

  • Chinese Fund Backed by Hunter Biden Invested in Technology Used to Surveil Muslims

    We are going to find out in the future that China bought the Left whole. All of the big players seem to have connections to China, and not surprisingly, the Left worries about anything but China as if it were programmed to generate distractions. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

  • Congress, Give Trump His Border Money

    The Left has no idea that it has been outfoxed. They admit the border crisis, but want to divert money from the wall to care for the people coming across the border, because Leftists are always posturing at anything related to positive human intentions — art, compassion, love, peace, empathy, universality — and they want to be seen as the voice of concern for these poor starving brown third world people. However, in the process, they have both admitted that the situation is an emergency, and that their only plan is to double down on our existing policy which caused the crisis, so they have essentially said yet again that they have no answer. Trump will get his wall in the end.

  • The Wrong Narrative

    Elites have made themselves deaf to any information which suggests that their policies, based on the evangelical apocalyptic messianic religion of Equality, are not working. When a woman gets raped by a homeless man, city officials and journalists conspire to silence the story; when people object to this, the Left unites to scorn them and force them to be ignored. This tells us exactly how the pathology of the Left will lead us into suicide.

  • Bored and lonely? Blame your phone.

    The key word here is “blame.” They are blaming for phones for the failure of diversity, which decreases social trust and increases alienation. As a result of that, people are turning to their phones, social media, Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Costco, and other “walled spaces” so that they do not have to encounter the raw miserable chaos of diversity.

  • Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth’s natural life

    Official voice of Comintern-in-Exile The Guardian finally admits what us Kaczynskites have known for decades: human growth is causing ecocide.

    The report paints a picture of a planet in which the human footprint is so large it leaves little space for anything else. Three-quarters of all land has been turned into farm fields, covered by concrete, swallowed up by dam reservoirs or otherwise significantly altered. Two-thirds of the marine environment has also been changed by fish farms, shipping routes, subsea mines and other projects. Three-quarters of rivers and lakes are used for crop or livestock cultivation. As a result, more than 500,000 species have insufficient habitats for long-term survival.

    Agriculture and fishing are the primary causes of the deterioration. Food production has increased dramatically since the 1970s, which has helped feed a growing global population and generated jobs and economic growth. But this has come at a high cost.

    Population growth is noted as a factor, along with inequality. Individuals in the developed world have four times as much of an economic footprint as those in the poorest countries, and the gap is growing.

    He fails to mention that the developed world is a tenth the size of the developing world, and that they are growing, while we are not. In addition, much of our economic footprint consists of our attempts to help them by farming labor out to them through globalism, which requires expensive shipping. If we become self-sufficient, we can have our lifestyles and avoid ecocide as well, especially if the rest of the world is forced to sustain itself and therefore collapses. Thin the herd.

  • Russia’s increasing influence in Cuba stirs ghost of Cold War

    As it turns out, the Cold War was a struggle between two flavors of Leftism, but also simply the Clash of Civilizations in its nascent form. The Asiatic third world wants to take over from the West, again, just like they did during the Mongol invasions; they want this because they are unstable, and believe that conquest will keep their people united, as Genghis Khan intuited long ago. Unfortunately, it will not work, but no one is thinking of the long term. The right response is to prepare our defenses and cease feeding the beast; when Western traders stop giving anything to the East, the East is forced to deal with itself, and the resulting implosion will probably be eugenic if nothing else.

A really intelligent nation might be held together by far stronger forces than are derived from the purely gregarious instincts. A nation need not be a mob of slaves, clinging to one another through fear, and for the most part incapable of self-government, and begging to be led; but it might consist of vigorous self-reliant men, knit to one another by innumerable ties, into a strong, tense, and elastic organization. — Francis Galton

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