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  • Young adults have less to spend on non-essentials, study says

    Conservatives said that if you raised taxes to pay for all those cool free stuff programs, those costs would be passed on down to the consumer. They also said that if you brought diversity into the cities, you would create huge ghettos, and therefore non-ghetto housing would get really expensive. The voters did not listen. Now their grandchildren have the lifestyle of working constantly, afraid to offend anyone lest their lose their jobs and end up homeless, while living in dingy apartments and spending lots of money on luxuries because they cannot afford things like well-stocked pantries. They are permanently in a debt hole. I would feel sorry for them except, well, they’re idiots. Vote for free stuff like a moron and get raped like the fool you are. Voters are like moths to a flame for free stuff, and then they are full of reasons why someone else — capitalism, whites, Jews, Russia — is to blame for the stupid decisions of the voters. Where do we vote to end democracy? The voters are clearly incompetent.

  • 72 Philadelphia Police Officers Placed On Desk Duty Over Offensive Social Media Posts

    When you force diversity on people, and it is so bad that you have to constantly police speech in order to avoid people publicly noticing how terrible it is, expect that you will give legitimacy and energy to the counter-reaction. You could just be honest and allow people to speak their minds, but then you would find that all races, religions, ethnic groups, and cultures hate diversity. Then what? None of these people have the brains to even guess.

  • Migrants Keep Streaming Into U.S. – and That’s Exactly Central America’s Plan

    The third world has infinite poor, and they keep coming because dumber people — nu-metal fans, the poor, the third world, and the poor of the third world especially — engage in r-strategy reproduction which means they wantonly spew out children and hope that some survive. Third world countries, then, always have spare people, and they want to foist them off onto the first world so that the third world can avoid making our mistake:

    They all have rock-solid fiscal accounts.

    How’s that possible in such destitute places? Because, it turns out, they earmark precious little money to basic social programs. Not only does this save them cash, allowing them to hold down their budget deficits, but it has the effect of encouraging the poor — those who would benefit the most from greater outlays for healthcare or housing — to emigrate.

    Look at the genius of this. Instead of bankrupting themselves with social spending as the useful idiots of the West have done, they make someone else pay it, and gain a healthier economy as they shed poor people and allow their smarter people to take over. We are doing the opposite, and so we are the future third world.

  • Study Finds Hundreds of Medical Procedures To Be Ineffective

    If you make medicine into a subsidized product, you get this situation because doctors can only make money by chalking up tons of tests and procedures. If you avoid subsidizing it, on the other hand, doctors can compete on the basis of achieving results, and so the good ones make out like bandits and the bad ones exit the market. Our socialized healthcare is mostly a subsidy for inferior doctors. People are growing tired of this because they see many procedures as over-prescribed, such as vaccines which fail a quarter of time for diseases that may provide partial immunity to other conditions later in life.

  • Cuba is driving dissidents off island with threats of violence and jail, report finds

    We should do the same. The West without Leftists might stand a fighting chance of getting itself sane and back on track.

  • UK man becomes first convicted in Britain of making 3D-printer gun

    Wait until 3D printers work with metal. We will look back on the notion of “gun control” and laugh, sort of like if someone suggested banning hammers or butter knives.

  • Data collection leads to discrimination and self-censorship, MPs told

    The interesting point here is that free markets produce the same errors that command markets do, which tells us that the problem is human thinking, not solely the systems in themselves. True, socialism is unworkable and capitalism works; that is beyond debate at this point. However, if you get a group of people together, they start conspiring to have power and, being proles, they are unable to wield it well. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey should be managing local area networks for gas stations, not running multibillion-dollar companies.

  • Upstate New York clerk ‘will not be granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants,’ contrary to new law: report

    We are back to the 1850s, where an ideological fervor has swept the nation in denial of reality, and will lead to nothing but further conflict. With humanity, whatever is immensely popular is most likely a lie; whatever is recognized by the smart people at the right side of the bell curve who are also morally good people is probably an unpopular truth. Even if a broken clock is right twice a day, it is brutally wrong for 1,438 minutes every day.

  • Are McMansions Making People Any Happier?

    People would prefer community. You cannot have community with diversity, however. As a result, people have retreated into my-home-is-my-castle McMansions, but now find that they miss the ability to say, walk outside, talk to the neighbors, smoke a cigar at the local pub, and have normal lives. We are balkanized and atomized by the suicidal policy of diversity.

  • Effects on human health and the environment (fauna and flora) of systems using light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

    It turns out that all of our miracle solutions have secondary effects through a conspiracy of details. As usual, humans understand their own power, but not systems, and so they do what seems to “fix the problem” yet is out of balance with the whole, something that maybe a percent of a percent can perceive. This leads to long term consequences and we all suffer from such inept, pretentious, and arrogant leadership.

  • Mark Twain: Unrepentant Tobaccophile

    Today we think that smoking regulations are strict, but the upper crust of society 150 years ago was intolerant of the pastime, as Twain wrote: “At the hospitable mansion where I am a guest, I have to smoke surreptitiously when all are in bed, to save my reputation, and then draw suspicion upon the cat when the family detect the unfamiliar odor. I never was so absurdly proper in the broad light of day in my life … so far, I am safe; but I am sorry to say that the cat has lost caste.”

  • Sexists assemble! Someone has ‘defeminised’ Avengers: Endgame

    People are tired of the constant propaganda, so they have resorted to editing it out of popular films and uploading them to torrent sites, where people find to their disturbance that they like them better. Even Leftist people.

  • Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

    Humans in groups converge on the same idea, which is controlling other people so that an agenda can be advanced. This differs from what autonomous humans do, which is adapt to their environment, and is a fatal flaw of civilization brought on by the fact that civilization is a substitute environment for nature. When these people are proles, meaning not genetically of the aristocratic class or even the artisan-warrior caste, they tend to want to enforce untrue and unrealistic ideas in lieu of reality, which offends them because it is unequal. They want to have no barriers to their own power and to be able to participate in anything without the judgment of their betters, nature, the gods, logic, or even common sense. This makes them corrupt despite hiding behind a pretense of altruism and enlightenment. Google has demonstrated that it is now a thoroughly bad actor, worse than the Old Tech companies it replaced. The sooner humanity sponsors replacements, the better.

  • Court tosses black man’s murder conviction over racial bias

    Actually, they tossed one trial and one conviction because there were not enough blacks on the jury.

    In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas called Kavanaugh’s opinion “manifestly incorrect” and wrote that Flowers “presented no evidence whatsoever of purposeful race discrimination.” Justice Neil Gorsuch joined most of Thomas’ opinion.

    Thomas, the only African American on the court, said the decision may have one redeeming quality: “The state is perfectly free to convict Curtis Flowers again.”

    Which is fair, when the victim and accused are of different races, a jury majority of one race or the other? There is no good answer. This is one of the many reasons why intelligent people are fleeing from the notion that “diversity is our strength.” It is not. It is our epitaph.

  • Osteopenia: The Bone Disease That Is Striking Men 35 to 50 Years Old

    “Lack of weight-bearing exercise” is the only non-generic factor listed. This health disorder also correlates with low testosterone. Both are solved by getting men outside to muck around the woods, preferably with dog, pipe, and rifle.

  • Food Deserts and the Causes of Nutritional Inequality

    Counterfactual simulations show that exposing low-income households to the same products and prices available to high-income households reduces nutritional inequality by only about 10 percent, while the remaining 90 percent is driven by differences in demand.

    Poor people are not poor because they are poor; they are poor because they make poor decisions, starting with nutritional and other lifestyle choices.

  • Japanese TV show, “I Will Not Work Overtime, Period!”

    Work culture killed us in the first world. It was brought on by the idea of equality plus the notion of competition, which meant that we had to “prove” ourselves by working hard. This was convenient for government, which needed the tax money, and resulted in people ignoring real life — experience, family, learning, health — in order to spend more hours at the job signaling how important and valuable they were. Now that we are seeing how devastating this was, we are backing off in favor of a slacker culture where competence is more important than obedience.

  • Most Scots would back independence under PM Boris Johnson

    With a leader other than a fanatical Leftist, Scots see the advantage in being independent, much as the UK seeks to be independent from the EU and the southern half of the USA seeks to be independent of the Union.

  • Irish island of Arranmore asks Americans to move there

    Ireland, like many countries in Europe, is short on its native people and needs diaspora Irish to move back home in order to keep its population healthy. Reparations-with-repatriation can be kicked off with the Irish.

  • France looks at assisted reproduction for lesbian couples

    Arrogant humanity denies the wisdom of nature. If nature makes you a non-breeder, whether by sterility or homosexuality, you should heed it; there is something else in there that is not biologically workable. If you ignore this, and pass it on, future generations simply suffer for it.

  • Civic honesty around the globe

    It turns out that Western Europe is a very honest place, which leads to us wondering if this attitude of cooperation toward intangible goals is not what gave it its rise in the first place.

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