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It seemed right to discontinue these. A few people spoke up with contrary opinions. Could you let us know in the comments whether the Periscope series is useful for you?


  • Fifty-four scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties

    Lauer also presented data on the nature of the violations that NIH has uncovered. Some 70% (133) of the researchers had failed to disclose to NIH the receipt of a foreign grant, and 54% had failed to disclose participation in a foreign talent program. In contrast, Lauer said, only 9% hid ties to a foreign company, and only 4% had an undisclosed foreign patent. Some 5% of cases involved a violation of NIH’s peer-review system.

    The Clinton-Obama legacy: selling America to the Chinese. To the deep state, this is simply a good business decision.

  • ‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Building Up in the Arctic—and Likely Worldwide

    Under the 1987 Montreal Protocol, countries agreed to phase out ozone-destroying chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). But industry needed something to replace those substances, which were used in a vast range of products ranging from refrigerators to hair spray. Manufacturers turned to chemicals such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

    When these replacements rise into the atmosphere, however, they react with other chemicals to form several types of substances known as short-chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids (scPFCAs). These compounds then drop down and deposit on Earth’s surface.

    Modern solutions seem to be based exclusively on short-term thinking.

  • South African president’s shame over surge in murders of women

    As many as 51% of women in South Africa had experienced violence at the hands of someone they were in a relationship with, the president’s statement said.

    Another huge win for diversity and tolerance.

  • Macron says France won’t remove statues, erase history

    “I will be very clear tonight, compatriots: the Republic won’t erase any name from its history. It will forget none of its artworks, it won’t take down statues,” he said in a televised address to the nation.

    Be inflexible. It worked for the Left. Also, whenever they crowd rages or fascinates, automatically wait two weeks before doing anything.

  • Systemic racism slows economic growth: Dallas Fed chief Kaplan

    “A more inclusive economy where everyone has an opportunity will mean faster workforce growth, faster productivity growth and will grow faster,” Kaplan said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

    Pure conjecture, and an economy based on quantity not quality. Expect this to fail just like other government diversity initiatives based on what the economic “experts” say.

  • Man who saved protestor at London rally speaks

    But there’s been widespread praise for the Black personal trainer pictured carrying an injured white man to safety during the clashes – he’s been speaking to our reporter Keme Nzerem.

    The Left specializes in poignant photos. Do we have any proof that any of the participants are who they say they are?

  • Protesters shout ‘dirty Jews’ at Paris rally against police racism

    After counter-protesters unfurled a banner that said “Justice for victims of anti-white crimes,” several members of the crowd began shouting about Jews, in an episode caught on video.

    The mob targets anyone who rises above mediocre. No amount of minority status or Black people you know at the club will save you. Instead, you must defeat the mob.

  • Supreme Court rules workers can’t be fired for being gay or transgender

    “An individual’s homosexuality or transgender status is not relevant to employment decisions,” Gorsuch wrote in the decision, which applied to three separate cases. “That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.”

    The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed this by insisting on the “equal protection of the laws,” which means that if anyone experiences any kind of bad result for who they are or what they identify as, the law is triggered. In this case, he argues that transgender discrimination is actually a form of sex discrimination, but based on past decisions, the court had little choice in this matter. We will have to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment.

  • Israel’s West Bank annexation plan condemned by UN experts

    Almost 50 UN human rights experts have condemned Israel’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, calling it a “vision of a 21st Century apartheid”.

    In a diverse society, you have three choices:

    1. Accept everyone equally and burn like America
    2. Have a separate-but-equal plan that will be called apartheid
    3. End diversity with reparations-with-repatriation

    The first two destroy you, the last one frees you.

  • Facebook removes hundreds more accounts as right-wing violence spreads

    Facebook on Tuesday removed almost 900 accounts associated with the far-right Proud Boys and American Guard, including those belonging to Proud Boys supporters who marched into a protest zone in Seattle Monday and confronted anti-racist demonstrators.

    The Right are not the people burning down cities.

  • China rejects report alleging ‘important magic weapon’ wielding covert influence in Australia

    As the Federal Government’s relationship with Beijing continued to sour, a report released by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) last week warned the United Front was using “covert or deceptive” means to infiltrate foreign political parties, Chinese diaspora communities and multinational corporations, representing an “exportation of the CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party] political system”.

    Perhaps they mean things like buying whole political parties.

  • 92-year-old woman speaks out after being randomly attacked in NYC, suspect arrested

    The suspect, 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage, is charged with assault. He reportedly has more than 100 prior arrests and was recognized by a police officer who had seen the surveillance video.

    Leniency caused by sensitivity to diversity issues results in violent people with mental health issues wandering our streets. No sane cop will arrest them if they can avoid it; these are the type of guys likely to pull a George Floyd.

  • China confirms more than 40 per cent of population survived on just US$141 per month in 2019

    Last year, the bottom 40 per cent of Chinese households ranked by income, totalling more than 600 million people out of a population of 1.4 billion people, had a per capita disposable income of 11,485 yuan (US$1,621), an average of 957 yuan per month, according to the annual household income and expenditure survey conducted by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

    The paper tiger economy meows.

  • Black Americans disproportionately die in police Taser confrontations

    Reuters documented 1,081 cases through the end of 2018 in which people died after being shocked by police with a Taser, the vast majority of them after 2000. At least 32% of those who died were black, and at least 29% were white. African-Americans make up 14% of the U.S. population, and non-Hispanic whites 60%.

    First, we thought too many were being shot, so we went to tasers. Then more died, so we went to chokeholds. Now all that is left is offering chocolates and speaking softly.

  • The Acquittal Of Derek Chauvin

    Counter-narrative facts emerge:

    • “George Floyd was experiencing cardiopulmonary and psychological distress minutes before he was placed on the ground,” and well before he had a knee to his neck.
    • The Minneapolis Police Department allowed the use of neck restraint on suspects who actively resist arrest, “and George Floyd actively resisted arrest on two occasions, including immediately prior to neck restraint being used.”
    • The officers were recorded on their body cameras recognizing George Floyd as suffering from “excited delirium,” a condition which the department considers an extreme threat to both the officers and the suspect. A white paper used by the department acknowledges that Excited Delirium suspects may die regardless of the force involved and there are only a few options for the officers to help prolong the suspect’s condition including restraining the suspect and call for paramedics. That is exactly what they were doing.
    • “Restraining the suspect on his or her abdomen (prone restraint) is a common tactic” in Excited Delirium situations, and the white paper used by the agency instructs the officers to control the suspect until paramedics arrive. That is exactly what the officers were doing.
    • “Floyd’s autopsy revealed a potentially lethal concoction of drugs — not just a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl, but also methamphetamine. Together with his history of drug abuse and two serious heart conditions, Floyd’s condition was exceptionally and unusually fragile.” While the Medical Examiner added that the “restraint” played a role in the death, this will be a huge stretch for “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” considering that the officers were following department protocol.
    • Chauvin’s neck restraint was highly unlikely to have exerted a dangerous amount of force to Floyd’s neck. “Floyd is shown on video able to lift his head and neck, and a robust study on double-knee restraints showed a median force exertion of approximately 105 lbs. The autopsy showed no strangulation and no asphyxiation and there have been a string of rednecks showing the tactic on each other in recent weeks. While the video looks awful, it is likely that the officers were doing all they could, fearing the 6’06” Floyd would begin fighting again, and guaranteeing his death of Excited Delirium.
  • Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years

    Starting in the 1970s psychology professor Helmut Kentler conducted his “experiment.” Homeless children in West Berlin were intentionally placed with pedophile men. These men would make especially loving foster parents, Kentler argued.

    Bureacratic government, science, media, and academia all fail us because they like interesting “new” ideas that let them flex their power instead of going with tried-and-true time-honored gut wisdom. As faith in democracy fades, we are going to hear more about the constant egregious failures of government and its lackeys in media, science, and academia.

  • Sudan finds mass grave thought to be linked to 1998 killings

    The Sudanese opposition at that time, known as the National Democratic Alliance, said soldiers shot and beat to death 74 student conscripts, and at least 55 others drowned when their boat capsized on the Blue Nile while they were trying to escape. In total, at least 261 recruits tried to escape the camp, it said.

    Religious diversity this time. Everywhere diversity goes, murder and genocide follow.

  • 911 calls bring no response after break in at auto shop near Capitol Hill protest zone

    The business owner, John McDermott, says he and his son managed to detain the suspect – but despite more than a dozen 911 calls, police and fire never showed up.

    Even relatively minor stresses cause government to completely fail. We placed our trust in the bureaucracy when we should become white Roof Koreans instead. WRKs would restore a sense of Wild West justice and shift faith to culture instead of business and government.

  • Pandemic communications strategy for multicultural Australia slammed

    “When I did my fieldwork – so going out into appropriate communities to see what official posters were on display – I found almost no trace of those posters officially produced in languages other than English,” she said.

    We are going to find that diversity has been nothing but a jobs program for bureaucrats all along. Giving government an impossible mission, like making diversity work, guarantees steadily-increasing budgets for all who are vested in the System.

  • Suspect involved in Christopher Columbus vandalism is teacher at Pawtucket Public Schools

    Detectives saw both suspects enter the rear lot of the Feinstein School heading towards Ontario St. Detectives quickly drove to Ontario Street and were able to catch up to both suspects as they exited the lot.

    Derrick Garforth, 34, and Charlotte Whittingham, 28, were both arrested.

    Police said Mackenzie Innis, 26, who was driving the car the suspects were in, was arrested also.

    Public education, like the rest of the bureaucracy, serves mostly as a jobs program for Leftists. Notice the influence of trace admixture on these faces.

  • Trump cuts U.S. troops in Germany, despite pleas by some Republicans

    Trump faulted Germany for failing to pay enough for its own defense, calling the long-time NATO ally “delinquent.”

    “We’re protecting Germany and they’re delinquent. That doesn’t make sense,” the president said, referring to Germany’s failure thus far to attain a goal set by all NATO members in 2014 to spend at least 2% of gross national product on defense by 2024. Germany says it hopes to reach 2% by 2031.

    Since WW2, Europe has cruised on free American protection, allowing it to avoid military and infrastructure spending. That meant that it had more money for a generous entitlements state, but with Trump demanding change, that will be greatly reduced, and the modern European “miracle” will be over.

  • GitHub to replace “master” with alternative term to avoid slavery references

    This includes dropping terms like “master” and “slave” for alternatives like “main/default/primary” and “secondary;” but also terms like “blacklist” and “whitelist” for “allow list” and “deny/exclude list.”

    Just use MASTER and SERF instead.

  • Yair Netanyahu: Clear Tel Aviv of minorities

    He was reacting on Twitter to Blue and White minister Alon Schuster saying there was no chance for coexistence of Arabs and the Jewish minority in Hebron.

    “The riots prove that there is no chance for coexistence in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and all the minorities must leave the city,” Yair Netanyahu tweeted.

    He speaks the truth: diversity does not work. It merely guarantees future conflict, and more money to the State to address problems it never intends to, and cannot, solve.

  • Colonel, 2 Jawans Killed in Ladakh Face-Off, Casualties “On Both Sides”

    Three Indian soldiers, Colonel B Santosh Babu, Havildar Palani and Sepoy Ojha, were killed in a “violent face-off” on Monday night with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, in a massive escalation in the middle of efforts to defuse weeks of tension at the border. India retaliated and there were casualties on both sides, said the army. Army sources say the soldiers were not shot but were killed in a physical fight on Indian Territory that involved stones and batons. The foreign ministry said the clashes happened “as a result of an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there”.

    The two most populated nations in the world may go to war. We expected something like this as humanity expanded too far and resource wars and territorial clashes became inevitable.

  • Boris Johnson appoints aide who said institutional racism was a myth and railed against multiculturalism

    Munira Mirza, director of the Downing Street policy unit who also worked for Mr Johnson while he was Mayor of London, said it was not racism but “anti-racist lobby groups” to blame for some of the problems ethnic minorities faced.

    She has also called for the government to “dismantle the countless diversity policies that encourage people to see everything through the prism of racial difference”.

    Johnson has seen the future, like Trump and Farage, and realizes that it involves cutting government back to basics, shifting to strict capitalism, and championing social conservatism. If he adds deep ecology to the mix, we should just tear up the Declaration of Independence and become an English colony again.

  • Black Lives Matter banner removed at US Embassy in Seoul

    The official explanation from the embassy, which didn’t mention an LGBT pride flag that was also removed from the building, was that the Black Lives Matter banner was removed to avoid any perception that it was meant “to support or encourage donations to any specific organization.”

    Leftists in government make their careers through gestures. The current administration prefers solid results and discourages such self-aggrandizement, recognizing it as hostile to unity.

  • George Floyd protests: Man shot in clash over Albuquerque statue

    According to the Albuquerque Journal, clashes broke out when protesters took a pick-axe to the statue of Juan de Oñate – part of a monument depicting Oñate leading settlers into what was then a province of New Spain – after a peaceful demonstration on Monday night.

    The paper says a man was pushed to the ground and started shooting when protesters moved towards him, “some threatening him”.

    Individualists make up the herd, which defends their “me first” outlook, and act out an impulse to destroy in order to feel a sense of power in their empty lives. These people have nothing to offer a complex society, and should be exiled (if white) or gently repatriated (if not).

  • During this pandemic Dalai Lama states needing a ‘sense of oneness’

    “In the past there was too much emphasis on my continent, my nation, my religion. Now that thinking is out of date. Now we really need a sense of oneness of seven billion human beings.”

    The oneness we need is with the natural order; the disaster is when humans form their own order, based on the inherent solipsism in human thinking, and conclude that “we” should do whatever rewards quantity, not quality. This leads to ecopocalypse.

  • France reverses ban on use of chokehold after police protests

    “While awaiting a clarification of the new framework and details of when circumstances require it, the technique known as the chokehold will continue to be used with restraint and discernment,” he wrote according to AFP, which saw the letter.

    How do you deal with violent suspects, especially those on drugs? You either stun them, chokehold them, or shoot them. Either that, or as will be the case in America, you just let them rampage while watching from a distance. Then, you clean up the dead, hoping that they were the people who voted for more regulations on police in the first place.

  • German neo-Nazi on trial for politician’s murder

    A German neo-Nazi stands trial Tuesday on charges of murdering pro-refugee politician Walter Luebcke, in a case that shocked the country and highlighted the growing threat of right-wing extremism.

    Federal prosecutors believe the main suspect, 46-year-old Stephan Ernst, was motivated by “racism and xenophobia” when he allegedly drove to Luebcke’s house on June 1, 2019 and shot him in the head.

    The killing has been described as Germany’s first far-right political assassination since World War II.

    Democracy won WW2, but now we see that it is incompetent, so people are rising up against it just like they rose against Communism. As happened in the Communist bloc, at first those who object to the system are treated with derision, but over time, they gain popular support. This assassin did nothing wrong.

  • Leftwing voters lead decline in trust in UK news media

    Just 15% of left-leaning voters now say they trust most news most of the time, down from 46% as recently as 2015, Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found.

    The study found there was a “silent majority” of Britons who still strongly wanted the news to be presented in a “neutral and detached” manner, backing BBC news bosses who discourage their reporters from expressing personal political views on social media.

    If you want to hide among the sheep, you pretend to be a Leftist but secretly hold centrist or Rightist views. People simply want functional news back; although the media blames social media, more likely the media got too powerful, became a mouthpiece for the Left, and saw its value as a product plummet in response. Go woke, go broke.


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