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  • Mexico uses X-ray in its crackdown on illegal immigrants entering country

    The triumph of diplomacy continues. While American Leftists impede any action within our government. Trump has reached out to others, and is forming a broad consensus against illegal immigration. In particular, this sends word to Central America that it can no longer rely on remittances from the USA in order to keep its governments afloat. It needs to develop industry, either domestically or working for foreign companies. This frees it from any kind of dependence on the West, which means that all parties will come out ahead.

  • Wi-Fi helped ID teens who drew racist, anti-Semitic graffiti

    People are so tired of the sacred cows that ordinary senior prank graffiti somehow turns into pro-Hitler messaging. If Hitler is the antithesis of the system under which we labor, people want to use his symbolism to show their utter rejection of it. We are all tired of diversity, entitlements, perversity, libertinism, and the endless corporate jobs, advertising, and junk products. We want a thousand-year something, probably not a Reich but something more like that than the Leftist Equality-Utopia that all the zombies around us think is a “good idea.” Leftism is like a mental drug: once people try it, it warps their brains, and then they feel terrible until they get another shot.

  • Ocasio-Cortez sued by rightwing critics for blocking them on Twitter

    Excellent. We are now one step away from the lawsuit against Twitter for blocking Ocasio-Cortez’ Right-wing critics.

  • Vast Chinese Loans Pose Risks to Developing World

    How China is colonizing the world, and what they intend to do with “belt and road,” comes out when experts study the figures.

  • Five armed Iranian boats attempt to storm British oil tanker in the Gulf hours after Tehran threatened UK ships – but are repelled by Royal Navy frigate who trained their guns on them

    Is the West regaining its testicular fortitude?

  • Two glasses of fruit juice a day may boost cancer risk by 50 per cent, according to major study

    While recent public health campaigns have focused largely on the risks from fizzy drinks such as Coca-cola, the new findings, published in the BMJ, provide arguably the strongest evidence yet that fruit juices – also high in sugar – are comparably dangerous.

    To know where we went wrong, look at what changed: high sugar/carbohydrate diets, entitlements states, diversity, sexual liberation, class warfare. The sugar will kill you in any form, and whether that form is fruit or soda does not matter. The same is true of all of our modern innovations designed to adapt life to mass culture.

  • How a vaccinated woman’s death exposes the threat of anti-vaxxers

    The Left is not even trying to make sense anymore. Biologically doomed woman with multiple health problems contracts measles despite having been vaccinated, so — waves magic Leftist wand — anti-vaxxers are the greatest threat to modern life since climate change deniers and racists.

  • Appeals Court Looks Askance at Obamacare

    In other words, the Supreme Court confirmed in NFIB v. Sebelius that Congress can’t impose the mandate pursuant to the Commerce or the Necessary and Proper Clause. Moreover, the “saving construction” concocted by Chief Justice Roberts — that the mandate is essentially a revenue-raising device that resembles a tax — collapsed when the tax-penalty was eliminated by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Therefore, Judge O’Connor concluded that the mandate had to be struck down. And, because Obamacare contains no severability clause, and its advocates have always insisted that the individual mandate was the “linchpin” of the law, the whole statute had to go down.

    Obamacare removed disposable income from the middle class, with families paying $30k/year for insurance that was supposed to reduce their medical costs. All of this went to subsidize non-payers in the usual socialist model and, in the usual socialist style, it failed because it crucified the ability to live a normal lifestyle. It will take this nation generations to recover from the Obama-Clinton gang, if it does at all.

  • Twitter bans ‘dehumanizing’ posts toward religious groups

    Twitter — like all social media — seeks a bourgeois space free of conflict. They recognize that most heavy media consumers, and most internet users, lean Left. As a result, they are going to soon eliminate criticism of anything but the Right, because that serves their audience. It is time to escape these platforms and fully separate from the Left because in their echo chambers, they will become even more unrealistic to the point of pushing this country toward open revolution.

  • Walmart workers strike over retailer’s robot push in Chile

    Union proves why customers and companies both love automation. Low-skilled labor — the have-nots — has been a stumbling block for civilization and the source of the class warfare revolutions that kill most successful civilizations. When we can replace you, we will. We will not fund you either. We will let you die out. And we will be right to do so, based on the behavior of proles during the last millennium.

  • Who Will Clean Up America’s Voter Rolls?

    One in eight voters registrations is fraudulent, invalid, or significantly inaccurate. Emocracy is really keeping the jokes rolling today!

  • One Federal Department Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month

    Ordinary people have no idea how big our entitlements state really is. The military is a fifth of our budget; entitlements are three-quarters of our budget. We will never be debt free until we talk about slashing Medicaid/care, Social Security, welfare, Obamacare, and other New Deal/Great Society programs. The West lost its heart in WW1, and just twenty years later, we decided to go full socialist. Nothing has worked since that time.

  • Trump invites far-right internet figures to discuss bias at ‘social media summit’

    But the Trump administration did not include any representatives from major social media firms – including Facebook, Twitter, or Google – to the event Thursday, instead inviting a mix of inflammatory internet personalities including rightwing Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, pro-Trump activist Bill Mitchell, college Republican activist Charlie Kirk, and Ben Garrison, a rightwing cartoonist who agreed not to attend amid widespread criticism from one of his virulently antisemitic cartoons.

    Trump speaks in a primal, psychic symbolism. When social media censors conservatives, he invites radicals into the conservative party, as if to say “we all stand together.” This leaves social media looking like it is anti-conservative, which opens it up to destruction from several fronts.

  • Germany: Identitarian movement classified as far-right extremist

    The Left keeps trying to slam the Overton Window shut again, but the end result is that they are driving people to accept the far-Right tag and not worry about it. We have entered terminal spin and are gaining speed…

  • Trump takes victory lap after Republican-appointed judges toss ‘Emoluments Clause’ lawsuit

    In their need to keep their base unified, and since they have no new ideas other than trying more socialism and diversity, the Left attacks Trump on a regular basis with essentially spurious lawsuits. The emoluments claim was ridiculous on the surface, since you are not automatically trading quid pro quo as the charge requires if you simply run a hotel and foreign diplomats stay there, even if they stay there with the intent of buying your favor.

  • Thank God it’s Thursday: the four-day work-week some want to bring to the U.S.

    Four years ago, the feminist advocacy organization polled its 60,000 female members on their biggest frustrations. The results were remarkably consistent, regardless of age: The women wanted more free time. Between work and their disproportionate share of the household and child-care responsibilities, the women reported having little time for themselves.

    Modernity gives us too little time for self-actualization, much less enjoying life. In the narrow blocks that remain, we tend to undertake activities that we can complete in that time, and these tend to be distraction rather than fulfilling (wine painting classes, television, social media, bars, sports). Anti-work conservatives realize that industrialization should have brought us one-day workweeks, but instead, we are all churning away in order to keep the system going because it depends on us for tax blood money to fund the proles. Why not just get rid of the proles instead?

  • Judge orders union to fine and discipline American Airlines mechanics who cause delays and cancellations

    Unions are parasites. America is slowly (slowly… slowly) realizing that it cannot both be competitive and have unions. It is time to simply remove all of the legal protections that they have, which will enable companies to fire any employees who unionize. Back in the real world, most people are semi-competent and so good labor is always in high demand, but unions exist to protect the semi-competent and drive quality down across the board.

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