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Diversity Only Goes One Way

Nelson Mandela became the first President of a democratic South Africa to rapturous worldwide applause in 1994. It was thought that this ended oppression and inequality, therefore would allow for a peaceful future in which all races were respected and none discriminated against.

When you get done laughing at that one, consider how different the approach was to the enthroning of American diversity president Barack Obama. The Mandela alternative handed power to the diverse rainbow underclass, while the Obama method integrated them into existing power systems.

Western nations assume that immigrants will assimilate into the native population and rise to the highest office possible. Once migrants enter native society, that same society sponsors them to become part of the mainstream, with the drop-outs who do not forming a “rainbow underclass”.

Coronation of Mandela took an opposite tack by literally making him the President by getting the native population (in this case, South African whites) to surrender. Instead of waiting multiple generations for minorities to work their way through native society, South African politicians took the big bang approach. This resulted in the entire nation becoming a “Rainbow Nation,” again, to rapturous international applause.

What few will remember of the 1990–1994 time period was that there was a slight apprehension among the native population despite having approved the Mandela-option in a 1992 referendum. Monitoring mainstream media at the time revealed the dominant paradigm: nothing would change because the Black government would run the same facilities, according to the same laws, with the same procedures that one would expect in any Western country. It was all going to be OK.

Through a different process, Obama was also elected to rapturous applause. The native (white) Americans were at pains to elect a minority President in order to establish that wonderful “rainbow underclass” utopia, showing how the principles of our Leftist Western governments would naturally cause diversity to work.

The conceptual implication of a rainbow underclass went over the heads of Africans as well as most of the Rhodesian and South African white natives. Despite the Elite recognising leaders of the underclasses, these same leaders did not get the message that they must return the favor under Obama or Mandela.

White assumed, naively, that underclass leaders would implement a cultural underclass tradition for showing respect to native white elites, allowing whites to continue to live as they had been living. It turns out, however, that diversity is standardization, and whoever rules forces everyone else into their framework and excludes any other cultural tradition.

Appointing migrant leaders to run native societies will be measured in terms of generational outcomes. The first generation (25 years) in the Mandela case went fairly well in the sense that children were born and raised in the Western style despite a gradual decline in systemic quality. The second generation exhibits a strange polarization where some join the underclass and some rise into the middle class, but neither group supports any kind of cultural tolerance for the white way of doing things.

The Obama comparison is appropriate because although the migrants have slowly entered native society for generations, they exhibit a similar generational effect: some “assimilate” into the economic system, but others do not, and remain within the rainbow underclass. However, neither group supports the former majority of native whites, and they vote overwhelmingly with the opposition parties of the Left.

Diversity only goes one way: power to the rainbow underclass, who promptly exile-in-place the white native former majority. Whether by the Obama or Mandela method, you end up with a diverse society in which new groups are gifted wealth, but will not return the favor, and remain perpetually politically opposed to the former majority, which in turn means that whatever system the whites hoped the rainbow nation would inherit will be radically altered to fit new needs. Nothing of the old will remain.

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