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  • Sex robot ‘human duplicates’ coming in 2020s and we ‘won’t know the difference’

    Other than the fact that this whole industry of animated fleshlights is creepier than Jeffrey Epstein in a French Maid costume, this tells us something about human value. At the time when slavery ended in the United States, it was about twenty years away from being made entirely obsolete by technology. When we have sexbots, we are also going to have harvest bots, construction bots, and manufacturing bots. This makes sense since these jobs are mind-numbing anyway and serve as a form of mental slavery if nothing else. In addition, we will have more advanced software answering your legal, financial, and medical questions. There will not be a need for many humans who are not capable of wielding the power of judgment, or the ability to go into unfamiliar areas and make qualitative decisions. However, just as in the final years of slavery, most of humanity has dumbed down on the Asiatic model of centralized control and a mobilized mass of low-skilled people. European warriors were expected to build, think, and fight; Mongol warriors simply had to ride and fight. For a long time, the low-investment high-population model (r strategy) seemed to beat out the high-investment high-quality model (K strategy). As this reverses, we have to ask ourselves what the heck we are doing importing more minimally-skilled labor. Any advances we make with technology will be eaten up by the new mass of mouths to feed. More likely, we are going to lose about 200m people who do nothing productive.

  • New book smashes taboo over French author’s sex with teens

    Not to suggest that old guys should chase young women, but victim culture goes too far here. Fifteen-year-olds are not the same helpless creatures that ten-year-olds are. They make some adult decisions. In shades of SlutWalk and MeToo, they need to know what they are getting into. Hollywood casting couches are legendary, and a young girl has to assume that older males will show interest. The only way to defuse this situation is to have a strong culture of chastity, at which point the creepiness goes away. It helps also to exile people who are actors, dancers, singers, and other entertainers who are not involved in the classical forms (opera, ballet, theater). Our ancestors knew what they were doing. We are just mental toddlers wandering in a wilderness created by prole rule, pretending not to understand it because if we do, we are going to see how empty and evil it truly is.

  • People Fled NY Faster Than Any Other U.S. State In 2019: Census

    Voters are fleeing high-tax states. They will go to new places, the population will swell, and then the pity demands will come forth. The poor will be poor, minorities will be poor, LGBTP+ will be confused, and many people will be having various health and mental crises. The voters — endless saps with the attention span of a goldfish on meth — will then approve the same suicidal policies that drove up the costs where they came from. Soon they will find that they have wrecked yet another place, and will look for somewhere else to run away to. The first American state that manages to drop taxes to the bare minimum and stop paying for illegals, diversity, affirmative action, public healthcare, and public education will become a powerhouse of economics that will dwarf all others. You want the competent, healthy, sane, moral, and normal people, and to keep everyone else somewhere else where they can be takers-not-makers on a tab paid by someone else.

  • Up to 4,000 US troops could deploy to Middle East amid Baghdad unrest: officials

    Perhaps instead of deploying troops, we should learn from the Romans. When you occupy a land, you do so honestly. You go in, kill the opposition, then demand a tribute be paid and certain laws be followed. Those who do not do this get driven out. If the population cannot toe the line, you drive them all into Africa and turn the land into a nature park. Only that type of solution works, although the policy pursued by Clinton, Bush I, and Israel of simply bombing anything of value in the antagonist country works pretty well. What we cannot do is to fight another “police action.” Either destroy the enemy, drive them out, or make them heel, but do not make yourselves the janitors and babysitters for a population that hates you and has so little going on its world that suicidal jihad presents the most interesting possibility for them.

  • #ItsOkayToBeWhite is trending on Twitter (again) and people are not OK

    Our society will do anything but answer the question, “Is it really OK to be white?” If it is, then whites have the same identity politics interest that any other group does, mainly avoiding genocide by separating themselves from those other groups. If whites have that right, then white ethnic groups have the same, and we should be OK with WASPs having their own colonies and excluding everyone else. Once that happens, society starts having a hierarchy again with the nascent beginnings of a caste system, and this utterly refutes the Leftist ideal of “equality” and the Enlightenment™ (spit) ideal of individualism. We either have an order larger than the individual or not, and our society fears the OK-ness of being white because if that is so, then we are going to see the age of individualism and equality end in fire.

  • Palau is first country to ban ‘toxic’ sun cream

    Politicians focus on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco because these are safe to attack. If we start looking seriously at our consumer products, we are going to find that many are simply bad for us in undramatic ways or destructive to our environment. Should society permit plastic packaging? What about scents and preservatives that make it into our water supply? Or antidepressants which mutate frogs and fish? Realism means we look at results. If we look at results, we will find that most of what we do in modernity is sick and wrong and we need to quit doing it. Even though Palau seems to be making a small step, it is cognitively a big step for humanity, since when we get over our “muh freedom” and “muh profits” mental boggles we can start asking what is actually good and throwing out all of the stuff that produces bad results, side effects, and consequences.

  • Trump says he thinks North Korea’s Kim is a ‘man of his word’

    Trump shows more brilliance in dealing with human psychology. When he compliments foreign dictators and treats them well, he gives them something that they can lose, where previously they were demonized by everyone and had nothing to lose.

  • 75% of young want to escape South Korean ‘Hell’

    Across the developed, post-industrial world, middle classes are under perceived siege from falling living standards, evaporating opportunities and rising wealth inequality. These trends have arisen against the backdrop of a globalizing world that distributes capital and jobs away from customary centers of investment, manufacturing and related prosperities.

    Actually, your problem is taxes. You have raised the cost of living so that no one can lead a normal life simply by having a normal job that does not eat up all of their time. This is a direct result of government intervention. Globalism was simply the attempt to escape it by moving crucial operations away from high-tax industrialized societies and into the third world.

  • China cuts banks’ reserve ratios again, frees up $115 billion to spur economy

    China keeps trying to prop up the Paper Tiger. Their main problem consists of having lots of people who are mediocre at assembling refrigerators, and not many who can generate actual wealth. The massive nature of their population guarantees that this problem will only become bigger over time. War is coming.

  • Mexico is winning the US-China trade war

    As business flees China, people look for places where they can manufacture and grow things cheaply. Another option would be to drop taxes, entitlements, affirmative action, unions, regulations, and all of the other things that make American labor expensive and unreliable. The good days of high-margin consumer goods ended sometime in the 1980s, and since then, businesses have been moving outside of the country to avoid facing the fact that in the future, they will have to pay employees less and generate less profit because people no longer want to pay top dollar for (now matured) old technology like washing machines, cars, driers, dishwashers, air conditioners, computers, and cell phones.

  • A romance novelist spoke out about racism. An uproar ensued

    It turns out that diverse society is in fact a zero-sum game, or one in which no party can improve its position without lessening that of another. When you push hard to have more authors of color, you displace white writers, and find that much of the audience goes away because they are not interested in authors from another group. Add to this the brutal cost imposed on companies to market to many different groups, and you can see why diversity is dead. We are just negotiating for the best way to end it now.

  • Mother of Briton jailed for alleging gang rape backs boycott of Cyprus

    People from Western Europe sometimes find it odd that there is a white third world in Southern/Irish and Eastern Europe. In those countries, people interpret our institutions differently. You can see the fallacy of assimilation there since, despite using the same legal systems, they come to frequently ludicrous results. We could ask Amanda Knox about this one. Persecuted in Italy for a murder committed by a migrant, she found out that despite all of the rule of law and equality, she was still being witch-hunted by a population unwilling to confront the utter failure of its diversity laws. She also found that despite Italian police knowing the latest methods, they followed them in a more relaxed manner, resulting in complete evidence confusion. It takes good people to make systems work, and only those good people from the groups that created those systems will uphold them. Immigration — even of Italians — does not work.

  • Bystander CPR less common in hispanic neighborhoods

    Different groups have different behaviors. These are wired in their DNA. Across the third world, getting involved in the affairs of others, even in a benevolent way, is punished by societies that then assume that the person helping will be the new sugar daddy who makes all problems go away. If you help, you become responsible. Therefore, people do not help. Despite all of our propaganda, these behaviors persist in the diverse West.

  • How nanoparticles from the environment enter the brain

    The twenty-first century finally sees humanity facing up to the reality of pollution, little steps at a time. First we will think of ourselves, of course, but later, we will look to how we are devastating our world. “Climate change” is just a proxy for all of the damage we do. It turns out that this damage will likely take us out, too, and through the ickiest of diseases and dysfunctions. We need to live in a cleaner environment with more room for nature or we will find we have self-destructed.

  • Google veterans: The company has become ‘unrecognizable

    Bring in the herd, and dark organizations form that inverts your organization. The few who start something are focused on the task; everyone else who shows up is only there for the benefits of what those few did, and so they start agitating for sharing of wealth and power although this harms the mission. Instead of growing, Google should have focused on finding wildcard creators, but now it cannot get those people, because no one wants to go live in pile-of-feces Northern California to pay absurd prices for a mediocre lifestyle. This means that Google is getting the people who are really good at very narrow function but have no mental judgment ability beyond that, and therefore are oblivious to the consequences of their actions, which is why they are all so self-focused and consequently, invert the culture of formerly-thriving places.

  • In a 24/7 food culture, periodic fasting gains followers

    When a species masters its environment, it loses a sense of having a goal. The initial goal was accomplished, and it has to level up and find a new goal or it stagnates. In its stagnant period, people will act pathologically in pursuit of what was desired in the past age: over-eating, promiscuity, drug abuse, conspicuous consumption, and other forms of pointless activity will dominate. When that species matures, it will find that it needs some new goal other than just bloating itself through increased quantity of people, goods, and power. Fasting shows us the first step in this recognition, which is that too much of a good thing is a bad thing, which means that every behavior needs its place and limits. That clashes directly with our modern utilitarian individualism.

  • Study Finds Deep Sleep ‘Rewires’ The Brain To Eliminate Anxiety

    In a world of constant cars, sirens, airplanes, and people doing stupid things, no one can really get deep sleep. Not surprisingly, they find themselves ridden with anxiety. For us to get sleep, we have to impose standards so that individuals cannot act selfishly and pass the externalized social cost on to the rest of us. That requires equality to die. Just because you want to operate your chainsaw at four in the morning does not mean that you should, but to realize that requires deference to an external order larger than the individual, and our society fears that worse than death.

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