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  • City of Newark sues New York City, claims NYC is “coercing” homeless to move to New Jersey

    No one knows what to do with the homeless. If we act in any way to keep them out of our cities, we are admitting that the egalitarian Narrative has failed and, in fact, we are creating a hierarchy of people based on their utility to civilization and natural order. Leftism was created to abolish that hierarchy, so if we admit that we want the homeless gone, we are criticizing the Party… which means that it must not be done. However, no city can survive the onslaught of needles, begging, crime, fires, public masturbation, urine, and feces that the homeless bring. Consequently, NYC has risked being less socially acceptable in order to deport its homeless to New Jersey, which presumably will tax them to death.

  • Israel to UN: Uprooted Jews should be seen as refugees

    Danon said an estimated 850,000 Jews were forced out of Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, and many other countries during the 20th century after enduring violence and persecution. Many fled to Israel around the time of its establishment in 1948.

    The uprooted Jews were absorbed in Israel, where their descendants now make up about half the country’s Jewish population.

    Israel badly needs Europeanized Jews to offset the middle eastern population. If all of the Jews in the world returned to Israel, it might have a fighting chance. As it is now, too much of its population is too close to the rest of the middle east to permit long-term success. Support only Jews and all Jews as the population of Israel!

  • The Untold Hindu Holocaust

    The world is slowly waking up to how, in the name of universal humanity, we have permitted the destruction of the higher by the lower for too long. In the future, every ethnic group is going to want its own space, and to beat other groups back across buffer zones so that each group remains secure.

  • Female assembly member expelled after accusing mayor of assault

    She accused Mayor Nobutada Kuroiwa of groping her on Jan. 8, 2015, when she said she met him alone at his office for an hour from 10 a.m.

    Forget it. Minor sins need to not be big deals; healthy societies shrug off stuff like this and reserve their brutal punishments for actual, provable rape. We have gone the opposite way, making just about any offense to female supremacy a crime, which means that the trivial has been lumped in with the serious. That causes all of it to become farce: where we once disdained rapists, we now doubt that they were rapists at all in most cases. Feminists wanted the power to destroy men in a court of public opinion, so they expanded the list of what is considered “sexual assault,” and now no one takes them seriously and simply avoids them. In most cases in our promiscuous times, rape and sexual assault should simply be considered theft of services.

  • College students take aim at Atlanta’s Henry Grady statue

    Leftists want to erase more history. They do not really care where they start because eventually, they will erase all history of anything other than “America was always diverse and Leftist.” If you think it is fiction, consider what happens when all of those old books go out of print, all of those statues are removed, all of the streets renamed, and you cannot find any alternative history on Google. They can leave the scholarly material in the libraries; no one will report on it because there is no money in it. That way, the future China-Mexico hybrid that will be North America Ltd can avoid any awkward questions about the recently exhumed and discarded carcasses from graves with Anglo-Saxon names. That is your future, unless you totally end all diversity.

  • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, ‘ex-handler’ claims

    The Soviets used to run similar operations. The gig is this: you offer something enticing free to powerful people, but when they wake up in the morning, you have video. Thankfully, the existence of deepfakes means that such things will no longer be as powerful as they once were, which could be why no one is too bothered by the disappearance of Jeffrey Epstein from the scene.

  • China gene-edited baby experiment ‘may have created unintended mutations’

    Humans do not actually understand how DNA works. We know that certain areas code for certain things, and we know why, but we do not have a blueprint for how one goes from DNA to a completed organism. This means that we cannot fully understand the code and so, for now, genetic editing remains elusive because we are changing things that we do not fully understand and hoping for the best. Luckily, it looks like humanity is going to self-destruct and dumb itself back to hominid levels, so this will not be a problem.

  • Kid Rock Won’t Renew License for Detroit Restaurant Amid Protest Over Latest Incendiary Remarks

    His remarks seem to be crass but not particularly racial or misogynistic. We tell other men to fellate us or others on a regular basis as a means of insulting them. However, it looks like he is finding out that Detroit does not want his restaurant investment; they just want his tax dollars, so they can hire more Black people and hand out more free stuff to Black people. That will backfire because the invasion of Latin Americans has already begun, and in the end, that group will simply displace blacks in turn. With diversity, no one wins but the bureaucrats.

  • U.S. private payrolls growth tumbles in November as jobs market is ‘losing its shine’

    All of our job growth occurs in areas of menial labor because we have outsourced anything more complex or hired H-1Bs to do it. Trump knows this, and so he is cutting both those programs so that we can resume hiring white Americans to gut chickens, mow lawns, be line cooks, and write entry-level code.

  • Cuts to food stamps program necessary, Georgia’s Sonny Perdue says

    What you tolerate, you get more of; what you subsidize, you get lots more of. America is slowly facing the fact that we cannot afford any of the New Deal or Great Society programs, not just economically but also morally, because they have produced a captive population that finds its purpose in life by forcing the majority to subsidize it. Socialist programs divide societies and further intensify class warfare, which is why canny sick men FDR and LBJ wanted them in the first place.

  • YouTube CEO Wojcicki: We’ve Cut Amount Of Time Americans Watch “Controversial Content” By 70%

    Big media and its advertisers want what they had in the 1980s, which was daytime television. This innocuous but occasionally salacious or jingoistic content is the same stuff that Shakespeare wrote into his pieces to keep the groundlings amused, and it has one important trait, which is that it is basically the same few themes and methods repeated over and over again because they are simple enough to be cheap to reproduce and complex enough to allow infinite recombination. YouTube, Google, and Twitter have taken their final form: they reward bourgeois content, or that which makes people feel happy about buying things, and are going to exclude all of the controversy and upsetting information. That leaves only cat pictures, pornography, and Leftist politics on the internet.

  • Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India

    In the 1990s, it became clear that instead of winning the Cold War, the Western world got trolled into accepting the root ideas of the Soviets in a more friendly and marketable form. After all, what really is different between the lump sum of market socialism, political correctness, and high rents and full-on Soviet Communism? You still get on that treadmill every day to ensure that you subsidize the rest so that they do not revolt, and this means that everything gets broken down into repetitive little tasks that use only tiny parts of the brain. In the end, that produces robotic humans who trudge through life in a stupor, hoping for the end since nothing feels horrible but nothing feels good, either. It is like being on an antidepressant except that one still has to be a witness to the loss of oneself, one’s civilization, and all of the learning and wisdom that it has accrued. No wonder people are dying young and childless. It took until the 2000s for the nationalist parties to really rise, and now they are thriving by pointing out the simple fact that unity works and diversity does not. As a result, the world now focuses less on removing problematic groups but on seeing all groups except the founding ethnic-cultural group as problematic, and removing all of them. India is just taking the lead, with China following as it removes Uighurs with comically extreme methods (much like Kristallnacht, designed to scare them into leaving).

  • Mainland Chinese students best in world as Singapore, Hong Kong slip down rankings

    While the US and EU keep screwing around with diversity, China affirms reality and rushes ahead to conquer. Education tells us little about reality; they tell you what is on the test, and so you have a very narrow channel of experience from which to choose your answers. However, real life does not fit within such simplistic parameters, and so usually those who do best in “education” are the least competent in real-life tasks. That does not obscure the fact that certain basic skillsets are needed and instead of asserting these, the US and EU have simply dumbed everything down, mainly because our class warfare and diversity agendas need “universal participation” instead of hierarchy, and education rightfully occurs beyond fifth grade for only about ten percent of the population who can use that information. The rest just screw around for another seven years so that they can receive free state daycare so that their parents can work to inflate the GDP and provide more tax income to be spent on “pump priming” the permanently poor. We may be more socialist than China at this point.

  • Pope’s message of openness to refugees prompts backlash in Japan

    “I am sorry. We’ve seen how European countries have failed terribly. Even so, do you still say that? First of all, we are not a country where Christians are dominant. Would you please ask other ‘Christian countries’? Such as America, or America, or America,” tweeted @no_problem666.

    And that says it all. Diversity has failed in European countries… and even more, it is going to make those countries fail. No one sane will touch diversity, especially at this point. We are just about to the stage of public consciousness where it is acknowledged that diversity is a total failure.

  • Merkel’s coalition in peril as new leader of SPD calls union ‘crap for democracy’

    “Crap democracy” is redundant, since there is no other kind. Sure, during the first century or so you can cruise on the momentum of the past, but once Democracy Inc. has to make difficult decisions, everything breaks down and runs screaming into the toilet. Europe prides itself in its complex political systems based on coalitions instead of winner-takes-all, but this simply means more compromise, which means that no one gets what they want. Coalitions simply serve to perpetuate and increase the status quo, namely government which is good at making the right noises but does nothing more than tax and redistribute money. Europeans for years have thought that government which does nothing was good, but now they realize the high cost of living in a society without leadership that keeps piling up costs and bad decisions, but can never fix anything. Their political leaders have a plan of course: sell out to Russia-China. That way, when childless Frau Merkel sees German imploding, she can simply take her collected income and move to Switzerland or South America and blame someone else for the mess she made. She hated her parents; she hated her nation. Not surprisingly, she wants to be like Samson, pulling it all down on top of her in a bitter, fatalistic rage.

  • Citizenship test: court to decide whether Indigenous people can be deported from Australia

    On the surface, this controversy involves tribal members from islands off Australia and the fact that these people do not technically have citizenship. In the longer haul, it is setting the legal groundwork for society to adjudicate citizenship and deport those who do not fit the legal requirements, which can include DNA and heritage. Right now, that seems heretical, until you realize that all legal systems simply say that things cannot be taken from you without certain requirements like a fair trial being met, but once precedent exists, that fair trial can be a lot simpler than anyone thinks. This is fortunate, since we are going to need to start deporting the alien rather quickly.

  • Rashida Tlaib equates Mexican border with Gaza

    The Left finally admits its goal: destroy first world populations and replace them with third world populations so that the ideology — the Leftist equivalent of the cuckservative “values and the Constitution” — lives on. The symbol persists where the biology cannot, and this only makes sense if you believe that symbols are universal and not interpreted by people. In reality, these people will reinterpret Leftism to mean warlords and subsistence living, and by this method, nature will destroy human potential in order to keep humans from destroying (more of) nature. “Use it or lose it” applies to higher intellect; we could have explored the stars and made the best society ever, but instead we fell to bickering among ourselves over coins, titles, and recognition, and so we ate up all that the past produced and failed as a species. Let us hope for intelligent lizards next; the GEICO commercials presaged this and show us our future with a talking A. carolinensis taking over where human intellect has defeated itself and collapsed in confusion.

  • Germans in favor of ‘reducing reliance’ on US

    The European tantrum continues. Outraged at the US, or at least pretending to be, they have decided to run into the arms of Russia-China (or really: China-Russia) instead. This allows them to pretend that their humanism, derived from The Enlightenment,™ presents a better way of life than the more realistic American approach. In reality, they are simply looking for a simple way to commit suicide that allows the people currently in power to retire to nice areas so that when they die, the world burns after them and nothing is left but emptiness, ignorance, and a self-destructing primitive humanity.

  • Suu Kyi’s loyalists rally for Myanmar leader before genocide trial

    Despite all the rants about how genocide is a crime against humanity and the worst thing ever, many support it, simply because having more than one ethnic and religious group in the same country makes that country impotent and self-destructive. If diversity is death, and genocide means death to only one party, we have the Trolley Problem writ large, and people are going to choose survival over their self-destruction. This shows us just the latest event in the ongoing collapse of diversity.

  • Dozens of Jewish graves vandalised at cemetery near Strasbourg

    In the disputed territories that kicked off WW2, it seems that resentment rises against any foreign influences. Diversity has made no friends, and after a world war to enforce it and trillions of dollars spent to make it functional, it still runs as badly as a thirty-year-old FIAT. The world is weaning itself from diversity, much as it is leaving behind entitlements, and whoever escapes these things first inherits the new world that is rising in the ruins of the new world order.

  • The Trump administration is threatening to slap import taxes on $2.4bn worth of French goods, including cheese, champagne, make-up and handbags.

    Europe rages because ultimately, it now represents nothing more than a tourist destination which also manufactures luxury products. The trade war against China has already depleted sales of these items, and if the US also tariffs them coming into the USA, another market will close. Soon Europeans will be living off their generous social welfare benefits, selling each other fifty-dollar cheeses and hundred-dollar bottles of wine, as Russian and Chinese units take up strategic places around their cities. The citizens will look at each other with thoroughly fake expressions of astonishment, since everyone knows that this is how democracy always ends.

  • China and Russia forge deeper ties thanks to their common enemy: the United States

    New Cold War? It is the old one: not freedom and democracy versus totalitarianism, and not even capitalism versus Communism, but simply East versus West. The Asiatics have wanted what only the West can produce for millennia, and thanks to the weakening of the West under successive assaults of plague, invasions, religious wars, and finally, The Enlightenment™ and democracy, they will get their chance. In the best scenario, the West unites to face this new old foe, but more likely, Europe opts for cheap energy and invites the enemy inside the gates for a “silk glove” invasion. Not surprisingly, ancient enemy Iran has joined the Alliance Against the West and plans to place pressure on the southern flank while the invasion comes from the east. Democratic leaders do nothing, of course.

  • Millionaires pay little inheritance tax in Germany

    Realizing that it is broke and that the retirement of the Baby Boomers is going to plunge it deeply into the red, Europe looks for more ways to squeeze blood from a stone. They will manage only to drive away the wealth. Any country that shakes itself awake from this insanity and stops the tax-and-spend wealth redistribution cycle demanded by Leftist class warfare will become the next superpower. Most likely, Russia-China will develop a proxy as a tax haven sometime soon. At that point, the power — concentrated by nature in the hands of the most capable — shifts from the West, and the invasion finds its path cleared to dominate these moribund and clueless societies.

  • North Carolina judge rules Confederate monument stays down

    The erasing of history continues. This allows the Left to claim legitimacy going back to our founding and to achieve total domination. At that point, they will take over with their third world government sponsored by China, which means that resistance will fragment. No one is going to stand up to to fight for a country dominated by another ethnic group, and the volunteer and mercenary army stands little chance against totalitarian powers which will mobilize ten percent of their populations to create human wave warfare. Diversity is death.

  • Child life expectancy projections cut by years

    Life expectancy increased with technology, but now this has stalled. People live longer but become obese and die of dementia and cancer instead of transmissible diseases. Even more, people in the West seem to have lost a will to live. What is the point to surviving, when it simply means more shopping and paying taxes. Our lives have no actual motivation behind them, only a desire to avoid social bads (ghettos, bankruptcy, unpopularity) measured in exclusively material terms. Nothing sacred, vital, and natural pervades our lives. Consequently, people see no reason to linger on after they have done what is required of them. This type of fatalism occurs whenever civilization takes over as a mediator of reality through centralization, bureaucracy, and managed economic systems.

  • Germany’s anti-immigrant AfD rejects shift further right

    This groups makes an intelligent choice. At this point, we do not need broad ideological leaps; we need to demonstrate a better way of life with a Right-wing approach, which means both social concerns (diversity, immorality, vapidity) and economic ones (entitlements). If a Right-wing party rises that cuts out most of these bad policies of the past seventy-five years and replaces them with a functional but not cutthroat economy, a gentle social order, and a strong drive toward nationalism, it will thrive. The extremists just serve to get in there and appeal to the “true believers,” most of whom want Hitler to come back and screw up exactly the same way he did the first time. The Right needs to keep the true believers at bay and instead act toward realistic betterment of our societies, giving them a breather so that they can rediscover purpose and start liking themselves again, so that in the future, others can further push us to the Right. Baby steps.

  • Half of all homeless people may have had traumatic brain injury

    The twenty-first century starts out with us realizing how many of the things that we thought were harmless benefits are in fact destroying us. The rise in brain injuries owing to motor vehicles, and the rise in birth defects subsidized by medicine which keeps alive the unhealthy, not to mention the genetic chaos of ethnic- and racially-mixed breeding, create a population full of the insane and chronically ill. While it is sad, we are going to have to reverse course on this and possibly warehouse these people in institutions to keep costs low. Our society is dying of its waste product, which seems to be broken people and pollution.

  • Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and hardly a voice of caution to be heard

    Old Right cynics said that embarking on civil rights and entitlements would lead us down a slippery slope to doom, and it turns out that they are correct. In the face of rising debt, Leftists want to keep borrowing because they see “pump priming” as a permanent investment. In reality, the value of our currency is slipping because it is backed by debt instead of productivity. At some point soon, we will have to either (a) default, and get used to a dollar buying what a quarter — or less! — once did, or (b) cut the three-quarters of our budget that goes to entitlements and start slugging that into paying off the debt. The military, at one-fifth of our budget, cannot be cut in any significant way except of course by reforming the purchasing system, which is such a complex and contentious area that no democracy worker will attempt it.

  • London Bridge terror suspect Usman Khan enjoyed UK’s unemployment benefits

    If your enemy is giving out free money, you might as well take it as you prepare for your next terror attack. While entitlements remain popular with voters, proving that this group is unfit to choose what is for lunch much less state policy, they also serve as an attractor for all of the angry misfits who want to destroy us. They will come here, take our money, and convert it into weapons and death squads to hollow out our societies from within in preparation for an Asiatic invasion.

  • George Zimmerman sues family of Trayvon Martin, publisher, prosecutors for $100 million

    The Right finally realizes how to use the law as a weapon; you have to misuse the law, meaning use the costs of defending themselves against you to deplete your enemies, while using civil rights style claims to take their money. Let us hope that this suit, like the Covington Catholic suit, go through and further wreck those who want to destroy us so that China can rule us.

  • Rahmael Holt sentenced to death for murder of Officer Brian Shaw

    Although this upsets the Left to hear about, cases like this show why police will shoot you if you run away from a traffic stop while reaching toward your beltline. However, no one is fooled; justice is a racial headcount in the hands of minorities, and they would penalize any police officer who shoots a minority person without caring whether he was right or wrong. The only fair solution would be to separate ethnic groups so that they had entirely separate legal systems, and that only happens with repatriation. Then again, if America consisted solely of ethnic Western Europeans, no other group would suffer from unfairness or “racism” at our hands.

  • Lawsuit alleges Harvey federal aid favors white homeowners over minority renters

    In a diverse society, each group wants to take from others, and so any money handed out will always be assumed to be unfairly distributed because that way, minority groups can take from the majority. In reality, the areas that flooded were mostly white if house price was above $250k, and these people pay 3% property taxes or more, and have had to continue doing so. The multiculture does not care and simply wants more free money.

  • Medicines pose global environmental risk, experts warn

    It turns out that all of our crazy modern medicines flow through our bodies and into our sewer systems which are designed to remove bacteria and solid waste, not highly water-soluble chemicals. Ideal sewer systems would pass through only water, but such things are expensive with existing technology. Instead, we are building a backlog of chemical chaos in our environment with no idea how these different elements will interact in the bodies of animals and plants. Perhaps an outbreak of cancers will convince us to take this more seriously, but that will only be noticed if those are human cancers not animal ones.

  • Witchcraft and black magic contribute to increase in child abuse

    The Enlightenment™ had us believe that the human individual had a universal form, possessed of equal reasoning ability. In reality, we see that this is not true, and people radically reinterpret everything they are taught based on what they are wired to believe. As a result, we return to superstition and other artifacts of the primitive savages in our evolutionary past, forging talismans and praying to cargo cults so that we might feel better about our plight. As an offshoot of this, crazy people everywhere are taking up insane pseudo-religions so that they may have a social group, and the children suffer from the intensified mental health problem that has resulted.

  • Trump administration moves to remove 700,000 people from food stamps

    Trump has learned from the Left: what you want to abolish, you must first ruin. He is removing the utility of food stamps by making them unpredictable and therefore, unreliable. You might get them, or you might not, depending on ever-tightening semi-arbitrary rules. This causes people to stop seeing them as a solution, and more like an outside chance, and this will shift our economy to not be designed around them. Second term Trump may finally do what America has needed to do for generations, which is to abolish all of our entitlements (payments and payments-in-kind from government to citizens) like social security, medicare, EMTALA, public education, Obamacare, welfare, and food stamps. Without those, we can pay down our debt and possibly reduce taxes, sending more money through the economy and less through government, which will reduce prices and raise wages while lowering costs. Government is a parasite except when it strictly serves to preserve a civilization, and it always seeks to escape that role and invent a new broader role for itself like ending slavery, ensuring equality, having transsexuals escape discrimination, and so on. Never trust these “blank cheque” ideologies and those who promote them, most of whom seem to be Italian, Irish, Polish, or Jewish. Especially distrust your fellow citizens, since most of them are just repeating things that they have heard or read but do not fully understand. Stick to hard logical fact: government costs money, and that money is subtracted from the economy, which means that it both distorts markets and decreases vitality to the economic system, which has the side effect of making the economy more important than it should be since we live in fear of it screwing up all the time. Government caused the Great Depression with its new income taxes and has only added layers since to restrain economic movement so that recessions do not have as great of an impact, but we have never regained health. We are still stuck in 1929 forever.

  • Breast Cancer Linked to Permanent Hair Dye and Chemical Hair Straighteners in Study of Almost 50,000 Women

    It turns out that all of those modern conveniences which seemed so new, so futuristic, so much like humankind conquering nature and sailing forth into a universe of our own creation were in fact deceptions, a flash of appearance with a long-term negative effect far more intense than whatever relief they promised. Much as in the 1950s society served up a surface of careers and social importance that concealed a deep void of existential confusion, our consumer era gave us power that in the long term has defeated us. As with the French Revolution, the people wanted power, but had no idea that it would convey them to tyranny; in modernity, we wanted independence from reality, and instead get served a hard reality. When you do not address the causes of your discontent, you pursue illusions, and illusions always invert your goals into their exact opposites. We will bury the dead, say some insincere words, and stumble onward, afraid to slow down lest we drown in the pathos of our confused, muddled species.

  • Black Facebook staff describe workplace racism in anonymous letter

    The lawsuit is probably nonsense — almost all of these are, at this point — but they brilliantly describe what it is like to live in diversity:

    “Racism, discrimination, bias, and aggression do not come from the big moments,” they write. “It’s in the small actions that mount up over time and build into a culture where we are only meant to be seen as quotas, but never heard, never acknowledged, never recognized, and never accepted.”

    None of us belong to this society anymore. It is like an apartment that we rent, and then we obey the rules and do what rewards us, but it is every bit as empty as that sounds. There is no culture, and no purpose. Sure, we can distract ourselves with “hobbies,” but those do not address existential need, only a desire for something fun to do after work. Empty people, we stumble through emptiness, told that we have power but not being told that power in an energyless land is worthless.

  • Styling Black hair will be taught to a salon accused of bias

    Another racial shakedown manifests in hushed payments and tolerance re-reducation. In reality, people want salons where they see people like themselves; we refuse to allow them to do this officially, so they rely on cryptic signaling which sometimes gets out of hand. If Black people need their own high-end hair salon, they need to start their own.

  • Shop worker: ‘I am verbally abused on a daily basis’

    Majority culture has its benefits. When we see each other as members of innately the same group, meaning that we cannot be separated from that identity, we tend to treat each other as co-workers in the goal of having a thriving civilization. With diversity, people are simply random items one runs into and never sees again, so if you can bully them into doing what you want, it might be profitable where holding your tongue rarely gets you anything free.

  • Homelessness in Germany on the rise

    Among those with without a migrant background, homelessness levels went up by 1.2%, compared to 5.9% among those with a migrant background.

    Most homeless are insane, but with efforts switched from natives to foreigners, some who normally are taken care of wander off into the general population. In addition, Germany imported a bumper crop of people with mental health care problems. These people flee their native lands for a number of reasons, but one might be that they are simply itinerant and might as well do that elsewhere where more money is given to beggars.

  • Salisbury Police solve 35-year-old murder of Reesa Dawn Trexler

    Another genetic archeology case. They had a DNA sample, and were able to construct a facial profile from that, leading them to dig up the body of a man who had worked nearby because he resembled the profile. It turns out that when witnesses say, “I saw some black guy running past!” they are not always lying (although white people have abused this to the point that it is a running joke).

  • Germany Struggles To Define Limits of What Can Be Said

    Two-thirds of Germans are afraid to say what they think. Remember, this is after “liberation” and “The Enlightenment™” and people still cannot tell us what they are observing, perceiving, and thinking. Perhaps we just inverted our society because in order to have freedom, we have to defend freedom for everyone, which means that bad people do bad stuff and their freedom must be curtailed, but instead of doing that, we limit people noticing what the bad people are doing so that everyone can have “freedom.” In any case, the promise of democracy has turned itself inside-out, and so the system does not have long to live.

  • Austrian Ski Resort Expansion Is Demolishing Pristine Glaciers

    Who are we to tell people not to wreck the environment, when their income can be massively increased by doing so? Perhaps things like culture, nature, and heritage need protection because they are more important than anything else, and so economic, social, political, and legal factors need to take a backseat. The world does not need another ski resort, even if the people who own this one just want to have a fat retirement portfolio.

  • More Than Half of Canada’s GDP Gain Was From Real Estate Transactions

    The West played itself out. Other than a few luxury brands, our only products of note are internet entertainment and selling homes to foreigners. This shows just how much people give up and cash out once you get Leftism in power.

  • Flight shaming sees record number choose train over plane to get from London to Glasgow, Virgin announces

    We need the same thing for other intangibles. Strong culture works. If it becomes taboo to tolerate race- and ethnic-mixing, to support degenerate pornography, to purchase products by SJW corporations, and to put up with Leftist preaching in public, we can resurrect the West simply by squeezing out all of the broken behaviors and replacing them with wholesome and more interesting ones.

  • Arts play major role in health and well-being, WHO says in new report

    It is almost as if culture is important. People feel best in life when they have a sense of orientation: who they are, where they are coming from, the future contiguous with that past toward which they are going, what is important, what other people will never criticize, what other people will always reward, and the pattern of life that leads to the best outcome. Modern people have none of this; we have replaced culture and heritage with government and ideology. Art, by orienting us toward aesthetic, transcendental, metaphysical, and existential questions gives us a starting point for looking into culture, understanding it, and have fulfilling purposeful lives as a result.

  • Russian web trolls boo Biden, often boost Gabbard, report finds

    Ineffective Russian web trolls want Tulsi Gabbard as president, which means that their assessment is that she is weak like Obama, and want Joe Biden out, perhaps for his creepy Ukraine connections. While Russian web trolls are not experts, Putin is astute, and this means that a Gabbard presidency would likely be an utter disaster for the USA.

  • Under Construction in Texas: The First New Section of Border Wall

    Even The New York Times has to admit that it is happening and that we are all going to survive with the temporary border wall, but that maybe it should be even stronger. We agree with them: we need a Great Wall of China or Hadrian’s Wall for the Texas border. Not only will it help stem the flood of third world migrants, but it will look cool for generations, especially if we model it after European castles.

  • One in three people in Germany ‘will have migrant background in 20 years’

    It gets harder to deny demographic ethnic replacement when you see it happening first-hand. In the late 1980s, barely anyone in Germany was of an ethnic background, and the Turks, Gypsies, and Jews already there were treated warily by the population, which kept to itself as much as possible. Now it seems the ethnic Germans are being forced into retreat because they are rapidly become minorities and, being tasked with the majority of the economic and social heavy lifting, are at a disadvantage when it comes to having free time to clean up their communities. The Left cheers because they want nothing more than to destroy culture, heritage, nation, class, values, aesthetics, and morality so that they can replace them with the mental health disorder virus of Leftism.

  • Blackouts, Fires, High Gas Prices: Who Wants to Live in California Today?

    The Wall Street Journal points out the obvious flaw in California: it went Leftist, then went diverse, and now it has done nothing but systematically make horrible decisions with predictably awful outcomes. No one wants to leave because they have to re-establish everything somewhere else just because their neighbors vote like idiots, but more of them are doing so because it is better to cash out early instead of to be the last person in your neighborhood to put the house on the market (and receive less than half of your purchase price). In addition, giant clusters of people make it easy to earn money because all of these people have money to spend and most of them are incompetent, so if you are halfway able to string a sentence together, you can become a manager or professional and earn a good income. Unfortunately for you, you will also pay most of it right back out in housing costs, taxes, and higher prices. If someone invents a floating city offshore of Los Angeles that only costs a couple thousand a month, the exodus would be massive.

  • Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Says Law Is Causing Spike In Burglaries, Forms New Taskforce

    Seemingly suffering from terminal social status signaling, Oklahoma legislators downgraded many felonies to misdemeanors, and now find their state is losing massive amounts of money to crime that seems to happen more frequently now since the penalties are lower. It is typical of democracy to see its own enforcement as problematic and to suspend it because all egalitarian systems tend toward more independence of the individual from orders larger than itself, not less. Only later do they find out that they are writing checks on the 20% of the population who produce 80% of the benefit, and the other 80% of the population really could disappear tomorrow and nothing would be lost. This tends to unnerve people, but consider the massive boost in human competence that would happen if some city ejected its least useful citizens.

  • A Utah substitute told fifth graders that ‘homosexuality is wrong.’ She was escorted out after 3 students spoke up.

    In addition to noting how sickeningly conformist the students are, and how they seem to gain a boost in confidence from destroying others, this headline becomes fun to flip around: the official policy of this school district — and indeed, all of America after the Fourteenth Amendment — is that “homosexuality is right.” We are just swinging between extremes without getting to the core of the issue, which is that most people do not want to be homosexual, so homosexuals need to keep it on the down-low in exchange for the rest of us being quietly tolerant and as non-judgmental as possible. People are different. We want to identify what we do want — chaste heterosexual nuclear families — more than fixating on what we think we do not, especially when if kept quiet, that do not want affects a small number of people. What do you do when pro-homosexual and anti-homosexual positions are both anti-reality?

  • Support for Hong Kong protests in China has consequences for some mainlanders

    Asiatic ideologies favor mass mobilization, which means focusing on maintaining the crowd instead of having long-term goals like culture and heritage, but this requires eliminating competition because if the people in the crowd can get the same effect without the crowd, they will fragment. Crowds are bullies. When someone stands up to a bully and backs down, the crowd falls apart. This means that crowds always enforces a Narrative that is arbitrary and often illogical, since that way those who have allegiance to anything before the crowd — reality, logic, nature, gods — can be weeded out and destroyed. If you wonder why Leftists and people in democracies appear to be vindictive and to take great pleasure in crushing each other, this is why. They perceive any deviation from the Narrative to be an attack on the Narrative, mainly because the Narrative insists that it is the only possible way which means that if other possibilities arise, the Narrative becomes irrelevant. We will see more of this in the future: people will quietly be shunned by everyone in their bubble because the state will quietly communicate that anyone helping the outcast will end up sharing that outcast status. The West used the same strategy with political correctness, but we use the informal Leftist crowd stretching between media and state instead of formal state power.

  • Climate change making it harder to produce viable seeds, scientists say

    You have to read the subhead: “Urbanisation, pollution and industrial farming practices causing biodiversity decline.” The press recognizes a huge market for global warming stories, since all the people with no real structure or direction to their lives love a good panic, but the real story here is that we have too many humans for nature to handle our pollution or maintain itself in genetic truth. Worse than global warming, we are promoting ecocide.

  • Germany: Court rules far-right ‘Migration kills!’ election poster is partly accurate

    According to the new rules, it is acceptable to criticize migration and diversity but not to mention too many accurate but uncomfortable details about the groups in question. This works in our favor, since the policy that needs criticizing is in fact diversity; all other issues flow from this one. “Germany for ethnic Germans” makes sense and everything else is crazy-talk, so having people switch from complaining about specific groups to wanting to exclude all other groups is an upgrade for the Right.

  • Three suspects arrested in Austria’s ‘Ibizagate’ scandal

    It turns out that the setup that dethroned the new conservative government in Austria was nothing more than a shakedown by a private investigator. Unfortunately, it already did its damage, and it left many wondering if we have Right-wing politicians who are competent enough to be active in this political environment.

  • LDS Church announces it still opposes Equal Rights Amendment as supporters rally at Capitol

    Equal rights means people streamlined into the same thing, and a loss of unique roles. This damages everything. Then again, the same is true of civil rights. When you give people rights to use against social order, you destroy that social order. This leaves you with atomized people wandering around, wondering where the meaning in life can be found, when really, it is only found through connections. Rights-oriented programs remove those, where informal social roles strengthen them.

  • Mid-sized American companies are already moving away from China

    Trump wants to bring manufacturing back home. He seems to be counting on automation to crush both unions and immigration, and he is probably correct. So far, the situation is turning in his favor, mainly because companies found that working in China was less cheap and more complicated than they wanted it to be. If he can deliver them from our heavy taxes and expensive regulatory burden, then America will become the superpower economy which will then naturally rule the world independent of our military interventions. This would be an epic win, one that Leftists have fought tooth and nail for generations.

  • Peloton stands by ad despite accusations of sexism

    Usually companies blink when the SJW herd emerges, but this business simply said the equivalent of, “I’m sorry that life is difficult for you right now. Come back when things are better and we’ll cut you a deal on an exercise bike.” Somehow, their business has not been destroyed. SJWs have lost their power and are fading away, back into the basement apartments where they languish on disability payments or the pointless entry-level tech jobs where they do things no one will care about. Life has its winners and losers, and SJWs are just losers, something which now finally the market seems to be recognizing.

  • Telford sex abuse trial: Teachers ‘took no action over sex abuse rumours’

    Mohammed Ali Sultan, Amjad Hussain, Shafiq Younas, Nazam Akhtar and Mohammad Rizwan deny wrongdoing.

    This shows us the full extend of the Ferguson Effect. In a diverse society, members of the majority can get in trouble for not hiring a minority person or for arresting a minority person. Consequently, they will always hire minorities and never enforce on them, effectively creating a double standard where minorities receive all the jobs and none of the law enforcement. This de facto legalizes any crime by minorities and ensures that majority people will spend more time in jail for minor events, since they are not a threat at all to the powers that will be arresting them.

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