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  • Twitter system ‘outage’ briefly blocked Trump whistleblower tweet

    Does anyone believe them anymore? Big Tech made a name for itself by censoring conservatives to appeal to the “new counter-culture,” only to find out that in a multicultural and fragmented society, there is no new mainstream culture nor is there a new counter-culture. They are doomed and they know it, but first they are going to destroy a whole lot of industries with their “disruptive” business practices.

  • Ayia Napa Briton guilty over false rape claim

    Justice was never possible in this world, but now that we have collapsed as a civilization, behavior is so bad that no one can tell what the truth is. A young woman goes abroad with others who are having buckets of booze and orgies of casual sex, and claims that one encounter is rape. Who knows, really. When you want to avoid stuff like this, you have to avoid casual sex, and we have yet to see a feminist campaign for that.

  • Even amid affluence of tech capital, local news struggles

    The news worked when it was a narrow field of distribution, namely physical products tied to a consumer market. Now that we have the internet, and a diversity of opinion reveals that most of the news was talking heads bloviating and conjecturing instead of fact, people are simply reading the headlines and summaries and ignoring most of it. The few who are really entertaining make a giant bundle of course. Social media did not kill the news; social media revealed the news.

  • Man shoots and kills 2 inside a Texas church before parishioners fatally shoot him

    The future of America involves a place where everyone is armed and everything is on CCTV, since this rising insanity from broken 1960s policies, race war multiculture, and constant social unrest guarantees that there will be bad guys with guns everywhere. Wild West 2.0 should be fun.

  • States charge more for electric cars as new laws take effect

    In a sane world, government would list a series of needs and come up with a budget to fit. In Clown World, people march out there onto the podium to make their careers, and they do it with new programs that may or may not be necessarily, useful, or productive. And yet, these zombie programs live on. Government always expands and needs more money. It is just another shakedown.

  • Will American Jews finally get hint about dangers they face?

    In the wake of a African-American synagogue attack, Jews are realizing that the diaspora is not as safe as it once was. It is as if there was a bubble created by Western Civilization in which they could live, but now with the rise of diversity, that bubble is over. The sane response is to return to Israel. The walls are closing in as anti-Jewish attacks grow worldwide.

  • Grooming ‘epidemic’ as almost 19,000 children identified as sexual exploitation victims in England

    Fear of being called “racist” brings once-mighty empire to its knees and allows camouflaged racial warfare through rape. For bonus ethnosadism points, UK trots out Pakistani minister to admit that well, yes, most of these rapists were of Pakistani ethnic origin. Absolutely zero people point out that diversity cannot ever work and will always end this way, because saying so goes against the narrative of equality. It is a brain virus that destroys civilizations.

  • UK: Less than 1% of cases reported to online hate crime unit resulted in charges

    Most of them are fake, and most of the real ones never get mentioned, simply because the system is a public relations exercise at this point. The police just want to keep the sheep feeling that this system is working because everyone knows that it is not, and that requires taking lots of reports and then doing nothing about them. Everyone also knows that most hate crimes are fake and used as pretexts by minorities to gain more wealth, power, and status from the oblivious and denial-bound herd of the former founding majority.

  • Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker ends Mohammad cartoon contest within hours

    The contest lasted a whole day before he pulled the plug in case of fatwa, jihad, jizya, and ackbar intruding into our lives. Most people just long for the days when the only foreign words they needed to know were “kebab” and “croissant.”

  • Indian police officer tells citizenship law protesters to ‘go to Pakistan’ as death toll rises

    Our media, comprised mostly of aimless college graduates with sex and drug addictions, knows almost nothing about the history of Pakistan and less than nothing about nationalism. Modi and India want all Muslims in India to move to Pakistan, and all Hindus in Pakistan to move to India, ending the diversity crisis that has brought the region close to war many times. It is comical to watch the mental toddlers of the rest of the world, standing around with mouths agape, fail completely to understand what is at stake.

  • Pakistanis accuse Twitter user of blasphemy for questioning polygamy of the Prophet, call for her public execution

    I really need to preface all of my writings with “this might seem heretical, but…” because generally, there are layers of nuance underneath what people see and the herd forms a self-confirming echo chamber which tends toward the most moronic groupthink, which is then taught to innocents like you, dear readers, with your mother’s milk, deceiving you and setting you behind by three decades in understanding the world around you. It really is negligent, sadistic, and boiled in schadenfreude that our species does this; someone should be killed for it, preferably with a nice slow method like a jalapeño-soaked anal pear. I support the execution of people for blasphemy of any kind. You need a dominant culture, ethnically homogeneous people, and leadership caste of geniuses to get a society off the ground; this means that anyone who blasphemes against that culture — religion is part of culture, at least in the traditional mold, despite the universalist aspirations of written modern religions like Christianity — is an active threat to unity and unity is what makes civilization work. If your nation has a dominant religious tradition, the only way to change that is to get involved with the religion. Simply attacking it will damage it and then evil, insane, stupid, retarded, and obsessive mental states will take its place, making your society weaker. We are heading back to a time where people get thrown out of town for speaking against the dominant cultural theory.

  • New York State Blocks ICE and Border Patrol Access to DMV Database

    In order to join in with the “good” and “safe” people, various bureaucrats do their best to impede the future change that America needs, which is de-Hispanization as well as relocation of foreign ethnics of all sorts. Slowly, slowly America realizes that with Leftists, there can be no health, sanity, balance, productivity, and morality. There is only a steady reduction of standards to an ever-descending lowest common denominator.

  • U.S. Steps Up Deportations To Iraq, Despite Worsening Violence There

    The whole “melting pot” and “give us your poor, tired” ideas came after we had already imported Diversity Round 1 with Italians, Irish, Slavs, and Jews. Those Hallmark card ideas showed up because we had to either justify our mistake or fix it. It was much easier to keep the new people here and just sell them stuff, so our nitwit careerists in power went with that. Now people are going back to the 1790 idea, which is that America works when it is ethnic Western European without diversity. Not surprisingly, Trump is moving toward this by sending away as much of our swelling Muslim Arab population as possible. The more that leave, the more then decide that their position here is untenable and also leave. Start the self-deportation avalanche, and soon this problem is a lot more manageable.

  • ‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

    If you scheme and connive to remove the first president to stop your corrupt little scam in fifty years, then we will recognize that the political system has failed and that it is time for an external correction. To anyone with a real attention span, however, it is clear that our society collapsed long ago and we are now deciding whether to rebuild or not.

  • Biden says he would not comply with a Senate subpoena in the impeachment trial of President Trump

    So much for “no one is above the law.” This entire impeachment comes down to the mistaken notion by the Left that if you are a presidential candidate, the law does not apply to you. Impeach Biden!

  • Sign Of The Times: 75% Of Adults Aren’t Friends With Any Of Their Neighbors

    As Putnam and Dinesen told us, diversity means an end of unity of behavior, which means that people have no idea what will be rewarded in their behavior and so they stay home instead and distrust others. No unity means no continuity, and what is rewarded is unpredictable, so as in the greyest of days in the Soviet Union, people just grumble off to work and do what they are told and shut out the world the rest of the time. That means you do not know your neighbors and have little contact with the world besides driving from your job to home. Now that you can get streaming video from Amazon and everything in the world delivered, there is no point going out at all. Just work from home and seal out the world.

  • Why Canada’s cannabis bubble burst

    Legalization is a bad route. Decriminalize for personal production and use; keep transportation and transfer (sales) illegal. This means that people using drugs realize that they are going outside the law and are responsible for whatever happens to them. If that means prying a few more skeletonized remains out of basements, we can view that as a triumph for natural selection. Italy is starting to lean in this direction.

  • Using hominin introgression to trace modern human dispersals

    In my view, our models are too simple. Modern humans existed long before we thought they did, and much of what we are seeing is castoffs interbreeding with pre-human varieties. A bigger, more interesting point could be that humans evolved in parallel in different areas, producing the roots of the different races even today.

  • Shocking fall in groundwater levels! Over 1,000 experts call for global action on ‘depleting’ groundwater

    Where were you when the Water Wars began? Humanity got a free run for a long time because clean groundwater was plentiful. Now it seems to be going away. Without clean water, disease becomes the norm. We could make nanofilters but, maybe we should stop and think. Do we want to live in a world of two, four, eight, or twelve billion? Planet Earth with a few hundred million high-quality humans would beat what we have now, which is a mass of fools waving dollar bills at moronic entertainment while ignoring all real problems.

  • Scuffles break out in Paris as pensions protesters, ‘yellow vests’ march

    Giving people free stuff through government creates a self-perpetuating crisis. The more you take, the more you wreck the economy, and so people find that wages have stagnated and costs have risen. Then they form the Free Stuff Army (FSA) and demand more free stuff. It is like watching a heroin addict who believes that he will be able to get off the needle if he can just shoot unlimited heroin. He is correct, in that eventually, he will overdose and die. We are at the overdose point in the West.

  • UN backs Russia on internet convention, alarming rights advocates

    Private industry censored the internet. The voters slept. Now government wants in on the action, because every nation can be overthrown with the right amount of crowd panic. We need a new internet for people who can talk about things in mature ways, and it probably needs to be end-to-end encrypted and wholly anonymous in order to avoid enforcement by the various controlling national powers that are going to censor it.

  • Is ‘Dixie Highway’ racist? The debate is growing

    Let us make it clear: if anything references the world before diversity took over in the late 1990s, then it is racist. You cannot remind people of the founding ethnic majority because then they realize how much they are simply squatters in the house of more intelligent ancients. This applies to both the ethnic diversity (Italians, Irish, Poles, Jews) and the racial diversity (Africans, Asians, mixes) but also implicates the various boxwine feminists, pajama soyboys, religious fanatics, and neurotics who make up the Left. Once there was greatness, and now we have this lumpy, ugly, unhealthy, angry group of orcs and goblins who have nothing but an impulse to destroy. We will have to remove all of these people, sending them to places where they will have the society they need.

  • ‘Aloha’ Increasingly Means Goodbye Thanks to High Taxes

    Everywhere there are nice places, parasites show up. These places then decide to buy off the parasites, instead of doing the socially unacceptable thing and removing the parasites, so costs go up. At that point, only the most oblivious and most vicious remain, along with a spreading mass of parasites. Someone said that San Francisco resembles a far-Right technocracy under a thin veneer of progressivism. Such is the natural outcome of having parasites. Ironically, to have less extremism, the right way to handle the situation is to be extremist in terms of who you admit to your society. Exclude the weak, insane, criminal, promiscuous, retarded, diseased, and neurotic, and you have a thriving place without high costs. The first nation to do this will rule the world.

  • National parks must attract more ethnic minority visitors to justify name, says Lake District chief

    We must sacrifice everything for diversity. Few have yet understood that diversity is simply the latest cutting edge of egalitarianism. First it was class war, then women voting, then ending segregation, then accepting homosexuals, then sexual liberation, and finally, the idea of swirling all of humanity into a uniform grey cultureless race of equals. Equality is pathological. It replaces the human mind with compulsion and greed.

  • Germany: 75,000th ‘Stolperstein’ for Holocaust victims laid

    Guilt, guilt everywhere and people love it because it is easier to feel guilty for the past than to admit that we are in serious trouble right now and need to choose a better path to the future. Instead, we can all weep together and then go home and guzzle box wine until the guilt and doubt seem far away.

  • Polish PM accuses Putin of lying about outbreak of WWII

    England protected Poland, so Poland provoked Germany, only to find that the English were not going to swoop in to save anyone, at least not yet. Since before the days of Napoleon, Russia has craved above all else having a “buffer zone” around it, and it wants to recapture Poland — the first nation to break out of the Eastern Bloc — for that purpose. Everyone else just wants to avoid being ruled by the Russians, since Russian rule has an almost unbroken history of failure.

  • Scientists Brought Brains Brought Back to Life Four Hours After Death

    No one seems to have quite grasped the implications of this. You can kill a brain, then bring it back on a cellular level, but it is alive yet not conscious. This means that consciousness consists of something more than cellular activity in the brain. When the UFOs land, we are going to find some highly religious yet scientifically literate people on them.

  • Money has been leaving China at a record rate. Beijing is battling to stem the tide

    Everyone who can is fleeing the Paper Tiger economy. Desperate, China will choose war. Their history repeats like wallpaper.

  • Scientists Have Warned That We Absolutely Must Not Farm Octopuses

    As human numbers grow, the pressure on our food supply does as well, leading us to choose ever more destructive methods. Rising demand means that soon we will cage these intelligent creatures in order to slaughter them for their (incredibly tasty) meat. The possibility of having fewer humans seems not to have occurred to any of the mental toddlers out there, who seem to be unable to see themselves in a mirror.

  • Chinese man charged with taking photos of US Navy base

    China in the news for spying again. No one seems surprised. Preparations for war proceed apace.

  • Researchers ‘Teleport’ Data Between Two Chips Via Quantum Entanglement

    Quantum entanglement breaks the laws of physics as we know them because particles in different locations can share the same state. That in turn points to an underlying structure of reality that is more information-based than material. This brings back our old questions about the origin of the universe, gods/God, and the possibility that thought persists beyond physical life.

  • Indian-Americans hold events in New York supporting CAA

    Indians that have experienced diversity in America see the wisdom of the new citizenship law in India that aims to swell the nation with Hindus and those from Hindu-compatible religions in the region. This shocks our media, which wants to portray such a law as an ultra-Satan that no thinking person would tolerate.

  • Gov. Justice approves firing of all involved in Nazi-like salute

    In a desperate attempt to avoid the ire of the denialists who believe that our current Leftism system is something more than a failed civilization, governor terminates employment of all people in a police academy class who made a Roman salute. We have reached the stage where the System has died, we all know it, and yet those who are enfranchised in it are saturating us in constant threats, propaganda, and censure so that we refuse to say it in public. Characteristically, they think only of the present and not the future. Fallen systems can be obscured only for so long; as the old saying goes, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Undaunted they will try anyway.

  • In China’s Crackdown on Muslims, Children Have Not Been Spared

    China understands that different religions and cultures are a threat to social unity, but they have not yet understood genetics, mainly because the Asiatic view of humanity has always been that all humans are the same and simply require the right incentives and punishments to mobilize. If China were thinking clearly, much like the Nazis should have been thinking clearly, she would be planning for deportation. You cannot fix genetics with ideology.

  • Britain First says 5,000 of its members have joined Tories

    On the plus side, this continues the mainstreaming process by which the big conservative parties gain enough anti-diversity/pro-nationalist members that they can no longer deny the need to reject, un-do, and remove diversity and globalism. On the downside, they are focused on one group (Muslims) instead of what they need, which is benevolent xenophobia against all outside and foreign groups.

  • TOTO: Indie Film Studio Rebeller Media Ready To Stand Tall Against PC Scolds

    Mainstream Hollywood finds itself defenseless against the “woke” PC herd. Consequently, it floats an “outlaw” cinema (the mainstream version of outsider or underground) which aims to be to actual dissenting realistic views as Pantera is to Exhorder. While in the short term this may break the gridlock on Hollywood thinking that kicked off with the gay mafia back in the 1990s, in the long term it will allow Hollywood to control what most people think of as “outlaw,” and they will then inject the usual pro-equality, pro-feminist, and pro-diversity propaganda into that. Can we imagine Die Hard in that model? Oh wait, we can, because at its core it was a buddy movie between a white guy and a black guy. They have been working this angle for a good long time.

  • Pakistan players mistreated Danish Kaneria for being a Hindu: Shoaib Akhtar

    Being “different” is idealized in the West, but woe to he who tries to be “different” in a way other than the acceptable different norm. In the same, diversity causes problems everywhere. Groups thrive on unity, even in mundane things like daily behavior, since those are in fact the most important parts of social unity. This poor guy needs to repatriate to India.

  • Don Imus, pioneer of radio shock jock genre, has died

    Famous for being an early PC casualty after he referred to a group of female basketball players as “nappy-headed hoes,” Don Imus managed to keep radio interesting by stimulating our doubt about official narratives while hammering home a common sense realism that is refreshing in this age of total propaganda. He will be missed, even though he retired a couple years ago.

  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s Wealth Doubles in a Decade Despite Pledge to Give Their Money Away

    Giving away money and paying high taxes are profitable endeavors for the super-rich. They gain massive media attention and this allows them to leverage their influence to make even more super-profitable investments. At some point, people will start to realize that equality and democracy are just the sales pitches for a mercantile class that wanted to take over society, and has now failed in its leadership, handing the reins over to the Omegas who want intangibles and are willing to break some eggs — even a lot of eggs — to make that omelette. Or we could restore the aristocracy and skip all the murder and mayhem, of course, but that offends people because it explicitly refutes equality. They would rather be equal under a dictator than free, unequal, and prosperous under a king. In this case, “free” means “not a tool of ideology.”

  • J Hus accuses Europeans of ‘forcing LGBT onto’ Africa and ‘weaponising’ homosexuality

    He is totally correct, therefore must be made to apologize. LGBTP+ is the new means of enforcing egalitarianism on the world. If you do not turn egalitarian, the B-2 bombers show up and leave giant smoking craters where your government was. Africa in particular has no desire to mainstream LGBTP+.

  • Tessa Majors Killing: 14-Year-Old Is Released Without Charges

    Diversity and equality create a double standard. If you are from a more-diverse and less-equal group, you get away with murder, in some cases literally. If you are from a less-diverse (more founding ethnic majority) and more-equal (have money) group, then everything is taken from you in order to subsidize the less-equal and more-diverse. If we look at it as a chemical process, this is equilibrium, which human minds desire because it is “safe” but actually destroys all good things. We are a suicidal species.

  • ‘Go to Pakistan’, says India officer as leader praises crackdown

    India wants to be a Hindu society of heritage Indian descent, which means that Muslims must go away. The citizenship law was designed to trigger this debate. While right now all we see are protests and drama, those come from the same impulse as the pro-diversity propaganda in the West, namely that of a dying regime struggling to hold on to power. Diversity is over.

  • We’re Getting a Clearer Picture of the Climate Future — and It’s Not as Bad as It Once Looked

    The climate was never the issue. Ecocide has always been the issue. The more land humans use, the less is there for nature, and so nature dies out. Even more, pollution by toxins and lack of clean resources (water, food, air) points us to a future of horror. Then again, that will eliminate many of the excess humans.

  • Thousands of Seattle students told to get vaccinated, or don’t come back after winter break

    Vaccination provides a new way to signal obedience. If you believe in the System, and are thoroughly in denial of its failure, you will simply trust the authorities and go get all of the shots. In reality, diseases are pouring into the nation through third-world immigration, many of the vaccines work poorly, and anyone with a functional brain has removed their children from public school.

  • Federal judge denies bid to restore 98,000 voters in U.S. state of Georgia

    Leftists ree and scree as inactive voter registrations are removed in order to prevent the favorite Leftist method of winning elections, absentee ballots. The afterlife for many consists of voting Democrat, and for many who are infirm, insane, and illiterate, helpful people come by to fill out their ballots and swing the election. This has been going on for decades, but these crackdowns are slowly smashing it back.

  • The Secrets of Jewish Genius

    Bret Stephens (no relation) argues that Jewish high intelligence is driven by something else, namely a neurotic compulsion to improve the world in social terms, and this is responsible for Jewish genius. In my view, Jewish genius comes from taking a shrewd race of merchants and breeding them with Germans, which kicked up their IQ a notch. Jewish contributions have come mostly in the sciences; in other areas, their ideas are suspect simply because they are too social and too mercantile and therefore, usually wrong. However, that is not the point; the big point here is that it is delightful to see people realize that milquetoast neoconservative Stephens is speaking the language of Human Biodiversity (HBD) and eugenics. In other words, the Leftist will be forced to confront the genetics issue, and this makes them nervous, because it (like Darwin) refutes their notion of human equality.

  • Kevin Heimsoth tweets thanks to NRA after killing wife, Lynn and dog Sukha

    Leftists love the Christ mythos. They like to turn their deranged deeds into “progress,” so this particularly unhinged Leftist used the murder of his family to argue against gun ownership, even though he would have simply used an axe or sex toy if guns were not available. We will have no peace until we relocate all the Leftists and other neurotics to Venezuela, where there is lots of ethnic food, anarchy, and socialism for them to enjoy.

  • YouTube actually steers people away from radical videos, researchers say

    YouTube wants only the same commercial message that has been popular among humans since the dawn of time, namely “look at this neat distraction, then go back to work or school and keep the system afloat because all of us are terrified of change.” They love change that goes in the direction of the current system, but fear actual change because it will disrupt what they know and find convenient.

  • Taiwan president says China threatening island’s democracy

    What she means is that China intends to subvert Taiwanese democracy and use it to force “reunification,” which is a euphemism for total takeover by China. China, like Russia, knows that it is unstable and seeks to create buffer zones to make it harder to invade. Unfortunately for them, their greatest enemy is within because they have never achieved stable societies or political systems, but as with the Soviet Union, it takes a long time for that to be revealed.

  • Egypt beach resorts fight global scourge of plastic trash

    Humans generally behave like thoughtless monkeys, tossing away trash without a care for its impact outside of their sight. This enables them to remain in a solipsistic state of believing that everything is fine, that they are living their best life, and that their future will be good independent of their actions. Primitive societies have superstitions and benevolent gods who help them, especially when they are screwing up and doing wrong. Advanced societies have “Live Laugh Love” placards on the walls and a belief in egalitarianism, which is basically a totem against evil by proclaiming ourselves to be socially good. Until we enforce selective breeding that places the good humans on top and rejects those who do things like litter, we will be nothing more than an omnivorous xenocidal entropy consuming Planet Earth and its plants and creatures.

  • Texas Tech responds to ‘deplorable’ racist video thought to be from student

    When dissent appears, we must all bow at the altar of diversity until things seem right again. Denialism is our religion. When the gods are offended, sacrifices must be made. Then the future will like us again because we are “good,” if you accept the definition of good to mean egalitarian. Once again, humans project their own fears onto the future and rationalize that into a positive thing.

  • Racist Robocalls About Tessa Majors Made to Columbia U. Employees

    Right-wing group The Road to Power trolls Leftists with neo-Nazi robocalls as a means of provoking public reaction. Perhaps they get the one they want, or perhaps the opposite. For kicks, here is their BitChute channel.

  • German union calls strike at Germanwings starting Monday

    Worker revolts propel the mercantile takeover of our civilizations. When the workers protest, the shopkeepers seize that opportunity to create a group of misfits primed to take power, and then quietly manipulate this group with money (the only universal language of humans). Worker revolts create shadow governments. In the meantime, union strikes will eventually cripple our economies to the point where no one earns much of anything but they strike constantly, not realizing that the economic damages that they do are passed on directly to the consumer.

  • Huawei refutes suggestions state support drove its growth

    In reality, the Chinese state sponsored great growth through protectionist trade policies and manipulation of foreign politicians like the Clintons, who received extensive campaign contributions from China and then opened up American markets to Chinese trade at favorable rates in only one direction. China continues to sponsor these corporations because they are a wing of the hybrid of market socialism and authoritarianism that the Chinese have brewed up to control their recklessly expanding population. For good reason, many in the West want to back away entirely from Chinese products; if a company exists under an authoritarian state, it can be instantly subverted.

  • Italy: Migrant Landings Halved in 2019 Due to Salvini Policies

    The crisis described in Camp of the Saints continues. If Europe does not start sending negative signals, it will be drowned in foreign immigrants looking for the easy and safe life. That will simply increase all problems in all nations. Salvini shows that even moderate measures have a profound effect, although future work is needed to fully stop and then reverse the flow. If you are not an ethnic Italian, you need to Go Back Home. Conversely, ethnic Italians elsewhere need to repatriate and help their country thrive.

  • Tina Turner mural in North Carolina defaced with swastika

    Another outrage over a “hate crime,” and another presumed neo-Nazi who somehow forgot how to draw a swastika. We have crossed from strident dogma to ludicrous comedy in our propaganda. In the meantime, if your business is failing and you need some quick free media exposure, draw a halfway-retarded swastika on your business and claim that the vast Right-wing conspiracy is after you. Maybe the airtime will compensate for your garbage business model, or maybe not.

  • Dexter family targeted by white supremacists after apparent mistaken identity

    Clever people look up name on internet, and get the wrong person and the wrong residence, since he moved recently. Now a family lives in fear. While the media overstates this like everything else, it might make sense to avoid such outcomes in the future.

  • Italy creates Europe’s first plastic-free ski resort

    Public consciousness about microplastics increases. Now we can move on to using only half of the terrain on Earth for humanity, since only that will slow and eventually prevent ecocide. Somehow, that will be less popular with the Leftist nu-elites since it will mean fewer ski resorts.

  • Montenegrin Parliament Adopts Religion Law Amid Furious Protests

    The Balkans provide us a glimpse of the future. Diversity can only divide, never unify. Each group will act in its own interest, especially when it gets enough members, and these groups will then counter-sabotage each other until civilization falls apart.

  • NASA’s Moon to Mars Plans, Artemis Lunar Program Gets Fast Tracked in 2019

    Possibly Trump fufilling more promises, this new initiative shows us that the sense of greatness and unity that we need comes from reaching out to achieve great things, instead of focusing on failure and spreading wealth around to help those who will not help themselves. Our future divides: achieve brilliance, or apply band-aids to failure. We must decide. We cannot do both.

  • Court upholds Obama’s creation of national monument in Atlantic

    Obama did some positive things for the environment even if they were eclipsed by his overall destructive policies that encourage overpopulation. One wonders why we do not declare more areas to be national monuments and nature preserves, and crowd humanity into a relatively small space, which will force us to make decisions about who is useful and who is not. Fewer humans of better quality beats out a greater quantity of humans of no particular quality. Move upward, not forward!

  • Wages for typical workers are rising at their fastest rate in a decade

    Trump victories continue as he applies his moderate and common sense platform of removing market distortions created by government and nurturing productivity. This is part of the overall conservative vision that supply-side economics work better than demand-side, which produce a temporary boost followed by unending shadow recession as Obama induced.

  • Data shows voters who disapprove of Trump are likely to support any Democratic opponent — even if they don’t like them either

    Leftists pay too much attention to their televisions because for them, unity of purpose is less important than unison of method, or participation in the same activity. This fundamentally social approach causes mass panic, which in turn becomes a form of mass mobilization, making them both effective in democracies and entirely destructive in that they are aligned against long-term success in reality. Physical removal will be required.

  • Decade of the very poor and the super-rich

    This analysis reveals the demand-side economics circular Ponzi scheme. Government takes from the middle, gives to the poor, who then buy junk disposable products and entertainment, in turn creating a few titans of super-wealth who are essentially creations of government. All of this has been paid by debt. When liberal democracy implodes, as it will when the economic and social system of the merchants collapses in debt and pollution, we will have to pay that debt and will realize that this wealth on paper was never real. The super-rich will at that time however have converted their fake money into ownership of real assets like farms and factories, and jet off to chalets in Switzerland while the rest of you gag on bad air and live in vandalism-pocked, waste-strewn, and crime-dominated ghettos. Thanks, democracy!

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