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  • Germany’s police chief says country struggles to deport foreigners

    For a type of government that relies on rule of law, democracy operates surprisingly often on informal arrangements and indirect solutions. The “transparency” and “accountability” of lore seems to be merely disguise. Across Europe, governments are quietly trying to hide their boo-boo. To recap: as the Baby Boomers retire and go into elder care, the cradle-to-grave entitlements of which Europe is proud are becoming strained, so democratic leaders did what their textbooks said and imported more warm bodies. Since they assumed that all people are equal, they figured that it did not matter whether they had ethnic Germans or foreigners. It turns out that multiple problems resulted. First, assimilation is nonsense because culture is genetic; the new Germans did not behave like the old. Second, diversity alienates everyone and creates a cold, withdrawn culture. Third, many of the new Germans brought their tribal hatreds with them. Fourth, immigrants are simply an advance wave of invaders, since they can either be conquered in the new land or conquerors, and the former position is unstable. Fifth, they managed to cherry-pick the world for people who wanted free stuff instead of working to fix their own homelands, so they got people from groups with genetically high rates of criminality but also selected the most criminal, opportunistic, and parasitic from among them. Now Europe is trying to quietly usher as many of these people on as possible without admitting that is what it is doing, while its underfunded entitlements head closer to default especially as it now must pay for its own defense for the first time since the end of the second world war. Diversity is over; so is democracy in Europe.

  • Man charged with hate crime after daylight assault in Manhattan

    The suspect, Steven Jorge, 28, also allegedly yelled “F*** you, Jew,” at the victim, Jones said.

    Many want to blame Jews for the problems of prole-rule. If you can scapegoat the Jews, you do not have to admit that rule by the masses is a total failure and will destroy us, which allows you keep going down the path of easy democratic living and does not require you to change yourself or your nation to change course. Maybe Jews are horrible like these people say, although I have never found any human group to be consistent in that way. However, even if we “steelman” their argument and assume that Jews are awful, the far bigger problem of mob rule and its tendency toward feminism, egalitarianism, socialism, and diversity remains. We do not escape this awful time until we overcome the collectivized individualism (think of a plague of locusts) that is the Crowd.

  • Muslims Have 150 Countries To Go, Hindus Have Only India: Gujarat Chief Minister

    This summarizes the point easily: every national population needs to exist, which means that foreign populations need to go back to their homelands. For a national population to survive, it needs to control its own future, and it cannot do this with foreign populations present who might be offended by its ways and who will surely vote against the interests of the majority, since all minority populations seem to do this. If you have someplace else to go, you should be able to relocate there. If you have nowhere to go, the already racially-mixed states of the middle east and South America offer options. Each founding ethnic population needs to be preserved. This recognition reverses the spirit of the last century, in which in reaction to Hitler the world decided to embrace “acceptance” and “tolerance,” which promptly erased any social standards it had and sent it down the dark path toward Communism.

  • Netanyahu Rushed Off Stage During Campaign Event as Rocket Intercepted in Southern Israel

    As usual, diversity announces its complete failure through unending, grinding attrition warfare. When you have another group near you, one of the two groups will thrive to a greater degree, causing resentment and a struggle as the other group tries to assimilate the thriving one. The only solution is national separation so that neither population depends on the other.

  • Democrats to Rapidly Gain Political Power from Anchor Baby Population

    The “Southern Strategy” was not real, but the Hart-Celler strategy of demographic replacement is not only real but well-known to history, with Plato and Aristotle recording early examples. Our only hope of survival consists of seizing power and beginning the reversal of diversity, starting by ending immigration, affirmative action, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the entitlements state which draws such people.

  • CCTV installed at Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate cemetery

    It seems that Marxism has created a strong opposition. We knew that Communism would fail, but thought that lesser implementations of socialist ideals like our tax-and-spend wealth transfer entitlements states could survive. It turns out that they produce a horrible dark and morbid existence a lot like that under Communism, but endure because they have implemented less Marxism. However, this simply means a disgustingly empty existence lingers on and on instead of just going away. As life gets uglier, people turn against the thinkers who brought “good news” that turned out to be lies.

  • Brutal Bloods Make Good on Threat of Retaliation Against NY Muslim Patrol

    Diversity turns all groups against all others because only one can be in power, and the others are subject to its will, so every group wants to displace the majority and then oppress all other groups so that they are destroyed and no longer represent a threat. The old narrative of mean white guys beating up innocent saintly Black guys has disappeared, replaced by the knowledge that we instead face a zero-sum battle royale where one group will eliminate all the others. Consider also that if any one group gets total control, it will genocide everyone else so that it is safe from them. Given a choice between internal and external threats, most people will eliminate the external first since they have less control over it. Since we do not acknowledge that, we have brought the ethnic conflict into our nations where it will become more vicious than ever before.

  • Candace Owens: Reparations Are an Obvious Scam, Pandering Ahead of an Election

    Reparations-with-repatriation, however, is not a scam, but in fact the only way to fairly end diversity. We will all die with diversity, so we should consider acknowledging that history was harder on some groups than others, and giving them a nest egg to re-settle their native continents.

  • Brazilian comedy group hit by Molotov cocktails after film on ‘gay Jesus’

    For years, it has been easy to succeed by joining the resistance. Do something “daring” and “groundbreaking” and “innovative” involving blasphemy, promiscuity, or race, and all of the already-brainwashed denialists clap because you made them feel good by affirming the idea that there is “progress” instead of the slow lugubrious death of a once-great civilization at the hands of the neurotics, parasites, and sociopaths that it bread in the harbor of its success. For years, people went along with it, fearing the path of enforcing civilization standards led to Evil Hitler II. Now we see that all this breakdown means the destruction of not just our our personal visions of the “good life,” but the good life for anyone is destroyed along with the continuity between past and future. Without it, you are simply another stateless person without culture or purpose, roaming Earth in a quest for enough ducats to afford yourself a meaningless existence in a gated community.

  • Video games are dividing South Korea

    Some time ago, several scientists proposed the notion that we are living in a simulacra, or a simulation of a reality. More accurately, we are living in a symbolic reality — politics, money, popularity, trends, crowds, emotions, movies, television, internet points, video games — where we act out a pretend version of life that is simpler than the real thing. All of our universalist philosophies do the same, reducing complexity by grouping things together into categories which are designed to be manipulated by their characteristics. This leads to a confusion: if I convince one human of something, it feels like having communicated with them all. In turn, this causes us to treat ourselves as simple equations based on what the group is doing. If something becomes good or bad, we run toward or away from it. Perhaps the video game addiction mania (paralleling the one of the late 1970s and early 1980s) shows us the curtain withdrawn, and our simplified dollhouse world revealed, and this makes us uneasy as we wonder what we are missing in the conspiracy of details not simulated by our token sub-reality.

  • Hundreds of Jews Secretly Left Muslim Countries for Israel in Recent Years, Government Data Reveals

    Call it the post-diversity exodus. The diaspora is over, because it is no longer safer in foreign lands than in the homeland. Jews are just the cutting edge of this, being both a high-intelligence population and having high neurosis owing to the confusion caused by mixed-race origins. They will see this before other groups, and the trickle that we see now will strengthen to a heavy flood. During the years of universalist empire, as promulgated by the Romans who believed that they could find a one-size-fits-all absolute right way of doing things for all of humanity, Jews left their homeland because they wanted to follow their own way, as their religion and culture (plus common sense) commanded. Now that the fascination of the Romans and before them, Athens, is winding down, the years of wanting to hide among the speckled colors of diversity have ended. The nations are reforming; the age of decay is waning.

  • Washington state lawmaker accused of terrorism won’t resign

    The report said Shea “participated in an act of domestic terrorism” when in 2016 he visited the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon to support its armed occupation by two sons of rancher Cliven Bundy.

    Shea also went to Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch in 2014 during a standoff with FBI agents in a dispute over grazing rights. And in 2015, in Priest River, Idaho, Shea resisted when authorities planned to remove firearms from the home of an aged military veteran who was not eligible to have them.

    The report also said that Shea in 2012 engaged in intimidation when he posted a photo of himself on his Facebook page standing in front of a political opponent’s home, and refused to remove the photo despite requests from his adversary, GOP officials and law enforcement.

    Ludicrous. Then again, this comes from the same people who think that a MAGA hat is “terrorism” and “genocide.”

  • President Donald Trump has signed into law a measure that extends federal grant programs aimed at preserving indigenous languages.

    Nationalism rises with yet another assertion that culture, tied to genetics, must be more important than the methods used to preserve it like government, law, politics, and economics.

  • Notre Dame rector: Fragile cathedral might not be saved

    You can tell that you are in a dying civilization when the mental toddlers in power cannot summon the money, personnel, and will to fix a legendary landmark in a reasonable amount of time. Instead, as all things in democracy, the issue becomes symbolic and people fight for career advancements, money, media attention, and other drama while ignoring the actual issue, which is rebuilding a (large) church. When it falls down in dusty ruins, perhaps we will have to admit that we are the lesser spawn of greater ancestors. What went wrong? It turns out that powerful civilizations protect the weak as well as the strong, and soon you have more of the weak, who are cheaper to produce.

  • NASA Warns Asteroid With Earth-Crossing Orbit Arriving On Christmas

    Another asteroid comes very close to turning humanity into history and yet, we are still here bickering, infighting, grandstanding, distracting, deflecting, denying, and avoiding reality. Scientists point out that our luck will not hold and sooner or later, nature is going to exterminate us and then wander off to look for something with potential somewhere else. Perhaps the “lizard people” are not a fear now, but our future, when humanity dies off and our planet rebuilds in the hands of a new, more intelligent and more disciplined species. Any remaining humans will be reduced to a level appropriate for their intellect, namely “snack.”

  • China’s test of sub-launched missile a threat to peace, retired captain warns

    China expands its nuclear arsenal as the West, busy fighting over income redistribution and how to sell luxury cars, dreams on. At some point, the citizens of democracies will wake up to find their currency worthless, their governments in default, the planet awash in toxins, nuclear missiles raining down from above, and constant violent crime on the streets, all while their leaders and dot-com billionaires look down from above in the space station to which they fled. The voters will panic, then blame each other, but never, ever consider that their demands for equality led them down a dark path to destruction.

  • Millionaires support a wealth tax — as long as they aren’t getting taxed: CNBC survey

    The majority of millionaires just want their ten million democracy bucks so that they can take their families out to converted missile silos and wait out the coming unpleasantness. They would love to see the super-rich taxed, mainly because this would dump tons of money into the stagnant economy, allowing them to profit and get just enough to flee as the Chinese close in and cancers hit 80% of the population. The super-rich, on the other hand, simply want higher income taxes that they can dodge while the middle and upper middle class cannot, keeping those people down in the realm of unimportance. Only the true democratic elite get to go on the space station or hide out in the nuclear missile silo.

  • ‘There Will Be a Purge:’ U.S. Pastor Warns of ‘Jew Coup’ to Impeach Trump

    As the political system fragments, the different special interest groups turn on one another. Why admit that our democratic system has ended as all democracies end, namely in collapse and third world status? It is easier to simply scapegoat someone else and keep the whole sick show spinning along so that we can get dizzy and shut our eyes before the grisly end.

  • What Happens When the Internet Gets Less American?

    Somehow, no one thinks of these things in advance; they just react to them with appropriate noises when they happen. In the long term, the internet will end up being country-specific. The idea of universal communication, truth, and values has died. We each need our own standards, as nations, and we cannot share these because we all want to see our groups become autonomous and self-directed. This means that our needs and behaviors are necessarily incompatible.

  • ‘We have power of truth, China has power of gun’: Dalai Lama

    Instability roils the globe as new empires form. When the West opted for democracy, it signed its death warrant, and now new forces mobilize to fill the vacuum. The idea of the universalist empire ruled by the mutual agreement of citizens so that each has individualistic autonomy has died, and in its place arises empires based on the idea, simply, of winning. Truth? No one cares about truth. They never did, but we all pretended so that others would think well of us. When you start out at “equal,” you must rise or you will be dragged into the undertow, so your only gambit consists of selling yourself to others like a salesman, prostitute, actor, or politician, and to do that, you go along with whatever seems “good” even if you cannot believe in it. It turns out that this approach leads to a steady flight from reality as humans indulge their social and emotional gestures, and so whatever empire adopts this approach dies and is replaced by the descendants of the Mongols.

  • Rich Nations, After Driving Climate Disaster, Block All Progress at U.N. Talks

    The world delivers a message of “give up your economies so that the third world may thrive.” It seems that the idea of a zero-sum game, where everyone can win without someone else losing, has experienced early mortality. Instead we have a new game which involves seizing control of as much as possible in order to keep the population under control, hoping that we can avoid the rising instability — environmental, social, economic, political, racial — caused by our last few centuries of delusional but popular sentiments.

  • Nonstop violence as Baltimore nears record homicide rate

    The Ferguson Effect seems stronger than previously reported. A steady stream of bodies may convince people that they were better off under majority rule, but at this point, it is too late. The majority no longer wants to rule them. They will die by the thousands until they opt for self-rule, which may require some relocation.

  • Brutalist Buildings Are Back in Style—Except With Architects

    The hideous utilitarian architecture of the past, reflecting ugly souls and a desire to satiate the masses at the expense of excellence, rises again simply because we are out of ideas and everyone wants to live in a fortress anyway. Perhaps President Trump needs to upgrade his motto to “Make Existence Great Again” (MEGA) and declare war on unsightliness, disorder, tedium, purposelessness, make-work, paranoia, and megalomania, since those are wracking what is left of the West into a smoldering ruin.

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