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Mass Immigration Is A Weapon In The White-On-White Amerikan Civil War

Back in 1965, Amerikan Leftists decided the way The United States handled immigration via quotas didn’t produce significant enough levies of far left voters and desperately poor workers. They therefore decried it as — you guessed it — ¡RACIST!

In place of that policy, they enacted the Hart-Celler Act of 1965. This act had the following impact on US immigration numbers.

Compared to almost entirely European immigration under the national-origins system, flows since 1965 have been more than half Latin American and one-quarter Asian. The largest share of today’s immigrant population, about 11.6 million, is from Mexico. Together with India, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala, these ten countries account for nearly 60 percent of the current immigrant population.

The chart above shows a steadily increasing flow of immigrants into our country. So much so that out of the 17 years in which more than one million new people immigrated here legally, 11 of those 17 years have occurred since 2005. This data only accounts for immigration that legally occurred IAW the guidelines set forth under the Hart Celler Act of 1965.

Tack on anywhere from 10 to 25 million illegal immigrants and assume they are from pretty similar points of origin to the legal ones to get a sense of the true extent to which immigration is forcing change upon our nation. The Hart-Celler act followed the Leftist plan of fundamental transformation, changing demographics thoroughly:

In the decades following Hart-Celler, America experienced drastic changes in both the numbers and origins of immigrants. The number of immigrants entering the U.S. after 1965 rose significantly, from approximately 250,000 in the 1950s to 700,000 by the 1980s. Doors were opened to large-scale immigration from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, where extremely motivated immigrants took advantage of the family reunification provisions of the law to engage in chain migration, bringing an average of 2 relatives to the U.S. for each new green card granted. Within a few decades of Hart-Celler, family unification had become the driving force in U.S. immigration, favoring those who were most determined to move -exactly those nationalities the critics of the Act had hoped to keep out.

This “fundamental transformation” was specifically promised not to happen, but Hart-Celler radically changed demographics despite those promises:

“The bill that we sign today is not a revolutionary bill,” President Johnson said during the signing ceremony. “It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not reshape the structure of our daily lives, or really add importantly to either our wealth or our power.” Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), the bill’s floor manager, stated: “It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society.” Even advocacy groups who had favored the national-origins quotas became supporters, predicting little change to the profile of immigration streams.

Despite these predictions, the measure had a profound effect on the flow of immigrants to the United States, and in only a matter of years began to transform the U.S. demographic profile. The number of new lawful permanent residents (or green-card holders) rose from 297,000 in 1965 to an average of about 1 million each year since the mid-2000s (see Figure 1). Accordingly, the foreign-born population has risen from 9.6 million in 1965 to a record high of 45 million in 2015 as estimated by a new study from the Pew Research Center Hispanic Trends Project. Immigrants accounted for just 5 percent of the U.S. population in 1965 and now comprise 14 percent.

Three groups of people support this immigration inundation.

  1. The Immigrants. Who can blame them? Mexico, India, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala account for 60% of this inflow. A lot of people suffer in all of these countries. Look solely at GDP, and neither China, South Korea nor India look all that terrible. Mexico, Vietnam, and the Philipines could be said to legitimately punch their weight in terms of resources and population. Only Cuba, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic or Guatemala could be said to be on the floor staring up at the ceiling.

    Yet this only tells part of the story. National Poverty Rates ($5.50/Day) give us a more accurate picture of the Pareto distribution of resources in these societies. Only South Korea has a smaller percentage of its population attempting to survive on less than $6/Day than Amerika. The chart below gives you an idea of the economic incentive driving people here.

  2. The Sender Nations. India has 500 Million people living on less than $6/Day. They could easily have 500 million people with Molotov Cocktails and Kalashnikov Rifles in hand. China has 100 Billion. Vladimir Lenin overthrew The Russian Monarchy with approximately 10% of the people initially on his side. 6 of the ten countries sending their people here have 10% or more of their population living in groveling poverty. El Salvador and Cuba might as well join the list. Only South Korea has better off extremely poor people than the US. The remainder of these countries have significant populations who live in abject misery. The logical course of actions is to send these people off to be miserable elsewhere. As long as the United States is foolish enough to take them in droves, as Ann Coulter famously remarked; “They aren’t sending us their best.”
  3. Our Nu-Elites. When Karl Marx described how corporations manipulated labor markets to enhance their profitability, he posited the creation of a Reserve Army of The Underemployed. Which would enable any nation to have a Lower Class which stayed mired in poverty while serving to massively enrich the upper social castes. Marx opines below.

    Marx began with a discussion of how economic growth under capitalism creates unemployment, which evolved into a discussion of five components of the working class: army of labor, floating reserve, stagnant pool, latent reserve, and paupers.

    Like much of Marxian economic theory, it is interesting, makes a heck of a lot more sense than the useful idiots who latch on to it, but has to be forced into a shotgun wedding with reality to actually describe how things work. Here is how he taxonimized the five classes of the impoverished.

    • Reserve Army of Labor. If you need someone to run a lathe, put together a wire harness, or unclog a john at 3 AM, these people have those skills and will agree to do these things for what they consider a fair and reasonable rate of remuneration that is lower than the current market price.
    • Floating Reserve. People that have done these things or could do these things. Not as good as the starters, but not bad people to have on your bench.
    • Stagnant Pool. Your 85 IQ workforce. They do simple things in simple ways. Not bad people, but it would foolish and somewhat cruel to expect them to go “learn how to code.”
    • Latent Reserve. People that have dropped out. MGTOWs, voluntary inactives, folks that just check in to see what condition their condition is in. These people have refused to accept social conditioning and do not consider the rigors of the straight and narrow worth what it would reward them with.
    • Paupers. People you cannot use for anything.

    If you read your Marx as a how-to manual instead of a critique, than here’s what goes down. Pools one and two are recruited and desperately moved anywhere you need to crush labor rates and socially disempower people. Pool three is basically ignored and kept in place. Pool four and pool five are either removed or purged. So expect the US of A to get lots and lots of pool fours and pool fives. If you open up a landfill, you are going to get lots of people’s garbage.

But other than favorable labor rates, why would you want the proud members of MS13?

  1. Despite their contempt for poor immigrants that is thick enough to cut through with a chainsaw, they need non-citizen votes to maintain their supremacy. You gotta pack certain districts if you want to elect AOC or Ilhan Omar. If the electorate that is born and bred here won’t elect your slate of haters and idiots, you have overwhelm that electorate.
  2. There is only one species of Greater Primate that they hate worse then poor third worlders. It’s not Homo Luzonensis. These particular primates are of The Caucasian Persuasion. They lacked the foresight to be born in a zip code where they would grow up brushing their teeth with Tom’s of Maine. Therefore, they are considered the cretinous Moorlocks whose dinge is in vile apposition to the corruscating brilliance of Eloi such as Nancy Pelosi.

Since you can’t quite get away with a final solution, you bring in ¡DIVERSITY!, vote them into a permanent minority, and promote miscegenation through every possible media outlet. So these new immigrants aren’t just brought in. They were brought in and wielded.

But that’s just craziness. Liberals are too good and holy to literally use populations of people as a weapon to keep others down. That’s just Right Wing cray-cray. Oh really? Let’s see what happens when this refreshing stream of humanity gets redirected. Wayne Allan Root calls this Busing with The Stars.

…here’s the most powerful way to end this border crisis once and for all: Make Democrats feel the heat. I’ve recommended for weeks on TV to take every illegal Asylum- seeker already in the USA and bus them to Democrat districts and Democrat politicians’ homes. Suddenly this became the biggest story in America on Friday morning. President Trump obviously listened once again. He is discussing this very idea. Thank you, President Trump. I call my idea, “Busing with the Stars.”

All these famous Democrat politicians, Democrat donors, Hollywood stars and liberal judges claim to love illegals so much. So, let’s test that claim. Fill their neighborhoods, their schools with illegals. How will they react when illegals are climbing the walls outside their mansions?

But aren’t Progressives empathetic to the poor? Don’t they just love the sick and downtrodden? Only when they can use the downtrodden to wipe the mud off their feet. People who love inflicting ¡DIVERSITY! on others like a butt-rape suddenly get concerned over cost issues when it boomerangs back on them.

Cher said she failed to understand how the city of Los Angeles in the sanctuary state of California could afford to admit and take care of any more immigrants when city officials have failed to care for homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans. “I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More,” Cher said.

Now how would Cher react if Omaha, Nebraska whined about the cost of all the new immigrants? They’d totally be ¡RACIST! Screw their crazy vets. Especially if they are poor, white people. It becomes different when the diversity becomes an old, biblical frog plague bubbling up from the river near one of them.

It is then that we see that they don’t care about any of the immigrants as human beings. They care about them as weapons and disease-vectors. They deliberately shoot them into enemy communities like plague-infested corpses fired over the wall via trebuchet. Mass immigration is yet another Leftist weapon in Amerika’s white on white civil war.

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