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Periscope (December 11, 2018)

  • Sudden shift in get-Trump talk; now it’s campaign finance, not Russia

    This is a quest in search of a justification, not an exploration with purpose. They are looking for anything they can use to smear Trump and win over headlines, since that is how they keep their base energized and thus earn their money. In the mean time, Comey and company are giving immunity to the deep state and its protectors on the Left while at the same time engaging in legal corruption that has made them all multi-millionaires. Their new case against Trump relies on using a rarely-enforced law in a new, untested legal interpretation and will likely not work, but they are probably not aiming for victory only notoriety so that they can continue the great scamming. In the meantime, the Left is using this media feeding frenzy to raise more funds, but mostly for themselves. Trump benefits from all of this because it gives him another six months of doing important things that no one will notice because they are busy getting trolled by the unimportant things that their audience believes that it should be thinking about. He misdirects the herd at every turn. When he uses a typo like “smocking” for smoking in a Tweet, the media has a spastic orgasm for the next half-week, giving him cover to do important stuff like make policy, manage personnel, and create personal connections with other movers and shakers. If anything else, the Trump presidency showed us that the popularity contest of democracy has create a “new elite” who are both corrupt and inept; these are the people that replaced the WASPs during the 1960s in the name of egalitarianism. Looks like we got it all wrong.

  • Trump, top Democrats to discuss border security funding as government shutdown looms

    Shut it down. White America has learned to “do without” any government help for the most part since we are always last in line anyway, thanks to affirmative action and related human/civil rights policies. When you shut down government, all of the parasites who are dependent on it stay home, which means life is better. See how long you can keep it shut down. Maybe just restart the military and let everything idle.

  • Many worldwide oppose more migration – both into and out of their countries

    Leftists operate by introducing an idea that sounds good and then implementing it quickly before people figure out that its results are different from its promise. In this life, causes and effects are different, and often do not resemble each other; planting an apple tree is different than buying an apple, and trying to make yourself exercise by buying an exercise bike usually does not work. Immigration was sold to us as a way to pay for the benefits upon which we are dependent since we are taxed to pay for them, and so we are broke, and as a result, we need some other source of the things that we would otherwise buy for ourselves, like education, retirement, and healthcare. As it turns out, we have realized a simple formula: immigration = genocide. Now that we know this, people want immigration and diversity both to go away fast.

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai will deny bias in first testimony to Congress

    He can plausibly deny bias, because he had his underlings implement it at his nod and grin. This is how Silicon Valley works: there is an unspoken culture that you are liberal, progressive, transhumanist, and other cultural artifacts that make you look technological, sort of like Steve Jobs and his Star Trek style uniform of the black sweater and jeans. You have to look the part because the actual product is merely repackaging stuff that smarter people did in the 1970s. In the meantime, the underlings have been busily finding ways to ban conservative content because, unofficially speaking, that is part of how you get promoted at Google.

  • Americans Spent $100 Million on Tropical Real Estate. They Were Scammed, FTC Says (non-paywall)

    America: land of fat people with too much money and absolutely no brains since their minds are full of conformity to their workplace, our Lincoln-era ideology, pleasant inoffensive social discourse, moronic mass culture entertainment, media talking points, shopping for the latest products, following trends in order to be socially relevant, and of course dodging the complete incompetence of our system from the IRS to Microsoft. It turns out that this scandal implicates the president of Belize, which shows us that in democratic politics, the only goal is to tell people lies that make them think happy thoughts and so turn off their minds, while stealing everything you can and eventually hopping a plane to Switzerland. If some fascist state invaded Switzerland tomorrow, all of our nu-elites would start behaving more responsibly. Perhaps.

  • Illegal Immigration Last Month Hit Highest Level in Over a Decade

    The Left signaled that opposition to Trump and his policies would be rewarded, and they want his policies on immigration to fail, so millions of third world Amerinds have been motivated to come across the border. Trump faces the hardest task here, which is reforming a system from bottom to top so that all the details are in place, so unlike a dictator he does not have the luxury of acting directly on this problem but must act indirectly. Leftists, who are a chaotic herd of selfish neurotics, only care about the headlines and optics, so they are using this as an opportunity to instigate and grandstand as much as possible. We will have no peace or sanity until we send all of them to Venezuela and repatriate everyone who is not of the founding group of Western Europeans.

  • Universities launch drive to recruit more white males as low numbers give them ‘minority group’ status

    Democracy morons decided that having a national identity was unfair, so what was needed was a drive to include others. In their infinite wisdom, they forgot that placing a market value on a certain group drives out other groups, and so they ushered white males out of education because these white males knew that they would always be victimized by the system. Instead, those white males went on to start businesses and otherwise find a path outside the system. Now the system realizes that it is headed toward irrelevance because it is seen as a place where society dumps women, minorities, and others who are inconsequential compared to the white males who are doing all the important stuff. This made the mixed-race bureaucrats flap their flabby arms and scream, so now they are giving white males minority status in the countries their ancestors created. Although comical, this is a typical outcome under democracy, where people vote on how they think they wish things were, but would not wish that if they saw its consequences in reality, instead of what they need. The human desire to be “in control” motivates us to make choices that have no relevance to our actual well-being and usually are destructive for us, sort of like how we will eat that extra donut “just because” and then end up groaning with stomach pains for the next hour. We are simply monkeys, although some rise above with self-discipline and mental clarity.

  • South Africa ‘sets date for white farmers land grab’ months after announcing ‘test case’ to see if ‘expropriation without compensation’ is legal

    That sound you hear is the sound of the Constitution dying. Or rather, the faith in constitutions. As we can see from the example of South Africa, any area where minority voters constitute the majority will quickly elect people who will re-interpret or change those constitutions. This means that all of the Americucks who think that “muh Constitution” will make diversity work should be treated like people who have very recently been shot in the head with high-powered rifles and are muttering incoherently while re-living memories stored in the third of brain matter that remains. Rules are made of words and easily changed, and they are not going to restrain the raw ethnic warfare that diversity brings, even if our “wise” political elites assure us that this is the case. What do they care; they will all be on planes to Switzerland with their millions the instant that minority-majority rule takes over the country.

  • Ohio man arrested for planning deadly attack on synagogue

    FBI finds a loose canon Muslim jihadi wannabe and talks him into wanting to attack synagogue, then sells him rifles and arrests him. This way, everyone gets to keep feeding at the trough. The FBI can say that it “worked hard” to stop future anti-Semitic hate crimes. The government can claim that the problem is under control, so those wealthy Pittsburgh Jews will keep paying taxes and buying war bonds. Jews can continue in denial about diversity, thinking that it is in fact stable and not a horrible jury-rig that because it must necessarily be forced on others to be implemented, will result in long periods of seeming stability followed by “random” backlash that — as in the case of all polarized control structures — goes straight to the opposite extreme in a very short time. In the meantime, we still live in democracy’s clown world, where everyone in public is insane and all of the strong/intelligent people are in hiding, so those of us who see that the problem is diversity and not Jews or whites remain out of sight, knowing that this band-aid has not fixed the underlying cause of the problem and so this debacle is far from over. It is only sleeping.

  • Ohio woman who planned to commit mass attack corresponded with Dylann Roof and glorified Columbine shooters, FBI claims

    Woman with a fascination for spree killings wanted to commit “upscale mass murder” at a Toledo bar, and also considered targeting her place of employment because she suspected it was polluting a nearby river. It seems like she was more of a Columbine variety, or someone who has noticed that modern life is soul-killing and miserable and will end in horror, and so wanted to exit with a bang rather than continue to live in this dystopia which murders all hope and beauty.

  • A New Google+ Blunder Exposed Data From 52.5 Million Users

    Google did two things right: its original search and Gmail. Since that time, it has done nothing right and made everything worse. The problem is that challenging a company of this nature requires an army of engineers and hundreds of millions of dollars to set up server farms and develop a competitive search engine, plus advertising to overcome the intense bias people have in favor of the product. The word “google” is used as a regular verb at this point. However, in the meantime, Google has set standards that its search engine favors and these have made the web more centralized, conformist, and controlled. In other words, it has become the exact opposite of what it was that people actually want, thanks to one large company. We are all waiting for the next dot-com crash, hoping that it takes out this abusive monopolist, and then betting that someone better will arise.

  • Putin’s East German identity card found in Stasi archives – report

    Future historians may reveal how much high-IQ societies simply got played by their less advanced opposition. Putin was active in East German intelligence; Angela Merkel was as well. One wonders if they knew each other, even had a relationship, or otherwise were confidantes. They could even be working together still. High-IQ societies make shared institutions, and those require trust, but that trust is then projected onto other groups for whom trust is something to be abused. The third world knows no trust.

  • White Columbia University student goes on racist tirade

    Young white guy points out that white contributions far exceed those of other groups. Brown people respond with, “What about slavery?” This shows us why diversity cannot continue for white people, among others (it obviously is not favorable to those brown people either). In the meantime, the usual suspects — the Left: an alliance of neurotics, minorities, single women, low-testosterone men, corrupt industry, media, unions, academics, and shadowy foreign powers — are crying out that someone told the truth. White people built the modern world while everyone else was fighting over wealth redistribution. Now the neurotic Left has hobbled the modern world by dedicating it to wealth redistribution. If the West ever breaks out of this mental loop, it will become great again, and that makes all of the non-whites afraid because they realize that we do not need them. This is why slavery existed: people who were otherwise doomed were sold on the open market, and we used them like we used our serfs, providing them with cradle-to-grave care in exchange for labor, giving them a better life than they had back home. Yes, the badly behaved ones got whipped; maybe we should have had some bureaucratic nightmare of a legal system like we do now to put them in treatment programs instead and bore them to death. We have nothing to apologize for, and we are realizing it, and that upsets these little munchkins who have nothing to contribute and so are 100% dependent on using guilt to leech off of us.

  • No sentence yet for man who rammed protesters

    Lawyers point out the obvious: James Fields was a mentally vulnerable young man. Of partially Jewish heritage, he joined far-Right groups for a protest, and then drove his car into a group as he tried to escape. He loved that car, and would not have endangered it unless he was terrified by the Antifa throwing rocks, hitting him with sticks, and wielding assault rifles in close proximity to him. It looks like the Leftist protesters in fact ran into the street as he approached in order to play the passive aggressive game that they did in various other protests, betting that drivers would not hit them, and using that as an excuse to Reginald Denny those drivers by pulling them from their cars and assaulting them. A politically-biased jury, showing the “fundamental transformation” of America that went on under Obama, decided to convict Fields of murder one despite there being no showing of intent. Few point out the obvious, which is that Leftist Charlottesville authorities engineered the riot by shoving the Alt-Right group into Antifa and then backing off to let the chaos play out. If any sanity exists in the appeals court, this verdict will be overturned, which will fortunately happen months after the event has gone into the memory hole; for now, the message has been sent that Leftist order is secure and the country is heading toward Equality Utopia (Eutopia?) after all, so all the good bourgeois working class and middle class sheep can go back to sleep and dream of our future Soviet paradise.

  • Elementary school principal placed on leave after banning all things Christmas from classrooms

    The diversity wars continue: voters have not yet figured out what “diversity” means, which is that you no longer have a culture or tradition. Instead, you accept all cultures and traditions, which means that you cannot have an official celebration of Christmas. Either you celebrate all holidays, or none at all, and since there are thousands of little holidays, you will be celebrating none. Being fundamentally lazy cowards, most people opted for a “Happy Holidays” which looks a lot like Christmas but is genericized like Salisbury Steak becoming a hamburger. This enables them to keep pretending that we are not a dying empire by celebrating our traditional holidays while disguising them as something ideologically-compliant, even though they actually just want Christmas back. This principal did the right thing, which is punished because it upsets this hack-job of a balance, by making sure that the school was not endorsing an official holiday. Her other option was to make sure that there was a combi-celebration of Christmas, Hannukah, Eid-al-Futr, and any other religious holiday for the end of year. That of course is fraught with risk because if you do it wrong, you have offended some group and are a horrible racist who wants to enslave six gorillion third worlders. In the meantime, normal people — 99% of humanity have no imagination, and so cannot visualize policy as concrete examples — find themselves stunned that diversity means that we give up who we were, in order to become no one and have no tradition or culture, simply because we are now merely the host upon which other groups feed. That wasn’t what they voted for! Except that it was, the idiots. Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former,” which means that clearly he had witnessed prole democracy in action. To solve this, we should shout loud and proud what diversity actually is, and demand that any public monuments, tributes, celebrations, or acknowledgement of Christmas be removed. Then, finally, maybe the sluggish and imbecilic voters will realize what they have done, and will blubber and cry with the shaking of impotent fatty hands as they look for someone to blame for their own limitless idiocy. Diversity delenda est!

  • Pregnant Jewish woman and six others gunned down in Hanukkah terror attack

    Confirming that they are truly the Mexicans of the middle east, Palestinians discover South Central style drive-by shootings and as coincidence would have it, manage to murder a pregnant woman along with the usual random Jews they hope to destroy. Even if Jews are the source of all evil in the universe, you do not defeat evil by destroying Jews; you defeat evil by shutting the door that it uses to get to you, namely the usual concoction of utilitarianism (pluralism, equality, pacifism, diversity, tolerance, individualism, narcissism, universalism). The universe is mostly empty space and similarly, most things are evil. All that matters is setting up good that can be apart from the evil, because then the good thrives and gradually displaces the evil, because evil is useless. Muslims and white nationalists thus engage in the same stupidity, which is scapegoating Jews when really they need to target the open door and exclude all evils. I do not believe that all Jews are evil, of course, although since I think that most people are evil (a form of Dunning-Kruger stupidity + narcissism + opportunism) I must acknowledge that since Jews are people, most of them may be evil like the rest of humanity. Back to recent events, we can learn from this that diversity never works. No matter how egalitarian the society, some group will be on top, and the others will agitate to overthrow that group. If you separate the groups and end class warfare within your group, you have a chance at survival. A situation where all Jews and only Jews are in Israel presents the best hope for the survival and thriving of Jews, and will force Islam, Inc., to face its own problems, namely third world style racial admixture, inbreeding, low average IQ, streets strewn with feces, and seemingly an endless array of mental health issues in the Leftist style.

  • TIME’s 2018 Person of the Year: ‘The Guardians and the War on Truth’

    The press, a self-interested entity like any other identifiable group, wants to masturbate all over you and have you smile and ask for more. They have styled themselves as heroes and martyrs, following Christ on the cross or perhaps Gandhi getting sodomized by the English navy, because a few of them got whacked for nagging with trivial concerns at important people who had better things to do. In the meantime, out in RealityLand, most people are thinking that fewer journalists is a good thing, and seeing Time engaged in lavish self-worship just confirms that view.

  • Brazil will quit U.N. migration pact, incoming minister says

    No one wants the UN to cleverly define accepting migrants as a moral obligation because we all know that if we succeed, all of the people who cannot succeed will immediately want to migrate to our countries and are perfectly willing to set their own countries on fire in order to have an excuse to abandon them. This means that success will be penalized and failure incentivized, which is the modus operandi of all egalitarian movements, since there are always more people who are not on the far right side of the bell curve where thriving occurs, and it makes them feel bad to know that someone has risen above them. Most humans will only be happy when everyone is the same, and if they have to be starving, illiterate, corrupt, low IQ, filthy, and rape-ridden for that to happen, well, there is no sacrifice too great for the Utopia where we all feel good instead of paying attention to reality and maximizing our happiness by thriving instead of making excuses, justifications, and scapegoats.

  • ‘This is Japan’: English name of Tokyo train station triggers backlash

    Japanese point out that names of landmarks should be in Japanese, asserting a healthy nationalism. In the same way, in America we should rename all towns with Spanish or Amerind names, and give them names from our English, Scots, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, and northern French founders. Unless you are conquered, you do not have signs in the language of another tribe.

  • 66 bridges in Spain have serious safety problems, ministry admits

    Across Europe and America, we see the same thing: our ancestors built great stuff, and then we turned around and spent all the money on entitlements programs (pensions, unions, welfare, healthcare, education) instead of maintaining the old or building new on the same scale. We were perfectly content to drop in lots of cheap plastic box architecture, however. The herd is comprised of greedy people who will exploit and destroy anything over which they are given power, which is why democracy is not just a bad idea but a very, very, very stupid one.

  • May begins tour of European capitals to seek improvements to Brexit deal

    Farage was right: the UK should have broken off from the EU on the basis of its own sovereignty, then spent this time negotiating trade contracts with other nations, instead of making itself a slobbering subservient slave on the floor before the EU overlords, who predictably are going to extract as much as they can. High grade point average Theresa May knows the rules better than anyone else, so she has focused on rules and protocol instead of results, demonstrating again that Margaret Thatcher was a rare female leader who was far more competent than the assembled Angela Merkels, Elizabeth Warrens, and Nancy Pelosis of the world. There is hope for Marine Le Pen however.

  • France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise

    We are ruled by idiots in a democracy; these idiots I speak of are not the politicians, who are paid actors and scapegoats, but the voters. The yellow vests complain that the cost of life has become unbearable, but that has happened because the State keeps taxing people to give subsidies to other people. Raising wages just increases that problem. Idiots of course, who understand only the tangible things that will occur between now and the next pay period, will call this victory; sane people will call for dismantling the entitlements state entirely so that workers can take home 80% of their income instead of taking home 50% and losing half of that to artificially inflated costs related to taxes, regulations, and diversity costs imposed on business.

  • US arrests 32 at San Diego border demonstration

    The problem with religion is that it functions like a drug: if you focus on making yourself feel good, you become an agent of evil that is using the religion to cloak your own desire to feel important, profound, and otherwise like the center of attention. Most Christians think that they, not Christ, are the one on the cross… this is why our ancestors did not create moral gods, but gods who served as moral talking points, inducing us to figure out our own path while beating down our desire for hubris, or a Captain Ahab style desire to be more important than life itself. A Quaker group organized protests and the protestors, as usual, played the begging-the-question passive-aggressive bullying game, and some of them got spanked down with arrests. If we are intelligent, we will deport them to Venezuela and burn their passports, but under the drug of democracy and equality, we are the opposite of intelligent.

  • UN demands Canada act on ‘forced sterilization’, Mohawk rights

    The original idea of the UN was that it would mediate disputes between nations to avoid world wars, but instead we have an organization that attempts to regulate within nations so that it can condition us into docile conformity to egalitarianism so that there are no longer any conflicts, namely because we will have destroyed anything more than sheer individual greed and so no one will believe in anything but their own immediate, short-term, and tangible self-interest. That is a formula for a boring world where all the smart people kill themselves or die out… however, it will be a world without conflict, since a vapid mass of low-IQ mixed-race grey people will do nothing but act selfishly while their super-rich overlords induce them to buy more junk, “work” for more profit, and create giant landfills instead of aesthetically pleasing monuments. If the UN wants to end the Indian problem, a first step would be to repatriate all of them to their ethnic homeland in Mongolia. After all, the Mongols invaded us first.

  • FBI investigating Lynnwood bar fight linked to Whidbey Island neo-Nazis

    A tale of two hate crimes: some neo-Nazis beat up a politically-oriented DJ in one, and in another, random African people attack a mixed-race group of Irish, Italian, and half-African people. One gets investigated and all the right politically correct sounds are made, and the other one vanishes into the aether because it does not fit the narrative. We are ruled by cruelly controlling cowards.

  • WA Museum’s ‘glory hole’ acquisition sparks controversy

    Museum, in an attempt to be open-minded and politically correct, displays a piece of LGBT++ history, namely a glory hole. While the usual Leftist authorities are quick to point to homosexuals as martyrs on the cross who were forced into back alleys and public restrooms by “intolerance,” they balk at having a glory hole — a cutaway through a bathroom stall wall through which participants would thrust male members for anonymous sexual acts — represent the LGBT++ community. The well-meaning and thoroughly estupidated herd find themselves baffled. If they are proud of this, it should be a good symbol, right? No, the martyrdom is the symbol, not the activity that most people if they search their inner selves find somewhat repellent. In the meantime, the European Old Right like myself note that under our preferred social order, gays trade being covert for tolerance and no one is harmed.

  • CVS worker tackles suspected thief, gets fired

    In a mad dash to prove ourselves harmless to others so that we seem “safe” in an egalitarian society, we have neutered ourselves. Armed robber attacks store, two employees tackle him and then are fired for causing legal liability and bad public relations. This just invites more people to rob these stores, but corporate leaders cannily figure that it costs less to pay off the robbers than to risk any kind of conflict. As a result, robbers increase and good people decrease. This also makes people more into domesticated livestock who are unable to do anything for themselves. In the name of peace and safety, we have neutered ourselves, mainly because we fear public outrage more than we expect to be rewarded for morally correct activity.

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